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All My Children Update Tuesday 7/4/06 


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Adam goes to his and Krystal’s room and calls to his wife.  She lies in the bed and says nothing.  He asks her if she is ok.  She tells him she is not ok and he better go back to the guest room.

At the park, the mysterious young woman screams when she sees a hand rising from the ground.  Josh is also there.  The cops demand that they both put their hands up.

David returns home in he dark and somebody comes up behind him and knocks him out.

At her hotel room, Dixie gets a phone call.  She hears a child’s voice who asks her mommy if she is there.  She gets up and is shocked to believe that it could be Kate.

Ryan and Kendall sleep in the hospital room near the NICU when she awakens and tells Ryan she has to check on Spike and make certain he is ok.

The strange young woman is hand cuffed by the cops.

The little girl on the phone tells Dixie that she needs her mommy.  Dixie tells the child whom she believes is Kate that she will be with her soon and she needs to stay right where she is and wait for her mommy.

The police tell the young woman that she is going to need some help and she tells them that he (pointing at the hand sticking out of the ground behind the park bench) needs more help.  Fireworks go off as the cops escort the young woman away from the scene of the crime.  They know that there is a dead man in the ground.  Josh looks stunned as he looks at the hand and recognizes his father’s wristwatch.  Josh bends down and starts to try to dig Greg out by hand.  Tad stands behind the gate and watches.

Dixie asks the little girl if she is still there.  She hears nothing in response.  She tells her she must talk to her and tell her mommy where she is.  She hears nothing from the child.  A woman is on the phone and she asks Dixie who she is.  Dixie tells the woman that she may sound crazy but she knows she heard her daughter on the other end.  The woman tells Dixie she is terribly sorry for her loss but she has gotten the wrong girl.  Dixie protests that she knows this is her daughter, Kate.  Di walks in and sees Dixie on the phone urging the woman to let her talk to Kate.  The woman tells her that the little girl whom Dixie spoke to is named Alicia.  Di takes the phone from Dixie and tells the woman that she needs to ask for just a moment of her time.  She does not let Dixie talk to the woman or to her daughter.

Adam tells Krystal that he knows that she is upset about something.  She tells him that the thought of her baby girl playing footsie with his blood thirsty son has her emotionally scarred beyond belief.  He tells her that his son is no threat.  He jokes with her and asks her if she wants him to put JR on a leash.  She tells him he needs to go all the way and have JR “put down.”  Adam then tells Krystal that he’d like to stop fighting for just one night.  She asks him what he is planning.  He tells her that his plan is to have her back in his arms again.  He wants her back in the same bed with him.

Ryan tells Kendall that she has not heard anything that she needs to be afraid of.  He tells her that he’s already gone to check on Spike.  He’s sleeping and just fine but she tells him until Spike is home and she knows he is safe, she is in extreme panic mode.  He tells her that he believes that she should just get some sleep.  She tells him that he thinks she’s turned into one of those mothers whom she hates… one of those crazy overly protective mothers who want to protect her child from anything and everything?

At the park, Tad watches as Josh assists the cops in digging Greg out of the ground.  They find him unconscious.  Fireworks go off and they lift Greg out of the ground and move him.

Di talks to the woman and finds out that her six-year-old daughter was just playing with the phone.  She apologizes to her and tells her it’s ok.  She realizes that children have those habits and everything cool.  She hangs up but Dixie is hysterical and tells her sister she cannot hang up.  She knows it’s Kate and she will not let anybody tell her that her daughter is dead.

Josh helps the medical team attempt to revive Greg.

