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Written By Jenn
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Ryan tells Kendall not to jump to any conclusions and that just because theyíve arrested Zach does not mean that they have any evidence.† She tells him that they do have something.† They have Dixie.† She tells him that Zach ran off to the islands with her and done many other things.† Erica comes in and tells them that Zach might have very easily helped Dixie murder Greg but it does not matter because her son could be dead.

While stranded, Josh tells Babe that they need not worry.† She tells him that she is still worried about having taken a nosedive into the ocean.† He tells her that he is not worried about any types of setbacks.† He was never supposed to have been born but he was.† Erica wanted to throw him away but she didnít manage that.† He could have died in the crash but did not so heís not afraid of the grim reaper or the threat of anything else.

At the police station, Tad tells Derek that he has nothing concrete about Dixie or Zach.† He is holding them without just cause.† Derek tells Tad that is not the case.† Tad tells Derek that he cannot believe that he would do something like that.† Itís obvious that the same person who killed Greg would have planted the CD player in JRís dresser drawer.† He asks Derek why heíd believe that Dixie would want to frame her own son.

While in jail, Dixie and Zach brainstorm about how they can beat the charges.† She confirms that Derek insists that he has evidence against them.† She asks what on earth he could have.† He tells her they did nothing wrong.† They did not bury Madden so that there is no proof that they could have.

Derek tells Tad that Zach and Dixie co-conspired to kill Madden.† Tad tells Derek that he must be drinking.† Derek tells Tad that this is serious.† Tad tells Derek if he goes through with this then he should turn in his badge.† Derek tells Tad that itís obvious that Dixie wanted to torture Madden into telling her where Kate was.† He tells her there is no way that Dixie would have framed her own son.† He tells Tad that that was Zachís doing.† Obviously Dixie did not do it all on her own.† Zach wanted to help her in order to win her over.† He has a theory about Slater promising Dixie to get rid of the CD and he may have had no choice but to frame JR.† After what JR did to Kendall, Slater had motive to frame him as a payback.

After hearing that Josh was in the plane crash, Ryan asks Erica what he can do.† She tells him he can pray that since Josh and Babe were not found and the seatbelts were unfastened, it could mean that they got away and are ok.† He tells her that itís very possible that they will be found and are ok.

Babe tells Josh that people accomplish things in their lives because of hard work and motivation.† There is no destiny about tit.† He tells her that with all the hard work he did, it was all for nothing.† She doesnít want to hear that.

Kendall tells Erica that she can take her home while Ryan calls the Coast Guard but Erica tells her daughter that she cannot just go home and do nothing.† Kendall then asks her mother where Jack is.† Erica replies that Jack is in court and has his own issues to deal with.† Ryan then tells them that he will go talk to Livia and will call them when he gets some more information.

Adam is worried about what has happened to Dixie.† Tad tells him that Livia will be there to help her.† David then comes in and tells the two of them that they are incapable of helping Dixie.† Adam asks David what he thinks he can do that real money and connections cannot do.† Tad admits that they have been trying and failing to come up with solutions and that all along, heís been waiting for Dr. Dave with his chemistry set to save the day.† David tells Tad and Adam that thanks to them, Dixie could be rotting in jail.† Tad sarcastically tells David that now is his chance to shine and be Dixieís hero.† He tells him that unrequited love can make people do drastic things.† He tells Adam to sit back and watch while David admits to Derek that he is the one who buried Greg Madden live.† Hearing that, David concludes that that is brilliant and that, although he never thought he would say it, but Tad is actually making sense.† Tad tells David that with all heís done throughout his life, he should add ďgrave diggerĒ to his rťsumť.† David tells Tad that that sounds all good but a confession about burying and suffocating Madden should come from his real killer who is Tad.

Babe tells Josh that he knows he loved his ďfatherĒ meaning Greg.† He tells her that it was all a lie.† She reminds him that Greg raised him and nurtured him.† Josh says yes, like some botanist in some greenhouse.† She then tells him that she realizes she cannot imagine how he feels in regard to Erica and her family.† He then tells her that he doesnít want any more of her sugar coated words and sad eyes.† He tells her that if she doesnít stop, he will go to another plan of firing up his ego and being a jerk.† She then tells him that she realizes that it is a generic male trait to shut down when feeling too much.† Itís just like the way that men refuse to ask for directions.† It makes her so angry she wants to scream.† He then tells her to go ahead and scream her guts out and he will do it with her.† He then asks her if she is ready and the two of them scream together.

