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Annie returns to Ryan’s house.  Erin tells her that she has to get back to the hospital because she could have died last night.  Annie tells her she cannot return there since Terry knows where she is and can get her.

At the hospital, Aidan runs into Terry and asks him what he is doing in a Pine Valley hospital.  Terry then informs Aidan that he finally found his wife.  Aidan knows that there is something suspicious with Terry being in Pine Valley when he lives in New York.

At ConFusion office, Jonathan informs Amanda that he knows there is a predator in town that he’s afraid is coming after Lily.  He has to help Erin and Aidan prevent him from hurting any more young girls.  He tells her that he will need to use his “real brain” in order to do that.  She agrees to help him.  Lily knows there is something that’s not quite right when she observes Jonathan talking privately to Amanda and she notices that his mouth is turned down.  He plays the “mentally challenged” role with her and tells her he just has a lot on his mind and has to back to talk to Erin.  He leaves and Amanda knows she needs to prevent Lily from following him.

Erica goes to an AA meeting at the hospital.  She tells the sponsor that she wants to attend.  When the going gets tough, the tough take a meeting, she tells him.

Babe observes Kendall and Ryan talking.  She notices that they do not look happy.  Ryan informs Kendall that he just got off the phone with the hospital lab.  She seems worried when she asks him if he’s found out that Spike is his son.  He explains to her that he asked the lab to put a rush on it.  She gets really panicked and tells him that she’s not emotionally ready for this.  He tells her that she must listen to him because she does not know what he was going to say.  He informs her that the results have not come back yet.  She then looks relieved but she notices that she is still very shaky while she awaits the results.  She tells him that she confirmed to her mother that regardless of whose DNA Spike has, Ryan will always be her baby’s daddy.  He asks her if she wants him to stay there with her tonight.  She tells him that he doesn’t need to.  She’s busy and there’s a lot going on so she’s sure that she can find something to keep her mind on.  She asks him if she reserves the right to change her mind.  Babe boldly and confidently approaches Kendall and asks her how Spike is.  Kendall snaps at her about why she is there and why she is interested in Spike.

Erica’s happy expression ends when she notices that JR is also at the AA meeting.  He tells her that he is there for his program.  She sarcastically tells him that she is only there for something less important.  He tells her that he will leave if she is not comfortable with him there but she tells him that he’s not going to leave.  It would be too easy for him not to have to face her.  She wants to find out if there are any more women he will try to kill. 

Babe tells Kendall that she needs to document her baby’s growth.  She reminds her that she found out what it’s like to watch a baby grow.  You need to get videos and CDs and there is some sort of high tech device that you can use to tape the baby even when you are far away.  Kendall is not friendly to Babe and tells her that she may buy one and she could care less what Babe has to say to her.  She seems really surprised by Babe’s unexplained boldness. 

Lily goes outside but notices that Amanda wants to prevent her from going outside to take a break.  She attempts to distract Lily by asking for her help in the other room

Terry tells Aidan that he has no idea how much that sweet face haunts him.  She is so beautiful and trusting.  He had her but he lost her and goes on to say that he is talking about his beautiful child.  The look on his face seems to indicate that he is thinking of someone other than his daughter.  He would do anything, just anything to get his daughter back.  He has a big bruise on his face from when Jamal punched him after Terry attempted to hurt Annie.  He tells Aidan all about how he’s been looking all over the streets at countless little girls laughing and playing, and hoping against all hope that he would find his own precious little girl.  Aidan suspiciously asks him why he came to Pine Valley and why he’s been there so long without telling anybody.  Aidan knows that something is not right.

Jamal is there and confirms that he also knows where to find Terry.  Erin tells Annie that she’s just found out, for the first time since Annie is in Pine Valley, that there is ammunition she can use against her ex. Hearing that, Annie asks what type of “ammunition.”  Jonathan walks in and confirms that the ammunition is him.

