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All My Children Update Wednesday 8/2/06 


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Colby and her new friend are sitting and sunning together at the yacht club when her aunt Winifred enters and reveals that she knows Adam Chandler and that Colby is his daughter.

Ryan gets Annie set up at a new job at his office.  When she hears the door opening, she is frightened.  He enters and acknowledges that she has to wonder who is at the door every time she hears it open.  He assures her, however, that the pressure is off.  Terry is in Ireland and she is safe.

At home, Zach notices that Kendall is not talking.  He tells her hat he knows that she is angry with him.  She then tells him if he wants to have a conversation, he needs to have it with somebody else.  Hearing that, he concludes that she is angry at him for spending time with Dixie and helping her find her daughter.

Derek tells the families of Josh and Babe that he has important business to conduct and he is there to make an arrest.  They tell him that he needs to give them more time.  JR reminds Derek that the does not know if his wife is alive or dead.

On a beach somewhere, we see Josh and Babe lying unconscious, looking like they have washed up on the shore.

On a different shore, Derek and the cops announce to Dixie, in front of everybody, that she is under arrest for the murder of Greg Madden.  Derek reads her her rights as everyone comments to him that he should not be doing this at this time. 

Babe awakens and splashes water on Josh, waking him up, too.  

Colby’s new friend is telling her that talking to a stranger at the club is a great way to get to know a new friend.  Colby then asks the girl if Winifred told her about her (Colby). The girl tells Colby that she can see that they are very much alike.  She concludes that Colby’s dad is loaded and her family is not rich but other than that, they are alike.  The girl picks up some sunglasses from the deck and Colby grabs them from her calling her a “klepto.” 

Since Kendall is not talking to him, Zach talks to Spike.  Zach asks the baby how he should attempt to communicate with his mother.  He tells Spike that he does not know how to talk to her without getting his head ripped off.  He then suggests that maybe the two of them go out and get some milk shakes and be alone together.  Kendall then tells Zach that he makes her so mad and she wishes he’d just let her be mad for a while.  She tells him that she does not like him using her baby in order to make her laugh.  She then laughs and smiles and asks him why she loves him so much.  He tells her he does not know why but he guesses it makes him the luckiest man in the world.

Ryan goes over the things that Annie has written.  He tells her that these things are very good.  She does not have to make any further effort to impress the boss.  He then tells her that he has to leave and spend some time with his son.  Erin walks in with Emma.  Annie takes her daughter.  Erin then tells her big brother that he is doing a fabulous thing.  Ryan goes out the door.  Erin tells Annie that Emma picked out the doll all by herself.  Aidan enters and says that he presumes that she is Annie McDermott and that Erin is the reason that he had not been able to find Annie. 

Josh and Babe start arguing about who is responsible for what has happened.  He tells her it’s her fault since she distracted him.  She tells him that he played upon her sympathy and that’s how he got her into this big mess.  She was terrified and thought she was going to die so now she’s going to kill him.

Aidan tells Emma that she and her mommy are really good at playing hide and seek.  Erin informs him that Annie needed her help and she helped them to hide.  He acknowledges that Jonathan knows about Terry and identified him as the predator who Lily met in New York.  Aidan asks Erin who else knows about Annie’s whereabouts and assumes that Jonathan and Ryan both know.  Annie tells Aidan that it was all her fault that Erin kept her and Emma hidden.  Erin tells Aidan that she made her own choice.

Babe gets up and starts walking around.  Josh asks her where she is going and she tells him that she is trying to figure out where they are.  She asks him how long it’s been since the plane crashed.  He tells her that he broke his watch when they were trying to get out of the plane and that he didn’t know how long they drifted before he blacked out.  She tells him that she hopes that somebody finds them.  He tells her that he has sent signals to the Coast Guard.  He sees her limping and tells her that he’s concerned that she hurt her leg and he’s a doctor.  She tells him that he almost got her killed.  She’s worried that her family believes she could be dead now, because of him.

