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Written By Jenn
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Jack and Jeff are in Erica’s office.  She informs them that Josh is leaving town for good.  He’s going to Geneva.  Jack then confirms with her that he thought this would be fantastic news for her.  He asks her if this is not what she wanted.  He notices from her discontented expression that she may not be that happy to be losing her son.

Josh is in the locker room at the hospital, clearing out his things and getting ready to leave Pine Valley.

At the grand opening of ConFusion, a reporter interviews Kendall and introduces her as Erica’ Kane’s daughter.  She and Zach go inside.  Danielle talks to reporters.  A reporter approaches JR.  He is with Babe.  The reporter asks him how he feels about attending the party of the company owned by the woman he attempted to kill and how he feels about his wife working with Kendall.  He tells the reporter that he owes his freedom and his recovery all to Babe.  He and Babe go inside and make no further comments.  Another reporter approaches Jamie who is with Julia and asks him if Pine Valley’s most eligible bachelor is off the market and asks who his date is.  JR meets with Jamie and tells him that he has a plan.  He explains that it is on the CD that that Josh is Erica’s son, she’s known about it for a long time, and has not told him.  It might motivate Erica and Josh to leave JR alone and stop setting him up to take the rap for murdering Greg when he did not do it.  It sounds like Jamie still does not know that Josh is Jeff’s son and his cousin.  He asks JR if this might blow up in his face.  JR reminds his step-brother that after being falsely accused of murdering Greg Madden, he has to fight dirty and when he plays this CD, he might finally have some peace.  He reminds Jamie that Babe wants things to get back to the way they used to be so that is the reason he does not need cops harassing him.  He reminds Jamie that he’s been known as Pine Valley’s bad guy for too long and he’s going to clear his name once and for all.

In Erica’s office, she tells Jack and Jeff that she was very adamant for a long time that it would only make tings worse if Josh found out he was her son but now, she might be making a mistake by not telling him.  She admits that now she needs to decide if it’s better to have a son who despises her or no son at all and she must ask what is best for Josh.  Jeff does not argue with her this time.  She tells Jack that it might not do Josh any good to feel unworthy or unloved if he finds out the truth.  So why risk that?  Jeff replies that the benefit for telling him would be that he’d know he is their son.  She asks what the cost of this information might be.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Josh collects his belongings and goes out the door.

Colby tries to get into the party but Danielle tells her that she cannot just barge inside.  She protests that she is 21, Babe Chandler is her sister-in-law, and she can enter.  Danielle tells her she is way out of her league and needs to leave.  A reporter informs viewers that the unveiling of ConFusion is just about to start.

Inside, Aidan meets Jonathan and tells him that he will find and catch that sick-o Terry.  Jonathan tells Aidan he hopes he’s right and is worried that if Terry is loose on the streets, he might go after Lily.  Aidan assures Jonathan that they will find him.  Jonathan tells Aidan he has to look for his wife.

At the bar, Erin sees Aidan and turns to Jamal and kisses him to make it look like he’s her new boyfriend.  They have a private conversation about something they don’t want anybody to find out.

Jonathan has Lily staying in an office where nobody will find her but the snotty manager of the club comes in and verbally abuses them.  She tells them they are freaks and losers and not welcome there.  She calls them morons and insists that they leave “her” office.  Kendall comes in and tells her she better not talk that way to her family or she is out.  Willow tells Kendall that she was hired to manage the club and that she was a professional who got the job done.  Kendall tells her that you have to be employed to be a professional and tells her to get the hell out.  The woman argues but leaves.  Jonathan and Lily are stunned that Kendall just fired the manager on opening night and ask her what they are going to do now.

At the bar, Kendall calls Simone and tells her she needs her help right away because she just fired the manager.  Simone tells Kendall that she has shingles and is feeling miserable and can’t help her.  Amanda comes up to Kendall and asks when she wants her to open the doors.  Kendall informs her that she just fired the hostile manager, they have no food, and Amanda is the new manager.  Jonathan overhears this and tells Amanda that he can help her.

Erica tells Jack and Jeff that Josh finally has a chance to make a new start, have a new life, make new friends, and put the past behind him.  She asks if it would be fair for them to take that away from him just because they don’t want him to leave.  Jeff realizes that it might not benefit him if they tell him the truth.  Jeff then tells Erica that she has his word.  He will not tell Josh that he is their son.  She hugs him.

Dell is tending bar.  Aidan tells him he wants to take the whole bottle instead of just one drink.  Kendall finds Ryan and tells him that she realizes she hasn’t a clue how to manage a bar.  She’s just made Amanda the new manager and she needs his help.  He tells her he cannot help her because he has a date.  She asks him with whom.  He replies their son and it’s guys’ night out.  She tells him that she thought he had someone else in mind.  He asks her why she thought that he would need help taking care of their son. 

Babe asks JR what he and Jamie were just talking about since he looked so intense.  He reminds her that he is a recovering alcoholic ready to go to the grand opening of a bar.  She apologizes for not realizing that and tells him if he’s not comfortable, he doesn’t have to be there.  He drinks a non-alcoholic beverage but she can tell that there is something is his pocket.  She asks her husband if he wants to start explaining what is in his pocket.  Jamie walks up at that point and gets him off the hook.  He tells them that he was looking all over for that CD because it was one that he made for Julia and he thought that he had lost it.  He takes it from JR.  Del comes up to tell Babe that there is someone from looking for her and she goes off to talk to the reporter.  JR thanks Jamie for saving him in the nick of time.  David then appears and tells JR that Babe told him all about the evidence that looks really bad for JR.  JR tells David that he knows that somebody is setting him up and David might be the one.  He walks away. 