At the hospital, Josh tells Jeff that he believes that Julia could have killed Annie with the drug she gave her.  She was distracted and negligent but Jamie confirms that Julia did do the right thing.  Josh protests to Jeff and Joe (unknown father and grandfather) that he believes that they are just taking Jamie’s word that Julia did the right thing because of nepotism.  They believe the word of a Martin over the word of any son of Greg Madden.  Joe and Jeff conclude that it is time for them to finally enlighten young Dr. “Madden” about some things he has no clue about.  Jeff tells Josh that if there is anybody who wants to give him a fair shake, it is his (Jeff’s) father.  Josh asks if they really are not practicing nepotism and judging him because of Greg Madden.  Joe then tells Josh if he believes that he cannot be impartial, he can report him to the medical board.  Jamie confirms that Josh may do that if he wants.  Josh apologizes and tells them he won’t go after them.  It won’t be necessary.  He got a job out of town.  Joe stands up and tells Josh he won’t let him do that.  He reveals that he does have some sort of loyalty toward Josh.  Julia asks Joe if he intends to side with Josh against her.  Josh tells Joe that he wants a shot at this position.  Joe tells Josh he understands but this is not about the job.  That is not the point.  Josh asks him what it is about if it’s not the job.  Aidan enters their meeting and informs them that a fugitive got checked into Joe’s hospital.  It was a young woman.  She registered by a false name and then escaped from the hospital.

Jonathan tells Annie that he really can help her.  She tells him that nobody can help her or her daughter.  Jonathan tells her she should just listen to what he knows about her ex husband.  At that moment, Ryan enters and knows that secrets are going on that nobody is telling him.  He asks if somebody wants to tell him what is going on.

At the AA meeting, Erica looks squarely at JR and talks about how somebody is a relapse waiting to happen.  She asks how many lives will have to be ruined and threatened and lost before this guy has to experience the consequences of his actions.

At ConFusion, Kendall asks Babe how you get adjusted to knowing that you are lying in bed every night in the arms of a cold-blooded killer.  Babe looks at Kendall, smugly and tells her she does not know.  She asks Kendall to tell her how she does it.  Kendal looks at her speechlessly, without any comeback.

Ryan confirms after hearing the story about Terry that they will have to protect Annie and her daughter.  Jonathan protests to his brother that Terry is an evil man.  He could have raped Lily if Jonathan had not come in and rescued her.  Jonathan admits that if he had not gotten there when he did, he doesn’t want to think about what would have happened.  He knows that Terry got Lily drunk and he is very sick.  Annie cannot bear to hear any more about her sick ex-husband.

At the end of the AA meeting, JR asks Erica what her agenda is for coming there.  Did she just want to judge him?  She tells him that it is not just herself who is judging him for what he did to her daughter and what he’s been getting away with his entire life.  He then asks her if she is completely without secrets or skeletons in her closet.  He asks her what gives her the right to cast judgment upon him.  At that point, Erica cannot respond.

Joe tells Julia that that he’s always held her in the highest esteem.  He thinks she is one of the finest nurses he’s ever hired but even the best staff can make mistakes.  He knows she would never intentionally do wrong but she may be distracted and confused.  He tells her that the sexual situation she’s having with Jamie may be clouding her judgment and her competence.  He believes that the initial notation that she says she made in the patient’s chart was after handing it to Dr. Madden (Josh) and not before.  She tells him that she would never do that.  He tells her he is not firing or suspending her.  He is just reprimanding her.  She then asks if she can be excused.  He tells Josh that if he hears from his prospective employers, he will give him a strong recommendation but he urges Josh to give it more consideration before making a decision.  Jeff and Josh leave and when Jamie is alone with his grandfather, he tells him that was completely crap and he knows it.

Babe tells Kendall she must know that Ryan and Zach wish all kinds of ill upon JR and would go to any lengths to make him pay.  They both have as much insane motive to bury Greg Madden alive as JR does.  She happens to know that Zach went with Dixie to uncover some dirt on Greg Madden and she knows that Ryan will never forgive JR for what he did to her and to Spike.  They would both like nothing more than to frame Babe’s husband for a murder that they have no reason to assume he committed any more than they did.  Kendall tells Babe to go to hell and she walks away. 

Ryan tells Erin and Jonathan that they must make certain that this Terry stays away from Lily whatever it takes.  Jonathan tells his brother that Lily is his wife and he will protect her, no matter what.  He goes out the door.  Alone with Ryan, Erin ask him how they can keep Annie safe form Terry now that he’s seen her.  Ryan then concludes to his sister that there is only one thing they can do. 