In the hospital room, Ryan jokes with Kendall about how she’s not like all crazy moms.  She’s hip and laid back.  Kendall laughs and tells Ryan that two words that would never go together is Kendall and laid back.  She knows how neurotic she is and that he is just messing with her.  He tells her that he may not have mentioned this, but he believes that she is very beautiful.  She tells him that she’s like a person who has fallen from a plane who is wondering if the parachute will save them from falling.  He then extends her hand and shakes it and introduces himself to her as her parachute.  He then tells her enough chit chat.  She needs to get some sleep.  He tucks her under the covers.  She tells him that he doesn’t need to fuss.  She asks him is he has any idea how tired she is of hospital beds.  He asks her if she has any idea how much she will want to be in one when Spike wakes her out of her sleep every three hours all night for feedings.  She tells him that she still cannot sleep.  It makes her think of being in the coma.  He tells her that she must imagine that she is in her own bed in her home.  He goes to the couch to sleep.  She then tells him that she thinks she was awake in the coma.  She jokes about how she believes she heard people talking.  He tells her that she must turn off all of her thoughts.  Forget about the coma and forget about Spike, within reason.  She must get as much sleep as possible.  He tells her she must close her eyes.  No more talking or thinking.  Just close her eyes and see what happens.  She agrees to do that but tells him this is not going to work.

The young woman gets locked in jail.  She yells and grabs the jail bars and tells them this is unfair.  She should not be locked up.  She should get a medal.  She helped them find the bloody hand.  She yells and tells them that she is supposed to get a phone call.  Erin enters and she asks Erin who she is and if she can get her out of there.  Erin tells her that she is from the Miranda Center .She is a volunteer who helps woman and children and knows the young woman is a runaway.

In David’s cabin, he comes to and notices that Jamie has knocked him out.  Jamie asks David if he’s gotten David’s attention.  He grabs a fire poker and tells him he will do whatever it takes in order to get David’s attention.

After Dixie and Di end the phone call, Dixie admits that when she heard that little girl call her mommy, it made her lose her mind.  Di tells Dixie that she mustn’t lose hope that she will find Kate.  She has many people helping her.  She’s not doing it alone anymore.  She has Di and JR and Jamie and Tad.  Dixie reminds Di that Tad hates her.  Di tells Dixie she may be right that Tad hates her but he also loves her to death.

Josh helps the rescue team attempt to revive Greg but it looks like they are not successful.  It looks like he’s gone into cardiac arrest.  Fireworks continue overhead.  Josh struggles and won’t give up.

Ryan tells Kendall he wants her to picture the ocean.  He tells her to imagine the sea breeze and the sound of the waves washing up on the shore.  She laughs and reveals to him that her mind is somewhere else.  She tells him that she never heard him sound so stupid.  He tells her that he just wants to help her fall asleep.  He sits beside her bed and tells her he will try something else.  He asks her to think of the sound of rain when it splashes on the ground and when it trickles on the window.  He then tells her to imagine the sound of Spike’s heart beat the very first time she heard it.  He asks her to hear that sound in her head.  At that point, it looks like she’s drifting off.  She believes that she hears Ryan tell her that he loves her.  Suddenly, she sits up and asks him if he does.  Having no idea as to what she is talking about, Ryan asks Kendall what she is asking.  She tells him that she was not asleep.  He assumes that she is talking about whether she just drifted off now.  She tells him that she is talking about the coma.  She tells him when she was in the coma she was not asleep.  What happened then is all coming back in bits and pieces.  She remembered her mother telling her that she would have to take over if Kendall did not wake up.  And Bianca talked to her about how they are Kane women and can fight grizzly bears.  Then she heard Zach tell her how much he needed her.  He tells her that she needs to sleep.  They can take a stroll down memory lane later.  She then remembers what he told her.  Hearing that, he asks her what she heard him say.

Josh, the EMTs, and the cops try to revive Greg.  Everybody else gives up but Josh keeps using the defibrillator on his already dead father.  Knowing he’s failed, he screams in agony.  Tad stands unseen and observes what is happening.

Di tells Dixie that she knows that she is not the right woman for Tad.  She cannot do for him what Dixie can do.  Only Dixie can make Tad’s world spin around.  Dixie tells Di that she and Tad had children and a history.  Di tells Dixie she mustn’t make excuses.  It’s ok.  She knows that Dixie and Tad have a connection that cannot be broken.  She is not upset that Tad will always love Dixie and will never be able to replace her with Di or anybody else.

