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Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

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Kendall and Ryan are in the courtroom awaiting Zach’s trial.  He tells her that there is no guarantee that Zach will beat the charges but he has faith in Livia.

At the Chandler house, Colby can see that Krystal is worried and has not gotten any sleep.  Adam is on the phone demanding that somebody give him some news about not only his daughter-in-law but his son, now that JR has gone off without telling him.  He has no news and is very frustrated.

Erica has lunch with Myrtle at the yacht club.  She is also on the phone trying to get the studio to understand that she will not be in to do the show and does not care what show they put on in her absence.  She tells her contact that she doesn’t care if they cancel the show, her son is lost, and she will not be coming in to the studio.

 JR finds Babe and Josh have fallen asleep in each other’s arms on the island where they have been stranded.

Lily gets a surprise when she is served with a summons that tells her that her father has filed a court petition to have her declared mentally incompetent.  Jonathan looks at it and is worried.  She tells him that it must be a mistake and the man who gave it to her had it delivered to the wrong place.  Jonathan, however, knows what Jack has done.  There is a knock at the door, and Jack comes in to see his daughter.  She tells her father that there was a mistake but he tells her that it is not a mistake.  She asks her father if he really believes that she is incompetent.

In the courtroom, Tad and Di wonder what will happened to Zach and Dixie.  She tells him that they must be given the benefit of a reasonable doubt.  It seems as though he knows that they are both guilty.  Kendall tells Ryan that she can see that Tad seems to know something about Zach and Dixie’s guilt.  Derek and the cops escort Zach and Dixie into the courtroom. 

Josh awakens and notices JR, Jamie, and Julia watching him cuddling with Babe.  He wakes Babe up and she jumps up and rushes to hug her husband.  She tells him she’s so happy that he is there to rescue her.  Jamie and Julia ask if it was a mechanical error or something intended.  She tells them that the plane ran out of gas.  Jamie rips into Josh and tells him that sounds like a lame excuse.  Knowing that Jamie and Julia are going to accuse him no matter what he says or does, he informs them that he kidnapped Babe and took her against her will.

Erica tells Myrtle that she cannot face the crowds knowing that the word is now out about Josh.  She cannot face the questions, the gossip, and the stares.  She asks Myrtle what she should do.  She asks her if she gets another chance with her son, how she can make it right with him.  Myrtle tells her that depends.  She asks Erica what it is that she really wants from him.

Colby sits on the patio with Adam and Krystal, Winifred and the other servant serve them their breakfast and they notice Colby’s new friend, Sydney, is working with Winifred as a servant.  She thanks Mr. and Mrs. Chandler for hiring her.  Colby then gets very picky about her French toast not being warm enough.  Winifred reminds Miss Colby that they are all a bit distracted now.  Colby tells Sydney that she cannot eat it.  Sydney tells Colby that she can eat it.  She takes a piece and tells Colby that she is very spoiled and selfish.  Colby tells Sydney if she steps out of line she can get her fired.  Sydney tells Colby to bite it and spills the food in Colby’s lap.

Lily tells her father that he cannot do this and asks why he’d want to go through with this petition.  Why does he think she is incompetent?  Jonathan tells Lily that her father would never tell her she is incompetent.  She protests that being different does not mean being less.  She tells her father that Jonathan is her husband.  He saved her and the two of them are very much in love.  Jack tells his daughter that Jonathan is not the good an innocent boy whom he wants her to believe he is but that he is a vicious liar.  She tells her father he must stop.  Jack tells her that he wants her to pack her bags and come home with him now and if she does not, then he will go through with the petition.

In the courtroom, everybody is wondering what will happen.  Del comes in and tells Dixie that she should not worry.  Whatever evidence they have is circumstantial but she’s not certain about that.  Ryan approaches Zach and asks what he’s going to do if the hearing does not go the way he wants.  Zach seems calm and tells Ryan that he has nothing to fear.  He is innocent.  Ryan asks him what if the judge rules otherwise.  Zach tells Ryan in that case, Ryan can have Kendall and his son all to himself.  Kendall then approaches her husband and tells him she feels a little left out here and asks what is going on.  He tells her that it is male bonding.  Dixie tells Del and Di that all she cares about now is finding Kate.  Livia then asks her to sit before the judge enters.  The judge then instructs everybody to turn off his or her cell phones.

