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All My Children Update Wednesday 7/19/06 


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Tad and Dixie are at the station to talk to Derek.  He has questions for both of them knowing that they both have motives to bury Greg Madden in the box in the ground.  More specifically, he wants to talk to them about his suspicions of JR.

At the hospital, Josh confronts Julia.  When Jamie steps up to defend Julia, she surprises him by defending Josh.

Erica goes to Kendall’s and tells her that Zach told her about the DNA test and how she had Spike and Josh tested.  The results confirmed (to Kendall) that Greg Madden is Spike’s biological father.  Kendall confirms to her mother she knows that Spike is Greg’s biological son.  Assuming that it has also been confirmed to her mother that that has been proven, she assures her that they will all get through this.  Erica stops Kendall and informs her that Josh is her (Erica’s) son.

Lily and Jonathan go to Ryan’s house to get some information about the expenses for the opening of ConFusion.  They notice that Annie is upset and scared.  Annie tells Erin that she saw him (meaning T).  Since Lily and Jonathan are there, she, instead tells them that she saw Jamal from the balcony.  Erin tries to calm her down and asks Jonathan and Lily to go out on the balcony knowing that they cannot know Annie’s secret.  Annie uses her inhaler to stop the asthma attack that has overtaken her.  Alone with Annie, Erin and Jamal tell her that they will make certain that her predator ex-husband does not find her.  She continues to have the symptoms of the asthma attack so Jamal takes Annie to the ER.  Erin assures her that everything will be ok.

After Erica confirms that Josh is her son and Kendall’s brother, Kendall does not believe her and assumes that her mother is just saying that because she is upset at the prospect that Greg is the baby’s father.  She also notices that Ryan and Zach are witnessing their conversation and not disputing what Erica is saying.  Erica tells her daughter that she has just told her truthful information.  Josh is her son, Kendall’s brother, and Spike’s uncle.  Hearing that, Kendall asks to get this straight.  She sounds calm and not freaked out and concludes that Zach or Ryan must have done this for her sake.  One of them must have put her mother up to this.

Josh tells Julia that she needs to do her job instead of playing mommy to him.  If she wants to keep sucking up to somebody, she may do that with Jamie.  He leaves and Jamie asks Julia what is up with Josh.  She tells him that Josh is going through a terrible time.  She tells him that she saw him by his father’s grave.  He was a mess and asked her to help him bury his father.  Jamie still does not understand why she is sensitive toward Josh.  He asks her why, when Josh gets his first dose of reality, she wants him (Jamie) to cut him some slack.  He reminds her that Josh has not done anything to earn their respect and he’s attempting frame Jamie’s brother for murder.

Tad tells Derek that he’s really surprised that he would suspect JR and Jamie.  They are both busy going to med school and raising a child but Derek reminds Tad that they are both determined to find their little sister.  The night when Greg Madden disappeared, Jamie and JR were together.  Tad asks Derek why that would make any difference since brothers often hang out together.  He tells Tad that Josh got locked in a frozen meat locker and hung on a meat hook.  He also found JR’s monogrammed pen in Greg’s grave.  Dixie protests that Derek should back off from accusing her son and step-son.  They did not do it.  Derek tells her it’s his job to make an arrest.  She then tells him if he wants an arrest, she will give it to him.

Outside on the balcony, Lily asks Jonathan if she should get some additional cranberry juice for the opening of the club.  She notices that his mouth is turned down.  He tells her that he will go inside and see that Erin is ok.  Alone with Erin, Jonathan reverts to his normal speech pattern.  She tells him that he must keep his voice down.  He reminds her that Lily cannot hear them.  She tells them that Emma can.  She’s hiding Annie’s daughter and she needs to feel safe.  He asks her what is going on with her friend Annie and her daughter.  She then informs him that she is protecting Emma the way their mother could not protect them, from a sick twisted abusive father.

At the hospital, Jeff tells Josh that he believes Josh should have some time off from his job.  Josh defensively tells him if he does not think he’s competent to do his job, then why doesn’t he just fire him.  Jeff tells Josh he is out of line.  Josh then sarcastically tells Jeff that he knows he is suspecting him of being some sort of genetic mutation just like his father and asks Jeff if he is afraid that he’s going to go berserk and do the insane things that Greg Madden did?  Jeff then firmly tells his son (although Josh does not know he’s Jeff’s son) that he must listen to him.  He does not believe for a moment, that Josh will turn out like Greg Madden.  Josh then asks him how he can be so certain that he will not.

