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All My Children Update Wednesday 8/9/06 


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Josh’s and Babe’s respective families rush to the marina to meet their kids and make certain that they are ok.  When Erica hears Krystal blame Josh for endangering Babe, Erica defends her son.  Jeff also wants to bond with him but Josh tells both of them that he does not buy their phony concerned parent act.  He knows he is the son that nobody wanted.  Babe goes to him and asks him to talk with her for a minute.  He and she walk off where they can speak privately, and he tells her that he’s not concerned about anybody else, only her.  JR looks on and wonders why his wife is going anywhere with him.  Dixie tells JR that he wishes he’d calm down and calls him sweetie.  Hearing that, Erica tells Dixie that she must know that her son is a murderer.

In the courtroom after the hearing, Kendall asks Zach what his big secret is with Dixie.  Tad also wants to know what is up with the two of them.  Tad tells Zach that he can lie all he wants but he knows what he saw.  Hearing that that, Kendall asks Tad what he saw.  He tells her that he witnessed Zach and Dixie kissing and probably ready to do more.  He goes on to tell Kendall that her husband, at least, had the common decency to slam it in his face shortly thereafter.

Babe goes to talk alone with Josh and tells him that she knows him.  He believes that storming out of there is a big deserving middle finger to Erica and Jeff.  She tells him that he is hurting himself and that he owes it to himself to at least hear them out and find out what they have to tell him.  He tells her that she could not possibly know what he is living with.  She tells him she realizes that but she has gotten to know him during the time they’ve known each other and during the time they were stranded on an island together.  She tells him that she knows that he wants to play tough but she wishes he would open up and talk about his feelings.  Hearing that, he tells her that he is very willing to talk to her but he does not care about anybody else.

Not far away, JR tells Erica that her son wants to get his wife in the sack and he endangered her.  Hearing that, Erica lashes out at him, telling him that this is coming out of the mouth of a man who tried to kill his wife and almost murdered her daughter and now is pulled this malicious little stunt with her son.

After Tad convinces Kendall that Zach and Dixie have a secret together and might be more than friends, Zach confronts him.  He dares Tad to say one more thing to upset his (Zach’s wife) At that point, Tad walks away, Alone with Zach, Kendall asks her husband to please tell her that Tad was lying.  She asks him to please tell her that he did not sleep with Dixie but he does not respond.

Babe tells Josh that she realizes that there are no easy options but he can either talk to Erica and Jeff or he can keep building his wall and hiding.  She goes to face JR who asks her if everything is ok.  She tells JR they should go home and they go off together.  Josh faces his biological parents and tells Erica and Jeff that he seriously doubts anything they have to say will make any difference with him but if they want to talk, he will listen.

Zach asks Kendall to put herself in Dixie’s shoes for a moment.  He asks her what she would have done if Greg had managed to get her to give Spike up for adoption before he was born.  He asks if she would have stopped at nothing in order to get her child back and maybe not have used the best judgment in regard to anybody who could help her.  She asks him to swear to her that Tad is 150% wrong and that he never had anything to do with Dixie.  He tells her that what Tad saw was one desperate kiss.  She is shocked to hear that and he clarifies that Dixie kissed him not that he kissed her.  Kendall then asks Zach if he is making excuses for Dixie and tells him that he cannot make that “little bitch’s” decision to give up her own daughter his problem.

Adam and Krystal are sitting at the marina with Dixie getting ready to have lunch.  She asks him what he has up his sleeve and he tries to indicate that he is just interested in her well-being.  He tells her that he would like to help her out and not have her locked up and having to trade her sanity for cigarettes.  He tells her that he would like to help her beat these murder charges.  She asks him why he’d care.  He replies because it would devastate JR to have her in prison.  Tad enters and Krystal asks him if he wants to join them.  The three of them can tell that Tad has something on his mind.  He stares at Dixie and she asks him what is up.  Adam and Krystal want to know what he is thinking about also.  He tells her that he was wondering of she could tell him what happened to the woman he fell in love with.  At that point, Adam says that this is going to take all night and asks the waiter to bring them another chair for the table. 

Erica and Jeff take Josh to Jack’s yacht.  They ask him if he wants anything or if he is hungry or if he wants to take a shower.  He tells them it won’t be necessary because he doesn’t plan to stay very long.  Knowing that he’s cold Erica gives him a blanket.  He tells them that he is not buying their act.  He knows why they both hated Greg Madden so much but he realizes that they did not want him then or now, so he expects nothing from them.  Erica then tells Josh that she wishes he would not assume that.  He tells her that he does not intend to be rude.  He is trying to be kind.  He admits that he is relieved to know that he is not the real son of Greg and now no longer has to have parents who are watching his every move.  He tells them he does not need them.  Jeff then tells Josh that maybe they need him.

