AMC Update Wednesday 7/12/06

All My Children Update Wednesday 7/12/06 


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

JR finds Jamie at the hospital.  He informs him that somebody has claimed to be an eyewitness to Greg Madden’s burial.

Josh awakens in the hospital break room and believes he’s had an “intimate encounter” with Babe but he discovers that Colby has climbed into bed with him.  He gets up and freaks and demands to know what she was thinking.

Krystal returns home after being out all night.  Adam asks her where she was and what she did.  She relives sleeping with Tad and she informs Adam that she was out all night trying to figure out if she wants to stay married to him.

Dixie is very upset and depressed in her room after seeing Tad and Krystal together.  She sits there silently doing nothing.  Zach enters and asks her what is wrong.  She tells him that Kate is gone.  Zach understands that that is the only thing to make her upset and he tells her she cannot give up on finding Kate.  She raises her head to reveal that tears are streaming down her face and admits to Zach that she never thought it could hurt like this.

Babe works with the crew to get the bar set up at Confusion.  She sees a baby boy in a stroller.  She has no idea who he is and gets friendly with him.  Kendall tells her if she moves one inch closer to Kendall’s son, she is a dead woman.  Kendall approaches her and demands that she get her grubby mitts off her son right now.  Babe asks Kendall if it means that their kids will never play together.  Kendall tells her that the last thing she wants is anybody in Babe’s family dropping concrete over her head or her kid’s head.  Simone, Danielle, and Erin enter.  Again, Kendall gets all friendly with them and excludes Babe.  Babe informs them that they may have forgotten, but she has bartender experience.  Kendal tells her she remembers Babe slinging drinks to a bunch of low life bikers.  Babe then informs them that she has hired a new hostess.  It’s Amanda and Kendall demands that Babe get her out of there or there will be trouble.

Zach tells Dixie that there has to be a way that she can go back in time.  She tells him if she could go back in time, knowing what she knows now, she doesn’t think she’d fight so hard to live.  She tells him that she’s used up so much of her fight just trying to survive the car accident.  She tells him that she does not know if he’s ever been close to death but when it’s so close to you and you can taste it, it takes everything inside of you not to give up.  That veil of life is so thin you can slip right through it.  She tells him that with only one breath, you are gone.

Krystal tells Adam that she knew that he had a high price tag but thought that he’d be paying the bill.  He asks her what she is talking about.  She tells him that she’s put up with too much in regard to his kids.  He tells her that he does not feel guilty for loving JR or Colby.  She tells him she is not asking him not to love them but he lets them both get away with too much.  JR tried to kill her daughter and almost killed Kendall.  He probably killed Greg Madden and will get Babe involved in his problems again.  She tells him that the situation with Colby is out of control and that she has good reason to be questioning this marriage.  She knows if he were experiencing what she is now experiencing, that he’d be gone.  He tells her that all he could think about was her last night.  He panicked while she was gone.  He holds her and she tells him that no matter how much trouble he and his family are, she must admit that she loves the pants off of him.  As he gets closer to her, he can smell an unfamiliar smell on her.  The door bell rings and she opens the door to see Tad standing there.

Jamie tells JR that Josh might accuse them of killing Greg but he cannot prove squat.  JR tells Jamie they better hope that that is true.  They reveal that they obviously know something about Greg’s death and they also consider that the person who is calling JR and telling him they know what he did may not be Josh.

Colby tells Josh that she is just trying to “be nice” after his dad died such a terrible death.  He tells her that sneaking into his cot is not helping anybody.  He asks her if her brother put her up to this set-up.  She asks if he is gay.  He tells her to get lost.  She tells him she won’t and he can’t make her because her brother is on the board.  At that point, he picks her up and attempts to move her out the door.  She yells at him to put her down.  JR and Jamie are standing in the hall outside the break room.  Noticing Josh shirtless and carrying Colby and her demanding he put her down, it obviously looks suspicious.  JR and Jamie confront Josh.  He tells them that he knows that this is a set-up.  It was not bad enough that they tried to get him fired, but now they want to set him up by falsely accusing him of sleeping with Colby.  JR tells Josh that he will have him arrested for statutory rape since Colby is a minor.  Jamie asks Josh if he’s that desperate.  First, he paws Julia, and then he wants to get it on with Colby.  Josh tells them that he knows they killed his father.  JR and Jamie tell Josh that they can take his medical license and throw him in jail.  At that point, Colby asks them to shut up and she informs them that it was not Josh who initiated this.  It was she.

