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All My Children Update Tuesday 7/18/06 


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JR tells Babe that he has to keep the CD so that nobody can steal it from him and use it to frame him for a crime he did not commit.  He asks her why she’d want a CD of Madden’s last words.  She tells him that whoever made this recording is probably the person who killed Greg Madden.  She asks him why he would not want her to have the CD if he did not do it.

In little A’s room, Krystal is ready to take her grandson away to protect him from JR.  Adam comes in and asks her where she is taking their grandson this hour of the night.  She informs him that she is keeping him safe because Babe just informed her that she might have to leave tonight so she is packing.  She admits that Babe did not tell her the exact details but she has evidence that JR very likely murdered Dr. Madden.  Krystal tells Adam that she is not going to let her daughter or grandson live with a murderer.

While Josh is refilling his father’s grave after having thrown his ashes in the ground, David Hayward comes by and offers his condolences.  He tells Josh that he believes it’s a real loss and that he thought very highly of Greg Madden.  Josh does not buy that and asks David what a sick nut job he is.

Ryan goes to Kendall’s and sees her crying and very upset while she holds Spike.  She informs him that she has just confirmed that this little boy is not his.  She went to the hospital and took the test.  She apologizes to him for doing that behind his back but she confirms to him that the test proved it.  Their baby is Greg Madden’s son. 

Zach goes to Erica’s and tells her that she must tell Kendall and Josh the truth.  Kendall is devastated by the belief that her son may be Greg Madden’s son when she has no clue that it’s entirely possible that he is not.  Erica tells Zach that she does not believe it will benefit anybody if they found that out.

Ryan asks Kendall how she got the DNA.  She informs him that she got it at the hospital from Josh.  She tells him that she is sorry.  She knows she should not have done it but she had to know and could not just leave things the way he wanted.  She instantly assumes that Ryan cannot love their son now that he knows that he could not possibly be his biological father.  She asks Ryan to give him to her.  She tells him she would completely understand if he left them and split town.  He assures her that he is not going anywhere.  This is his son, he tells her.

Jack and Jeff Martin agree with Zach that Erica needs to tell Josh that he is her son.  She tells the three of them that it will be a win-win situation for all of them if Josh knows who his biological parents are.  Josh obviously will not blame any of them but he will vilify her.  Jack tells her that she needs to do what is right for both Kendall and for Josh.  She tells her husband that of course she cares what is best for both her daughter and her son and she tells Jack that she thought he cared about her.  She reminds Zach that none of this would have happened if he had not caused the black out.  Had it not happened, Kendall would not have been forced to have her baby the way she did.  She tells the three men that none of them will ever have a clue what it is like to be a woman who has been violated by Greg Madden.  None of them will ever have to be publicly embarrassed and humiliated by admitting what has happened.  None of them will ever have to blame themselves and be blamed and judged by others because of Greg.  She concludes that for that reason, she won’t do it.  She won’t tell Josh that he’s her son.  Jeff asks her if that is really the way she feels.  She confirms that none of them will ever understand because it did not happen to them and never will happen to them but it did happen to her and to her daughter.  Jack goes to Erica and tells his wife that he will not let her go through this alone.  She tells Zach and Jeff that this will not benefit either Josh or Kendall.  She concludes that what they should do is have Ryan tested.  Then, if by some miracle it is proven that he is Spike’s father, everything will be ok.  Then they can tell her that Kendall needs to know the truth about Josh.

At the gravesite, Josh tells David that he thought that he was the selfish one.  He asks David why he pretends to care a bout Dixie and act like he wants to find her daughter.  David tells Josh that he does love Dixie and he is sincere.  Josh asks David how he can pretend to care about Dixie’s daughter when he does not care if his own daughter lives with a murderer.  Hearing that, David tells Josh that he is not done with JR.  He can promise that.

Babe tells JR that she knows that he has a terrible temper and acts before he thinks.  She can’t let him have the CD.  She believes that he will use it to hurt somebody.  He asks her why she cares about Josh.  She tells him it’s not about Josh.  Yes, it will protect him but it will also protect JR and his family.  She tells him that she really respects the fact that he’s making efforts to change but he’s still a hot head.  She believes that this CD is like explosives that need to be removed from his hand.  She tells him the farther away he is from the CD, the better.  He then concludes if it really makes her feel better and could keep little Adam safe, then he will hand it over to her.  He hands the CD to her.

