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Written By Jenn
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JR and Jamie continue to confront Colby about her involvement in the extortion scheme.  They ask her what she intended to do and she tells them that she was tailing them.  She tells them that she just wants to be a part of her brother’s life.  She tells JR she loves him and wants to help him.  JR takes her purse and searches through it, apparently looking for the device to disguise your voice.  He finds a driver’s license in her possession and they notice that it’s Babe’s.

Derek goes to the Fusion bar to question Babe about what she may know about the pen of JR’s that was found at Greg’s grave.  Amanda is also there and he reminds them both about JR’s violent drunken behaviors.  He could mow somebody down driving drunk and get away with attempted murder.  He asks Amanda if she remembers almost getting killed and if Babe remembers taking the rap for him.  He also tried to kill Babe and almost killed Kendall and her baby.  Derek also informs them that JR probably put Josh in a frozen meat locker in order to freeze him to death and he’s done countless other violent acts.  He asks the two young women if they really intend to enable JR to get away with another crime.

Kendall is at the hospital with Spike and she stops in to see Josh.  She tells him that she needs to get a DNA test in order to find out, once and for all, whose biological child he is.

Erica goes to Ryan’s office and expresses her concerns about what Zach could do with the information he has about Josh.

Zach and Dixie are in her room kissing passionately.  Meanwhile, Tad is out in the hallway waiting for an opportunity to go in and ask Dixie to forgive him for the manner in which she told her of Greg Madden’s death.  It looks like she is just as “occupied” as he is.  Inside, Zach and Dixie have no clue that they have been watched.  Zach detaches from Dixie and tells her that regardless of what has just happened, he is married and loves his wife.

After Kendall has demanded that Josh get to the bottom of Greg’s schemes and find out about Spike, they get into a conversation about who might have killed him.  Josh admits that there are many suspects.  Her mother is one suspect as are Dixie, Tad, JR, Zach, Ryan, and Julia.  He tells her that all of those people would love to dance on his father’s grave.  She then tells Josh she did not mean to upset him but she asks him if he does not want to know the truth just like she does.  Is his father also Spike’s father?  Josh indicates that there are things he knows but does not want to admit that he knows.  He tells her that all the rumors about his father are filthy lies.  She tells him, in that case, they need to put this to rest, once and for all and get an answer about Spike.

Ryan tells Erica that Zach gives her no cause for alarm but she tells him that she would not put it past Zach to let Josh know that she intended to abort him (Josh) in order to blackmail her.

Derek tells Babe and Amanda that he’s seen too many cases of women who put themselves in danger and make excuses for dangerous men.  She tells him that JR would not physically hurt her but Derek reminds her that the injury that happened to Kendall was meant for her.  She tells him that it was nice talking to him but she doesn’t want to continue that conversation.  He reminds her that many of the women who end up battered and bloody in the ER have nowhere to go.  They make excuses for the abuse and go back because they have no financial security and no other choices.  He asks her what her excuse will be and he leaves.  Alone with Babe, Amanda reveals that maybe she should consider Derek’s warning about JR.  It’s entirely possible that JR buried Dr. Madden in the ground but Babe tells Amanda that she knows that JR did not do it.  Amanda asks her if she really believes that and asks how she can be certain.  Does she have any proof?  Babe admits that she has no proof except JR’s word.

After JR and Jamie discover that Colby has stolen Babe’s driver’s license and credit cards, she tells them that it’s not like they have never had fake IDs.  She also assumes that she’s just gotten her hands on the money they were about to give to the extortionist but when she reaches in the bag, she finds out that there is only paper in rubber bands no cash.  She tells them that they are lying, cheating jerks.  JR tells her that she would steal from her own brother and asks what is wrong with her.  She reminds them that the moment she got into town, she ran into Josh’s father’s dead body in the ground and she finds out that the murderer is her own brother.  JR asks her why she had to steal money.  Why didn’t she just ask for the cash?  He asks her if she really believes that he is guilty.  She tells him that it’s entirely possible that he is not.  Maybe if he was, he’d have brought real cash to give to the extortionist instead of this scam.  She tells the two of them that she needs $50,000 and asks them what she needs to do in order to get the cash.