At Fusion, Kendall asks her babysitter to take Spike to the car and tells her she will be right there.  She tells Babe that the “playmate” goes.  Babe tells Kendall that that is not what Amanda is.  Kendall and the Fusion women talk about how Amanda is dressed like a slut.  Babe tells them that she asked Amanda to dress sexy.  She reminds them that the way to sell alcohol and make profits is to get men to come in the door.  They are the ones that buy the alcohol and the only thing that attracts them is the women there.  They need to have lady’s night and have sexy women at the bar.  The others admit that it might work but Kendall reminds Babe that she is forgetting about Bianca and Ryan’s proxy.  She votes on their behalf that Amanda goes.  Babe then thanks Amanda for her time, apologizes that she cannot hire her, and informs Kendall that it will cost $100,000 to get rid of Amanda.

JR tells Josh that it will be the last time he comes near Colby.  Josh tells JR and Jamie that it will be the last time that they set him up.

Zach can tell that Dixie has given up.  She tells him that she did not intend for Madden to die.  She wanted him to live and tell them what they needed to know.  He tells her that in spite of the fact that Greg is gone, Kate is still alive and out there and they cannot give up on finding her.  She asks him if he has any idea how exhausting and next to impossible it is to find her.  He tells her he knows that something has happened and asks her what.  She tells him that she is now convinced that she is a big problem to her family and loved ones and that that it’s a lost cause to find Kate.  He tells her that he won’t let her give up.  She also won’t get any sympathy from him.  He reminds her that her son almost killed Kendall and her baby.  He lost his son and would give anything to have him back.  He tells her she has a lot to be grateful for.  She tells him he may be right.  He then asks her what she believes is the worst mistake of her life.  She replies it was signing those papers to give Kate away.  He then asks her why she is doing that again.

Tad tells Krystal that when he found out that Madden was dead, he was lost beyond hope and she encouraged him to get over that hollow empty feeling in his stomach.  She showed him that although there are terrible things in this world, there are also things worth fighting for.  He tells her that he intends to find Kate and bring her home, no matter how long it takes.  He tells her she is the reason.  She talked him “off the ledge” and encouraged him.  Adam enters and asks Tad how his wife managed to do that.  At that point, Krystal admits to her husband that she spent the night with Tad.

Babe informs Kendall that $100,000 of Fusion money is paid to the order of Ms. Amanda Dillon.  Kendall grabs the check out of her hand and tells her this is a joke.  Babe informs them that as part owner of the club, she can hire and fire the same way all other owners can.  She tells the women of Fusion that she has drawn up a contract with Amanda where, in order to sever their agreement and get rid of her, they have to pay $100,000.  She proves that there is no way they can prevent her from doing that.  Amanda then admits to them that she has had work experience.  She realizes that they will never forgive her for what her mother did but she could get a good reference from Dr. Madden.  The women tell her that that is crazy but they agree that maybe Amanda could be good for business for many reasons.  Kendall agrees but asks to have an interview with Amanda.  She takes Amanda aside and tells her she can make herself useful by giving her information about what Dr. Madden might have shared with her when they worked together.  She asks Amanda what Greg might have told her about “his children.”

Josh tells JR and Jamie that this little stunt with their kid sister will blow up in their faces.  JR asks Jamie if the cops will buy his accusations of them.  Jamie replies that seduction of a minor could get Josh into serious trouble and more trouble than any accusation he can make of them.  An orderly enters and asks Josh if he needs any help.  Josh tells him that these two got lost on their way to pediatrics.  They are in need of a good child psychiatrist.  They leave and the guy gives Josh something.  He tells him that he was told to hand deliver this to him.  It looks like a little black box, possibly Greg’s ashes.

