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Written By Jenn
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After Jack has confronted Jonathan for faking his diminished mental capacity, Amanda talks to Jonathan about the fact that she discovered by accident, the same way Jack did, that he is only faking his disability.

Jack is outside the courtroom looking for Livia.  She finds out that he will stop at nothing in order to keep Lily away from Jonathan.  Knowing that he cannot prevent his now adult daughter from being married to Jonathan since they are not breaking the law, Livia admits to Jack that if he went though with what he wants to do, then nobody will forgive him including herself.

Jamie and Julia are on the beach ready to have one of their “activities” when they spot some airplane wreckage in the ocean.  Julia recognizes the logo on the plane as Josh’s plane.  Jamie admits to her that he is not concerned about what happens to Josh.

The families of both Josh and Babe are demanding some answers as to where the plane has ended up.  Adam, Dixie, and Tad join JR and Krystal who are waiting to hear what has happened to Babe.  Erica and Jeff are there for Josh.  The guy who assists them tells them that the airplane has been spotted.  Everybody is ready to go and find them.

Jack tells Livia that Jonathan Lavery is “faking it.”  She asks if he meant that he is faking the mentally impaired simpleton routine.  She then asks him if he has any proof of this.  Jack informs Livia that he overheard Jonathan talking to his sister without the stuttering or stammering.  He tells her that it is only an act and Jonathan’s mental abilities are as normal as the rest of them.

Jonathan talks privately to Amanda and tells her that he cannot let anybody prevent him from having a future with Lily.  He tells her that he has finally helped Lily to have confidence, develop trust, and to love him and now Jack wants to take it all away from him.  She then tells him that he’s asked her to cover for him and she’s done it.  She tells him that she promises not to divulge his secret to anybody and that if anybody asks her, she will tell them that Jonathan is a little slow but a totally sweet and innocent guy.  Jonathan then tells her that she does not know Jackson Montgomery.  He tells her that he understands that Jack only wants to protect his little girl but he wishes Jack would realize that he wants to protect her also.

Livia tells Jack that even if he believes that Jonathan is faking his impairment, she knows that after the surgery, he did have a problem that he was not faking.  Jack then concludes that somewhere along the line, Jonathan must have “gotten better” and regained his faculties.  He is concerned that his daughter has this misguided idea that she has this sweet and innocent simpleton “boy” in her life.  Jack is very worried that Lily’s world will be destroyed when she finds out that it’s not real.  Livia tells Jack that if he tries to control Lily’s life and take away the man she loves, that will ruin her.

Lily is at ConFusion talking to Jamal.  He tells her that he is amazed at what a brilliant number cruncher she is.  She tells him that her family knows that.  Kendall is her step sister.  He tells her that maybe she can help him.  He tells her that the glasses look wrong to him and he doesn’t know how to fix it.  She then tells him that he has an uneven number of glasses stocked in the bar.  He is very impressed by her suggestions.  She then tells him that Kendall threatened the woman who wanted to fire her and Jonathan with a lawsuit.  She asks how she could be served with a lawsuit for refusing to hire them.  He then explains to her that the law does not allow somebody to be prevented from having equal opportunities just because they are different.  Lily then informs Jamal that she has autism spectrum disorder and Jonathan had a brain tumor.  He then concludes that the law does not allow anybody like them from having equal opportunities.  She then tells him that she likes the law.

Colby is at the yacht club with another girl and they are sunning themselves.  They start to talk about all of the “hot” boys that are there.  The girl asks one of the guys to put some lotion on her back.


Jamie asks Julia if he is supposed to forgive and forget everything Josh has done to him and to his family just because he’s now found out that Josh is his cousin.  He tells her that if anybody thinks he is a jerk just because he cannot forgive Josh, then they can think that he is a jerk.  JR, Tad, Krystal, Adam, and Dixie arrive at the beach and inform Jamie and Julia that Babe is also on that plane with Josh.  Jamie is concerned.  Erica and Jeff rush to the site.  When Dixie hears that Babe is with Josh, she assures her son that his wife will be ok.  She then turns to Jamie and asks if he is ok.  He tells her he will feel better when they find Babe.  Julia then comes and hugs Krystal.  JR then observes that the four of them (himself, Jamie, Dixie and Tad) are now together almost like they are family again and Jamie agrees.  JR asks why it would take something like this in order for that to happen.  Alone with Jeff, Erica tells him to go ahead and say it.  She tells him to tell her “I told you so.”  She tells him that she believes that they should have told Josh the truth weeks ago.  Their son might have had trouble dealing with this news, but at least, he’d be alive.