Babe explains to JR, Jamie, and Julia that if it were not for Josh, she would have drowned.  JR reminds her if it were not for “Captain Nemo,” she would not have been in this mess in the first place.  Jamie agrees that he does not trust Josh.  JR tells Josh that just because he may be a “round-about family member” does not give him a “free pass.”  He tells Josh that he better not think he can mess with the Chandlers.  Josh then reminds JR that he (himself) only wanted to “borrow” JR’s wife.  JR wanted to kill her.

Jack attempts to explain to Lily that he knows she’s has seen the “good Jonathan” who has acted nice to her after his surgery but she also must remember the “bad Jonathan” that tried to kill her and had her trapped in a mine shaft.  Jonathan protests to Jack that he loves Lily.  Jack demands that Jonathan shut up and he tells his daughter that Jonathan is putting on an act.  He tells her that the word “incompetent” is only a legal term.  He realizes that she knows how to read people’s faces but she can’t be perfect with that.  Nobody can.  He gives her the example of how she misread the predator in New York.  Jonathan then interjects and tells Jack that Lily does not want to talk about that.  Lily acknowledges to her father that she thought that Terry was a nice guy but she misread him.  Jack then tells her that she misread Jonathan the same way.  He tells her that he does not want there to be any hearings or petitions.  If she just comes with her father now, they can forget that the whole thing ever happened.  Lily does not know what to do and she turns to look at Jonathan.  He looks at her, revealing that he is worried.

After Sydney drops the food on Colby, Colby lashes out on her.  Winifred restrains Sydney while Krystal restrains Colby.  Krystal tells Colby that she respects Winifred and does not believe she is better than her maid is so Colby mustn’t believe that she is better than Sydney is.  She reminds Sydney that there is not enough room for the chip on her shoulder.  Winifred then tells her niece, Sydney, that she must behave or she will be on the next train out of there.

Erica tells Myrtle that she did not intend to disrespect Josh.  She just did not know what to do.  Hearing that, Myrtle asks her if she is trying to convince him or trying to convince Myrtle or herself.  Erica tells Myrtle that she just wants to be able to have some sort of bond with her son.  Right then, Jeff enters.

JR confronts Josh.  He tells him that his mother never wanted him and the guy who raised him was a pervert.  Babe then tells JR to back off and not say those things to Josh.  JR asks Josh what his little “scheme” was for taking JR’s wife.  Babe reminds her husband that she still has not forgiven him for the little stunt he pulled with the CD.  Jamie and Julia then confront Josh.  Babe then tells them that they can all stay there and fight all they want but she is going home to her baby.  Josh then asks if his mother has been arrested.  Babe asks JR if Erica has gotten arrested, reminding him that they are going to find out sooner or later.  JR then informs him that his mother and Zach Slater were put in jail.

Livia defends her clients by explaining that there are tons of people who hate Dr. Gregory Madden and have motive to torture and kill him besides Mrs. Martin and Mr. Slater.  The prosecutor tells the judge that although that may be true, there is nobody with more motives or evidence of their guilt than those two.  Livia reminds the judge that the prosecutor obviously wants to be re-elected and this is probably all politics but he tells her that’s not true and the judge tells Mrs. Cudahy that she cannot make those kinds of accusations in his courtroom.  Livia informs the judge that both Mr. Slater and Ms. Martin have family and very little resources so he cannot force exorbitant bail upon them.  It would cause a hardship and there is no reason.  The prosecutor informs the judge that both of them have had habits of fleeing town and are flight risks.  The judge tells them that his job is done.  He tells them that bail will be set.  Del tells Dixie that there must be a way to get the bail.  JR must have it.  She tells him she will not ask her son for bail until Babe is found. 

Di and Aidan go out into the hallway of the courtroom.  She tells him that she cannot decipher the secret between Dixie and Zach.  He tells her he does not know, either, but he does know that the reason Erin broke up with him is because she’s been hiding Di’s pal, Annie.  Di is very surprised to hear that.

Josh tells JR, Jamie, and Julia that he’d be out of their sorry lives by now but Babe insisted that she come with him.  It was because of the nasty little stunt that her husband pulled.  She’s ready to dump him now.  Babe then tells Josh that he can do what he wants but she wishes he would just stay in Pine Valley for a while and talk to Erica and Jeff Martin and try to resolve the way he is feeling.  He then concludes to her that he will do it but only for her.  They all leave.

