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Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

An unseen doctor puts on his surgical gloves and starts the autopsy on Dr. Greg Madden.  He gives his medical report and lists the findings of symptoms and what could have caused his death.  He concludes that his injuries were caused from long-term confinement.  He gives a thorough report.  As we hear the voice-over of the autopsy report, we see Tad in the park at the place where Greg was buried.  He just stares at the grave. 

As the autopsy voice-over continues, we see JR and Babe happily interacting with their son, Kendall with Zach and Ryan ready to take her son home, and Di and Del show up at the park and join Tad. 

As the medical examiner performs the autopsy on Greg, Josh stands outside and observes through the window.  He notices Dixie standing behind him.  She is not happy to find out that Greg is dead.  Josh tells Dixie that he knows that his father died because of her.  She tells him she does not know what he is talking about.  Josh says he knows that somebody put Greg in a coffin in the ground and installed a microphone so that they could talk to him and attempt to find out where Kate was.  He tells her that she makes his father out to be some sort of baby-stealing maniac because she chose to give up her baby.  He tells her that she cannot deal with the fact that she is unfit to raise a child and his father did what was best for her baby.  He tells her if she did not do this herself, she must know who did.  This whole town thinks she’s some sort of angel, he tells her but she is an angel of death.  He asks her if she came there for the ”view” because a medical examiner is in there dissecting his father, digging up his organs and attempting to find out the cause of his death.  She protests that she only wanted to get some answers and insists that she did not want his father dead.  She is upset because he can no longer tell her where Kate is.  She stops Josh as he starts to leave.  He asks her if she thinks she can ask him if his father maybe could have left some clues and that he can help her find her little girl, after she and her friends helped to bury his alive.  He angrily leaves.  It sounds like she had nothing to do with what happened to Greg and knows nothing about it.

Kendall gets ready to leave the hospital.  She gathers all her things.  Zach reminds her that they have everything covered but they forgot one thing.  She asks him what.  He points to the door and Ryan enters carrying the baby.  Kendall admits that she is not entirely certain how to take care of her son when she gets him home.  Ryan leaves with Spike.  Alone with Zach, Kendall reminds him that he still has not told her why he had to leave and go to the casino late last night.  Zach does not answer her question.

Di and Del find Tad standing by the crime scene.  They seem very surprised to find out that Dr. Madden was put in a coffin buried alive when the earthquake tremor happened.  They seem surprised that Greg is now dead and Di realizes that that might make it all the more difficult to find Kate.  She asks Tad about Kate.  He tells her that they must pray that she is happy wherever she is.  He indicates that he has given up on finding his daughter.

JR tells Babe that he will not let her down.  Krystal looks for Adam and sees her daughter and son-in-law.  She then reminds her grandson that Winifred made some pancakes for him.  Babe takes little A into the kitchen to make dinosaur pancakes with Winifred.  Krystal informs JR that Adam left the night before and did not tell her where he went.  Before he can respond, Adam walks in the door with his estranged daughter, Colby.  He is lecturing her about stolen cars.  They get in the door and she greets JR and announces that she is back.  He smiles at his sister.  Adam informs JR that their reunion was from inside a steel cell surrounded by hookers.  She admits that she’s been getting into trouble and tired of living with her mother, Liza.  She tells them her mother would not let her call her father so she had to run away and find him on her own.  She wonders why Krystal is still living in the house.  Adam informs his daughter that they are married.  She makes a crude comment about how her father has enough money to “rent” and does not need to “buy” somebody like Krystal.  Krystal tells Colby it’s good to see her, too.

At the hospital, Josh walks in on Julia and Jamie.  He looks very upset.  He informs them that his father was buried alive and assumes they know all about it.  They must know that he was given bottled water and energy bars, but suffocated.  Jamie asks if anybody found any information.  Josh tells Jamie that his father can no longer talk or tell anybody.  Julia tells Josh she is so sorry.  Josh tells her like hell she is.  He tells them that his father would take his secrets to the grave.  He leaves and Jamie reveals that he is not happy.  He angrily throws a vial at the door.  Liquid spills all over the wall.

At the park, Del asks what might have caused Greg’s death.  Tad asks him if he wants the book rights for it.  He indicates that he might know something about it and is very disappointed that Greg can no longer tell anybody where Kate is.

Dixie goes to David’s and informs him that it is over.  She is panicking and David asks her to tell him what is going on.  She talks about Tad dumping her and how she will never find Kate but she still does not tell David that Greg is dead.

Jamie angrily tells Julia that this is all for nothing.  It’s a stupid waste of time.  Julia picks up the glass that he threw against the wall and asks what it is.  He informs her that it was the truth serum that he swiped form David Hayward.  It’s too late to give this to Greg to get the truth from him and he cannot let Josh be right and let that freak show win.  She is much calmer.  She tells him she is so sorry and realizes it was not supposed to end like this.

Colby tells Adam that Liza would not let her out to have a life or do anything.  She could not see her grandmother Marion or her Uncle Stuart or her father.  She tells him that although she’s gotten in trouble, for car theft, cars can be replaced.  She hasn’t endangered anybody’s life.  She tells him that she needs a strong fatherly presence in her life.  He tells her that maybe some discipline is in order.  She tells him that they are so much alike.  She knows that when he married Krystal, everybody must have warned him against it but he did not listen.  She tells Krystal that she knows she married Adam for his money.  She tells her father that she missed out on her childhood and so he owes her.  He asks her if she believes that he owes her because her mother took her away from him.  She tells him that he never tried to find her.  He tells her that he tried for years to find her.  She asks if he really did.  He tells her of course he did and her mother had no right to take her from him.  She tells them that her mother would not let her do anything and wanted to keep her away from her father.  Krystal then asks Colby why, if she wanted her freedom, she risked jail to get there.