Jonathan returns to Lily and plays his “simpleton, stuttering” act.  Knowing that they are in a desperate situation, he asks her how she’d feel about moving to Boston.  Amanda encourages Lily by telling her that Boston is really nice in the summer.  Lily reminds them that they have jobs there.  He tells her that she can go to MIT.  She reminds him that she has already applied to MIT but they cannot afford to live there until they can make enough money working.  She also reminds him that now they are living in a free apartment, (Greenlee’s) and saving up and they must stay in Pine Valley until they have enough money to afford their living expenses and tuition.  He protests to her that her dad is really angry.  She tells him she realizes that but as long as they do their jobs at ConFusion, then they cannot fire them.  That is what the law says.  Jonathan then tells Lily that he loves her. 

Jack tells Livia that he never thought he’d be taking his own daughter to court and doing something like this.  He then asks her if she can honestly tell him that she thinks that Lily can really make it on her own.  She tells him that Lily is not alone but that she has Jonathan with her.  Jack tells her that is not the point.  He tells her that Lily is fragile and naive and vulnerable and this grown man who is a very sick individual is taking advantage of his disabled daughter.  Livia tells Jack that maybe he should not put these labels on his daughter and believe that she is so helpless and if he forces his values on her, it won’t work.  She asks him if he really wants to go to court and declare his daughter legally incompetent and annul her marriage.  She realizes that he is ready to do that and she tells him before he goes through with this, he must at least let her try to help him.

Livia goes to ConFusion to attempt to find Lily but she is very surprised to run into her son, Jamal.  She asks him how he can finally pop up, back into town, and not let her know that he is back.  She tells him that she is worried about him.  He tells her hat he wants to live with her and get another free ride but it is all good.  He wants to finish law school and intends to work at ConFusion to make money but he’d like her to live on his own for the time being.  She tells him that she knows that he is always full of surprises.  She is still his mother and knows there is something up.  She tells him that she does not like the fact that he has not called because she and his father have been very worried.  He tells her that everything is ok.  She tells him she is very happy to see him.  He asks her why she is at ConFusion.  She replies she wants to talk to Jonathan Lavery.

Jonathan arrives at that courthouse to get the permits that are needed for ConFusion.  He is surprised to see Jack and Jack tells him he knows Jonathan did not expect to see him there.

Erica and Jeff are by the crash site talking about their history.  He tells her hat he is afraid that he’s failed her and failed their marriage and he is afraid that he failed their son.

Adam is on the phone demanding that no matter how much it costs, he wants more people there.  He yells about how Babe could do such a stupid thing as to go off with that nutcase, Josh Madden.  He does not care of Krystal hears him speak that way about her daughter.  Julia tells Adam if one more hostile word comes out of his mouth about Babe, she will pick him up and throw him in the ocean.

Dixie tells JR that he mustn’t blame himself and he must have faith that his wife will be ok.  Adam comes up and informs them that they found the cockpit.  He informs them that the Coast Guard said that nobody was in it but the seatbelts were unfastened which indicates that they got out of the plane.  He tells JR and the others that although they have not been found, there is still hope.  Jeff tells Erica that this is good news.  She agrees.  He then tells her that he never expected this.  He tells her he remembers that she was always the risk taker.  He always needed proof.  He admired her courage and he sees the same trait in Josh.  He admits that he was afraid of losing his son and he thought that if Josh stayed in town, then he’d be able to keep track of him and not lose him.  He was afraid that if Josh walked out the door, he’d never see him again.  She then asks Jeff what he thinks.  Does he believe it’s too late?  Does he believe that they cannot ever be his parents?  He tells her he really does not know but he’s glad that he can be there.  He still cares about her and their son.  He puts his arm around her.  In the background, we hear a helicopter in the air.  Adam hugs Krystal.  Dixie tells Tad that she’s tried to call him but could not get a hold of him.  She informs him that she may have good news.  She and Zach looked through some of Madden’s belonging and they may have found a picture of Kate.