As Derek is arresting Dixie, JR encourages him to release her and find the real killer.  He tells Derek that he did it.  Tad and Jamie restrain JR and tell him that getting himself thrown in jail wont’ help Dixie.  Derek tells JR there is nothing he’d like more than to nail him and let him accept the consequences for his actions for the first time in his life.  At that point, JR tells Derek that it was he who recorded the CD.  He will take the rap for the crime.  Derek tells JR that he’s sick of his “confessions.”  JR always changes his story, twists everything around, manipulates the law, and wastes tax payers’ money.  Adam protests that his son cannot talk without a lawyer.  Dixie assures her son that there is nothing he can do for her now.  She will be fine.  He need not worry.  Adam tells JR and Dixie that he will get his best lawyers on the case.  She leaves with Derek.

Babe asks Josh if there is any way they can build a fire or something.  She asks him if he was a Boy Scout and can help her try to build a fire.  He tells her that his father was too protective of him and didn’t want him to ruin his hands.  His “father” (Greg) sheltered him from the real world.  Babe asks him about his mother.  He tells her that the woman whom he thought was his mother loved him more than anyone else ever did.  She then tells him that Erica could love him if he’d give her a chance.  Hearing that, he tells her that he’s tired of hearing about Erica.  She does not care about him.  He tells her that her family will be very upset to find out that she could be hurt or killed but when Erica finds out the plane went down and he may be in danger, it will be party time.  She asks him if he can think of anything that could get them rescued.  He admits to her that he really does not want to be rescued.

After Colby accuses her new friend of trying to steal her sunglasses, the friend tells her that with all the wealth she (Colby) has, she shouldn’t be so greedy.  Del comes up to them and seems to like the girl (named Sydney).  He leaves and Colby informs Sydney that she shouldn’t think that Del is anything special.  He’s just a hillbilly writer who is the brother of one of her father’s ex-wives.  The two girls continue to argue.

Aidan assures Annie that he won’t tell Terry where she is.  She thanks him and tells him that he should not hold this against Erin.  He then informs Annie that one of her “friends” would like her to get in touch.  That’s Di Henry.  Hearing the name, Erin remembers seeing Di with her man.

Zach is telling Kendall about how he and Dixie went looking through Madden’s things.  They found some pictures and Dixie thinks that one of them could be Kate so he wanted to help her out.  Kendall then acknowledges that Greg is a complete sick-o and she understands if he wants to help Dixie find Kate.  Derek knocks on the door and tells them that he needs to talk to Zach.  Kendall asks Derek what this is about.  He informs her that he is there to solve a murder case.  He confirms that Zach was with Dixie the night Greg got buried alive.  Derek then begins to read Zach his Miranda rights and places him under arrest of Greg Madden.  Ryan enters and asks Derek just why he thinks he can book Zach.  Derek informs him that they have forensic evidence.  He takes Zach away.  Ryan tells him that he will call Olivia for him and Zach agrees. 

Tad is talking to Dixie at the police station.  He asks her why she is pushing him away and not accepting help from him and yet she trusts Zach Slater.  He reminds her that Zach is not there for her now.  Dixie then informs Tad that the reason she has not contacted him is because all he does is judge and attack her and she cannot deal with him.  A cop comes in and tells Dixie her cell is ready.  She goes with him.

Babe tells Josh that she does not believe him.  He asks her what death is to him anyway.  He was not supposed to be here anyway.  He was just a surprise.  She tells him so she was also.  Her mother got pregnant by accident and she spent her entire life not even knowing who her father was until she found out that her mother had a drunken affair with David Hayward and conceived her that way.  He then tells her that nobody cared about him after that CD was played.  She tells him that is not true.  He then looks at her and can tell that she is sincere.  He tells her that he does believe that she cares about him but she’s the only person he knows of that does.  He asks her why he would want to go back or go anywhere other than where they are.  He takes her hand.

As JR starts to accept the fact that his wife is missing, could be dead, or with Josh, and his mother has been arrested for murder, Adam and Krystal tell him he mustn’t give up hope.  Julia then approaches him and tells him that he really did mobilize everybody to take action.  She’s very impressed by his efforts.  He tells her that he cannot just sit there and wait for Babe to wash up on the shore.  It looks like he’s ready to cry.  Jamie tells JR he mustn’t give up.  Julia then tells them that they can spend this time looking for Babe themselves.  There is still daylight and she asks them what they are waiting for.