Zach tells Dixie that it’s entirely possible that Kate will find her way back to her mother and the first thing she will ask is why Dixie gave up on her.  Dixie cries and tells him that’s ridiculous.  She doubts that will ever happen.  He asks her if she plans to give up and how long she wants to sit and feel sorry for herself.  He asks her if she really knows what it will mean if she gives up on Kate.

After Adam finds out that Krystal slept with Tad the previous night, he asks them why.  Tad then steps in and tells him that he was very depressed about not being able to find Kate.  Krystal really helped him.  He then tells Adam that maybe he owes him an apology for keeping Colby away from him.  He now knows what it’s like to lose your child.  Adam apologizes to Tad for his loss of Kate but he appears interested in what Tad and Krystal did the night before.  Tad tells him that all Krystal did was encourage him to stop feeling sorry for himself and get him back on track to find his daughter.  He tells Adam that he thought that perhaps JR would want to help in that effort.  Adam tells Tad JR probably will want to help find Kate but he’s not there now.  Tad asks Adam to let JR know he came by and he leaves.  Alone with Krystal, Adam tells her that he had no idea that she actually had the magic touch to turn Tad around last night.

After Josh leaves, JR says that he would like to meet him someday in a dark alley where he would take care of him.  Jamie tells JR he hates Josh, probably more than JR does.  He has to deal with him every day at the hospital but he doubts that Josh is really messing around with Colby.  JR gets another call from the “extortionist.”  They tell him that he has to meet them and drop off the agreed upon amount of money in a dark alley.  He gets off the phone and Jamie asks him what the extortionist said.  JR informs Jamie that he’s going to drop off money in a dark alley and he smirks, concluding that he may have “gotten his wish.” 

At the Fusion bar, Amanda tells Kendall that as far as she knows the only child whom Dr. Madden has is Josh.  Kendall tells her if she is lying or withholding information, she will regret it.  Amanda tells Kendall she is not lying.  Kendall asks Amanda if Greg mentioned anything to her, even in joking about being a donor.  Amanda says no but she does admit to Kendall that when she was considering being a surrogate, Greg did tell her that the donor was brilliant.  Other than that comment, he never mentioned the donors at all.  Kendall gets up to leave.  Babe asks Amanda what the conversation was about.  Amanda informs Babe that Kendall wanted to pump her for information about Greg.  There is suspicion that he wanted to inseminate tons of women and father tons of babies.  Babe admits that she’s heard about that.  It’s really creepy, Babe says and so was Greg’s death.

Zach tells Dixie that he won’t let her give up.  She tells him that she cannot go through any more of this jumping every time the phone rings, hounding anybody that appears to be a lead, and staring at every little girl she sees on the street that looks like she could be Kate.  She tells him she does not want to do that anymore.  She just wants Kate back.  Zach then goes toward the door.  She asks him to wait.  She tells him that she is very grateful to him for helping her.  She asks him to please not go and tells him she needs him.  He comes back to her and they join hands, then they kiss.  Tad is out in the hall and can see them kissing through the open doorway.

JR and Jamie go to meet the extortionist in the alley.  They put the money in the dumpster as directed, and hide to try to catch the blackmailer.  They grab the darkly clad figure and discover that it’s Colby.  Of course she denies it.

Derek comes to find Babe at Fusion.  He asks her if she recognizes a pen that he found in Greg Madden’s grave.  She admits that it’s JR’s.  She asks him if he is accusing her husband of murder.  He asks her if she is covering for him.  She tells him that maybe somebody is setting JR up.

JR confronts Colby.  He tells her that he knows that she steals cars and is probably now committing extortion so that she can afford to buy a car.  She then tells him that she had no clue that somebody is motivating him to give them money because of the Greg Madden murder investigation.  In realizing that he was actually willing to pay them off, she concludes that that must mean that he really did kill Greg Madden.

Kendall takes Spike to see Josh at the hospital.  She tells him that she needs to find out, once and for all, who is the father of her baby.

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