AMC Update Monday 8/7/06

All My Children Update Monday 8/7/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Lily and Jonathan arrive home and Lily is excitedly talking about the money taken in by ConFusion. Jonathan stops her before she unlocks the door and walks in. He tells her there's a surprise inside. She says she doesn't like surprises and asks him to get rid of it or she'll never go inside. Jonathan says not all surprises are bad. He opens the door and she finds a bouquet of flowers. She realizes it's the same kind of flowers that were in the bouquet she carried when they got married. Jonathan wishes her a happy anniversary. He says it's been two months, five days and eight hours since they got married. Lily adds 22 minutes and 18 seconds. She asks if other people celebrate that kind of anniversary and Jonathan says just they do.

Ryan is with Spike in the courtyard and carries him inside Kendall's condo. He talks to her about having a new uncle Josh and about how he wants his mom to be happy by having Zach come home.

In jail, Zach tells Dixie to get some rest. She lies down. Soon she is dreaming. She looks out of her cell and sees a young girl standing there. She calls out to Kate and tells her she missed her and has been looking for her for a long time. Photos of children fall from the ceiling and the little girl backs up and walks away.

At the PI office, Kendall asks Tad why he thinks Zach and Dixie are guilty. Tad isn't eager to answer the question and tells her she doesn't want him on the case. He hasn't been playing with a full deck lately. Kendall demands to know everything he knows. Tad says he doesn't know why he said that. He does know that when Dixie needed help she went to Zach, and if that should be enough to make you suspicious. He says Dixie and Zach have quite the connection. Kendall says he makes it sound like there's something going on. She asks him to be straight with her. Tad says he's not the one not being straight with her. Kendall asks if he thinks they're having an affair. Tad says once Dixie gets her hooks in a man he'll do anything for her. He tells her if she looks into what's going on between Zach and Dixie she won't like what she finds.

JR is calling out for Babe from a boat. Meanwhile, Babe is kissing Josh on the island. Jamie tells JR that it's too foggy and they can't continue to search, but JR insists. He thinks he sees a body in the water and jumps in to check it out.

Livia arrives to talk to Ryan and tells him that they'll be lucky if the judge allows bail for Zach and Dixie. Blood and fingerprint evidence is a hard thing to argue against, she says. Ryan asks if she thinks they're guilty. Livia says they are her clients and she'll believe in their innocence. Spike cries and Ryan and Livia go to him. Livia admires the baby and tells Ryan that if Zach isn't released, Kendall and Spike are going to need him.

On the island, Babe stops Josh from kissing her a second time. She thanks him for opening up to her and says she feels close to him, but she loves her husband. One kiss is all it can be. Josh says he wants to be more than friends. He says if JR wasn't in the picture she would want it too. She says they have a connection but her feelings for him are platonic. She won't jeopardize her marriage. Josh asks how she knows there isn't someone better than JR. Babe says she won't be able to continue seeing Josh if he's going to keep pursuing her. Josh says he can't let go of her so he'll have to settle for being friends. He asks that they shake on it and they shake hands.

Jamie carries JR back onto the boat and Julia realizes he isn't breathing. JR regains consciousness and says he thought he saw a body. Jamie says it was just a piece of wood. JR is shivering and is wrapped in a towel. JR says his wife has got to be alive. Jamie insists JR lie down to rest and he'll keep an eye out for Babe. JR lies down. He dreams that he finds Josh but not Babe, who Josh says is gone. Josh tells him in his dream that he loses every woman he loves because he doesn't deserve them. He wakes up and Julia says that the captain and spotted a small island.

Jonathan gets up from bed and finds Lily still awake working on an essay to get into college. It's an essay about being normal. She reads the partial piece to him, saying that she is happy being her. She asks him if he would go back to the way he was before his brain tumor. Jonathan says he didn't think of himself as normal then. He didn't feel normal until he found her.

Kendall arrives home and Ryan is waiting for her. She rants about everything that's going wrong in her life. Ryan tells her to relax. She sits down, takes off her shoes and he gets her a blanket. He massages her shoulders and she remembers what Tad said about Zach and Dixie. Soon she is sleeping. She awakens to noise outside her door. She goes outside and sees Zach and Dixie nailing a large wooden crate shut. Kendall tells them they can't bury Greg Madden alive. Zach leaves with a shovel and Dixie gives Kendall an evil smile. Kendall wakes up from her dream and tells Ryan that they really did it. She tells him about the dream but he reassures her that a dream doesn't mean anything. Kendall says Tad thinks Zach and Dixie are guilty, but Zach told her he is innocent. Ryan says if Zach says he didn't do it he is innocent. Later, Ryan is on the phone with Livia, who says an arraignment has been set.

Dixie wakes up and Zach asks her if she's all right. Dixie tells him it's hopeless. She says since she only sees Kate in her dreams maybe she should live in her dreams. Zach asks her if she wants to live in her dreams. She says she can't do this anymore. Zach tells her to fight for it. Tad arrives and tells Dixie to listen to Zach. Dixie asks if Babe was found but Tad tells her she is still lost. Tad tells Zach about the conversation with his wife. Zach hopes he didn't upset Kendall. Tad says she's not as upset as he is. Dixie says he can't believe they are guilty. Tad asks why he should believe otherwise. He says he's tired of being played by Dixie. Dixie asks what he thinks they did the night Madden disappeared. Zach tells Dixie to stop and she quits talking. Tad says it's amazing that Zach snaps his fingers and she falls in line. He asks how they could have been stupid enough to leave fingerprints. Zach says they're being set up. Dixie asks Tad why he has so much hostility. They were on good terms on the beach. Tad says she buried that. Tad angrily walks away, telling Dixie that Zach is her guide now. Derek is listening around the corner.

Jonathan is sleeping while Lily works on her essay. Jonathan dreams that he comes home and sees a note from Jack that says he's not fooling him. He wakes up and Lily says he was making funny sounds in his sleep. Jonathan says he had a bad dream that she left him. Lily says that will never happen. There is a knock on the door. A man hands Lily a document. She tells Jonathan that a petition was filed to have her declared incompetent.

Josh finds Babe sleeping. He goes over to her and lies beside her. Later, Jamie, JR and Julia arrive on the island and find Babe sleeping in Josh's arms.

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