AMC Update Monday 7/31/06

All My Children Update Monday 7/31/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Erin and Annie are at Ryan's condo happily toasting to a safe life. Ryan walks in and asks what they're so happy about. Erin informs him that Terry went to Ireland and Annie doesn't have to worry about him. Ryan says he doesn't want to break up the celebration, but Annie is not safe and neither is Lily.

Lily is working at ConFusion when Jack arrives. He tells her he has some news for her. Lily says he seems unhappy. He says he found out something about Jonathan that she doesn't know. Lily claims that she knows everything about her husband.

Amanda is on the phone at ConFusion arguing with a vendor about the slow delivery of martini olives. Jonathan is listening and she gives him the phone when she gets too frustrated. He firmly tells the vendor that if the olives are not delivered ConFusion will not do business with the company. He hangs up and Amanda is pleased.

Jeff is on the phone at the PI office trying to determine if Josh boarded a plane. Tad and Erica are there waiting for information. Jeff is finding out nothing, prompting Tad to suspect that Josh took his father's private plane. Tad gets on the phone to locate the plane called Regeneration. He learns that the plane may have went down. He tells Erica and Jeff that it could be a mistake. Jeff refuses to believe this news. Erica says it must have been someone else on the plane. It couldn't have been Josh.

JR is at the airport yelling at a worker about not being able to tell him about Josh and Babe's flight. A man approaches and tells JR that the Madden plane appears to have went down.

Jamie and Julia are at the hospital together when they are approached by Joe. Joe asks Jamie if he knew that JR had planned to play that CD at ConFusion in order to destroy Josh in public. Julia tells Joe that Jamie was just as shocked as everyone else at the event. Jamie says if he had known he would have told JR to play it later because the party was rocking. Joe chastises Jamie for making a joke about this. He asks Jamie if he doesn't feel any compassion for Josh, who is his cousin. Jamie says compassion is the last thing he feels for that snake. Jamie asks Joe if it doesn't bother him that Josh trashed their family and defended Greg Madden. Joe says josh didn't know what Greg had done. Jamie says Josh almost killed a patient and lied about it. Joe says Josh admitted it was his fault and resigned. Jamie accuses Joe of favoring Josh, which Joe denies. Jamie says he's giving Josh a free pass. Joe says he was raised by a madman. Jamie tells Joe he's taking Josh's side when he 's guilty as hell. He quits and walks out of the hospital. Joe asks Julia to talk to Jamie, and she follows him.

Livia arrives at Ryan's place and Ryan introduces her to Annie. Livia tells Annie she has to be realistic. Annie is the one who has violated the law by taking Emma from her ex-husband, Livia says. And there is no irrefutable evidence that Terry is guilty of molesting children. She says the testimony of Lily and Jonathan won't stand up because Lily is autistic and Jonathan is cognitively impaired. Ryan says Lily will honestly say that Terry asked for her permission to remove her clothes. Livia says Lily and Jonathan would be pulverized at a trial. Annie says she'll have to spend every day looking over her shoulder. Ryan promises to protect her.

Lily tells Jack that Jonathan is her hero for saving her from the bad man, who is now gone for good. Jonathan overhears and approaches, telling Jack that he can see he takes care of Lily. Jack tells Jonathan that last night opened his eyes to what he's capable of. Jack says he has been trying desperately to accept their marriage but he tells Lily the Jonathan she loves doesn't exist. Lily accuses Jack of making a joke. She gets upset, asking him why he's saying this. She starts to leave but Jack stops her. Jack tells her that Jonathan has been deceiving her. He tells a scared-looking Jonathan to tell Lily who he really is. Jonathan, maintaining his impaired state, tells Lily that her father doesn't believe he loves her. Jack tells Jonathan to tell Lily that he is faking his condition. Jonathan denies that he's faking. Jack tells him he overheard him talking to Erin last night. He heard him use the phrase "concerted effort." Jack asks Lily if that sounds like Jonathan. Lily says Jonathan doesn't use words like that. Amanda walks into the room and listens. Jack tells Lily that Jonathan is tricking her and lying to her. Lily accuses him o flying to break them up. Jack tells Jonathan to talk to his wife using his full vocabulary. Lily asks Jonathan if he's pretending. Jonathan say she loves her more than anything in the whole universe. They're a perfect fit. Amanda enters the conversation, saying she's never seen anyone more crazy in love as Lily and Jonathan. She tells Jack to let them do their thing. Jack says Jonathan is too dangerous. Erin walks in and asks if there's a problem. Jack asks Erin if Jonathan used the words "concerted effort" last night. Erin says he did not. Jack says the two of them are conning an innocent young girl. Shame on them. Erin says "shame on you, Mr. Montgomery."

Krystal hugs JR at the airport and says it can't be true. She blames herself for the advice she gave JR to play the CD. JR says he would have done it even if she had told him not to. Erica, Jeff and Tad arrive at the airport. JR approaches Erica and tells her that her son killed his wife. Erica asks how he dare attack her after what he did to Josh. He lobbed a grenade at him. JR says her science experiment son was all over his wife. Erica tells JR that he almost killed her daughter and now he's doing this to her son. JR says she never wanted him in the first place. Erica says if his wife was on that plane it's not her fault she acts like a slut.

Livia tells Annie to keep a low profile and she'll be happy to represent her if need be. Livia leaves and Erin leaves for ConFusion. Annie talks about the new life she'll have to start and Ryan promises to help. Annie says she's a parasite and she needs to start her own life and get a job. Ryan tells her she's hired. She says her background is in corporate communications. Ryan says he runs a corporation and needs a communicator. Annie agrees to take the job but says she'll move out before she starts. Ryan offers her his penthouse. Annie tells him he's too good to be true.

Julia and Jamie arrive at the beach. Jamie asks if she's going to try to convince him to apologize for treating his grandfather like dirt. Julia says he's entitled to feel the way he does. They look out at the water and see something. A man comes by with binoculars and Julia asks him if he sees anything. He says it looks like a part of a plane. Julia takes the binoculars and agrees that it's a plane. She sees a logo and knows whose plane it is. Jamie calls authorities.

After Jack leaves, Lily says she doesn't understand her father. He's never lied to her before. Jonathan says he made a mistake. He does love her and didn't mean to upset her, Jonathan says.

Jack goes to the courthouse where he sits and has flashbacks to good times with Lily. He finds Livia and tells her that Lily's marriage is based on a lie and she refuses to see that. He says there's only one thing he can do and he knows Lily will hate him for it, perhaps for the rest of his life. Livia says he can't do this.

Erica and Krystal trade snipes about their children with Tad defending Krystal. Krystal says this would not have happened had Erica told Josh the truth sooner. The airport official approaches the group and informs them that wreckage from the plane has been found.

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