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All My Children Update Friday 7/14/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Babe sits alone in the dark at the Miranda center playing the tape where Greg was struggling to get out of the box and suffering until he died.

Kendall is in her home with baby Spike and we hear Greg Madden saying that she is unfit to be a mother so she had to give her baby up for adoption instead of raising him.. Right then, Erica comes to bring her daughter and grandson gifts. She looks happy and asks what is wrong with Kendall. Kendall does not admit to her mother what is going on. Erica tells Kendall that maybe she could have the nanny stay with the baby and she could take the day off to get a massage. Noticing that Kendall is not happy, Erica concludes that it must be Zach. And she asks her what he has done now.

While David is in the bar talking to women and trying to sell himself, we hear Greg telling him he has the morals of a jack ass and does not deserve to be a father. Then Zach walks in and Greg’s voice tells him that he could not be a worthy father to his son and he is pathetic. Right then, David comes and asks Zach if she stuffed Greg Madden in a box and left him there to die.

Right then, we see Josh and hear Greg’s voice, protesting that he gave Josh a quality life that his biological parents could not have given to him. At that moment, JR rushes in demanding that Josh tells him where Babe and little A are.

Right then, Babe is with her son at the Miranda Center, listening to the CD player of Greg’s voice when he was suffering and dying. She looks horrified, shocked and scared. Right then, Ryan enters and asks her what she is doing. He asks her if she is ok. She does not want to answer his questions and asks why he’d care. She knows he hates her for letting JR go free. Right then, Ryan asks Babe what JR did now.

David tells Zach that he seems to recall him asking David a lot of questions about Greg’s heart condition. He asks Zach why he’d care if Greg Madden lived or died and why he’d ask for David’s expert opinions about how or if he could survive under certain conditions. And right at the time they were having this very conversation, somebody buried Greg alive. He tells Zach he has to hand it to him. It’s pretty twisted. Zach tells David, that speaking of twisted, how is his situation with Dixie? David tells Zach he intends to be the one man in Dixie’s life who won’t let her down. Zach implies to David that he believes that it was he(Daivd) who buried Greg. Right then, Aidan enters and tells them that he also suspects David of killing Greg.

After JR demands to know where Babe and little A are, Josh asks JR what his problem is and tells him that he is not Babe’s keeper. He doesn’t know where she is. But he tells JR that maybe Babe finally saw the light about him and finally saw him for the cold blooded murderer he is.

At the Miranda center, Babe tells Ryan that she is there to see his sister and not him. He asks if it’s about domestic violence. She tells him that she is there to talk to Erin about business at Fusion. But he tells her that he does not buy that. He tells her he can see, by her expression, what fear looks like. She is right there, with her child at a place that takes care of women and children who are victims of domestic abuse. She tells him that he cannot put words in her mouth. JR has not laid a hand on her.. He tells her he wishes she would talk to him and tell him what is going on. He wants to protect her from JR. But she won’t talk. She picks up her son and leaves, concluding that it was a mistake to come there.

At Fusion, Di comes and tells Erin that she would like a job. Erin tells her that she would like to help her but they are fully staffed right now. Di informs Erin that she ran into Aidan and he told her that he and Erin broke up. She asks Erin what happened, remembering that Erin told her, not long ago, that Aidan was the one. Erin does not want to talk about that and tells Di that maybe she thought wrong.

After Aidan tells David he believes that he, not Zach, killed Greg, David tells them that if Zach would hide Dixie, it’s highly likely that he’d hide Greg. Aidan tells David that he believes that David did it because of his obsession about Dixie. David tells Aidan and Zach that the two of them need to go and play in their sand box.. Zach reminds him that all the suspicion points only to him. Zach gets up to leave and tells David if he harasses Zach’s employees again, he will be sorry.

At Kendall’s, she tells her mother if she has come there to trash Zach, then she can go home. But Erica tells her daughter that she did not come to talk about Zach. She just came to let her know how happy she is that she’s home. She also wants to make certain that this precious little one has everything he needs. So she asks Kendall to please open the present. And of course, it’s a framed picture of Kendall and Ryan. Kendall tells Erica that she never stops pushing. Erica tells her that she is not pushing. She just only wants what is best for her baby. They agree that when somebody has a new baby, they find themselves wanting to be perfect. Kendall tells her mother that she wants her son to grow up with trust and honesty and no secrets. Erica tells Kendall that she agrees. Kendall then asks her mother what her secret is. What does Erica know about Greg Madden that she is not telling her? Erica responds by telling Kendall there is no reason to talk about Greg Madden. He is gone and out of their lives. But Kendall knows that there is some sort of secret that has not died with Greg. Bianca also knows it. But Erica tells Kendall that there is no point in dwelling on this. She tells her that they should concentrate on this beautiful baby and look into his eyes. She goes over and smiles adoringly at Spike. Kendall then asks her mother whom she sees when she looks at him. Does she see his father’s face?

Ryan returns home and sees Annie. They confirm that Erin is still at Fusion. He tells her that he just wanted to grab a few things and then he will be gone. He asks where she was living before she came to Pine Valley. She replies that she’s been living many places. He asks her about her friendship with Erin and where they met. She doesn’t tell him very much and ask shim why he’s asking her so many questions.

After Di has asked her about Aidan, Erin evasively tells her that some of her relationships just don’t work out. Di tells Erin she knows that she has not had many relationships. And she wants to know why it did not work with Aidan. Erin tells Di that she found out that her life was taking a new direction and she found out that Aidan was not part of that direction. Hearing that, Di tells Erin that she is sorry. She thought that Erin and Aidan had something really serious and belonged together. Right then, Erin’s friend Jamal enters. Knowing that Di does not know him, Erin concludes that everybody is going to find out sooner or later and she goes over and kisses him passionately.