Ryan and Annie are in his apartment that is across the courtyard from Zach and Kendall.  Annie insists that she cannot cause this imposition.  She is hiding her little girl from her ex-husband who is out there somewhere and it wouldn’t be right for them to inflict their problems on him.  Ryan then tells Annie that he does not know how much Erin has told her about their family.  His problem is very much the same as what is her problem.  Their mother did not prevent what is now happening to her daughter, from happening to her children.  He also failed to protect his younger siblings from their father and that is why Erin is now willing to break the law in order to protect her child from a predator.  He tells her he knows that nobody wants to imagine that any father of a child could do what Terry did but she realized it, filed for divorce, got a restraining order, ran, and took action to protect her daughter from Terry.  She’s not just taking her guilt to the liquor store like his mother did so she need not be ashamed or blame herself for anything.  He tells her that he’s going to step up and help her to protect her daughter.

Jamie tells Joe that whether he values Josh or not, Julia is an excellent nurse.  She fought to save Kendall’s life.  She saved many other people.  So how could Joe buy Josh’s story over Julia’s?  Joe then responds that a lifetime of practicing medicine is the reason why he listens to Josh.  He walks out and JR walks in.  Jamie asks his step brother how much he’d like to pound Josh’s head in.

At ConFusion, Babe tells Kendal that she knows that Babe is right.  Zach and Ryan are just as capable of murdering Greg as her husband is.  She then gets up to go.  Lily can tell by Kendall’s expression with her mouth turned down that she is not ok and asks her what is wrong.  Kendall then plays happy to Lily and tells her that she is just fine.  It’s just “that thing over there” when she points at Babe, that is making her unhappy.  She tells Lily that she is going home to play with her little boy. 

Jamie tells JR to go ahead and start snapping Josh’s neck since no one would really care if they did.  JR indicates that someone might.  Jamie asks JR to name one person who would give a rat’s tail if something happened to Josh.  JR kind of hesitates and Jamie assumes that he means that Babe would care.

Jeff runs into Erica at the end of her AA meeting at the hospital He tells her that maybe he owes her an apology.  He tells her that he’s finally gotten a chance to look at things from her point of view.  He now realizes that what Greg Madden did to her was a terrible violation to her and he wants to tell her some things.  He informs her that when he lost his wife, she was pregnant with their child.  Erica tells him she remembers.  He informs Erica that he always thought that she was going to have a boy and he now realizes that he needed something to help him carry on.  As a result, he buried himself in his medical practice and traveled around the world.  After all these years, he suddenly gets a call from his father, informing him that he has a son and that big hole in his heart was no longer there.  Erica listens to him intently.

Josh walks in to ConFusion and asks Babe to take her son and go away with him.  Babe asks Josh why he is leaving town.  He tells her that he needs to start over.  It’s not going to work for him to believe that he has a future in Pine Valley with all the people who judge him because of his father.  He tells her that she is living under a similarly misguided fantasy that she has a future with JR.  She must realize that it’s over and consider going away with him.  She looks at him speechlessly. 

Lily finds Amanda and tells her that she needs to go to take care of something.  When Amanda tries to prevent her from leaving, Lily asks if she is afraid to leave her alone.  Amanda admits that Jonathan asked her to stay close to Lily because he was worried that she was upset about the opening of the club that evening. 

Jonathan sits in Aidan’s office waiting for him and when Aidan walks in Terry is with him.  He greets Terry.  Aidan tells Jonathan he did not know that they had met.  Jonathan confirms that they have met and he angrily informs Aidan that this is the sick-o who tried to molest Lily in New York.

Ryan tells Annie about all of the amenities nearby especially the bodyguards that are posted outside.  He tells her that he will make certain that she and Emma are safe and everything is taken care of.  She then tells him that he is incredible.  Kendall walks into her own home and notices them through the window.  She looks suspicious to see Ryan with this woman.  She has no clue why they are talking.

At the hospital, Julia looks like she wants to leave.  Some guys come up to her and make crude comments about her sexual encounters with Jamie. 

Jeff admits to Erica that after he lost his own baby, he wanted more than anything to have a child that he could share his life with.  He wanted a son.  She confirms that she is preventing him from knowing his son but he tells her that he now knows the big picture.  He does not expect her to let him fulfill his needs with her situation.

Josh tells Babe that some things make sense to him.  The pedestal he once put his father on is now dust, just like his father.  JR comes and spies on them.  He tells her that what his father did is sick.  She assumes that he has figured out the secret of his parentage.  He goes on to say that he tried to deny the things that his father did, but realizes that he cannot go on living a lie.  She hugs him and JR watches them.

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