AMC Update Wednesday 7/26/06

All My Children Update Wednesday 7/26/06 


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Fran

At the grand opening of ConFusion, the music suddenly stops after JR pops a CD into the sound system.  Everybody is silent as they hear Greg Madden’s voice announce that he is buried alive in the ground.  He first addresses Erica.  At that moment, we see all the people listening and totally freaked out.  Babe, right away knows that JR did this.  She demands that he turn this off and tells him she is not joking.  He refuses and tells her neither is he.  Jack goes up to the sound room where the sound system is to attempt to remove the CD but he finds the door is locked.  Del tells him that he will attempt to get it unlocked for him.  We hear Greg speak to Josh.  He tells his “son” that he “saved” him from Erica and Jeff Martin.  Erica and Kendall stand and listen to it totally stunned.  At that point, Erica says that somebody better please stop this from happening.  Josh cannot find out that he is her son this way.  Greg says he saved his son and gave him the love and guidance that all children deserve.  Jack attempts to unlock the door with Babe’s help but Jamie stands in their way.  He tells them that he won’t move because people need to hear this.  Kendall finds Josh and tells him that they need to go somewhere to talk.  He tells her he’s not going anywhere.  She knows that Greg is just about to reveal that Josh is not his biological son but Erica and Jeff’s son.  Colby Chandler is making crude comments about that guy rotting in the box in the ground.  Amanda tells her to shut up.  Greg informs Josh that he terminated Erica’s pregnancy but he saved the embryo and gave his wife the child she always wanted…him.

On the roof of the building, Aidan and Di have had too much alcohol.  Erin goes looking for Aidan but finds the empty bottle.  In another location, it looks like Aidan and Di are ready to take a big leap.

Ryan goes to his condo where he’s letting Annie stay.  She holds a weapon by the door, ready to confront Terry but when she sees him, she apologizes.  He brings Spike and tells her that this is the first night he’s had alone with Spike alone.  She asks if he needs help and he tells her that he has it all under control. 

At ConFusion, everybody gathers around and hears Greg informing Josh that Erica Kane disregarded him and did not want to welcome him into the world.  He continues that even now she wants to completely hide the truth.  He tells Josh that he did not want him to find out, especially like this but now he must know the reason why Greg called him his miracle child.  He tells Josh that it does not matter that Erica Kane and Jeff Martin produced him; he will always be his rightful father.

Aidan and Di hold on to each other and prepare to take a plunge into some water.  Di screams as the drop into thin air.

Ryan talks to Spike but cannot get him to stop crying.  He attempts to tell him stories.  Annie sits and reads a magazine.  He asks her if she can hold him for just one second.  He gives the baby to her and he stops crying.  Ryan then asks her how she did that.  He tells her that it was amazing.

At ConFusion, Greg gives his last will and testament.  He addresses the citizens of Pine valley.  He tells Erica he wills to her eternal hate and torment from Josh, her only son.

Jonathan goes to help Dell find the keys to unlock the door.  They go into the room where Lily is staying.  She knows that something is up.  Jonathan tells her that he needs to go and do some things.  There is nothing to worry about and he will be back soon.

Downstairs in the bar, we hear Greg addressing Kendall, whom he says he cares for very much and he tells her that he hopes that she is always foolishly torn between two unworthy men.  Then he tells David Hayward that he must forever be a fool and seek Dixie’s love in vain.  Del and Jack get the door unlocked and snatch the CD before they hear the end of Greg’s speech but it looks like everybody has heard enough.  We see Erica and Josh staring at each other.  He has a flashback of remembering when she was in the hospital and she told him that he does not even know who he really is.  He remembers her attempting to explain to him that there is something he does not know about her that she’s not certain she should tell him.  Then he remembers confronting Greg and not getting any answers.  He remembers the “fatherly” instinct he could not understand, until now, from Jeff Martin.  Erica then walks toward him but he backs away.  He stares at her as the music plays again.  People go back to what they were doing but Erica and Kendall tell Josh that he has to stay and listen to what Erica is going to tell him.  Josh then agrees to stay.  Erica and Kendall follow him onto the roof room where they can talk alone. 

Danielle is going around serving food.  Amanda is helping her.

Derek comes in and tells JR and Babe that he has a good reason to be there.  He has the CD and asks JR how a dead man would be able to record a CD that winds up in his drawer.

Amanda tells Julia that she had nothing but good vibes about Dr. Madden.  He was really good to her and was like a father to her.  Julia tells Amanda that Dr. Madden realized that that was what she wanted and needed at the time.  Amanda asks Julia why it was that Greg wanted her to be a surrogate.  Julia then informs her that she wasn’t going to tell her this but the reason Greg wanted her to be a surrogate was so that he could inseminate her himself like the tons of other women he used.  He was a very sick man who wanted to prey upon the most vulnerable conditions that women could be in.  Julia tells her she to just ask Erica or Dixie Martin.  Amanda tells Julia that she feels so stupid.  Julia tells her that she should feel very relieved that Greg did not succeed with his plans for her.

Erin finds Jonathan.  He asks her if she found Aidan.  She tells him that she could not and doesn’t want to talk about Aidan.  He tells her she has to get back with Aidan and explain to him that the reason why she broke up with him is because of something he did not know about.  He tells her that he knows she loves Aidan and he loves her.  She tells Jonathan she does not think that things could ever go back to the way they were with Aidan She did so many terrible things to him that he did not deserve and she feels as though she does not deserve him.  Jonathan tells her that this is a love that she cannot dismiss.  He reminds his sister that she always takes care of other people but now she needs to think about herself and fight for what she deserves with the man who is right for her.