Kendall concludes that Zach and Ryan are making up this story, with Erica, that Josh is Erica’s son, so that Kendall won’t have to face the morbid reality that Greg is her baby’s father.  Ryan asks her to listen to her mother.  Erica then tells Kendall that she realizes the thought of Josh being Erica’s son is too much for anybody to swallow.  She admits to Kendall that she did not believe it herself when she first heard it but she has confirmed it.  Hearing that, Kendall tells her mother that she does not believe that.  Erica then confirms to Kendall that the reason why her and Josh’s DNA matched is because Josh is her brother and Spike’s uncle.  She tells Kendall she must listen to her because this is the truth.  Kendall then turns to look at Zach.  She notices that his expression is as serious as her mother’s.  She then tells her mother that she is listening and she asks her to tell her everything.

Dixie confesses to Derek that it was she that killed Greg Madden.  He asks her if she is really confessing to that.  Tad tells Derek that he won’t let her take the rap for something he knows she did not do.  Derek then tells them if they came up with a name, he needs to know who it was.

Erica apologizes to Kendall for not being able to tell her sooner that this was the reason that she did not want Kendall going near Greg Madden, or trusting him.  When she realized what he had done to her, Erica didn’t want Kendall to have anything to do with him.  Kendall then hugs her mother and tells her she is so sorry she had to go through this.  Erica tells Kendall that Greg hurt not only her, but tons of other women and she is so upset that her precious daughter had to suffer with this throughout the last few days.  She asks Kendall she knows what this means.  Kendal confirms that this means that Greg Madden was even sicker than she thought.  Erica tells her that it means that Josh is part of their family.  He is no relation to Greg and it’s entirely possible that Spike is not either.  Kendall confirms that that means that they must get Ryan’s DNA tested to confirm who Spike’s real father is.  At that point, Zach and Ryan go out the door.  Alone with her daughter, Erica tells her that she mustn’t worry about anything that has happened in the past.  She tells her that her only concern is Kendall and Spike and Josh.  Kendall asks Erica if she plans to tell Josh the big secret.  Erica tells her daughter that she does not think she should.

At the hospital, Jeff tells Josh that he does not think that Josh is some sick person nor does he judge him because of his father.  He tells him that he’s talked to his father (Joe, Josh’s grandfather) about Josh.  They want him in this hospital because they believe that he can grow and contribute to the medical profession.  He tells Josh that he wishes he would give them a chance and forget about Greg Madden.

When Jamal gets Annie to the hospital, Julia and Jamie take care of her.  She identifies herself as Virginia and gives Julia her asthma medication indicating to her that she had administered a dose and it does not seem to be working.  Josh enters, demands that Julia and Jamie leave, and tells them he will take care of her.  He checks her heart with his stethoscope.  She tells him that she is worried about her daughter.

Erin tells Jonathan that she is committed to helping victims of domestic abuse.  She won’t tell anybody Annie’s secret.  He promises that he won’t tell anybody.  He will help her protect Annie and her daughter from the predator.  Erin confirms that the predator’s name is Terry.  Suddenly, Jonathan remembers that the predator that he saved Lily from in New York is named Terry.  Erin tells Jonathan that Terry goes after innocent young girls.  He asks Erin if she has a picture of this guy.  Jonathan looks at Lily out on the balcony and tells her he cannot be the same guy.

At the hospital, Josh injects some medication and tells Annie that the medication should take effect quickly.  Annie has a cardiac arrest.  Josh yells at the medical staff to come in and help him with her.

Kendall tells Erica if she tells Josh that she is his biological mother, it will ruin him and he will never recover.  Erica then tells her daughter that she is surprised to hear her say that.  She thought that Kendall would attempt to talk her into it.  Kendall tells her mother that she is right about this.  Erica informs Kendall that just last night, she saw Josh by Greg’s grave, and he was devastated.  The poor guy lives with this horrifying idea that his father was the sick fertility doctor and now has to grieve his death.  Kendall tells her mother that it will devastate Josh to know that Erica is the mother that did not want him.

At the station, Dixie tells Tad unless she is under arrest she is out of there.  He tells her that she cannot take the rap for some sick person who killed Greg Madden.  He tells her that SK will not be happy until she is on her knees begging for mercy.  Hearing that, Derek asks them if they are really ready to find the guy.  Tad goes to the door and writes “REDREM” on it.  Derek realizes that Tad is making a reference to Stephen King and the novel “The Shining.”  Derek is not amused but Tad and Dixie chuckle at their joke.  Tad and Dixie confirm that they do not care who killed Greg, nor do they have any intention of getting themselves in trouble.  Derek asks him if he’s pretending some crazy story from a Steven King movie occurred and if he thinks it’s all a joke.