Erica tells Jeff that she thinks they are doing the right thing to let Josh go.  Jack confirms that he thinks she is doing the right thing.  Jeff then tells her she mustn’t ever underestimate his talent as a spy.  He will keep tabs on their son and give her a full report.  She smiles at that and the three of them leave her office.

Aidan goes on the roof of the Fusion office and swigs a bottle of booze.  Di comes up and takes it from him and drinks.  She tells him that she saw him by himself.  She acknowledges how she really understands what it’s like to hate to be at a party like this when you are single and recently broken up from a relationship.  It’s like a total meat market, she says.  You can see all the lonely people who are out looking for love.  They laugh together acknowledging that they are both alone and not ready to be out there looking for anybody new.

Inside, Kendall informs Zach that she saw Ryan with some girl.  She’s never seen her before and would like to find out who she is.  Zach tells her he has no idea who Ryan might be seeing.  She asks him if he can ask Ryan and he tells her he isn’t the one who wants to know so he doesn’t feel the need to ask.  Amanda is setting a tray of food on the bar and Kendall asks her where it came from.  Amanda tells her that it came from the Asian restaurant across the street and that she instructed them to continue to send it over until she told them to stop.  Kendall declares that the club is finally ready for business.

Outside, Josh enters and Colby urges him to help her get inside.  He tells her to forget it but she urges him to help her get inside.  She doesn’t want to miss out on this party and she promises that he will not get into trouble for helping her get inside.  He tells her that he believes that JR deserves a sister like her.  She asks him what his problem is.  He informs her hat he just planned to go inside there to get one last glimpse of the fine people of Pine Valley and he doesn’t have any time to play games with her.  Not far behind, Erica and Jack enter.  They are happy but when they see Josh in front of them, they begin to look concerned.  For a while, Erica stares at him silently but then informs the guards that Josh is there with her.  She takes him inside.  Babe gets on the mic and welcomes everybody to ConFusion.  Kendall takes the mic from her telling her that people are ready to hear some music and she introduces a superstar with music that is a combination of hip hop reggae and R and B.  She introduces the hot and sexy Rihanna.  Rihanna sings.

Outside, Colby is still not giving up.  She sees Del, informs him that she lost her pass and many people are waiting for her inside that need to see her.  He asks her how old she is.  She shows him Babe’s ID.  He knows she is not Babe but calls her Mrs. Chandler and tells her she can go right inside.

Inside, Erica tells Kendall that she is really having a dilemma about what to tell Josh.  Josh tells Zach that as he was cleaning out his dad’s hotel room he found a ticket for a storage facility in Philadelphia.  He tells Zach that it might contain information to help him find Dixie’s daughter.  He gives the claim ticket to Zach.  Zach asks if he wants to keep it to get his father’s things, but Josh tells him that he is through with his dad and if the information helps to find Kate, he will be happy.  He turns to Kendall, tells her congratulations that the club is a hit.  He asks her how Ryan reacted to the news that he was not Spike’s father.  She tells him that Ryan knows the truth and he is fine with that.  As far as he is concerned and as far as the rest of the world is concerned, Ryan is Spike’s father.  She tells him that Ryan knows what it is like to have a horrible father and tells him that she had a similar issue with her biological father.  She encourages Josh not to spend any more time worrying about his father and informs him that he is not Greg Madden and he needs to be his own person and let his father go.  

Jonathan finds Erin and tells her that he needs to find Aidan and tell him about Annie because she loves him.  She argues that he could lose his license if he knows what she is doing in hiding Annie.  Jonathan tells her that Aidan is more concerned about losing her than he is about losing his PI license. 

Right the, Aidan and Di are drinking and playing cards.  He reaches over and grabs an Ace that she has hidden in the top of her dress.  She tells him that she sucks at cards, at men, and at parties and she asks him when she’s ever going to get lucky.

Zach goes into the office and finds Lily.  He wonders why she has earmuffs on and asks her if she is cold.  Kendall then finds him.  He tells her that he wants to get away from the crowd.  Kendall encourages him to stay for just one more song and then he can leave as she realizes this is not his scene.  He is pleased that he has her approval to leave since he really would rather be anywhere else but there.  They go and dance together.

Josh tells Babe that this is her last chance to leave with him.  She tells him that she is co-hosting this shindig.  He informs her that he is leaving Pine Valley.  She asks him if he is serious.  He tells her he has to get out of there.  He tells her that he will miss her and whether she believes it or not, he really does care about her.  He has never met anybody with so much love in their heart for others, even when they don’t deserve it.  She kisses him as JR is standing not far away and sees them kiss.

Di and Aidan play cards alone.  They observe that he always has the king of hearts.  He concludes that it means he is a loveable guy.  He tells her that he might have to swear off love.  She tells him she will see that bet and raise him another.  She tells him that if she ever falls in love again, he is to shoot her.  She goes on to say that she doesn’t want to be there or to be sober.  He then asks her to come with him. 

At the party, Erica approaches JR and asks him if it is not time for him to leave before the clock strikes twelve or does he intend to push it over somebody’s head and kill them.  He then tells Erica that “we” all do things that we regret.  He asks her if she does not understand what he is talking about.  She walks away at that point.  JR goes to the stereo equipment behind the scenes.  He pops in the CD, ready to blow Erica and Josh out of the water.  Not far away, Babe catches a guy hitting on Colby.  She informs him that she is a minor and right then, the music stops.  People only hear Greg as he yelled, inside the box, that he was suffocating.  He says that somebody will find him.  Josh and Erica freak when they identify his voice.  They hear him say that Erica wants him dead but she will never win and she will never break him.  Erica listens to the CD and is stunned. 

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