Jamie and Julia go to his apartment and go at it on the couch.  She then tells him that after all the time they’ve spent in the boat, she really wants to take a shower.  He tells her that it sounds like a good idea and grabs her he carries her over his shoulder toward the bathroom.

Babe and JR return to their son.  He asks little A if he’s told his momma how happy they are to have her home.  She holds her son but acts coldly toward JR.  Winifred then tells them that it’s time for little Adam’s nap unless they’d like her to come back later.  She takes him away.  When JR and Babe are alone, she notices that he is staring at her.  He tells her he could not help it.  He was so afraid that he’d lose her.  She tells him that that is ironic since he wanted to get rid of her not long ago.  He tells her that he regrets that and was so worried about her.  She flippantly tells him that now he’s found her.  He tells her that she could never imagine how he felt when he heard that the plane went down and how he felt when he found out she was alive.  He tells her that he loves her very much and they kiss.  She pulls away.  He then asks her what she talked to Josh about and if she encouraged him to stay in town.

Josh tells Erica and Jeff that he knows how busy they both are with their careers and families asks if he should he believe that they suddenly want to play mom and dad to the kid they wanted to get rid of long ago.  Hearing that, Erica tells him that there are some things that he needs to know about her decision to terminate her pregnancy.  Hearing that, Jeff tells Erica she doesn’t have to tell Josh that.  She tells Josh that he must realize that Jeff had nothing to do with her decision to abort and that in fact he knew nothing about it.  She did not even tell him she was pregnant nor did she tell him she wanted to terminate the pregnancy.  Jeff would have moved heaven and earth to prevent her from aborting him.

Dixie tells Tad that she thinks that the Dixie that he fell in love with never really existed just as she thinks that the Tad that she loved never existed either.  She tells him that the Tad that she knew would never want to convict her for a crime that she did not commit.  He tells that the old Tad was a chump her that she abandoned, lied to and had him believing that she was dead while she gave his daughter away to strangers without telling him.  He tells her he does not know her.  The Dixie he knew was kind and loving and that the one that he sees now is heartless and enjoys sleeping with married men.

In the courtroom, Zach tells Kendall that he hopes she can trust and believe him.  He tells her that he has to leave and take care of something.  She tells him that she does trust and believe him.  She tells him that she believes that he should get Dixie out of the casino and into a place of her own.  She also tells him that it would be in his best interest to sever their friendship.  He’s been more than kind to her for long enough.  Kendall also tells him that she thinks that it is unwise of them to share Olivia for their counsel.  She tells him that it’s obvious to see that Dixie is unstable.  He tells her that he cannot abandon Dixie because it would make her look guilty and he couldn’t let her go to prison.  She tells him that she wants that woman out of his life.  He tells her that the most important thing is for her to trust him and know that she loves him.  She tells him she knows he loves her but she is having questions about where his loyalties lie.  She asks him if he is willing to throw their marriage and their future away.

Tad tells Dixie that since she appears to have the righteous indignation “down pat” it would appear that this would not be he first time that she’s tried to bust up a marriage.  She tells him he doesn’t know what he is talking about because she did not sleep with Zach.  She respects the sanctity of marriage, unlike him.  Hearing that Adam asks Tad if he’s slept with yet another married woman and reminds him that this is a small town and sooner or later everyone will know what he has done…including the woman’s husband. 

JR asks Babe what she said to Josh.  She asks him if he is asking this because he thinks that they are having an affair.  She asks him if she has to continue telling him in millions of ways that he is the only man for her.  He asks her if her choice to go with Josh Madden on the plane was because she felt sorry for Josh or if it was payback for his choice to go public with the CD.  She does not answer that but asks him why he chose to go public with the CD.  Was it in order to be spiteful to Josh because he believes that Josh was hitting on his woman?  He tells her that Josh is only playing her and trying to come between them.  She tells him that she doesn’t believe that.  He then asks her if she plans to ditch her “friendship” with Josh.  She tells him that she does not intend to end her friendship with Josh.