After Josh treats Annie and assumes that her name is Virginia.  Jeff, in an attempt to find out what went wrong, notices that Josh administered additional Albuterol after she had taken that medication in her inhaler.  He tells Josh that in an attempt to save her, Josh overdosed her.  He demands to know what happened.

Julia goes to talk to Jamie.  She tells him she apologizes.  He tells her that she does not owe him an apology.  If she wants to cut Josh some slack that is her business and he doesn’t have the right to tell her she cannot, no matter how much he dislikes Josh.  She tells him that she knows the place that Josh is in.  He’s living with knowing that his freak father died alone.  He has to live with this dark and horrifying situation.  She knows it all too well.  She went there after Noah was killed.  If she had let herself feel what she really felt inside, she would have died and that is why she understands Josh’s behavior.

Jeff asks Josh if he read the chart before giving Annie (Virginia) the drug that caused her to crash.  He protests that he did and that there was no mention of the inhaler use on the chart when he saw it.  He says that the nurse must have put that notation in after he started to work with the patient.  Jeff asks which nurse.  Josh tells him that it was Julia Kiefer.

Kendall confirms to her mother that the decision she made when she was pregnant with Kendall and then, what she did when she was pregnant by Jeff, was something she had to do.  She tells her that she knows the emptiness that Josh will feel to know that he was not wanted.  She knows when you feel like that, there is a part of you that feels guilty or ashamed or like you are not worthy of love.  She knows it’s taken so much time and effort to get where they are now and they are finally ok.  She knows what it meant to her to be adopted, even though she grew up with a great family.  Josh does not have the memories of a good childhood like she had.  What’s more, he will find out that his biological mother intended to abort him.

Jamie tells Julia that she can feel the way she feels, in regard to Josh all she wants but she cannot expect him to feel that way.  She tells him that this whole thing is a bad idea.  The relationship they had so far is a mistake.  He tells her that he will never see it as a mistake.  He tells her he wants her and he wants this thing that they have and he does not want her to walk out on him or on this.

Lily returns inside and informs Jonathan that she’s made some big progress on her report but would like some suggestions from Erin.  She remarks that she cannot read his expression.  She knows he has something on his mind.  He keeps up his mental disability act for her and tells her he’s a little upset because the new manager at ConFusion does not like him.  She then confirms that she really understands what it is like to not be normal and that he makes her feel ok.  He then confirms to her that he will make certain that nobody will ever make her feel bad again.

Annie is in her hospital room; she opens her eyes and sees Terry standing over her bed demanding to know where his daughter is.

Derek tells Tad and Dixie if they want to make light of this and obstruct justice by playing some Steven King murder mystery, then he can confront them about that.  A homicide has been committed.  A man has been buried alive and he is determined to bring the murderer to justice with or without their help.  He gets a call and goes out the door.  Alone, Tad and Dixie smile at each other and confirm that they are on the same side.

Kendall confirms to her mother that Josh is family whether he knows it or not so they will do whatever they must do.  From the other room, they hear Spike awaken.  Kendall confirms that her son calls and she must be a mommy on duty.  Alone with Ryan, Erica thanks him so much for looking out for Kendall and for Spike.  He confirms to her that Spike is his son and always will be and a hundred tests will not change that.  She then turns to Zach and admits that she does not understand him but she knows how he stands up for her daughter.  She knows he loves Kendall and loves Spike and she appreciates that.  He confirms to her that he will always love Kendall.  Kendall returns to the room and Erica tells her that she is a wonderful mother and how proud she is of her.  Erica then goes out the door with Ryan.  Zach puts his arms around Kendall.  She tells him that he did it again.  He fought for her and Spike and her mom is right.  Spike is loved and she is loved more than she could ever imagine.  She loves her son regardless of who the father is.  She tells him that she knows that he did this for her and for Ryan and for Spike. 

Jamie and Julia are beginning to undress and are kissing in the hospital break room when they are interrupted by Josh, Jeff, and Joe.

Terry comes to harass Annie in her hospital room.  He demands to know where their daughter is.  Jamal comes in and punches Terry.  He falls to the floor.  Jamal holds Annie and she cries in his arms.

Erin brings a photo into the living room and tells Jonathan that this is a picture of Terry that she got from Emma.  Jonathan confirms to Erin that he’s afraid he knows who Terry is and where he is.

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