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All My Children Update Friday 8/4/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

JR, Jamie and Julia are on a boat out looking for Babe. JR is holding a spotlight out over the water and calling out, begging Babe to come back to him. Jamie tells Julia that they have to find Babe. If she's gone JR is as good as dead. Julia offers JR some water and food but he refuses, saying he doesn't deserve it. He wanted Babe dead and he finally got his wish. Jamie says that's in the past. They all know he loves Babe. JR says all Babe wanted was to love him. He asks how he's supposed to look at their son and tell him his mother may never come home. Jamie suggests they go back to shore but JR refuses. He says he won't leave Babe until he finds her. Jamie tells JR this is no this fault. Julia says yes, it is JR's fault.

Josh and Babe are washed up on a deserted island, where Josh has told her that he's in love with her. Babe tells him that his words are sweet, but she's not going to have sex on the beach with him. He says he's not saying this for sex. He's truly in love with her. She tells him to stop saying that but he says he won't, so she'll have to deal with it. He says he wants to stay here with her and JR isn't invited. He pulls her into a dance but she asks him just to talk to her.

Erica and Jeff are staring out at the water when she notices Jack has arrived. She embraces Jack and says she's so glad he's here. Josh may be lost, she says. Jeff leaves for the Coast Guard station to make some calls. Erica tells Jack she's made so many mistakes. She should have told Jack about Josh right away. She asks how she can save her son. When he comes back, how can she save him from his pain?

Tad and Kendall have arrived at the jail to see Zach and Dixie with their heads together. Tad says he can't believe this is happening and he walks out. Kendall sarcastically tells Zach that this sure beats solitary confinement. She asks him if he didn't kill Greg Madden, who do the cops have enough evidence to put him away for life. She says his fingerprint was found inside the coffin and Madden's blood was found inside the trunk of Dixie's car. Dixie says she didn't mean for this to happen. Kendall urges Dixie to say this is all her fault so Zach will be let go. Zach tells Kendall to take it easy on Dixie. Kendall asks Zach to tell her that he didn't trash their future for Dixie Martin.

Krystal is praying on the patio of Chandler mansion when Tad arrives. He asks about Adam and Krystal says he is working the phones to find Babe. She asks Tad to tell her something, whether good or bad, about Babe. Tad says she won't get anything from him. He tells her she needs someone to hold her hand and tell her it will be OK but he can't be the one. Krystal says she'll settle for him being a pain in the ass. She says she needs someone to give her some hope. She wants Tad to distract her so she doesn't think bad thoughts. Tad tells her Zach and Dixie were arrested for killing Madden. The police say they have real proof. Tad asks her if she thinks JR did it but she says she is convinced he didn't. Krystal rants about Madden and how the person who killed him should be rewarded, not convicted. Tad kisses her and runs off.

Josh tells Babe he thought about floating away while they were drifting on the piece of plane. He didn't let go because of Babe. He thought he could fly away from the pain but it still hurts. But now he doesn't feel like running. He can deal with this because she's here. Babe saved his life. He saw life and hope and safety in her eyes. Babe asks why JR can't see that. Why can't he trust her and talk to her this way instead of shutting down. Josh asks if she knows what he would do if she was the man she loved. She tells him she hopes he stays around Pine Valley. She doesn't want to lose him as a friend. Josh says he can't get past the immediate future. He wants to kiss her. Babe tells him to kiss her.

Erica tells Jack this is never the life she expected for herself. She never thought of herself as a mother. She could not imagine devoting her life to a child. That changed when Bianca was born. She asks what kind of a mother is she. Jack says no one loves her children more fiercely than her. He says Josh is lucky to have her.

Kendall wants Zach to tell her if he killed Greg Madden, but asks her what she thinks. She asks him not to avoid her question and presses him for an answer. He tells her he missed her and Spike but he'll be home before she knows it. She asks him again. He tells her he did not kill Madden.

JR says Julia gets it. He brought this on Babe. Julia tells JR about her nine years on the run with Noah and how she got the chance to kill Noah's killer. She talks about Greg Madden telling her she couldn't have a child and didn't deserve to have a child. She lost her faith in herself and in life. JR tells her she didn't deserve that. She asks him if he thinks he deserves this. She says she was exactly where he is now. She had friends call her out of her state and made her see she's still worth something. She gets through to him and JR takes some food and water. Jamie and Julia agree to stay out as long as they need to to find her. JR looks out and tells them he thinks he sees something.

Dixie tells Zach they're dead. With all this evidence, how are they going to escape this? She asks if he thinks about the night Madden disappeared. Zach says he has no regrets. Dixie says she has regrets, but doesn't regret trusting him. She asks if he thinks they'll get out of this.

Kendall goes to see Aidan at the PI studio and demands he help find the real killer. Tad walks in and asks to handle this. He tells Kendall to go home and leave it be. Kendall urges his help but he says it would be wasting his time. Dixie and Zach did it.

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