AMC Update Monday 7/24/06

All My Children Update Monday 7/24/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Lily is emotionally distraught, rocking back and forth after finding Terry at the PI office. Jonathan tries to comfort her, saying Terry will never come back again. Aidan runs back in and gets on the phone to Derek, explaining that Terry ran away. He tells Derek about the situation then apologizes to Lily, but says he had no other choice.

David tells Babe that he’ll walk into his cabin again and this time she isn’t to accuse him of murder. Babe has a recording device in her hand and says this is what the killer used to communicate with Greg Madden. She accuses David of planting evidence to make it look like JR killed Madden. David asks what evidence that would be, since the recording device is right here.

Krystal goes into little Adam’s bedroom and finds JR. She’s looking for Babe but JR asks to talk to her. JR says he knows Krystal doesn’t trust him. He says if someone comes after his family he’ll protect them whatever way he can. He shows Krystal the CD and says this will do more than a loaded gun. He plays the CD of Greg in his coffin and Krystal learns the truth about Josh’s parentage. JR tells her the disc was planted to frame him and he wants to use the disc to protect his family. But he says Babe won’t understand what he has to do.

Babe tells David that evidence was planted to make it look like JR killed Madden and she thinks David did it. David asks Babe how she can be so sure JR is telling the truth.

Josh goes to Erica’s office to tell her goodbye. Erica says this is so sudden. Josh says he’s accepted a position with a research institute in Switzerland. Erica asks him if he’s sure he’s ready to walk away with so many unanswered questions about his father’s death. Josh says at first all he anted was to find the killer but now he’s had time to think about things. He asks why he should stick around. His dad was a freak. The more distance between him and this place the less chance he’ll be like his father. He tells Erica to have a good life. Erica tells him not to go.

Ryan tells Kendall they could burn the DNA results. As he walks to the fireplace he asks what she wants to do. She says she can’t not know. She’ll always be looking for clues. Ryan opens the document.

Derek arrives at the PI office and Aidan tells him about Terry. Di arrives. Aidan explains what Terry did to Lily and says she is not safe as long as Terry is out there. Lily is worried because Terry found her. Jonathan says he’ll always protect her.

Ryan reads the results of the DNA report, looks at Kendall and tells her to congratulate him. He’s a father. She hugs him and thanks God. Turning to Spike, she tells him everything is all right. Zach walks in and finds his wife hugging Ryan. He asks if they got good news from the lab. Kendall tells him Ryan is Spike’s biological father. Zach congratulates Ryan. Kendall says she knew it would turn out this way. Ryan tells Spike that he is 100 percent pure. Kendall says she has to call her mother. She calls Erica and leaves a message, saying she has some great news. She tells Ryan and Zach that this is the best day. Ryan says more days like this will come. Kendall says especially when they nail JR for killing Greg Madden.

JR says the only way this CD could have ended up in his sock drawer was from someone planting it there. He thinks someone wants to frame him. It could be Ryan, Zach, dAvid or maybe Erica. He says whoever it is is playing dirty and he’ll play dirty back. He asks Krystal to help Babe understand why he needs to explode Josh’s world.

Erica tells Josh she remembers when he first came to her for a job. He was so full of confidence. She would hate to see that man disappear. Josh reminds her that he drugged her. He says he was such a fool about everything, especially his father. Erica says his father is not who he is. Josh says his father was insane. He asks her to say goodbye to Kendall for him and apologize that he’ll never see his little brother grow up. But he figures he has little brothers and sisters all over. Erica says she’s so sorry. Josh says it’s not her fault. He says he has to go. He tells her he’s truly sorry and leaves.

Zach proposes a toast and Kendall says she wants no more doubts, fears or suspicions. Ryan and Zach have a look of concern, but they say there will be no more worries. Zach says someone has to be arrested for Madden’s murder but it won’t be him. Ryan says it won’t be him either. After Ryan leaves, Zach tells Kendall that she deserves everything to work out for her. He kisses her.

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