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All My Children Update Friday 7/7/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Kendall asks Zach at home if he buried Greg Madden. She says their entire future is on the line. The man died, she said. Zach says it's a good thing then that he didn't bury him. Kendall asks if Dixie did, but Zach says Dixie is as innocent as he is. Kendall wonders if Zach is trying to protect Dixie. Zach says he didn't bury Madden and didn't help Dixie. They looked for him but didn't find him. Kendall says she believes him and apologizes. Zach says if they had found him the end result would be the same.

Colby tells Adam that JR killed Dr. Josh's dad. Adam tells her not to say that. He says Jr didn't kill Greg Madden. Krystal realizes that Babe left with JR and gets worried. She calls and leaves a message for Babe. Adam tells Colby that JR is Pine Valley's designated scapegoat. Colby says JR is probably upset that JR has the hots for Babe.

At the police station, Josh demands Derek arrest JR for murdering his father. Josh says JR wanted him dead. Derek asks why JR would do this. Josh explains that JR thought his father stole Dixie's child. Derek thought Dixie's baby died in the crash, but Josh fills him in. Josh says JR wanted to force his father to talk and left him to die. Josh says his father did not steal Dixie's child and Dixie slandered him.

Babe tells JR at the park that she knows how much he hated Josh's dad. Jr says he gave her many reasons to think he could kill someone, adding that Madden got what he deserved. Babe asks if he's the one who gave it to him. She knows JR and Jamie have been keeping a secret. JR insists he didn't kill Madden. Babe says she thinks they did something that involves Madden. She wants to know what they did. JR says he and Jamie came up with a plan to make Madden talk. He thought they would be able to bring Kate home. Babe wants a straight answer on what they did.

Erica is appalled that Jack would think she buried Greg Madden. She plays along, telling Jack she decided to bury Greg alive. Jack tells her she can't be serious. Erica says she made some connections with people who could help then lured him into the park. She gave him a fast-acting drug that rendered him unconscious. Then she dug the grave and put him in it. She tells Jack to call Derek and have her locked up. She'll get taken away and he'll be free from the awful wife who keeps secrets from him. She then swears to Jack she had nothing to do with Greg's death, but kudos to whoever pulled it off.

Kendall realizes that they forgot to fill a prescription for Spike. Zach takes it and leaves for the hospital to fill it.

Josh tells Derek that JR left him to freeze in a meat locker and Jamie was in on it. Derek questions him for details. Josh says Babe got him out and knew he was there. Derek says forensic is going over the evidence from the coffin and warns Josh not to play vigilante.

JR tells Babe he didn't bury Greg Madden. Babe asks why it was so hard to say that. Why did he talk around it. JR says he's not going to tell her their plan. They weren't plotting murder, but they weren't going to take it easy on him. He swears he didn't kill Madden. Babe smiles and hugs him, saying she believes him. Derek arrives and asks if they're returning to the scene of the crime to celebrate. He asks JR where he was when Greg went missing. JR says he and Jamie were looking for Madden to question him. Derek asks JR about Josh's claim he put him in the meat locker. JR denies doing it. Derek says Babe freed Josh. Babe says she heard him calling for help. JR says Josh wants him locked up so he can get his claws into Babe. Babe tells Derek that Josh has never been shy around her. She says he hates JR. Derek says he'll be in touch and leaves. JR thanks Babe for backing him up, but Babe tells him she doesn't like lying to the police. While he didn't put Josh in the meat locker he was with Jamie when he did it. Babe feels weird because she was at this very spot where Madden was buried with little Adam. She says she knows he was a terrible person but imagine what he went through. JR says madden got what he deservse.

Erica accuses Jack of not being sure she had nothing to do with Madden's death. She says the night he went missing she was unconscious because he drugged her. Jack says he's not sure she was drugged at all. Erica says how dare he accuse her of lying. Jack says since Madden came to town and she realized who he was Erica has shut him out. He just needs to know that she told him everything. Erica says she'll put all the cards on the table. She admits she has big concerns about him too.

Krystal asks Colby if she'll leave the room so she can have privacy with her father. Colby resists, but leaves. Krystal tells Adam that they have to find JR and Babe. JR is on the short list of suspects. If he killed Madden she needs to know for Babe's sake. She says if JR killed that doctor, she, Babe and little Adam will move out of here. Adam says he won't let her go. He walks out and Krystal tries calling Babe again.

Someone knocks on Kendall's door. She thinks it is Zach and is surprised to see Josh. She tries to tell him that she's busy but he insists on talking to her. He tells her JR killed his father. He asks her to help him nail the bastard. Kendall says if it wasn't for Greg she wouldn't have her son and she'll always be grateful to him. Josh says if JR had been in jail where he belonged his father would be alive. Kendall says she'll help Josh take JR down. She says nailing him won't be easy, though. Kendall turns to Spike. Josh says he wishes his father could see Spike. He loved babies. Josh says his father was a pioneer but people kept trying to bring him down. Some even had him doubting. He tells her about a lie spread by Jamie and Julia that his father was the number one donor. Kendall asks what that means. Josh explains that Jamie and Julia accused his father of being the only donor for the surrogate mothers. Kendall looks at Spike.

Erica runs into Zach at the hospital. She asks him if he's waiting for her to show gratitude because he got rid of Greg Madden for Kendall. Zach asks what makes her think he didn't do it for her. Erica asks why he would kill Madden for her. Zach says to protect her secret. He says he knows about her son.

JR's phone rings. He answers it and a distorted voice says "I know what you did.”

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