AMC Update Thursday 7/27/06

All My Children Update Thursday 7/27/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Fran

Ryan privately tells baby Spike that he no longer needs to worry about Greg Madden.  He’s glad Greg is out of their lives and is roasting on a spit in hell.  From the other room, Annie hears him mention Greg’s name and comes in to ask Ryan about him.

Zach and Dixie are on a mission together.  She tells him that she doesn’t want to ruin his marriage.  She tells him that she can continue looking for Kate by herself.  He tells her that Kendall understands him helping her and is okay with it. 

Derek has been at ConFusion and he seeks out Erica to question her about the CD and her part, if any, in Greg Madden’s disappearance and death.  He is holding the CD as he speaks with her.  He knows she has motives.  Erica insists that she needs to find Josh and then she will talk to Derek and tell him anything that he wants to know.  Kendall protests that he must realize what her mother has gone through tonight.  Jack tells Erica she does not have to answer anything Derek asks her.  Derek reminds them that if she’s innocent, then she will have nothing to hide.  Jack acts as his wife’s attorney by telling Derek she has nothing to say and if she’s not under arrest, he better leave her alone.  Derek tells Jack that if “that is the way he wants to play it” then he will read Erica her rights.  Amanda suggests that they use the office to finish the discussion.  They go into the office.

Babe follows Josh to his jet.  He tells her he’s going to take her for the ride of her life.

Kendall confronts JR.  He tells her he had to protect his family.  She asks him if he had to do it by ruining hers.  She reminds him that her brother, Josh has been devastated by what he has just pulled but JR could care less about Josh.  She reminds him that because of his little stunt, her mother is now the number one murder suspect which, of course, means nothing to him.  At that point, Kendall physically attacks him until Jamie pulls her off of him.  She reminds him that she is being nice to him not to dump bricks on him and knock him unconscious like he did to her.  Jamie grabs hold of her.  She demands he let go of her.  Erin comes in and asks what is going on.  Kendall tells Erin that JR is not going to get away with what he has done to her family.  Jamie reminds Kendall that what is done is done and she doesn’t have to do this. 

Derek asks Erica if she poisoned Greg.  She replies no and asks if he did.  He asks her if she was involved, in any way, in burying Greg alive.  She again says no and then asks if they are done.  Jack reminds Derek that nobody has any proof that Greg was the one speaking on the CD in the first place.  Derek asks Erica if the information about her and Josh correct.  She admits that it is.  She admits that Josh was conceived the way Greg said he was.  Derek looks at Jack and asks him if he thinks that that might be a pretty strong motive for killing someone.  Erica protests to Derek that she was Greg’s victim and not the other way around.  Both she and Josh were his victims.  She admits to him that she knew this before JR’s ambush but Josh did not.  She’s very concerned about her son and tells Derek that she needs to go to find him.

Josh and Babe are on an airplane.  Babe reminds Josh that he said that he wanted something from the plane and asks him what it is.  He tells her that what he wanted was the plane…his father’s plane.  He starts talking like flight attendants do on an airplane telling her to familiarize herself with the exits and the oxygen masks.  She tells him to stop fooling around and he tells her to relax because he has his pilot’s license.  He asks her if she wants a drink.  She tells him she is fine.  He then sarcastically announces that he is the pilot golden son of Greg Madden and informs her that his father made him his co-pilot when he was only nine years old.  Babe tells him she wants to go home.  She tells him that she has to get back to her son.  She also tells him that neither of them can escape their problems but they can help each other out and get through this.  He tells her that her husband has gone too far and he asks her how much more of his trash she is willing to put up with. 

Erin and Jamie attempt to calm Kendall down and get her off of JR.  She tells them she will not give up.  She will kill him.  David comes by and encourages her to go after JR.  She tells JR that she believes that he buried Greg alive.  He tells her that he believes that her husband did.

Zach assures Dixie that she did not do anything wrong.  Everything is ok.  She tells him she threw herself at him.  He tells her that he is her friend and won’t hold anything against her.

After hearing Ryan mentioning Greg Madden when he’s alone with baby Spike, Annie comes out and asks if she can be nosy about the way his baby was conceived.  He explains to her that up until recently everybody suspected that a man whom everybody despised might have fathered Spike.  She admits that she heard Greg Madden’s name and asks Ryan why everybody hates Greg so much.  He reminds her that it is past tense as Greg is gone and nobody mourns him because he ruined many lives.

While Zach is off with Dixie, Kendall defends her husband to JR.  He asks her if Zach is going to murder him.  She tells him he’s lucky that Zach did not go after him for almost killing her.  He tells her that the reason that Zach didn’t go after him was as a favor to Dixie.  She gets upset.  Jamie tells her she has to calm down.  David encourages her to go after JR.  She tells JR that he does not know where his wife is and maybe she’s with Kendall’s brother.

