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Written By Jenn
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Dixie goes to see Zach at Kendall’s and needs to talk to him alone after finding out that Greg is dead and express to him that she’s afraid that she will never be able to see her daughter again.  Kendall and Ryan observe as she hugs Zach and acts like they are close.  They go outside together to talk privately.

Adam gets on the phone and confronts Liza about Colby.  He tells his ex-wife, while Krystal overhears, that she better not fight him on letting Colby live with him.  He reminds her that he owns this town and he will take her to court and the star witness will be her own daughter.  From outside the door, Colby eavesdrops.

Jeff goes to talk to Erica at her office.

Josh arrives at the Chandler house and informs JR and Babe that somebody killed his father.  He’s very certain that JR did it.

At Kendall’s, she attempts to get Ryan to believe that she is not worried about Zach’s relationship with Dixie.  She distracts him by talking about baby toys knowing that he has concerns about what is happening outside her home.  She then tells Ryan that she discussed her concerns with Zach about his relationship with Dixie.  He explained everything to her and they are fine.  Meanwhile, outside, Dixie reveals to Zach that they have some sort of secret together and she tells him that they should not have done what they did.  She tells him that this is all her fault.  She went after him and forced him to talk.  He tells her that the two of them did what they had to do.

Inside, Ryan plays with the toys.  Kendall expresses her frustration to him for his failure to say anything.  She asks him why he does not give her any stern warnings.  He calmly tells her that he is happy that she is happy with Zach and everything is going ok.  He then asks her if he should be worried about her or if something has happened.  She tells him that she just thought that he’d be a bit concerned about Zach’s relationship with Dixie.  He tells her he is not concerned because she told him that she and Zach are ok and he believes that Zach’s relationship with Dixie is none of his business.  She tells him that it’s not like him to refuse to stick his nose in things.  He then asks her if she and Zach are really happy, why they are having this conversation.  She asks him what happened to wanting what is best for her and this history that they have shared together.  He affirms that he has not forgotten it.  Suddenly, she blurts out to him that in the hospital, he told her that he was in love with her.  When she notices his blank expression, she realizes that she may have only dreamed that he told her that.

Jeff informs Erica that Greg has been killed.  He was buried in the ground and suffocated right at the park where everybody goes.  Hearing that, she is very surprised that she woke up on the bench right near there.  She tells Jeff that while she might not believe that even Greg deserves to die such a hideous death, everyone in town is better off now that he is gone.  Hearing that, Jeff tells her he does not believe that she feels that way.  She would have to be really happy that Greg is dead and that he suffered the way he did.

Josh tells JR that he believes that he murdered Greg.  He tried to kill his own wife and almost killed Kendall but Babe set him free.  He knows that JR is capable of doing what was done to Greg.  JR tells Josh he wants him to get out.

Adam talks to Liza on the phone and tells her that he can take care of a teenage girl just fine without her help.  He then hangs up and tells Krystal that it’s not too early for a toast.  His daughter is back with him where she belongs.  Krystal then tells her husband that she realizes he has a “ding” with Liza but he must consider that maybe this whole thing is not entirely her fault.  He tells her he knows it is.  If it were not, he would not have spent the night in a jail cell with his runaway teenage daughter.  Liza is unfit to parent her.  She reminds Adam that she can see that Colby does not look abused, malnourished or harmed.  She suggests that maybe Liza was simply strict with Colby in order to keep her in check.  He tells her that Liza has not known how to parent Colby if she’s out stealing cars.  Krystal tells him that it’s entirely possible that Colby is playing both sides of this.  He must realize that she is his child.

JR demands that Josh stop his accusations of him and get out of his house.  Josh does not leave.  Colby rushes out and hugs Josh.  She reveals that he is her “doctor hero.”

Dixie responds to Zach that the two of them might be indirectly responsible for what happened to Greg but he counters that they merely “pushed” him to give them the information about Kate, and not that they buried him in the ground.

Kendall attempts to recover from putting her foot in her mouth to Ryan by telling him that she had a delusion while in a coma that he told her he is in love with her.  He surprises her, however, by admitting that he does love her.

Colby tells Josh she wants him to come into the living room so she can talk to him.  When she sees Babe, she hugs her and tells her it’s so good to see her again.  JR tells her that Josh is just leaving but she tells him that Josh cannot leave.  He saved her when she ran into this bloody hand coming out of the ground.  She tells the entire story and goes into all the gory details and then talks about how she ran into Josh and freaked and he helped her.  JR and Babe tell her she must stop.  This is not the time to go into all of this.  Babe then tells Colby that she can’t go into all of this, now, because the body that they found in the ground was Josh’s father.  Hearing that, Colby is shocked and says it’s amazing that the odds would be for that to be the case.  Josh then goes out the door but tells JR he’s going to prove that he did it and make him pay.  Hearing that, Colby asks JR if it’s true that he killed that guy.

Erica tells Jeff that Josh is going to be better off without Greg Madden.  He tells her that this poor kid will be emotionally scarred for life believing that both of his parents are dead after what he’s already lived with believing that Greg was his biological father.  She tells him that this will give Josh a chance to make a fresh start and have a better life without Greg.  She asks what he suggests they do now.  She asks if they should go up to him and reveal to him that they are sorry that his father is not really has father.  He tells her that now that Josh is emotionally damaged, he needs them both.  She tells him if there is any time when it is not the right time to tell Josh the truth, it’s now.

