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All My Children Update Friday 7/21/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Kendall listens outside Ryan's door as he is inside his condo talking to Annie. He tells Annie to make herself comfortable. Annie just hopes no one will find out where she is. He says he won't tell anyone.

Jonathan tells Aidan at the PI office that Terry is the creep who tried to molest Lily. He belongs in jail, he says. Terry plays dumb, asking Jonathan what his problem is. Aidan says it seems to be Terry.

JR watches at Confusion as Babe hugs Josh. Josh says nothing he believed about his father is true. Babe says she's so sorry he has to go through this but he won't be alone.

At the boathouse, Julia complains to Jamie about how Josh is getting away with lying about her like that. She says Joe Martin thinks she cares more about sex than helping peple get well. Jamie says Josh will go down in flames when he least expects it. Julia says she wants to be there when that happens. Jamie says it's a date. Julia says there will be no more dates. Their relationship is over.

Kendall is outside when Ryan brings some garbage out. She asks if he wants to feed Spike and suggests she'll bring him over with the formula. Ryan says he can feed him at Kendall's place. He says he wants to feed his son. Kendall says he may not even be Ryan's son, but Ryan insists he is his son. He says a DNA test won't change anything. Ryan follows Kendall into her condo where the nanny is watching Spike. When the nanny leaves, Ryan says Spike is lucky to have so many people who love him. Kendall tells him no tto pretend that the test results don't matter. He could lose everything.

Erin goes to Ryan's condo to see Annie. She tells her Terry won't be a problem as Jonathan is telling Aidan all about how Terry tried to attack Lily. Annie asks Erin why she didn't tell her that Aidan was her guy.

Terry denies Jonathan's allegations and tells him he's looking for someone else. Jonathan says he was in the hotel room and got Lily drunk to try to have sex with her. Someone needs to teach Terry a lesson, Jonathan says. Terry charges that Annie put him up to this. He says he's had enough of this and tries to leave. Aidan tells Terry to stick around.

Jamie asks Julia why she's decided they need to stop seeing each other. Is it their age difference? He says he thought she was tougher than this, but he can see she's just a wuss.

Babe tells Josh she won't tell anyone about his father. Josh says he might as well have been an accessory to his father's actions in impregnating Kendall and saying Ryan is the father. Babe realizes Josh is talking about something else and still doesn't know Erica is his mother. Josh sees Babe look surprised and asks if she's talking about something else. JR approaches and says he'll take over from here. It's time Josh hears the full story. JR tells Josh he never knew who his father was. He says the world is a better place without Greg Madden and more power to whoever killed him.

Ryan tells Kendall that Spike has her, him and Zach and that's the way it's going to stay. Kendall says he shouldn't be expected to raise a chile that is not his. She says she would rather cut him loose so they don't get attached to him.

Aidan asks Terry if he was in Manhattan in mid-May. Terry says of course he was, he lives there. Terry says he's getting skewered by his rotten ex-wife and tells Jonathan he's not thinking straight. He tells Aidan to get this kid out of here or he'll call the police. Aidan gives Terry the phone number to the police chief.

Annie tells Erin that she didn't have to give up Aidan. Erin say sthis is his work and she couldn't risk Aidan's job or maybe even jail time for him. She says it wasn't fair to ask Aidan to put everything on the line for her. Annie asks Erin why she would throw away her chance at happineness. Erin tearfully shouts that she doesn't deserve happiness.

Julia tells Jamie their relationship was just supposed to be about sex and fun with no commitment. Jamie asks what he did to make her care for him. He says they're even as he cares for her too.

Ryan asks Kendall why she's trying to get rid of him. Kendall says he's chained to her. Her son may not even be related to him. It makes no sense for him to be glued to them. Ryan says he loves her and he loves Spike. Kendall says some day he'll fall in love with another woman and what will she think about this. Ryan says he'll ask her when he meets her. Kendall says she's afraid she'll lose Ryan but she has no right to get involved in his person life. She says Spike needs him as a dad. No one should have Greg Madden as a father.

Josh tells Babe that this guy is a murderer and she shouldn't stay with him. He tells JR that police are now even questioning Tad and Dixie about Greg Madden's death. He asks her to leave with him. JR tells Josh he has gall for propositioning his wife right in front of him. Babe informs Josh she is with JR and will always be with him. Josh leaves. Babe thanks JR for not telling Josh that he's Erica's son. She says it's bad enough that Josh knows that his father is Spike's father. JR asks Babe where the disc is. He says he needs it to show that Erica had the motive to kill Madden and get the police to back off his mother and Tad. Babe tells JR that they agreed no one else would hear this disc. She says she doesn't want to cause anyone more pain.

Terry tells Aidan that Annie got to him as well. He tries to leave but Aidan tells him to sit down and not move. Aidan goes into the hallway and calls Lily, asking her to come over and help with a case.

Erin tells Annie that she doesn't know why she said what she just did. She says Aidan tought her what love is. Annie says it's not too late but Erin say sit is. She says his love wasn't enough. She has a freight train full of baggage and while Aidan was totally accepting of her she has forfeited her right to happiness. She says she did nothing while her father beat her brothers. Annie talks about her own feelings of guilt for marrying Terry and having a daughter with him. She tells Erin that her suffering shows there's hope.

Jamie tells Julia that if she wants it to be over that's fine with him. He realizes that other people have gotten to her but he doesn't let other people run his life. He says he's lucky for the time they shared together. Julia says who cares what peple think. She calls off their breakup.

Babe goes to David's cabin and is looking around. She finds some discs. David walks in and is surprised to see her. Babe tells him that he killed Greg Madden and set up her husband to take the fall.

JR is in little Adam's nursery. He picks up a stuffed bear and pulls a disc from it.

Lily arrives at the PI studio and is eager to help Aidan with his case. She screams when she sees Terry. She tells him not to touch her. Jonathan tries to calm her. Terry knocks over Aidan and runs out the door. Aidan runs after him.

Ryan and Kendall talk pleasantries about Spike, with Ryan saying he has Kendall's eyes. A delivery man brings an envelope. It is the DNA results.

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