Babe tells Josh that there are some things for her to get back to.  She has to get back to her momma and her son.  He acknowledges that she also wants and needs to get back to her husband.  She admits that she wants to get back to JR and that she is very upset that he might be thinking that she is dead. 

Colby approaches Del and tells him that she has a business proposition for him.  Del asks Colby if her dad has finally come to his senses and realized that Del has a best seller.  She tells him that she is considering Gladiator.  She believes that he would look really hot as a gladiator and she needs six hot men like him to carry her into sweet sixteen party and tells him that two of them have to be blond.  She assures him that her dad would pay him for doing it and goes on to tell him that it would be good exposure for him and give him good press.  He tells her no go.  She is Adam Chandler’s daughter and she is jail bait and he tells her that he has enough problems already and doesn’t need to mess with her.  He walks off.  Colby goes to the bar and asks the attendant to get her the manager so that she can have Del thrown out. 

Annie takes Emma away.  Alone with Aidan, Erin tells him that she knows that this has been difficult for him and tells him that this is the reason she could not tell him the truth.  He tells her that she ‘chose’ not to tell him the truth.  She threw their relationship down the drain.  She was all too certain that he would betray her trust.  He does not understand why she could not trust him nor believe that he’d trust her.

Josh tells Babe that she should go look for something bowl-shaped that they could use to catch rainwater.  He tells her that he will take over trying to make a fire.  At that point, she smiles, walks away, and looks back at him.  He tells her that it is about time his hands got some calluses on them. 

Kendall tends to Spike while Ryan calls Livia to represent Zach.  Ryan tells her that they cannot hold Zach in jail for long.  There is nothing to worry about.  Derek is just grasping at straws because the case was getting cold and he needed a suspect.

Colby and Sydney talk about who has real blond hair and who is a bleach job.  Sydney makes comments about Colby living off of her daddy’s platinum card and tells her how snotty she is being and acting as if she is better than everyone else.  Colby then tells her she must drop the attitude or she is fired.  Sydney tells Colby she does not “work” for her.  Winifred returns and tells Colby that her tennis lesson is all set up.  She tells Sydney that they need to leave if they are going to make it on time to her fitting for her uniform.  As she leaves, Sydney spills some water on Colby and acts as if it were an accident. 

Aidan tells Erin that maybe he’s wrong and maybe there is something that he could not see.  He asks her if that is the case.  He then asks her if she can fill him in as to why she could not trust him or give them a chance.  She then asks him to tell her why he couldn’t wait five seconds before sleeping with someone else.

JR, Jamie, and Julia decide to rent a boat to go looking for Babe and Josh.

Babe returns and is surprised to see that Josh was successful at building a fire.  She tells him that they just need to be able to keep it going and then they should try to put some damp things on it to create smoke that can be seen many miles away.  He tells her that she shouldn’t be there.  He tells her he was stupid and selfish.  She then tells him that they will have plenty of time to think about what a thoughtless pig he is after they are rescued.  He tells her hat he should not have done this.  Her family is worried about her and she does not deserve this.  She tells him that he can find a way to make it up to her.  She tells him that she keeps thinking about the loud noise and how the plane started to go down and then they hit the water.  It was so cold, even in the summer.  She looks afraid.  At that point, he puts his arm around her.  They sit in the fire as romantic music plays.

At the station, Tad and Adam sit outside the interrogation room.  Adam admits to Tad that they are on the same side.  They both want to help Dixie beat these charges.  He asks Tad how Dixie is and Tad tells Adam that he’s worried.  Adam better call every contact he has because Dixie will need it.

Kendall and Ryan talk about the idea that Derek might have evidence that places Zach at the scene of the crime.  Kendall wonders what they will do if Zach really did kill Greg Madden.

Derek takes Zach to his cell.  He tells Zach he’s confident that not even his sister, the brilliant Livia, can get him out of this one.  Dixie faces Zach and asks him what they are going to do now.

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