AMC Update Monday 7/10/06

All My Children Update Monday 7/10/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Ryan goes to the condo he owns and sees a shadow. He grabs a fireplace poker and tells whoever is hiding to come out now. Ryan announces he has a weapon. A woman's voice asks who he is. He identifies himself as the owner of this place. The woman walks out of hiding and says he must be Erin's brother. She introduces herself as Annie. She says Erin told her that he would be gone.

Tad is lounging on his patio thinking about Kate and Greg Madden's death. Jeff arrives and asks if it could get any worse than this. Jeff tells Tad that he lost a daughter and he has a son he may never be able to claim.

At the park, JR appears confused by a distorted voice on his cell phone accusing him of burying Greg Madden alive. The caller tells JR he saw him and has proof. JR rebuffs him and tells Babe this is some crazy kid with a voice distorter. The caller demands $50,000 in return for the proof. He says he'll call JR back to set up a drop off. The caller hangs up and Babe asks JR why he's so shook up. JR says it's just this place. He suggests they leave.

At the hospital, Erica pretends not to understand when Zach says he knows her secret about Josh. Zach says he saw a video made by Madden confessing that Josh is Erica's son. Erica asks Zach about the video, and he says he saw it in a private office on Madden's secret island. Erica says that was a while back and wonders why he's telling her this now. Is he trying to blackmail her to get something he wants? Zach says he's not blackmailing her. He says Madden took the disc and he's sure he destroyed it. Zach promises to keep Erica's secret.

Kendall says it can't be true that Greg used his own sperm when impregnating women. Josh says Jamie and Julia swear it's true, just like their story of his father having a secret island for surrogate mothers. Kendall glares at Josh and says she's been to that island. If that's true, maybe everything is true. Josh says people keep piling on lies to tear his father down. He apologizes for bringing this up and leaves. Kendall looks at Spike and says he has Ryan's chin. She asks Spike to tell her that he is Ryan's son.&# 9;

Annie tells Ryan that her daughter Emma is sleeping in his guest room. She says Erin invited her to stay. Ryan shows Annie pictures of Spike and she admires them. Erin walks in. Ryan asks Erin how she knows Annie. Erin says they met in college. While Ryan goes upstairs to get something, Erin apologizes to Annie but says Ryan is cool. Erin says this is the safest place in the world for her. Annie tells Erin her brother cannot find out the truth.

Di goes to Chandler Mansion to see Krystal. Di asks her how much she still loves Tad. Krystal informs Di she's happily married. She says she and Tad had a history and they're friends. Di says if it wasn't for her Krystal and Tad would probably be married. She reminds Krystal that she backed away from Tad after she came into the picture and pretended to be Dixie. Di tells Krystal that Tad needs her help. He's all twisted up over Dixie and Kate. He needs someone who knows how kind and honorable he is. Di says she's never seen Tad like this before. She says he is in a free fall and needs her. Krystal tells Di that she and Dixie broke Tad and they can pick up the pieces.

Jeff gets out a chess set to play with Tad but Tad pushes it to the ground. He tells Jeff that he has to tell Josh that Madden wasn't his father. Jeff asks how this could affect Josh. He wonders if it should just be left alone. Tad says he can't continue this lie as lies will kill him. Jeff's phone rings and it is Josh calling asking to talk.

Zach returns home with Spike's prescription and finds Kendall distressed. Kendall asks Zach what if Spike is Greg Madden's child. Zach asks what she's talking about. Kendall tells Zach what Josh told about Madden using his own sperm for artificial inseminations. Greg tries to calm her concerns, saying Madden was a father and would not have done such a thing. This calms Kendall, at least temporarily. She tells him he's right.

Ryan comes back downstairs, writes down the phone number of his new place and gives it to Erin before leaving. Annie offers to find a new place for her and Emma but Erin reassures her that Ryan will not get involved.

Babe and JR arrive home and are getting ready for bed. JR is making advances but Babe is resisting. JR tells her he didn't bury Greg Madden. Babe says she wants to trust him. Later while lying in bed, JR thinks about the strange call he received.

Erica finds Josh at the hospital and says she's very sorry about his father. Josh retorts "like hell you are." He accuses Erica of wanting this. Erica pleads with him to accept her condolences. Josh says he's going to make sure the cops are all over this. He asks if she's ever seen a body of a man buried alive. He says his father's hands show he tried to scrape out of there. Josh says he's going to make sure his father gets the honor he deserves. Jeff arrives to talk to Josh, immediately worrying Erica. Josh tells Jeff he wants him to tutor him and admits to being a jerk. Jeff suggests they talk in his office. When Erica tries to intervene Jeff ignores her.

Tad is by himself on his patio when Krystal arrives.

Ryan arrives home to his condo across from the condo of Kendall and Zach. Kendall steps out in her slinky robe and tells Ryan that she needs him.

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