Zach and Dixie enter Greg’s storage place and the first thing that they see is a large poster of Erica.  Also inside the room are lots and lots of boxes and file cabinets.  Dixie asks what might be in there and Zach grabs a box and tells her that there is only one way to find out as he opens the box and looks inside.  He finds baby pictures.  Dixie finds a ledger of sorts and starts to look through it.  She tells Zach that the baby pictures were more than just standard stuff.  He seemed to be sharing them with Erica.  Zach says that it seems that Greg wanted more than Erica’s child…he wanted her clone.  Dixie then finds a box full of children’s pictures. 

In the jet, Babe tells Josh that she hates what her husband did to him and Erica and she is not making any excuses for him.  He tells her, in that case, they can fly away together, but she tells him that they both need to stay in Pine Valley and face their issues.  She tells him that she can see that he’s very upset and in no condition to pilot a plane.  He reminds her that at least he’s sober, unlike JR.  She tells him she’s worried that he could get them both killed.  He then sarcastically tells her that she will never die with him.  He is immortal.

While Derek is questioning Erica, she urges him to postpone this because she needs to go and find he son.  David comes in and informs Derek that he was Greg Madden’s cardiologist when he suffered his cardiac arrest and he found massive amounts of a drug in his system that caused the cardiac arrest.

Kendall keeps leaving messages for Zach that he does not return.

Zach and Dixie uncover Greg’s files on hundreds of children.  The pictures have no names on them but only numbers on the back.  She asks if it will ever lead them to Kate.  He tells her he won’t give up until they find Kate.

Ryan tells Annie that Kendall was supposed to be inseminated with Ryan as the father but then they found out that he had fathered hundreds of children.  He notices that Annie is upset and tells her that he didn’t mean to cause nightmares and that all is well because Madden is dead now.  The door opens and Kendall walks in and demands to know who Annie is. 

At the hospital Jamie tells Julia that he does not want everybody blaming JR for the crimes of Greg.  Some of their colleagues walk by and make snide comments about them standing instead of being horizontal.  Julia tells Jamie they should just ignore them, but he is ready to confront them and hurt them if they don’t leave him and Julia alone.

Adam knows that Colby was at the party but he cannot find her.  JR informs him that he and Babe sent her home.  Krystal notices that Babe is gone.  JR tells her he does not know where she is but he does know who she is with.  Krystal asks her son-in-law just whom he is implying that her daughter is with.  He informs her Josh Madden and he tells her that it was he that pulled the trigger for Babe to be with Josh.

In the jet, Josh sarcastically tells Babe that they do not need any floatation devices because he is immortal.  She tells him that he should just calm down so that they can talk things out.  He tells her that the great and mighty Erica Kane failed to destroy him.  He was the medical miracle of his adoptive father and then changes that title to harvester.  He also reminds her that they made a movie about the scientific experiment that he’s now discovered he is and the “scientific experiment” had a wife.  He then asks her if she wants to be the new Mrs. Maddenstein and he kisses her.  He tells her that he thought the movie bride screamed or hissed or something.  She tells him she wishes he’d just admit that he’s very upset and hurt and talk about what is really going on with him.

Krystal tells JR there is no way her baby doll would run off with Josh.  He tells her he saw Babe get into a car with Josh.  She tells him that Josh is nothing more than a wounded stray to whom Babe might want to offer her kindness.  Hearing that, JR asks why Babe can’t see that.  Krystal reminds JR that her daughter loves him.  She was not able to stop that and neither will Josh.  He tells her he’s called Babe but she does not answer.  Krystal assures JR that she will find Babe and she will go to bat for him.

At ConFusion, Adam asks Del if he’s seen Colby.  Del informs Adam that she was in there and she used Babe’s ID to get in.  Adam knows that his daughter has gone off somewhere with Babe’s ID.  Jamal assures Adam that he did not serve Colby but he did hear her talking to some frat boys about a beach party.  Adam laments that the days of Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello at a beach party, fully clothed, sipping soda are long gone. 

Julia admits to Jamie that she does not understand why he would defend JR after all he’s done.

David shows Derek the heart medication that he found in Greg’s system and he informs him that he discovered that Greg was self-medicating.  Erica informs Derek that Greg drugged and kidnapped her.  Derek reminds Erica that there is no proof that he did that any more than the accusations he’s made of her.  Erica reminds Derek that Babe Chandler found her on a park bench the following morning.  Erica tells Derek that if she did this to Greg, wouldn’t she have kept the CD nor would she have played it publicly before JR had a chance to.  David tells him that sounds like a strong argument.  Erica then concludes to Derek that the only crime she committed was to trust a doctor who betrayed her.