Right then, Erica and Jeff find out that Josh has been found.  She tells him that she is so happy and now everything will be different.

Krystal tells Colby that she better stop her attitude or her dad won’t let her have her sweet sixteen-birthday party.  Colby does not listen and acts snotty.  Krystal tells her that she knows very much what it is like to be a hard working trailer park resident and Adam does not believe that his spoiled daughter is better than the working poor.  She tells Sydney that she can go to the yacht club but she will go there as a guest of the Chandler family.  She also tells her that she does not think that Sydney needs to be wearing a uniform while she works at the mansion.  Adam comes out onto the patio and announces to them that Babe has been found.  Krystal hugs her husband.

Lily panics when she finds out what her father is going to do to her.  Jonathan tells Jack that he is scaring Lily.  Jack asks Jonathan if he knows how scared and betrayed she will feel when she finds out what Jonathan has been doing.  He tells Jonathan he won’t get past Lily’s father.  Jonathan then tells Jack if he knows who Jonathan really is, he should also know who his daughter really is.  He asks Jack to read the essay that she wrote in her application to MIT.  He demands that Jack read it and tells him that it might help him to understand his daughter a little better.  Outside, Lily sits and rocks back and fourth.

On the boat going back, Babe asks JR if he is angry at her for being with Josh and if he distrusts her.  He tells her that he loves the fact that she is kind-hearted and forgiving of all people.  She then asks him what it is about him and revenge.  Why did he have to do that malicious thing to Josh at the ConFusion party with the CD that Greg recorded about the big secret?  Is it some sort of testosterone thing?  He tells her to ask nurse Kiefer.  She kisses him.  Jamie and Julia huddle together but Josh is all alone, looking coldly at Babe and JR together.

After Jonathan gets Jack to read the essay that Lily wrote about how she’s discovered that she is just as normal and just as good as anybody else, in spite of her disability.  He asks Jack if he understands now.  He protests that Lily has a good life now that she is with him and now she is accepting who she is.  Jack tells Jonathan that he knows that Jack does not disrespect his daughter but he does not trust Jonathan with his daughter.  Jonathan tells Jack that he (Jack) does not understand what is right for his daughter.  He tells Jack that he (Jonathan) is not the bad man.  He tells Jack that he (Jack) is.  Jack then tells Lily that he will give her time to think about this and wants her to know that Jonathan is bad for her.  She rocks and counts back from 100.  He turns to Jonathan and tells him that he can end this all right now, painlessly, by walking away like a man.  He leaves and Jonathan tells Lily that they can fight this.  She tells him that the law allows her to be married to him and have equal opportunity and asks him how this can happen.

Dixie assumes she will have to stay in jail since she knows of nobody who would set bail for her.  A bailiff comes in and tells her that she’s free to go because bail has been set.  She goes out into the hallway to see who put up bail for her and sees her uncle Palmer.  He hugs his niece and tells her he will not let any Cooney get put behind bars nor will he let her get mixed up with that man again.  He then tells them that she can take heart because Tad’s nephew and JR’s wife have been found.  Everything is ok.  Derek asks Tad why he has this suspicion about Dixie.

Josh’s and Babe’s families go to the marina and welcome their children back.  Krystal thanks JR, Jamie, and Julia for finding her daughter but she rips into Josh for endangering Babe.  Erica comes to her son’s defense and tells Krystal she must never talk to Josh that way.

Colby privately tells Sydney she will have her party.  Sydney will be there and the whole world will watch Sydney wait on her.

Jonathan tells Lily that they can call Livia to represent them.  She can help them.  She is on their side.  Lily confirms that they are husband and wife and he is the best thing that has ever happened to her.  She then asks him if he is really willing to hold on tight and never let go.  He tells her of course.  She then asks him if he can show her by holding her.  He holds his arms out so that he does not touch her but she tells him he may touch her.  He does not scare her, she tells him.  He makes her feel safe.  Jonathan then slowly touches Lily’s hair while she put her head on his shoulder.

Tad tells Derek that Dixie pretended to be dead for four years.  She has been confiding in strangers that she’s alive and back in town but she wouldn’t even tell him.  She gave their daughter to Greg Madden and then when she needed help finding Kate, she started sleeping with Zach Slater.  He asks Derek if he does not believe that that is enough cause for suspicion.  Derek walks away and does not answer the question.  Kendall is standing behind Tad and overheard what he told Derek and looks stricken.

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