Erin asks Aidan what is up with him.† Is he angry because she broke up with him or is it because he got busted doing Di Henry?† Obviously Di is not a ďfriendĒ if he sleeps with her right after a break up.† He reminds her that she kissed Jamal right in front of him.† She tells him that it was only for show.† He tells her that it was a great performance and he wonders if he should give her a medal for what she did.† She protests that she was just trying to protect a woman and her child and she was just trying to protect him.† She asks him why he says that her trust was an issue.† He tells her if she had told him about Annie from the beginning this would not have happened.† She tells him that she used to trust him a lot more than she trusts him now.† He tells her first she breaks up with him and then she spies on him after she was with this other guy right in front of his face.† He asks her how she found him with Di.† She replies that she heard the cops report that they spotted his car by a bridge.† He asks her how she can be angry.† She tells him she is not angry.† She is disillusioned.† She stupidly thought that he was still in love with her.† He admits to her that he still is.

After Josh and Babe scream, they fall to the sandy beach and laugh.† They feel a lot better.† She then tells him that there is his test.† She asks Mr. Golden Child to summon up his powers for them to get rescued.† He then tells her that he can only summon up something that he wants.† He tells her that what he wants is not so much to be found but to be with her and see if he can get her to break up with JR.† She tells him he is relentless and that is obviously a family trait.† He tells her that he does not have any family.† She tells him like hell he does not.

At Kendallís house, Erica tells her daughter that she cannot stop seeing that look on Joshís face.† He was devastated but would not listen to her.† Kendall tells her mother she cannot keep torturing herself.† Erica asks what if that look is the last she will ever see of Josh.† Kendall then tells her mother that her children always come back.† Erica asks her what that means.† Kendall tells her that she thought sheíd never see Kendall again when she gave her up for adoption, but she found her.† She knew nothing about Josh but he found his way to her.† Many times throughout their relationship it seemed like heíd be gone but heís always come back.† Erica tells Kendall she is very worried about what it will mean if Josh never forgives her or accepts her as his mother.† Kendall admits that it wonít be easy.† It never is and that is karma kitty for you.† Erica hugs her daughter.

David tells Tad and Adam that if Tad was competent, then Kate would be found by now.† Having Madden suffocated in the ground didnít even accomplish it.† Heís dead.† Thereís a murder investigation and Kate is still not found.† Ryan and Livia arrive.† Derek informs them that he has evidence against Zach.† He found fiber samples that match those in the trunk of Dixieís rented car.† Livia reminds him that those fiber samples probably match the fibers in the trunk of each car in the casino fleet.† She goes on to tell him that that is still circumstantial evidence.† Derek tells them that heís also found finger prints that are a ten point match to Zach Slater inside the lid of Maddenís coffin.

In jail, Zach tells Dixie that he hopes they find Josh, for his wifeís sake but he could care less about JR.† He tells her that JR did a malicious thing with that CD.† She tells him that her son is doing everything he can to get his life together and did not mean to hurt anybody.† He tells her that Josh might be dead and if that is the case, her son may be charged with murder.

Livia tells Derek that his case has enough holes to drive the rental car through it.† Itís called reasonable doubt.† David tells them that there is obvious evidence against Zach.† Tad protests that itís a weak case, since it also implicates Dixie.† Derek tells them they need only give the police more time.

Kendall notices her mother looking very worried and asks if she can get her something to eat or if she wants to see her son and then the phone rings.

Babe and Josh build a fire and talk.† She tells him that he is arrogant and determined and driven like Erica.† He is self-absorbed like Kendall.† They are obviously his family.† She tells him that determination is a good thing.† She tells him that itís good to have a mother as well as a sister who will tear the eyes out of any fool who will mess with somebody she loves.† He tells her he does not think that would include him.† She tells him that she thinks it would.