Aidan tells David that he wants to know what Greg said before he died. He confirms that if Greg had admitted where Kate was before he died, then she’d be found right now. David agrees but tells Aidan that since he knows nothing about it, there’s no point in playing detective. He tells Aidan he must realize if he had any information about Madden, that he would not share it. He tells Aidan that the person he should be questioning just went out the door.. And he tells Aidan that he will find Kate.

Erin introduces her new “boyfriend”, Jamal to Di. She tells her that she just didn’t know how to explain it to people, especially Aidan. Di then tells them that’s totally cool and that she must get herself to work. She leaves. Alone with Jamal, Erin tells him she is so sorry. She did not know that Di would appear and ask so many questions.

Ryan tells Annie that he thinks she remembers her from the senior ski trip. She confirms that that was her. And right then, Ryan is able to confirm that she is lying about her identity, when he tells her that he made it all up. There was no ski trip where he met her. And he asks her whom she really is.

Babe returns home and guards her son. Krystal comes in and asks her daughter what is wrong. Babe tells her mother that she has to get out of there right now and keep her son safe.. Krystal then asks Babe what JR has done.

Josh taunts Jr about how he has failed his marriage with Babe. He tells JR that he’s an unworthy husband. He bets that JR would beat Babe, get thrown in jail and lose his son

At Kendall’s, Erica wants to happily visit with Spike and asks Kendall why she cannot just chill out and let this whole thing go. But Kendall tells her mother that she knows that she has some terrible secret involving Greg. IT goes far beyond Greg’s “crush” on Erica and the things that Erica explains as the problem she has with Greg. She tells her mother she knows exactly what her secret is about. Unknown to Erica, Kendall knows nothing about Josh. It’s something completely different. Erica tells Kendall that it was just crazy talk. Kendall tells her mother that it was a shock when she found out. But she can love him, nonetheless. He still has Kane blood. Right then, Erica concludes that Kendall is talking about Josh and has found out that secret. Little does she know that she’s talking about her suspicion that Spike could be Greg’s biological child. Kendall leaves Erica and Zach alone to go to work. Erica tells Zach that she believes that he must have done it. He must have told Kendall the big secret.

Aidan runs into Di and asks her if Erin told her that they’ve broken up. She replies yes. He asks her if she knows the reason. She replies yes. And she met “him”

Alone with Jamal, Erin reveals that she has some sort of secret that they are keeping and not telling anybody.

After Ryan has found her out, Annie tells him that she will pack her bags and leave. She looks upset. He tells her that is not necessary. She can stay. But he wants to know if she’s gotten Erin into any sort of trouble.

Krsytal tells Babe that she must tell her what has happened. Babe then tells her mother that she believes it’s very possible that JR buried Greg Madden in the box in the ground. She picks up little A and tells her mother that they have to go. Krsytal tells her that she will go with her. Babe tells her mother she cannot ask her to give up her life because of this. Krystal tells her daughter that she cannot live in this musty house with a man who would hurt her daughter.

Josh tells JR that if Babe left, she did not leave because of him. Maybe she just came to her senses about JR. Right then, Kendall enters to talk to Josh. They both tell JR that he better get out of there. She demands that he leaves, reminding him that he almost killed her baby. Alone with Josh, Kendall asks him if he got Spike’s DNA results.

Erin returns home and notices that Ryan has something on his mind. He asks if they can talk. But she tells him that she has things to do. He tells her that he would like some answers about Annie. She tells him she does not know what he is talking about. He tells her that Annie has revealed that she is not whom they(Erin and Annie) have told him she is. So he asks her to tell him the truth.

JR returns to Babe and tells her thank God she is back. He hugs her. But he can tell by her expression, that she is very upset about something. She then shows him the CD player and tells him he either explains it to her or she is gone.

Zach tells Erica that he did not tell Kendall about Josh. She asks why, then, Kendall just spoke about welcoming a new family member who has Kane blood. She tells him if it’s not about Josh, then what was she talking about? At that point, Zach tells Erica that he can tell her something else about Greg. But he’s afraid she will freak when he tells her.

Josh tells Kendall that she may relax. That baby is Lavery’s. Her suspicion about his father is unfounded. He seems to know how to “convince” her of that with the help of his assistant. But little does he know the other secret, that he is Kendall’s brother and Spike’s uncle.

Aidan and Di concludes that since they have both been dumped, they should unwind and have some drinks together.

At Ryan’s he tells Erin that he knows that Annie is not her old friend from school, as they have falsely told him. Right then, Erin concludes to her brother that Annie is on the run. She’s been hiding her and will keep hiding her.

Zach informs Erica that he’s found out that Madden has many sick obsessions about inseminations. He went to the island and found out that Greg has gotten tons of women inseminated by himself.

Right then, Josh freaks when he notices, by the DNA resport, that Spike has many of the same genetic markers as himself. He asks Kendall how that could be if he and Kendall are not related. She has no clue.

We hear Greg’s voice explaining that he had to prevent Josh from knowing that Erica and Jeff Martin were his parents.

Erica expresses to Zach that she is shocked that Greg has done this dirty deed with many women and that her daughter might very well be one of them.

Josh concludes that the reason why HIS “genetic markers” are similar to those of Spike is Greg, (whom he still believes is his biological father) is, in fact Spike’s father.

Babe lets JR listen to the tape that confirms all of the dirty secrets that she has just found out from listening to the tape.

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