Krystal tells Adam that Babe has made every excuse in the book for JR so if she has concluded that she has to leave him, she must have something really important.  Adam then asks Krystal of he can talk to Babe and find out what is going on.  Krystal tells her husband she has to get going and find her daughter.  She walks to the room and sees JR rifling through drawers and decides not to make her presence known to him.  She observes him taking a knife out of his dresser drawer and it just gives her more reason to believe that he is dangerous.  She picks up a vase and comes behind him and hits him over the head with it.  He falls to the ground.  She ties him up and demands to know what he did to Babe.  Adam comes rushing in behind her and asks her what she is doing.  Derek Frye comes to the door of the room and says that he wants an answer to that question as well.  She invites Derek Frey to come and hear JR’s confession.  Babe comes in and asks Krystal why she is doing this.

At Erica’s, Jeff reminds her that Josh is struggling with this, also.  He believes that his “father” violated Kendall.  He has no idea that she’s his sister and Erica must have consideration for her son at a time like this.

At Kendall’s, she notices that Ryan is not listening to a word she is saying nor does he seem to care that she’s informed him that Spike is not his child.  He tells her he hears her but does not care about the DNA test.  This baby is his.  He wants to be Spike’s dad.  He wants that.  He’s going to be there to watch him walk and learn to ride a bike.  He doesn’t want any harm to ever come to him.  He loves his son.  She then tells him she is sorry to have to ask this but she needs to know if he is saying all of this and doing this because he’s falling back in love with her.

Babe tells Krystal that she is really overreacting to have knocked JR out.  Adam and Babe help him to his feet.  He asks Derek what he’s doing in his room and what he missed.  Derek tells him that is the very question he is also asking.  Derek asks Babe what has happened.  Krystal informs him that she was watering flowers and the vase accidentally slipped and it hit JR.  He does not seem to buy that.  He has uniform cops come and search JR and Babe’s bedroom.  He informs them that he got an anonymous phone call and a tip about very similar transmitting equipment that was found in Greg Madden’s grave. The tip came from a clerk at an electronics store who said that JR Chandler bought the equipment.  Therefore, they have to look to see if anything like that is in JR’s possession.  JR laughs and tells Derek that he won’t find anything.  Derek says if JR has anything with Greg’s last words on it, he’s a major suspect.  JR looks at Derek in a way that reveals that he might be afraid of something Derek asks him what is going on.  JR turns to Babe and replies that he was just thinking what a great wife he has.

At Kendall’s, Ryan holds baby Spike and tells her that when Spike was born, he bonded with him and knew that he was his son.  He knows that this is real.  He seems to really love him and believe what he is saying to her.  He tells her that Spike will learn all about love and have the best family he can have and no DNA test can take that away from him.  He tells her that since that is the case, he cannot leave her and forget about Spike.

Erica asks Jack, Zach, and Jeff if they are implying that she does not care about her daughter.  Jack tells her that nobody is saying that.  She tells him that Zach is telling her that.  She tells him that she knows that it will ruin her life and Kendall and Josh’s lives will be turned upside down.  She asks the three men to never tell a soul about this.  She tells them they will regret it and she walks out.

Colby comes into the room and thinks that JR called the police on her about the blackmailing that she did.  She tells Adam, Krystal, JR, Babe, and Derek that she was able to blackmail JR and find out that he might very well have been guilty of the crime.  He agreed to meet the person who said they saw him and she caught him, red-handed carrying a briefcase full of money.

Jack, Jeff, and Zach are still not certain what they should do in regard to whether Josh should know that he is Jeff and Erica’s son.

Erica walks through the park and sees Josh at Greg’s gravesite digging in the ground.

Ryan tells Kendall that he realizes that they may be the poster child for dysfunctional families but he thinks he would be a good dad to Spike.  He also knows that Zach would be a great stepfather for him.  He tells her that both of them can teach Spike what he needs to do in order to survive.

Erica approaches Josh.  He sees her and tells her that he put his father’s ashes in the ground and he’s on the express train to hell.  Noticing how upset her son is, Erica tells him that she’s so sorry.  He tells her that she was right to have fired him.  She knows that the entire town judges him because of his sick father.  She tells him that he mustn’t believe that nor blame himself for what Greg did.  She tells him that he may just need time.  He tells her he does not believe that time is the ultimate healer for anything like this.  He tells her it makes his stomach turn to think of what his father went through when he was buried, but now that he’s found out what Greg has done to Kendall, he now believes that Greg deserves far worse.  He concludes to her that that must be the reason why she hated Greg so much.  He looks at her and tells her that he now understands and wholeheartedly agrees with her hate for Greg after what (he believes) Greg has done to Kendall.