Babe tells Amanda that maybe she is delusional, a sucker for a handsome face, and naive and stupid, and an enabler of a criminal.  Amanda tells Babe she does not think that Babe is stupid but she needs to realize what JR is capable of.  She tells her that she knows that she loves JR but she must consider that he might have done it.  Of course, Babe would not want to believe that he could do anything so twisted.  Jonathan and Lily enter the bar.  They tell Babe and Amanda that they still feel like newly-weds because they are still in love.  They tell them that they are applying for jobs and wonder if something is available at Fusion.  Babe then tells them that she needs to finish her conversation with Amanda and then she can talk to them.  Privately, Amanda admits to Babe that she, herself, has never had a loving relationship and may not be the one to give anybody advice and she knows that Babe loves JR.  They both observe Jonathan and Lily and agree that they have a true love that most people only dream about.

Dixie asks Zach not to hold this against her.  He tells her of course not.  He tells her he must leave but to call him if she needs anything.  He leaves and Tad appears.  He asks her if that was a “Quickie” or if Zach did not come prepared.

Ryan reminds Erica that Zach could have pressed charges against her for stabbing him in the gut but he did not.  She tells him that that does not mean that she can trust Zach.  Zach only did that in order to score points with Kendall.  Ryan tells her that he still cannot see Zach as a danger to her or to Kendall.  She reminds him that he stabbed Ethan in the heart by marrying Kendall when he knew that his son was in love with her.  If he can do something like that, she’s very concerned what he could do if he got angry at Kendall.

At the hospital, Josh tells Kendall that he does not believe for a moment that Spike is his father’s baby.  She tells him she wants the test to find that out.  He tells her he cannot help her and that she may want to go to an independent lab and test him on her own.  She reminds him that this could be his brother and tells him that Zach and Ryan have no idea that she is doing this and are completely against it.  He then asks her if they are willing to love the child, no matter what, then why she can’t.  She tells him that is not the point.  She did not hate his father but rather she admired what Greg did.  He wanted her to give Spike up for adoption but she and Greg were not enemies nor does she believe that Josh is her enemy either.  He agrees that he is not her enemy.  She tells him, in that case, she needs his help in getting the DNA sample, but he seems to hesitate.  He shows her a black box and tells her that that is all that is left of his father.

Ryan tells Erica that so far there are a number of people who know her secret including Zach, Joe, Jeff, Tad, and Dixie.  He asks her if she is going to have them all killed because they have the means to spill her secret.  She tells him that this is not a joke.  Since Kendall is the mother of his child, whether he likes it or not, they are in this together.  He tells her that he thinks she is blowing this whole thing way out of proportion but she tells him that after JR almost murdered Kendall and her baby, he needs to rethink that.  Erica gets a phone call and excuses herself to take it.  Ryan says nothing but has a fantasy about Kendall coming to him, very upset and informing him, assuming he does not already know, about who Josh really is.  She informs him that Greg extracted the embryo that her mother intended to abort and put it into his wife, had her give birth to Josh, and has had him falsely believing he’s their son when he’s really Erica’s son and her brother.  On top of all of this, she’s found out that Greg is Spike’s father and Josh is Spike’s brother.  She is Josh’s sister and the mother of his brother.  She’s very upset and horrified in Ryan’s fantasy.  At that point, Ryan concludes to Erica, that he wholeheartedly agrees with her that Kendall cannot find out.  It will devastate her if she ever finds out.

Kendall reminds Josh that they were both witnessed a very mysterious conversation her mother had with his father.  They agree that neither of them have a clue what exactly Erica and Greg were talking about.  They both know that Greg has an obsession about Erica and maybe because he could not have a child with her, he inseminated Kendall instead.  Josh agrees with Kendall, that it is entirely possible that he did that to her.  He relents and agrees to have the test that will test to see if Spike is Greg’s son and his brother or if he is a Kane and a Lavery. 

