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All My Children Update Tuesday 7/11/06 


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

JR finds himself in a coffin and hears a disguised voice tell him that she/he knows what he did and he is doing it to him, now.  JR realizes that he is buried alive in a coffin just like Greg Madden was.  He screams and wakes himself up. 

Dixie goes to the Chandler house looking for JR.  Adam answers the door and tells her that she is not welcome in his house and she cannot see JR.  She tells him whether he likes it or not, she is determined to see JR.  He asks her if that’s because he is the only child she has left.  He reminds her that she’s already taken Tad’s child.  She’s not going to take his, as well. 

Tad is outside on his porch, depressed, not talking, or doing anything.  Krystal comes to talk to him and he tells her he does not want to talk to her. 

In Kendall’s home, Zach holds baby Spike and seems to have no worries.  Across the way, in Ryan’s condo, he answers the door to an upset Kendall.  He asks her what is up and if Spike is alright.  She confirms that he’s fine but she’s concerned about “who” Spike really is.  Ryan then tells Kendall that she can be assured that Spike is not Madden’s son.  Hearing that, she asks him how he can be certain.  Does he have proof?  He tells her that she cannot torture herself with “what-ifs.”  Spike is their son.  He is happy and healthy, and whatever worries she has about Greg and what he’s done, he’s out of their lives and she must let it go. 

Babe and JR wake up in the middle of the night.  He has not been sleeping.  She admits to him that the thought of Greg Madden being buried alive is a horrifying thought.  He asks her if she believes that he’s guilty.  She tells him he need not worry about it.  He tells her that he wishes she would believe that he did not do it.  He tells her he wants to assure her that everything is ok and so that he will have no more nightmares.  He tells her he loves her and they must go back to sleep.  He does not tell her anything about his dream

When Adam realizes that Dixie is not going to leave, he tells her that he fully understands what is going on with her right now.  She asks him why he is playing her by suddenly acting nice to her.  He tells her that he understands why she did what she did to Greg.  He tells her if anybody had done that to his child, no punishment would be enough for him.  He tells her he believes that she killed Madden. 

Tad tells Krystal that he does not feel as though Madden is the monster here.  He is.  She wonders just what he is talking about. 

When JR attempts but fails to sleep, he notices somebody come to the door in the dark.  He rushes out of bed to push them out of the doorway.  Is it just another nightmare?  No.  It’s Colby. 

Kendall tells Ryan that Zach told her that it’s entirely possible that Spike is Madden’s donation.  Ryan assured her that it does not matter.  Spike is her child with Ryan and Zach’s stepson and that’s all that matters.  Ryan then tells her that she should listen to Zach.  She tells Ryan that it’s entirely possible that the very reason that Greg rushed her into having the insemination on that night was so that he could implant her with his sperm cell. 

Colby tells him she has this “problem” with sleep-walking and she cannot help it.  JR tells her he does not buy that.  He believes that she is sneaking into their room, possibly to steal from him while he and Babe sleep.  She tells him that he is treating her like a child and he’s behaving like an old fogey.  She reminds him that she is not a baby.  She is a young adult.  He tells her he knows that she’s been stealing cars and he knows, all too well about teenage girls like her.  He leaves and Colby tells Babe that she needs some money.  Babe plays the parental figure to Colby and tells her there are some things she has to get straight.  There are some rules for living there.  Colby then reminds Babe that she (Babe) knows all about breaking rules. 

Adam tells Dixie that they both love their son and they have made enough mistakes that JR has suffered for.  Hearing that, she tells him that they have had this conversation one too many times.  He tells her that JR was getting his life together but everything went to hell when she came back to town.  He started drinking again.  He tried to kill his wife.  He put a pregnant woman in a coma.  Adam tells her that if she cares about her son, she has to do something about it because there are people who would like to put JR away for life.  She asks Adam if he believes that JR killed Greg.  He tells her that’s why she has to confess. 

Colby reminds Babe about what happened when JR first brought her (Babe) home.  She says she remembers Babe being a bad influence on her.  She also knows that Babe slept with Jamie and kept JR’s son from him.  Babe admits to Colby that she has made a lot of mistakes.  Colby reminds Babe that JR tried to kill her and almost killed Kendall.  Yet Babe saved him from the consequences of his actions.  Babe tells Colby she did not save JR.  He saved himself.  He’s stopped drinking and has been getting his life together.  Colby says that she hopes she can find a rich hunk for herself, like Babe has found. 

Dixie tells Adam that JR did not kill Greg Madden.  Adam tells her she must realize how desperate JR is.  She tells him she believes their son is past his violent phase but Adam tells Dixie that she must wake up and realize that JR would do whatever he needs to do in order to win her love.  He also taunts her about her relationship with Tad and her relationship with David Hayward. 

Tad tells Krystal that he could blame Dixie, or blame Madden or point the finger at anybody but he realizes there was only one thing that made it possible for Dixie to let Greg steal their child.  It was because of him and what he put her through.  He also reminds Krystal that Hayward manipulated her into bed.  As a result of that, of course, he had to let her go.  Krystal tells Tad that it is never easy.  He reminds her that he and Dixie had one more beautiful night together.  They could have made everything right but, of course, he could not do it.  He remembers the first time Dixie got pregnant.  He worried that he would lose Dixie because her health couldn’t withstand a pregnancy.  She had a miscarriage and he had to do the same thing when Dixie got pregnant with Kate.  He asks what kind of a man would have told a woman she cannot have a child.  Krystal tells Tad that he did what he did out of love.  He reminds her that if he loved Dixie, he would have been there for her.  She tells him that there is no sin in his wanting his wife alive and not at risk from a pregnancy.  He tells her that Dixie signed away their daughter.  She decided that it would be better to give Kate to strangers than to a bitter ex-husband who would blame her for the rest of her life for Kate’s death.  Hearing that, Krystal asks if there is a shovel.  He asks her what she is talking about.  She tells him that he is digging his grave so she asks him if he wants his own grave or if he wants Greg Madden’s. 