David and Jamie argue in his home.  Jamie tells David that since he is a doctor, he must know about contaminants and toxins.  He tells David that he is a big toxic contamination to Jamie’s family.  He is a contaminant to his dad, his step-brother, and step- mother.  He says that even David’s own daughter is contaminated when she’s near him.  He tells David he may only be a med student without a medical degree but he knows that David has to be stopped.

Erin tells the teenaged young woman that she can find a runaway shelter for her and the Miranda center can provide certain services.  The young woman tells Erin she cannot spend the night in jail. Erin tells her that she will get a lawyer to help her out with the long list of charges that she has racked up but that she can’t get a lawyer for her until the morning.  The girl insists that she cannot remain in jail.

Back at Chandler mansion, Adam and Krystal kiss on her bed when the phone rings.  At first, they ignore it, but she tells him she still hears it and knows whoever is calling them is not going away.  Reluctantly, Adam answers the phone and is stunned at what he hears on the phone.  He rushes out the door without telling Krystal what the call is about or where he is going.

Kendall tells Ryan that he is right.  She is completely pooped.  Her mind is like mush and she has no idea what she is babbling about.  She tells him that she will just go to Bink’s strategy of total peace and quiet.  They then agree that they will say good night.  She turns over in bed but doesn’t close her eyes.  She silently asks herself if maybe she only imagined Ryan telling her that he loved her while she was in the coma.  She asks if it could be true that Ryan is really in love with her.  She seems to wonder if he really said that or intended to say that to her.  Nearby, Ryan also only pretends to sleep.  He lies awake and stares at Kendall.

Krystal follows Adam to the door, still not knowing where he is going or what is going on.  He tells her that he has to go somewhere and he has to go alone.  She tells him he’s in no condition to drive but he runs out alone.

Di tells Dixie that she swears before God that no matter what happens between Dixie and Tad, whether or not they find their way back to each other, she (Di) is giving up all hope for having Tad to herself.  She also swears that she will never give up on finding Kate.  She will not stop until her niece is in Dixie’s arms again.  Dixie says thank you to her sister.  Di tells Dixie that that is pretty amazing.  They have not known each other for very long.  They did not even grow up together but she would still like them to be close.  She’d like them to support each other like a real family because that is what life is all about.  Dixie hugs her sister.

Tad observes as the medics take Greg’s body away.  They attempt to remove Josh from the scene but he tells them they better not touch him.  Derek confirms that Greg is probably dead and hands Josh the items that they found in the hole with Greg including Josh’s picture.  Josh takes it but looks totally baffled.

Kendall and Ryan both lie in their respective beds but they do not sleep or even close their eyes.  They are too focused on each other although they don’t admit it.

The runaway teenager girl gets antsy in her jail cell urging her “Daddy” to hurry.  He rushes into the jail and it’s Adam Chandler.  Adam is elated to see his long lost daughter.

Jamie tells David that he has been a good boy throughout most of his life.  His parents raised him that way but a recent chain of events has changed him and he is now capable of doing many things and not worried about the consequences.  So, he concludes to David that he is warning him that something terrible will happen to him if he does not stay away from Jamie’s family.  David tells Jamie he is a coward just like his father.  Jamie leaves and reveals he has some sort of secret vial with him.  He says, “Greg Madden, here I come.”

Tad goes to find Dixie and informs her hat they found Madden.  He’s dead.

Derek tells Josh that the medical examiner’s preliminary report indicates that Greg died within the last couple of hours.  Josh asks the cops if his father was buried alive.  Derek tells him that it appears that way since they found energy bars, water bottles, a breathing tube, and a microphone. 

Dixie tells Tad that this means that it’s over.  They will never find their daughter.  Tad turns and walks away.


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