Kendall walks into her condo with Ryan, Zach and the baby and sees it full of flowers and balloons and baby furniture.  She tells Ryan that he did not have to do this.  He tells her that he did not.  He asks Spike if he got hold of his mom’s credit card.  She then turns to Zach and asks if he did.  He does not admit whether he did or not.  She notices a very expensive crib and tons of stuffed animals.  Ryan mentions to Spike that he is going to have to slum it when he stays at his place, but Zach tells them that he had the same stuff delivered to Ryan’s place as well.  Kendall asks Zach if that is why he rushed off the previous night.  He asks her what she thinks.  There is a knock on the door.  It’s Josh.  He does not look happy.

Dixie tells David that she can now no longer get the truth from Madden.  He concludes if the coffin was wired then obviously somebody just put him there in order to scare him.  His death might have been an accident especially if somebody wanted to get the truth out of him.  She tells him that Greg Madden needed to be punished for his crimes but he did not deserve to die.  She reveals that she knows about some sort of plan that did not work.  He then asks her if she “did” something.  She then asks him if he thinks that she would bury Greg Madden alive in a public park.  That is crazy.  She could never do that.

At Kendall’s, Josh asks Zach and Ryan if they really are surprised to hear that his (Josh’s) father‘s coffin was rigged with audio equipment.  He tells them that he will find similar equipment in someone’s apartment or home.  Would they be willing to let him have a look around their homes and offices?  He reminds them that his father was smothered, dehydrated, drowned in the rain storm and then suffocated by the earthquake.  Kendall tells Josh that that is enough.  They are kind of busy here.  Ryan holds the baby.  Josh tells them he is determined to find out what happened and who killed his father.  He goes out the door.

Jamie and Julia talk about what it’s going to mean to never again be able to get the truth from Greg Madden.

Di tells Tad that whoever did this to Greg obviously did it in order to get the truth from him.  She notices that Tad looks hopeless.  She tells him this does not have to be the end.  They can still investigate his records and find Kate.  She could go and talk to Hazel.  She’d have the information.  She used to work with them.  She tells Tad that maybe he should take some time off for a while.  He tells her that there is no hope anymore.  It’s over and it’s for good this time.

Krystal asks Colby to tell her why she was so confused that she hated her father enough to run from him and then she decides she has to run to find him.  She indicates that Liza forced her to take medication and that she did not care about her daughter.  She only used her in order to hurt Adam and because Colby was not a little child she could control, she had to threaten her with meds.  She had nowhere else to go.  She had to find her father and find out if he cared about her.  She tells him if he does not want her to live in his home, she will leave but Adam tells his daughter that he doesn’t want her going anywhere.  She then tells them that she saw some really hot doctor at the hospital.  JR then reminds his little sister that she is only a teenager and should not be interested in a doctor.  They are all too old for her.  Adam takes Colby to her room.

Kendall tells Ryan and Zach that what happened to Greg is grotesque and disgusting.  She gets that he did a terrible to Dixie and to other women but he did not deserve that.  The two men do not seem to agree with that nor seem surprised to hear what Josh has just told them.  Ryan tells her she should not waste any remorse on Greg Madden.  She tells him that were it not for Greg Madden, there would not be a Spike.  Zach tells her the world will be a lot better without him.  Kendall tells them she wonders who did it and concludes it would have to be one of Dixie’s friends. 

David asks Dixie if it might have been Tad or JR that killed Greg.  He tells her that even if Greg is gone, he’s had tons of patient’s throughout the years.  There must be enough of a paper trail and evidence about his secrets.  She tells him there cannot be.  She’s already searched for years and come up with nothing.  She goes out the door.

Josh goes to the park and sees Tad, Di and Del at the site of his father’s death.  He tells them that he found a breathing tube in the coffin where his father died.  Somebody at least let his father have a few breaths.  He asks the three of them if they know what his father went through.  He gasped for his last breaths through a tube until he started sucking dirt.  They stare at him and look oblivious as to whether they had anything to do with it or not.

Julia goes into the morgue to see the deceased Greg.  She rips the sheet off of him and tells him he must ask God to have mercy upon his soul because she never will.

In the park, Jamie stands with Tad.  He tells his father how sorry he is that this had to happen.  Tad turns to his son.

David spins a small globe and, frustrated, admits that Kate could be anywhere in any freaking place in the world.  He throws the globe across the room against a wall and smashes it.

Dixie goes to Kendall’s to find Zach.  She hugs him and asks if he found out about Madden.  She tells him that “this has all gone so wrong.”  Kendall stares at her.

Babe asks JR why she heard noises in Colby’s room.  He tells her that she is back.  She’s going to cause a lot of commotion for her family.  Babe tells JR she will be happy to see Colby.  He tells her she may wait until she talks to her mother.  Right then, Josh comes to the door.  He looks at JR angrily.  JR tells Josh that he was suspended fair and square and he better leave him alone.  Josh tells JR that he (JR) did it.  JR killed Josh’s father.

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