Meanwhile, Aidan and Di are hanging upside down and laughing about the plunge.  Aidan asks her how she liked bungee jumping for the first time.  She loved it but asks how they are going to get down.  Aidan tells her to hang on and he unhooks them, dropping them into the river. 

JR informs Derek that somebody planted the CD in his dresser drawer to set him up for murder.  Derek asks JR why he did not report it.  Babe informs Derek that she took the CD from JR because she wanted to protect Josh from what just happened.

Erica and Kendall go to talk to Josh.  Erica tells her son that she realizes what a terrible shock this whole thing must be for him.  He asks her if all the things that he just heard are true.  She admits to him that it is true.  She is his mother.  Josh wants to leave, but Kendall tells him that she had a very similar revelation when she found out that the parents who raised her where not her biological parents.  She tells him that she can help him get though this if he will just let her.  He then realizes that there is a good reason why Spike’s DNA would match his and it might have nothing to do with Greg.  He asks her if she ordered another DNA test to find out that Ryan is Spike’s father.  She confirms yes.  He tells her good.  Erica then tells Josh that she’d like to invite him to go somewhere so that they can continue to talk and Kendall and Jeff would join them to help him understand how this all happened.

Derek tells JR that it’s kind of odd that he had to drop the bombshell upon Erica and Josh this way.  JR then tells Derek that there are many other suspects for Greg’s murder besides himself.  Erica could have done it.  David Hayward could have done it.  David comes up to them and tells JR that that is not the way to talk about his father-in-law.  Jamie tells Babe that JR is right.  Somebody set him up because he was with JR the night Greg was killed.  They both tell Babe that Josh is a snake who would want to set JR up.  Alone with Jamie, JR reminds him that he is now a family member of the no good snake. 

Ryan stands over his baby’s crib and tells Annie that it was pure magic.  He asks her if she thinks it’s too early to show his son a golf swing.  She suggests a keyboard.  He admits to her that he needs a little help in the baby department.  It’s been a while since Jonathan and Erin were babies.  She then tells him she will give him a tip.  She tells him that no matter what he does, he should never leave Spike alone with a purple crayon.  She admits that it’s really hard to know when to say no to a child.  He then looks at her and notices that she has something on her mind.  She admits to him that Terry wanted a child so badly.  He tells her that there was no way that she could have ever been able to tell what kind of man Terry was.  He tells her that there is no way to know when somebody is that deeply twisted.  She tells him that she’s ruined so many people’s lives, one of which was his sister.  She ruined Erin’s love life.

Jonathan is able to convince Erin that she needs to go to find Aidan.  He tells her that she is sacrificing her own personal happiness in order to protect somebody.  Lily walks up and tells Jonathan that she needs some help.

Aidan is with Di, having fun after bungee jumping into the river.  They are soaking wet.  She tells him for the past year, and for more time than that, she’s been pretending to be somebody else.  She says that the really messed up thing about that is that she forgot all about who Di Henry really is but tonight has brought it all back to her.  He asks her if she is happy when she is drunk, wet, and out of control.  She tells him that the days of trying to please somebody else are out the window.  She tells him tonight it’s all about being herself.

Right then, Erin and Jonathan hear the police radio identifying Aidan’s car and reporting that somebody has been spotted bungee jumping off the bridge.

Danielle goes to the bar and attempts to get a drink.  Jamal refuses to serve her and tells her he knows that she is a minor.  She tells him that he must know that she pays his salary.  She asks his name in an attempt to let him know that she will tell the “bosses” that he refused to serve her and he tells her that he is Jamal.  She is stunned to realize that he is the adopted son of her Aunt Olivia.  He reminds her that, as such, he knows how old she is and is sure that she is underage. 

Jack confronts David and tells him that he believes he’s behind this whole CD business.  David reminds him that if he’s going to blame somebody, it should be JR.

Josh cannot stand to hear Erica’s explanation about not knowing what Greg did after he supposedly aborted him.  He runs off.  Erica finds Jack and tells him she is worried because Josh did not listen to her and they must find Jeff because maybe he can get through to Josh then Erica spots JR.  He smirks at her.  JR notices that Babe is not happy with what he has just done.  He goes running after her.  It looks like she is running after Josh.  He tells her she has to let Josh go.  Erica is also ready to go after Josh.

Danielle and Jamal continue to talk and he tells her that his mom doesn’t know that he is back in town and he asks her to keep his secret for him for a while. 

Ryan tells Annie that she mustn’t blame herself for breaking up Aidan and Erin.  He is rummaging around in the cabinets and she asks what he is doing.  He tells her that they can have their own party.  He mixes a ConFusiontini, the signature drink of the newly opened club; however, it is non-alcoholic since he couldn’t find the vodka.    

Di and Aidan’s clothes are soaking wet.  He notices that her dress is torn.  She tells him she doesn't care and wants to get rid of it anyway.  She tears it off and strips down to her underwear.  She tells him that she is done with the entire pretense of being a fake and a phony.  He kisses her.  He lifts her up and she wraps her legs around him.  They are going at it and not far behind them Erin is looking at them.

Erica wants to go after Josh and get Jeff to talk with him also, but Derek tells Erica that he wants some explanations from her about the suspicious circumstances of Greg’s death.  Kendall asks if this is something that they can do later at the police station.  Derek doesn’t seem to want that to happen. 

JR chases after Babe to try to explain what she just saw.  Babe calls out to Josh that she won’t let him go off by himself.  She is going with him.  JR doesn’t want her to go anywhere with Josh but she does not listen to JR.

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