Adam tells Dixie that now is her chance to make up for all the times that she has failed with JR.  She can wipe the slate clean by confessing to what he seems to believe that JR did.  JR enters and tells his mother no.  He won’t let her do that. 

Ryan tells Kendall that he loves Spike and loves her and that is why he wants to raise Spike with her.  They are a family.  He wants to raise him and see him through college.  He wants to be there with her and their son and nothing can change that.  Zach comes out and he and Ryan confirm that they are on the same page and working together.  She tells the two men that she is really happy and believes that she and Spike are very lucky to have them both.  Ryan tells her that Spike deserves the best but she admits to them that this fear that Greg could still be the father makes her feel violated and used.  She realizes she was not raped like her mother but she remembers every time her mother looked at her, all she saw was the memory of the rape.  She hated her mother for that, and asks what if Spike sees that very same look in her eyes every time he sees her.  She does not want her son to grow up hating her. 

Krystal tells Tad that she believes that both of them are the type of people who love within an inch of their lives.  If somebody tries to take anybody away from then that they love, they will give Satan a run for his money.  So she tells him he cannot blame himself.  He should blame the whack doctor that took his daughter from him.  He reminds her that that whack doctor was the only hope he had for finding his daughter.  Hearing that, she emotionally tells him that she knows that he will never give up until he finds his daughter.  She knows that that is who he is.  She cries and admits to him that when she first came to Pine Valley, she was ready to give up on love and give up on men but he gave her the courage to realize that there was hope and there was a man worth loving.  He was the first man she loved and she still does love him. 

Babe tells Colby that she does not get to come in there and slam on people and steal from this house.  She tells her that she needs to show a little respect and reminds her that she needs to remove the slut make-up and clothes and get to bed.  Colby has to have the last word and mouths off to Babe. 

JR tells Adam and Dixie that he did not put Madden in that box.  Dixie admits that she believes him but he can tell that his father does not.  Adam reminds his son that he must know that the police are already building a case against him.  He asks JR if there are any witnesses that can protect him.  JR confirms that there is Babe.  Adam concludes that with only Babe as an alibi, JR won’t have a case.  JR then asks his father to let him talk to his mother alone.  Dixie tells JR that she knows that he didn’t bury Madden and she will prove it.  When Adam hears that, he tells Dixie that he KNEW that she was really the one who buried Madden.

Zach tells Kendall that Spike will never hate her.  She tells him that he does not know that.  Ryan assures her that the three of them are Spike’s parents and he will love them regardless of anything else.  She tells them she realizes that but she has her worries.  Ryan then tells her that Spike will grow up with everything he needs.  They can all be a family.  Kendall then confirms that they can do this and the whole thing with Dr. Madden is out of her head.  Right then, they hear him cry.  She hugs both men and she confirms that they really are a family and they really can do this. 

Dixie tells Adam that he is so one track.  He tells her he does not hear her deny that she killed Greg.  JR tells his father he has to say good-night.  Adam concludes that maybe they will think more clearly when they get some sleep.  He leaves JR and Dixie alone.  JR then asks his mother if she really knows who murdered Madden.  She tells him she will not let him down this time.  He tells her he will not let her go to prison.  He will not lose her again.  She promises him that she won’t.  She hugs him.  He asks her what she plans to do.  She tells him that she will go to Tad.  He asks if Tad is on his side.  She tells him that nobody will go after him without going through her and Tad first.  She tells him that he must promise her not to talk to Derek or anybody else without a lawyer.  He promises her.  He then tells her he loves her.  She tells him she loves him too and they smile. 

Krystal tells Tad that he is a man who loves in the right way and if anybody or anything gets in his way, he will do whatever it takes to get them out of his life.  He tells her that nobody can love him.  She tells him he mustn’t ever tell her she is a fool to love him.  At that moment, he kisses her, passionately. 

At Kendall’s, Ryan tells Zach that they need to go outside and have a cigar.  Kendall tells the two of them they can go outside to smoke.  She sits inside and holds her baby.  Outside, Ryan privately asks Zach if he believes that Kendall is really willing to “drop” this whole thing about Madden.  Zach tells Ryan hopefully, she will.  Inside the condo, Kendall’s expression reveals that she still has her doubts. 

JR asks Babe how things went with Colby.  She tells him that Colby is pure Chandler but she thinks she talked some sense into her.  Little do they know, however, that Colby has taken Babe’s credit cards and ID.  Colby is going down the stairs and takes off her bathrobe when she gets to the bottom of the steps.  She is dressed to go out and she looks at Babe’s driver’s license and says that she can easily pass for Babe and goes out the door. 

Alone in bed, JR hears the voice telling him they know that he’s done it and he’s going to pay.  Babe hears Colby telling her she hopes she gets lucky like Babe did and finds a totally rich, hot hunk. 

Tad and Krystal are getting passionate on the couch.  Dixie walks in, sees them together, and is shocked. 

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