Erica tells Josh that the reason she did not want the truth to come out once she found out he was her son was because of him.  She did not know what it would do to him if he found out.  Hearing that, he tells her that he knows her well enough to know that it’s all about her.  She did not care about him.  She then tells him that the selfish part was that she was afraid that if he’d found out, he’d hate her.  She then tells him that there is no reason for him to hate Jeff.  He didn’t do anything.  Josh then asks her what she regrets more; the fact that she terminated the pregnancy or the fact that it did not work.  She answers that question by honestly telling him that she did not regret either.

Right after Jamie and Julia have had sex, Brooke walks in to see her son and is surprised to see what she sees.

Kendall tells Zach that it sucks that Dixie made a move on him, regardless of how upset and befallen to grief she was.  She tells him that is also sucks that he is such a good and loyal friend to her.  She tells him that she is really struggling with this and she’s scared to death that after all the struggles she’s had all her life, this might be the one she won’t be able to get out of.  He then asks her if that means that she wants give up on them.  She tells him that she does not want their marriage to end but when it comes to Dixie, she does not think she can make that compromise.  She gets up to leave.  He urges her to stay but she tells him not now.

At the marina, Krystal tells Adam that she wants to leave because she is exhausted.  Tad apologizes to Krystal if he and Dixie have ruined her lunch.  Alone with Dixie, Tad tells her that she has gone too far.  She asks him if he wants her to go to prison so that if he finds Kate he can keep her all to himself while she is in prison.  Hearing that, he reminds her that she and Zach Slater murdered a man and she is in no position to wonder what he intends to do.  He gets up to leave.

JR tells Babe that he does not believe that Josh is her friend.  She tells him that Josh accepts her decisions.  She knows that the fact that he is in love with her is proof that she means something to him.  He knows that she is married to JR.  He could easily use somebody else for sex or push sex on her but he has not.  JR then tells her that he does not buy for a moment, that Josh will accept her decision to be just friends.  He will insist on getting her in his bed.  She asks him if he trusts her.  He tells her that it is Josh that he doesn’t trust. 

Josh asks for clarification of Erica’s statement that she regrets both the abortion and that it did not work.  She tells him she realizes that so many people have lied to him over such a long period of time and for that reason, she is ready to make her best effort to be straight with him from now on.  Jeff then tells Josh that he needs to hear Erica out.  She tells Josh that when she terminated her pregnancy, she was not terminating him.  It was an unexpected pregnancy and she knew, at that time, that she could not be a good mother to anybody.  She could not take on that responsibility.  She goes on to tell him that there were deeper emotional issues that she wasn’t aware of at the time that had a huge impact on her decision so she did what she had to do and cannot apologize for that.  He then concludes that what she’s saying is that since he is there, she will take him anyway.  She tells him she knows how difficult it is for him to take in all of this but her feelings were very clear.  When she heard that the plane had gone down, she knew she could not bear the thought that she might never see him again and their last moments together were filled with pain and regret.  She concludes that she cares about him and wants him in her life.  Josh then tells them he has to go.  Jeff tells Josh that he should not try to make logic of this since logic rarely applies to the heart.  Josh then turns and tells them that this is too much information and he leaves.

As soon as Brooke catches her son with Julia, Julia insists that she will leave.  Brooke then tells her that she will leave.  Julia leaves Jamie and his mother alone.  He laughs but Brooke tells him that it was completely uncomfortable.  His door was open so she assumed she could enter.  She had no idea that he was seeing Julia Kiefer.  She’s not just “any girl.”  She’s older.  He tells her that that may be the case but that they have a lot in common and that what she walked in on was one of his very favorite of those things.  She tells him that perhaps this is more information than she needs.  Jamie tells his mother that he loves her but one of these days, she will have to let him go.  Brooke tells her son that they will talk again when he has more clothes on.  She leaves and Jamie tells Julia she may come out now.  She tells him that first they got caught by Joe and now by Brooke.  His whole family must think that she is a nymphomaniac.

Alone with Erica, Jeff tells her that it’s a lot for Josh to process and that it’s going to take some time.

Right then, Josh goes to find Babe.

Adam asks Krystal if Tad the Cad is back with a vengeance.  She tells him that she would not know.  He tells her that Tad is not getting back with Dixie and so he's been seducing other men’s wives.  She tells him that is none of their business.  He then tells her that that is the question for them.  Is it any of their business?

At the marina, Zach comes by and punches Tad’s lights out.  Tad falls to the floor with a bloody nose.

Kendall goes to see Dixie and asks her if she is in love with Kendall’s husband.  Dixie asks Kendall what if she is.

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