Ryan calls Kendall and Erica and tells them that he believes that Livia has things under control and will get Zach released.† Erica tells them she does not care about Zach.† She only wants to find Josh.† Kendall hangs up and Erica tells her that Zach is guilty.† Kendall tells her mother that Zach had nothing to do with Greg Maddenís death.† Erica tells her daughter she cannot stay there.† Itís not doing Josh any good.† She has to get out of there although she does not know where to go.† She tells Kendall that she will call her and she goes out the door.† Kendall asks her mother to wait but she leaves and does not turn around.

Kendall tells Spikeís nanny that she also has to leave and she can call her on her cell phone if she needs anything.† She goes across the courtyard to Ryanís home.

Derek tells Tad that he was only doing his job.† David asks Derek what else he has.† He tells him that a small stain of blood found in Dixieís car matches Greg Maddenís blood.

Dixie asks Zach to please let her deal with JR.† He tells her he will not let JR get away with what heís done to his (Zachís) wife.

Kendall goes to the station and hears Adam, Tad, and David defending Dixie and tells them that Dixie Martin is a pathological liar.† She believes that Dixie is dragging her husband into his mess and if they donít release Zach, she will sue the department.† David asks if somebody should bring the new mommy up to speed.

Josh admits to Babe that he does not know Bianca very well and asks Babe about her.† She tells him that Bianca is the most forgiving and kind-hearted person sheís ever met and when she thinks of Bianca, itís like looking through the window into a beautiful soul and you donít want to turn away.† He is speechless.† She asks him what he is thinking.† He tells her that she has just described herself.

Erin tells Aidan that itís very understandable that he would want to get rid of her after she pushed him away.† He tells her he knows she is not simple.† She is a very complicated person.† He does not believe she is a naÔve virgin.† She tells him that he obviously did not like having to wait to get her into bed but he had no problems getting Di to sleep with him.† So maybe he should have dated Di instead.† She tells him that itís very obvious that sooner or later he would have broken her heart and that sooner is better than later every time.† She goes out the door but Aidan grabs her arm and urges her not to go.† She tells him that she cannot understand how he can be in love with her one minute and then sleep with somebody else the next.† He tells her that he does not know how it happened.† He did not mean for it to happen nor did he plan it.† Maybe he wanted for it to happen so that he could forget how he felt about her.† He tells her that she ripped his heart out.† She cries and tells him that she wants him to know that she did not just throw them away.† He tells her that it felt like that.† She tells him that she believes she does not know him.† He tells her that maybe she never will know him.† He goes out the door.

Jeff meets Erica at the beach.† He admits to her that he never had a chance to be a father to Josh.† There are so many things he wanted to say to him that he will never be able to.† She tells him that she knows he came to Pine Valley for a reason.† He will have a chance to know his son and tell him how much he cares about him and so will she.† She tells him that Josh has to hear her and he has to listen.† She tells him that she wants Josh in her life as her son.† He is their family.† Jeff then puts his arm around Erica.† Jack comes up behind them and sees them together.

Josh tells Babe he remembers when he first met her.† She remembers that he helped her when she got her car stolen.† He tells her that she was fearless.† She did not need a man to rescue her.† She needed a partner and she really got his attention.† He also tells her he remembers that she told him he must have come from some alien planet where nobody falls in love.† He told her that falling in love makes you lose yourself.† She tells him that it makes you complete.† She tells him she does not know where he is going with this.† He tells her that something about her just clicked with him and he now knows that he is in love with her.† He has never before been in love with anybody in his life.

David tells Kendall that her hubby is the reason Dixie is in jail.† She tells him that he must spare the innocent Dixie speech.† He tells her that there is no way Dixie would have done something like that.† She asks David why he is there.† Does he care more about Dixie than he cares about his own daughter?† Not knowing what has happened to Babe, David does not know what she is talking about.† He then asks Adam and Tad why nobody has told him that his daughter is missing.† He tells them if his daughter does not come back alive, he will personally wring JRís neck.

Dixie tells Zach that he mustnít vilify JR.† He only wanted to protect her and Tad and Jamie and look what good itís done.† She blames herself for all the damage that has been done.† She concludes that she should have never come back.† Hearing that, Zach reaches through the bars and puts his arms around her just as Kendall and Tad walk into the cell area and see them together.† Zach turns his head.† They are not happy to see Zach and Dixie together.

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