JR and Jamie remind Colby that she has been stealing cars for a long time.  She reminds them that she is a prisoner.  JR tells her that she should be but she reminds him that nobody believes that she killed anybody.  She also reminds JR and Jamie that she cannot come and go as she pleases like JR can.  She cannot go and talk to her friends.  JR asks her if she has any friends.  She tells him that she is friends with Josh.  JR reminds her if she keeps this up, she could be sent to a girl’s school.  He tells her if she keeps stealing and committing fraud and playing all of them, their dad will have her in a uniform and dorky shoe and stuck in a convent before she can say boot camp.  Jamie tells her that she better stay away from Josh Madden.  They sound threatening.  She sarcastically thanks them for their support and understanding and she leaves.  Alone, they confirm that they are making up stories about the girls’ school.

At Fusion, Jonathan informs Babe and Amanda that Lily could do an excellent job handling all of their finances and numbers.  He tells them that she can keep track of every detail at the bar and prevent booze form getting stolen.  She admits that she cannot work behind the bar because she’s under age but she would prefer to work in an office instead of in the bar because there is less red.  Babe seems impressed.  She asks Lily if she would like to go and check out the office and see if she likes it.  Lily asks if that means that she and Jonathan are hired.  Babe tells her that she can use them both.  They go.  Alone with Jonathan, knowing that he is faking the “simpleton act”, Amanda asks him what he plans to do in order to earn a paycheck.  He tells her that he will be a bus boy or a warehouse laborer or janitor or whatever is needed in order to pay the bills.  She reminds him that with his previous achievements and corporate experience, he would be able to have more prestige and make more money.  He tells her that when he sees the smile that he can bring out in Lily, none of that matters.  Hearing that, she concludes that Lily is one lucky girl.

Tad tells Dixie that he still keeps trying and failing to find Kate and he implies that he is jealous of her involvement with Zach.  He mentions her “friend” in France and Hayward.  He tells her there is nothing like a little wild sex to make her forget about her missing daughter.  In response to that, she asks him if he forgot Kate when he was having wild sex with Adam’s wife.  She informs him that she stopped by his house and discovered that he had his hands full with Krystal.  She did not sleep with Zach and realizes he is a married man.  They get into an argument about how each of them made a mistake and who has been more “unfaithful.”

Zach goes to the hospital.  He stands outside the room where Kendall and Josh have agreed to get the DNA test on Spike.  Inside, Josh tells a lab technician that he needs the results as soon as possible.  She asks him what he will do to ensure that the results are returned quickly.  In the hallway, Zach tells Kendall he knows what she did.

Colby returns to the Chandler house and goes into JR and Babe’s bedroom.  She replaces Babe’s driver’s license, and starts to go through the other drawers.  She discovers a CD player and listens to it to see what type of music JR is currently listening to.  Instead, she finds Greg’s voice and a recording of his last will and testament.

Dixie tells Tad that she knows he was with Krystal and she does not really care and does not plan to tell Adam or anybody what happened.  However, she’d like him to do one thing for her.  He asks what that is.  She tells him they must stop “this.”  She wants to call a truce between the two of them until they find Kate.  He agrees to do that.

JR and Jamie brainstorm about what they are going to do and plan a secret scheme.

In Babe and JR’s room, Colby hears Greg’s recording of his last will and testament.  Babe walks in and asks what she is doing.  Colby tells her that she found Babe’s drivers’ license on the floor and put it back on her dresser.  Babe notices that JR’s sock drawer is open and asks why that is.  Colby tells Babe that she was just looking around to see what kind of music JR likes and thought she’d listen to the CD player.  She tells Babe that she didn’t hear any music but heard something very weird.  Babe asks Colby to give her the CD player.  She pulls out the CD and seems to wonder why JR would have this things stashed in his dresser drawer. 

Ryan tells Erica that he does not believe that Zach is the problem but he wants to help her get Josh out of town.  He agrees that it will be a disaster if Kendall ever finds out that Josh is Erica’s son.

Josh makes plans for a “hot date” with the lab tech so that he can get the results quickly.  Outside the door, Kendall and Zach go home with Spike

Babe listens to the CD and hears Greg gives his last will and testament.  He says to Erica, he wills her hate and torment from Josh, her only son.  Now, it looks like there is one more person who knows the secret.

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