At the Chandler house, Derek tells them all that they should seriously look into getting some counseling.  He leaves.  Adam privately asks his son if he did anything stupid that Derek could nail him for.  JR confronts his father for believing that he could do what Derek accused him of without even asking him first.  Adam and Colby leave the room leaving Krystal alone with Babe and JR.  She asks her daughter and son-in-law if anything has changed or if she will have to protect little A all by herself.

Josh informs Erica that he met Spike.  He really likes him and believes that he is a miracle baby but he is not Ryan’s son or even Kendall’s husband’s.  It’s not ok that his father did this to Kendall.  She says nothing to him at that point.

Jeff tells Zach and Jack that Josh needs to know the truth.

Erica tells Josh that Spike is related to him.  He tells her that he must have tons and tons of brother’s and sisters just like him.  Spike is only a drop in the bucket.  She tells him that there is nothing he can do about that.  All he can do now is take care of the family that he has.  Josh then asks her if she knows what this means.  He reminds her that he was his father’s first “miracle baby.”  He sounds sarcastic when he tells her that he was his father’s inspiration that made Greg have to recreate this over and over again.  She turns to him and tells him that she can’t let him do this.  He walks off and she stares at the ashes and tells Greg he is a bastard who, even though he is dead, is still ruining everybody’s lives.

Adam tells Colby that she is still committing felonies by blackmailing JR and stealing his money from the house.  She tells him that JR did not even bring real money to the “drop.”  So who is the criminal now?  He tells her that she does not need a car since she’s not even old enough to drive.  She tells him that she will soon be getting her learners’ permit and while he teaches her to drive, they can have some father-daughter bonding.  Shouldn’t he at least buy her a car so that she does not have to steal them?

Krystal demands that her daughter tell her what the secret is that caused her to go from trusting JR to wanting to pack her bags and never see him again.  Babe then informs her mother that she had some very incriminating evidence against JR but now he has convinced her that he did not do what she suspected and that he is being set up.  Krystal asks by whom.  Babe tells her that she thinks she has a pretty good idea.

Zach returns to Kendall and Ryan after unsuccessfully attempting to get Erica to tell her the truth about Josh.  Kendall informs him that she just told Ryan that he is not Spike’s father.  Ryan holds the baby, smiles and informs Zach that it does not matter.  He’s convinced Kendall that he will always be there for Spike and knows that Zach will also.  Zach then tells them that that is good and he informs Ryan that he happens to know that Josh used his own DNA along with Kendall’s for the testing of Spike.  Hearing that for the first time, Ryan has information that confirms why Kendall has the mistaken idea that Greg is Spike’s biological father.  He then gives the baby to Kendall so that he can talk to Zach alone about the secret.

After Babe has presented her case to her mother that there is no cause to suspect JR, Krystal confirms that maybe JR is not guilty of anything beyond being so easy to hate.

David stands alone in the park near Greg’s grave lost in thought.  It looks like he has a plan.

After Krystal leaves JR and Babe alone, he tells her that he will be eternally grateful to her for standing by him and not telling Krystal what she suspected.

Krystal returns to Adam.  He lets her hear him demanding that Colby get to bed.  She confirms to Adam that she is staying.  Babe has called off the alarm with JR.  He tells her he does not want to lose her.  She tells him he is not losing her.  She loves him.

Jack tells Jeff that he must realize that Erica has had to live with what Greg Madden did to her.  Jeff tells Jack that he knows that Jack could not stand by and do nothing when his daughter fled to New York and made a bad decision and he is going to do what he has to do in this situation as well.

When Kendall is out of their ear shot, Ryan tells Zach that if Josh’s DNA confirmed that he is related to Spike, then it might very well mean that Greg is not Spike’s father after all.  He asks if they should tell Kendall in order to end all of her pain.  Zach says that he cannot do that since he promised Erica that he wouldn’t.  Ryan agrees and admits that he did the same thing.  Right then, Erica comes in and confirms to them that she is ready to tell her.  Kendall enters and asks what they are talking about telling her.

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