AMC Update Friday 7/28/06

All My Children Update Friday 7/28/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Aidan and Di are at the PI office kissing and flirting when Tad walks in. He feels awkward and tries half-heartedly to crack a joke to lessen the tension. Aidan asks Tad if he has any leads on Kate. Tad says no and apologizes for interrupting. The phone rings and the three of them just stand there until Tad tells Aidan to get the phone. It's a lead on Terry and Aidan soon leaves.

Adam has just found Colby at the beach kissing a frat boy when he interrupts them. He tells Colby, who is stripped to her bra, that she's coming with him. Colby says she doesn't think so. She tells her father to have a beer as it will take the edge off. The frat boy tells Adam to go back to his rocking chair and he'll bring Colby home. Adam informs the young man who he is and how powerful he is. He also tells him Colby is 15 and that all the boys at the state pen can't wait to meet him. The guy runs off while Colby protests. She tells Adam he is just like Liza. She's just trying to make new friends. Adam replies, with her clothes off?

Erica and Jack are in a car driving around looking for Josh. She realizes that Babe followed Josh and suggests they check the cheap motels in the area. Up ahead is another car occupied by Zach and Dixie, who is frustrated in her search for Kate.

JR goes to ConFusion looking for Babe. He recalls how she left with Josh. He hopes she didn't get on the plane with Josh. He stares at the bottles of liquor at the bar. Erin finds him and lays into him for playing the CD of Greg Madden at the ConFusion opening. JR says he may have just destroyed his life and his marriage.

Josh starts flying the plane with Babe has his unwilling passenger. She demands he stop.She sits beside him and tells him he's kidnapping her. She says she just planned to go for a coffee to talk. He says he knows a great coffee house in Bermuda. Babe insists she's not walking away from JR or her little boy. Josh says he's not asking her to turn her back on the people she loves. He just had to get out of there.

Lily and Jonathan are at the ConFusion office, where Lily is working the books. She wants to stay and work all night because she's afraid to go home. She says she feels safer here.

Di informs Tad that Aidan and Erin broke up and she didn't plan on this happening. Tad says it's none of his business. Di says she doesn't know what it was. It happened, but it wasn't deep.

Zach and Dixie's car slows to the point where it causes a fender bender with Jack and Erica's car. They all get out of the car where Erica sarcastically asks Zach if the baby is cramping his style. Dixie tells her that Zach is trying to help her find her daughter. Erica tells Dixie she's not the only concerned mother in the world. Dixie says they were at Greg Madden's storage facility. Erica jumps to the conclusion that it was Dixie who buried Madden and made the recording.

JR explains to Erin that playing the CD was an attempt to show others had motives for killing Madden. Also, it helped get rid of Josh Madden. The problem is, he lost his wife in the process. Erin tells him he's not good about thinking things through. Aidan walks in and asks about Jonathan and Lily. Erin nervously directs him to the office and Aidan goes to them. Erin is upset over breaking up with Aidan and finding him having sex with Di. Erin tells JR she's so naive. She had no idea she would be replaced this soon.

Colby complains to her father that her mother never let her have friends or meet people. She says she thought kissing a boy was the way to show him you're into him. Adam informs her there are laws against minors having sex, which seems to surprise Colby. She says she can learn a lot about sex from him and starts peppering him with sex-related questions. Adam says he'll buy her a book and lock her in her room.

Aidan informs Lily that Terry flew to Ireland. If he tries to come back to the United States he'll be arrested. In the meantime, Aidan has a friend watching his every move in Ireland and he promises Lily he'll be arrested.

Josh tells babe she's the only one who cared about him. He says he wishes he could talk to his mother, but he knows now that she isn't his mother. Babe tells him that he's not alone and Erica does really care about him. She says this is a good family and he should give them a chance. She asks him to promise not to leave before he talks to Erica.

Erica tells Dixie and Zach about the events at ConFusion and how JR played the CD. Dixie asks if the CD said anything about Kate, prompting Erica to tell her not to interrogate her about her own search. Erica asks if they know who planted the disc and looks at Zach. Dixie says Zach wouldn't do that. They have an understanding. Erica and Dixie trade charges of how the other could have prevented this mess with Madden had they revealed their secrets earlier.

Josh says Erica never wanted him to be born and still doesn't want him. He recalls the Mardi Gras ball and realizes Erica knew then. She has known for months and didn't care. Babe tells him he's a different person now. He cares about people. Josh realizes Joe Martin hired him because he's his grandson and Jeff Martin didn't just happen to arrive, he came intentionally to bond with him. He asks where the Martins were all this time. Babe tells him to think about Bianca, who has the biggest heart of anyone she knows. She says he now has Tad as his uncle and Jamie as his cousin. He says he'd rather jump out of this plane without a parachute. Babe pledges to be a listening ear to him whenever he needs it. Josh says when he does take her back home, what will JR do to her?

Erin is commiserating with JR and drinking shots of tequila. On the third shot, JR stops her and says this won't help. Erin asks if Aidan's actions are typical guy behavior. JR admits that it is. Aidan approaches the door to leave and glares at Erin before walking out. JR tells her just because he had sex with someone else doesn't mean he has moved on. He says that other chick could mean nothing to him. JR tells her to hang in there and leaves. Jonathan approaches Erin and asks her about Aidan, but she says she blew it with him.

Di tells Tad that this had nothing to do with him. She says he was the first person she loved, but he was never her's to begin with. She says she screwed up her life and kept pretending to be other people. She says she has to find the real her. Tad says he's still her biggest fan. They kiss each other and Di leaves.

Colby accuses her father of not caring about her. He let her mother steal her and didn't notice she was gone. She says he grew up in hell because of him and now she wants to go back. Adam tells her she can't leave now. She has no idea how much he missed her. Colby says she knows the perfect way to meet new people – a sweet 16 party. She says she'll plan the guest list.

Zach and Dixie get back in their car and drive away. Dixie tells Zach that Erica infuriates her. She says he may be in trouble if Kendall hates her as well. Zach says he promised her he would help her. She says he's been an incredible friend, but it's time for her to look for Kate herself. He has his own child and she doesn't want to cause problems. Zach tells her not to worry about that.

Babe tells Josh that her husband is not violent and he won't hurt her no matter whatever he thinks happened tonight. Josh says he can't understand why she loves him. Babe says sometimes she can't understand it either, but she can't explain it. Loving him is part of who she is. Josh looks down and doesn't see any lights. He suddenly realizes they are about to run out of gas.

Erica and Jack arrive back at ConFusion and Jack goes inside while Erica waits outside. He notices Jonathan talking to Erin and hears him talk in his normal voice. Lily enters the room and Jonathan reverts to his stuttered voice. Outside, Erica expresses her regrets about Josh.

JR goes to the beach and wishes Babe to come home. In the plane, Babe asks Josh what he was thinking about flying without a full tank of gas. Josh says he wasn't thinking. He calls for help and asks to land at the nearest airfield, but is told the airfield is shut down due to fog. He tells Babe they're going down.

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