After Kendall demands to know who Annie is, he introduces Annie to Spike’s mom.  Annie tells Kendall that her son is adorable and she’s going to bed.  Kendall tells Ryan that he is lying when he tells her that Annie just got there.  She saw her yesterday.  Ryan asks Kendall if she is spying on him.  She asks him how or why he got Annie into the condo.  He just tells Kendall that Annie is somebody he knows.  Kendall asks him how well.  He tells Kendall that Annie just needs some help.  Kendall then tells Ryan that she’s had enough of both him and Zach and their little secrets.  When she asked Zach what was going on with Dixie he told her the same thing…that they were just friends. 

Dixie is separating the pictures into piles of boys, girls, and others that could not be Kate.  She asks Zach what he has found.  He tells her that he has found books with information in them about children and each book is dated for a different year.  He shows her the one that is for Kate’s year and he finds her birth date in it.  He reads a description of a newborn female Caucasian who survived a head trauma during the pregnancy of her birth mother.  The description sounds as if it might be Kate but they still cannot confirm it.  They look through the book to try to find some names and/or addresses. 

Ryan assures Kendall that Zach does not love Dixie.  He loves her.  She tells Ryan that she hates secrets and both he and Zach are keeping secrets from her.  He tells her that she just met his secret.  She tells Ryan that she wishes that he and Zach would consider that she might be able to help them if they were upfront and honest but they never give her a chance.  Ryan tells her that he does not need her help with anything.  He has everything under control.  She then informs Ryan that her mother was falsely accused of Greg Madden’s murder.  She tells him that while he was off with this strange woman and Zach was off doing whatever, JR decided to play celebrity DJ.  He slipped a CD into the sound system that sounded like Greg’s last dying words when he was buried alive.  On the disc, Greg indicted her mother.  JR accused Zach and she cannot even find Zach.  She’s worried because Zach won’t return her calls.  He’s probably with Dixie and she’s beginning to wonder if Zach and Dixie teamed up and killed Greg together.

Dixie comes upon a page in Greg’s files that is missing.  The page was torn out of the book.  The frustration of this incident causes Dixie to throw it against the wall.

Krystal calls Babe even though JR tells her that she isn’t picking up her phone calls.  She tells him that she will answer her call because she thinks that she is taking care of Little A.  Babe asks her where she is and Krystal tells her that Winifred is watching Little A and she is at ConFusion, where she should be, with her (Babe’s) husband.  She refuses to talk to JR and hang up the phone.  JR then asks his mother-in-law if she had any clue where Babe was calling from.  Krystal tells him it sounded like she heard a plane in the background and she sounded close.  At that point, JR and Krystal rush off to the airport together.

In the plane, Babe tells Josh that all she needs now is for her mother and JR to band together.  She doesn’t want her mother defending JR.  At that point, Josh apologizes and tells Babe he had no business getting her involved in his big mess.  She assures him that it’s ok.  She wants to help him get though this.  He asks her if she wants to go into the airport and get some coffee and talk a while.  He tells her that she is his only friend and he really needs her now.  She tells him that she will go anywhere with him and that everything is going to be fine. 

Adam goes frantically looking for Colby until he sees her wrapped up in some strange guy’s arms with no shirt on.  Of course, she is totally flip, doesn’t care if she’s been found out, and tells her dad he looks like he could use a brew.

Jeff goes and finds Erica.  He tells her he heard on the radio what happened and asks her just how that CD got played.  Jack informs him that JR Chandler had it and played it for the entire party.  Erica tells him that JR did it to take all the suspicion off his family and put it on her.  Erica tells them that there is no time to waste.  They must find Josh and only think about him and how he’s been affected by this.  Jeff asks where Josh went.  Erica admits she does not know but they must find him.

Josh tells Babe that it wasn’t the plane that he wanted but something else.  She tells him not to waste time but to go get it. 

JR and Krystal go to the airport and ask where Dr.  Madden’s plane is.  The man tells them that it’s too late.  It’s already taken off.

Babe is back in the passenger compartment and she hears the jet engines start up.  She screams to Josh to stop. 

Kendall tells Ryan that she is ok and that she is leaving.  She steps out and again calls Zach getting frantic as she fails to reach him.

Zach and Dixie search frantically through all the boxes to find evidence about Kate.  Dixie is really upset because they are not finding anything.  Zach tells her she mustn’t ever give up because he won’t give up until they find her. 

When Ryan and Annie are alone, they hear Emma calling out to Annie.  She comes into the living room and we see a little girl who might be the same age as Kate.  She looks very much like one of the little girls in a picture that Dixie found.

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