At the courthouse, Jack corners Jonathan and asks him why he is “doing this.”  Jonathan fakes the simpleton act and tells Jack that he does not know what he is talking about.  Jack tells Jonathan that he is very concerned about his daughter.  Jonathan tells Jack that Lily does not like the fact that her father does not trust her.  Jack tells Jonathan that he may be fooling his daughter but he does not fool Jack.  Jonathan tells Jack that he makes Lily happy but he (Jack) is only making her upset.  Jack tells Jonathan that he knows that he is a grown man who is preying upon a disabled teenage girl.  He tells Jonathan he knows he’s fully functional and lying to Lily and he sees him as no different than that predator in New York who almost raped her.

Jamal tells his mother that he is really impressed by how smart Lily is.  He wishes he could have had her to help with his calculus.  He remembers her when she was a child.  He tells her that Lily and Jonathan are functioning on the same mental level.  She asks him if he has noticed any flashes of intelligence in Jonathan and he tells her that he hasn’t.  He tells her that he believes that Jonathan loves her.  Livia then asks her son if he really believes that Jonathan is for real.  Amanda has walked into the bar and overheard this exchange.  She asks why they are talking about Lily and Jonathan.  Livia tells Amanda she is having a private conversation with her son.  Amanda tells them that this is not a courtroom.  Lily is her friend and so is Jonathan.  She tells them that if anybody hurts them, they will have to answer to her.

Colby and her new girlfriend are looking at guys and making mischief.

JR, Jamie, and Tad ask Dixie what types of clues she and Zach may have come up with in finding Kate.  She admits that it is a long shot but they all conclude that they cannot give up.

At the same time, Jeff and Erica are having a similar conversation.  They talk about how they cannot give up on finding their son even if it’s a long shot.

Amanda concludes to Livia that Jonathan and Lily love each other and she is completely safe with him.  Lily enters and asks Livia what she is doing there.  She suspects that Livia has an agenda.  Livia smiles at her and tells her that she hasn’t seen her in a long time and would like to invite her and Jonathan to her home for dinner some time.  Lily tells her that she is really happy with Jonathan.  She feels safer and more confident with him than she’s ever been before.  At that point, Livia seems convinced that there is no cause for suspicion.

At the courthouse, Jonathan informs Jack that Lily trusts him and is not happy with the way her father has been behaving.  Jack smugly tells him that he can change that.  She won’t feel that way when he exposes Jonathan’s lie.  At that point, Jonathan looks worried.

At the yacht club, Colby’s new friend tells her that she will pay for their snacks and Colby can get the next ones.  As she signs the check, Colby notices something on the check and calls her a sneaky little bitch. 

Livia returns to meet Jack in the courthouse and informs him that she talked to Lily.  She does not want him to ask her to help him prevent Lily and Jonathan from being together.  She does not agree with what he believes.  She saw all the proof she needed to know that he is wrong with his suspicions.  He tells her that it’s too late.  He did not wait and he filed a petition to take his daughter to court and have her declared mentally incompetent.  Olivia is not happy to hear that.

Colby asks her friend what she is doing signing on the Chandler account.  Before the girl can answer, Winifred walks up and asks her what she is doing there and why she hadn’t returned to the mansion.  She then notices Colby and says that she had hoped that the two girls would meet and become friends.  Colby asks who the girl is and Winifred tells her that Sydney is her niece who is spending the summer with them. 

Derek and the cops arrive at the beach.  Everyone who is gathered there asks if he has any news.  He informs them that he has no news about the crash.  He is there on some other business.  Adam tells him if he is not there to find his daughter-in-law, then he can get lost.  Derek then informs them that there is another break in the Greg Madden case and he’s there to make an arrest.

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