Josh goes to the scene of the crime and looks very upset as he stands by where his father was buried.

Krystal asks Adam if he really wants Colby to think that she can get him to bail her out of any type of trouble that she gets herself into whenever she manipulates him.  If she thinks that she can get away with anything because he will let her, it won’t do any good.  He tells her that he knows how to administer discipline and let Colby experience the consequences of her actions.  She asks him how well he managed to do that very thing while raising JR.

Colby stands outside the room to eavesdrop on JR when he tells Babe he’s afraid that they will never find his sister, Kate, again, now that Greg is done.  Babe tells him that she is right there and he mustn’t shut her out.

Kendall asks Ryan how he discovered that he is in love with her.  She wonders if he just suddenly decided that it did not work with Greenlee and so he needs to go to Kendall now.  He tells her that it developed over time.  She then asks him what he’s going to do about it.  He tells her that there is not much he can do about it.  He admits to her that he knows that she is married to Zach and he’s going to be there for his son and respect the fact that she is the mother of his child but not his wife.  He admits to her that he and Zach discussed this very subject at the hospital and Zach was actually pretty cool about it.

Outside, Dixie asks Zach why Greg did not just tell her where her daughter is before it was too late.  He tells her that although Madden is gone, they must never give up on finding Kate.  She asks him if he really still intends to help her to keep looking.

Kendall asks Ryan if he is really ok with the present situation.  He tells her he is and realizes that he has to be.  He tells her that he realizes that loving her means wanting what is best for her.  He admits that, quite honestly, he’s never seen her as happy as she is now.  He has a great son who has a great mom so what is there not to be happy about?  Kendall takes his hand in hers and Zach then comes back inside.  They pull apart looking guilty.  Ryan tells Kendall and Zach that he will leave them alone for the night and he appreciates their letting him spend time with Spike.  Zach tells him no problem.  Ryan leaves and notices that Dixie is still sitting outside and looking upset.  He asks her if she is ok.  She tells him as good as can be expected, she thinks.  He then tells her that he meant what he said about anything she needs.  He tells her that he is completely on her side even if she just needs to talk.  If she wants, she can put him right at the top of her speed dial.

Inside, Zach asks Kendall if she is alright.  She tells him she’s fine and asks how Dixie is.  He tells her that she is still looking for her daughter and they will not give up.  She then starts to ask Zach about the night that Greg disappeared but then she tells him never mind.  It doesn’t matter.  She tells him she’s hungry and wants to eat.

Outside, Ryan tells Dixie that the two people Kendall loves most are Zach and her son and he believes that she deserves to have them in her life and be happy.  Hearing that, she asks him if he thinks that she is some sort of threat to Kendall’s happiness.

After finding out what happened to Greg, Babe wonders who might have done something like that and how much they would have had to hate him in order to do what they did.  Hearing that, JR indicates that he is not surprised and might have a secret.

Adam tells Krystal that by keeping Colby out of jail, he knows the desperation that she had to live with.  She was without her father for years.  She had no money, no opportunity to go anywhere or do anything or even carry a cell phone and she had no choice except to steal cars.  Krystal tells Adam again, that he’s over dramatizing how terrible Colby’s life has been and suggests that maybe Colby is just getting her kicks from stealing cars.

Erica tells Jeff that her first concern is her family.  He asks her what would be wrong with Josh finding out the truth and what it would mean if he heard it from somebody else.  He then informs her that whoever killed Greg installed a device in order to talk to him.  They obviously wanted to break him and get him to tell his secrets.  He asks her what if there is somebody out there who knows the truth about Josh and who will tell him.  She tells him that that is highly unlikely but he asks her what will happen if Josh finds out that he is their son and knows that they were not going to tell him.

Adam asks Krystal if she is unhappy that Colby is there.  She tells him of course not.  They have more rooms in this house than they can count.  She’s ok with her living there but he must realize that Colby is a fifteen year old.  He must remember what it was like to be her age.  It’s obvious that she is not an innocent teenager.  She is a player.  He then tells her that her cautions will not go unheeded.  She has his permission to smack him over the head if she notices that he is allowing himself to be manipulated.

Erica tells Jeff that there’s no point in telling Josh that he is their son.  She says she believes that whoever did this has no clue about this.  Jack walks in and tells them he will leave if he is interrupting anything.  Erica tells him to come in.  He is her husband and he can be part of this conversation.  She tells Jack that she and Jeff have found out that Greg Madden was killed.  Jeff leaves Erica and Jack alone.  She tells Jack that this whole thing has been a nightmare.  He tells her that he has some thing to say on that subject.

Adam approaches Colby and tells her that maybe now is the time to have a talk about how she got there and the consequences of her actions.  She’s totally casual and reminds him that Krystal went to the big house.  She also reminds her father that if there is anybody he really needs to have a chat with, it’s JR.  He is the one who attempted to commit murder.

Josh goes to the police station and tells the cops that they must arrest JR Chandler.

Babe finds JR at the crime site and asks him why he is there.  He tells her he just had to see it for himself.  She asks him if this is why he and Jamie went out the other night.  She asks him if he killed Greg Madden.

In Erica’s office, Jack asks Erica if she had Greg Madden killed.

At the condo, Kendall tells Zach that she knew that he’s been spending a lot of time with Dixie and does not have an alibi for what happened to Greg.  She asks him if he killed Greg.

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