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Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

At his condo, Ryan tells Erin that her houseguest is a fugitive. Erin says she's not a criminal. Erin asks if he trusts her. Annie says this is about her family. She has a daughter and her husband Terry molests young girls.

Jonathan and Lily are at Confusion, where they are going to be working. Lily tells Jonathan that the best thing about this job is being with him. Amanda tells them that the new manager wants to meet the employees. Terry is lurking around outside.

Annie says Terry is smart and charming. He hasn't harmed their daughter yet but she wonders what he'll see when he looks at her when she gets older. Ryan asks why she can't prove he's a predator. Annie asks when was the last time such proof dropped into his hands.

Babe is confronting JR about the CD she found in his drawer that has Greg Madden's voice. JR listens and discovers that Erica is really Josh's mother. He figures that whoever made this CD is the one who killed Madden. He asks Babe where she found it and she told him it was in his drawer. JR asks if she thinks he killed Madden. She asks who hated Madden more than him.

Erica goes home and tells Jack that she's very sorry. She doesn't want to shut him out again. He asks why she's trembling. She asks what if Greg Madden didn't just take her son but took much more.

Zach is at home holding Spike, knowing that Kendall is at the hospital getting the DNA results. Kendall and Josh are stunned after hearing the results that Spike and Josh have a DNA match. Kendall says that since she and Josh aren't related, it can only mean that Greg is Spike's father. Josh gets angry realizing that his father did everything people have said. He calls him a sick bastard. Kendall is at a loss for words. She stands up and tearfully says she has to go.

JR tells Babe that Josh could have hated his father more than he does. Babe tells him to get serious. JR says Josh would like nothing more than to nail him for murder so he can have Babe. He figures Josh planted this. Babe says Colby found it. She asks JR if she got him off for attempted murder just so he could go all the way.

Erica tells Jack that her daughter has to wonder if Madden did the same thing to her. She says she thought Greg Madden was gone from their lives but he's laughing from the depths of hell.

Jeff goes into the hospital sleeping room and finds Josh angrily throwing his clothes into a bag. Jeff tells Josh that no one is going to judge him on his father's actions. Josh refers to himself as the son of a sick freak and walks out.

Kendall goes home and finds Zach. As she cries, Zach hugs her. She looks at Spike.

Annie tells Ryan and Erin that everyone would gush over what a great husband she had. She says he coached soccer but the girls started leaving the team. She found files on his computer of hundreds of girls.

At Confusion, the new manager Willow has lined up the new employees and sizes them up one by one. She meets Del, Jamal and Amanda, telling her she needs more cleavage and less skirt. Willow is perplexed by Lily and Jonathan, who introduces himself as the bus boy. He introduces Lily as his wife. Willow asks Lily what she was thinking by marrying Jonathan. As she approaches Lily, Jonathan stops her and informs her Lily has autism spectrum disorder and doesn't like to be touched. Willow says this is not happening in her club. She says Confusion is a club about being cool and this is not cool. Jonathan defends Lily and Amanda says Lily is brilliant. Nevertheless, Willow fires Jonathan and Lily. Lily says they need this job. She'll now have to call her sister. Amanda informs Willow that Lily's sister is Kendall Hart Slater, one of the owners. Willow backs down.

Annie tells Ryan of a girl who Terry got drunk and took her virginity. Ryan asks why he isn't doing time right now. Annie says the girl denied it happened. She says she had to run and went to the Miranda center. Erin says for some people disappearing is the only way they can stay out of danger. She says Terry has hired a detective. Ryan puts two and two together and realizes that Aidan is the detective. Annie says she'll do whatever it takes to keep her daughter safe. She goes upstairs. Erin asks Ryan how he could be so cold. Ryan asks what if she is stealing the child.

Babe tells JR that this disk is all Derek Fry needs to put him in jail. JR says he'll take the disc to the police. Babe tells JR if he takes the disc to the cops they will think he murdered Madden. JR says he doesn't care about that. Someone wants her to leave him and have him locked up. Babe says she doesn't want to think he killed Greg Madden. JR says he'll destroy the disc but Babe insists he give it to her.

Josh is at the park where Greg was buried. He angrily digs, telling his father that he blew it for spreading his genes around. He says Chandler finally took him on and won, burying, torturing and killing him. He asks how many other little Maddens are running around. He calls his father sick and disgusting and beats on the ground with the shovel. He tells him to rot in hell where he belongs. Julia arrives as Josh prepares to dump Greg's ashes into the hole. Josh tells her she's just in time. Here's her chance to throw his father into the hole where he belongs. When Julia doesn't move, Josh asks what she's waiting for. He puts some dirt in her hand and screams at her to drop it on the grave. Then she can dance on top of it. Julia tells him she's so sorry.

Kendall tells Zach that Spike deserves more than this. He deserves Ryan. He deserves a father he can look up to. Now they will never have each other. Zach says Ryan loves Spike. Kendall says this will kill Ryan like it's killing Josh. Zach asks about Josh and Kendall says they used his DNA since Madden was cremated. Zach gets on the phone to call Ryan. He tells Kendall they need to do another DNA test now. Kendall takes the phone from him and says they already know Madden is Spike's father. Zach says there could be a mistake. Kendall says the truth is out and life must go on. Zach says this isn't over.

Zach goes to see Erica and tells her she has to tell Kendall everything about Josh. He says Kendall thinks that he is Spike's father because they used Josh's DNA. Erica asks what will her telling Kendall prove. Madden could still be Spike's father. Zach says Kendall is sobbing because she thinks it's reality. She'd rather hear that it could be the truth rather than it is the truth. Erica insists that if Kendall and Josh know the truth things could be much worse.

Erin asks Ryan if he thinks Annie is lying. Ryan suggests this could be her way of winning a custody fight. Erin asks him how he could think like that. Erin admits she broke up with Aidan because of this but it was for Aidan too. If his girlfriend was harboring a fugitive he could lose his license. She says the safety of woman and her child is her responsibility. Ryan says Annie can stay and he agrees to back off. Erin tells him he may be saving a little girl.

Jonathan asks Amanda to play some music so he can Lily can dance. As they dance, holding their hands out without touching, Terry lurks in the background. Amanda finds Terry, who says he heard the music and is desperate for some nightlife. Amanda says they won't open for several days.

Kendall is holding Spike, telling him that he will be loved every day. His daddy didn't want the test but will love him anyway. She cries, telling Spike she's so sorry. Someday the truth will break his heart, but they'll get through this.

Erica says if Kendall knows she'll want to tell Josh. He can't hear this because it would hurt too much. Jeff walks in and asks if she doesn't think he's hurting now. He tells Erica if she doesn't tell Josh he will. Erica says Josh will be leaving town and this will go away. Zach says Kendall is in pain now and she could help her. Erica says Jack knows she's right. She looks at Jack and realizes he disagrees. Jack says things have changed and Kendall needs her help. Zach tells Erica to tell Kendall before it's too late.

Ryan goes to Kendall's place and finds her tearfully holding Spike. "He's not your son," she says.

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