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All My Children Update Monday 7/3/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Greg struggles to get out of the box and rubble falls upon him from above the ground. He’s afraid he’s gong to die. It seems like something or somebody has caused an earthquake.

Tad tells Dixie she msut know that he has always loved her. He kisses her. But right then, they pull away when they hear a startling noise.

JR and Babe awaken in bed together. She concludes that they got carried away last night. She admits that it was nice to make love. But although their bodies want each other, her brain still cannot forget what happened.

Kendall asks Zach what his plan is after he talks about an earth quake. She has a sense that something has happened and she must go to the hospital and make certain that Spike is alright. He goes with her.

Ryan goes to the park, near where Greg is buried. He runs into Josh who says something about an earthquake. And right above the flower bed, where Greg is buried beneath, it looks like there was an earthquake. Debris has fallen on the ground.

Dixie asks tad what this is all about and why he kissed her. He does not want to answer that question. He tells her that after years of Euro-trash and David Hayward, he thought; “what the hell” and that he should take his turn also. She notices his tone and tells him he’s a son of a bitch.

Aidan talks to Di at the restaurant and bar about how he does not understand why Erin no longer wants to see him. He tells her that it makes no sense. She tells him that that is what happens when you love somebody. People walk away and cannot see what they have. She suggests that maybe Erin could have met somebody else. He tells her he seriously doubts that. Erin is too cautious and too protective of her heart, he says. She asks him what he believes is the most obvious answer. He replies that he does not know but he’s going to find out. And he asks her to help him.

Kendall goes to the hospital and notices that Ryan is there also. He seems to sense that he must make certain that Spike is ok. But when they go into the maternity ward, they are happy to see that he is fine. She smiles and laughs and Ryan jokes with the baby about his mother’s personality. Zach stands outside observing the two of them together with their son. And he does not look content.

Babe asks Jr if they should get back together and forget all of their problems simply because of their mutual physical attraction. He admits that trust has been a major issue between them. She tells him she no longer wants to be scared. He assures her that he is her husband and little Adam’s father. He will never let anything or anybody hurt her again. He will keep her safe. She tells him she believes him. He tells her she does not have to say that again. She tells him she is not just saying that. For a long time, she was uncertain. But she knows in her heart that she can trust him and love him. He tells her he will never let her down again. He will die first. And he kisses her. She kisses him back.. And it looks like they are connecting. Kendall tells Ryan she can tell that Spike ha some sort of sense of the earthquake and it’s gotten him freaked out. He laughs and asks the baby if that is true. Has he had some sort of emotional trauma? He then tells her that he knows that his son has recovered from the earthquake. Right then, Kendall motions for Zach to come inside. She informs him that Spike is doing better and since he does not have teeth, he does not bite. She then tells Zach that it is cue to hold his step son. Zach observes Ryan holding Spike and hesitates. But Kendall encourages her husband to hold Spike. Ryan gives him to Zach. Zach holds the baby and smiles.

Dixie tells Tad that he drags her there, yells at her, then kisses her. Then he has the gall to say something so cruel. He then sarcastically tells her he is sorry and it’s all his fault. He’s done terrible things to her. She asks him if he is mocking her. He tells her that he’s not going to be a fool and think that one antique moment of feeling some sort of chemistry is going to get them back together. She tells him she is not saying that either. But she doesn’t believe that there has to be hate between them. She tells him that she also misses Dixie and aches every day for their daughter. He asks her what she wants from him. She tells him she just wishes that he would acknowledge that she is the mother of his child. Even though she went away, he cannot see her as a stranger. He tells her he no longer knows her. She cries and tells him that he must know that they were in love for a long time. They were married. They knew each other since she was 18 years old. All she wants is for him to talk to her and realize who she is. He asks her if she thinks he should forgive her. She says she does not expect that. He tells her that she may not expect him to forgive and overlook everything she’s done. But she sure wants it. Right then, David enters and wants to see Dixie.

JR tells babe that she’s taught him everything about trust and forgiveness. And he will never forget it. She tells him that it is like a new wedding night for them again. But right then, she remembers something that makes her get out of bed and panic. She goes out the door. He asks her if he’s done something wrong.

Di tells Aidan that a while back, he told her that she had a choice. She could either keep chasing after tad or she could just grow up and get over him. And she tells him that maybe he must similarly realize that maybe Erin does not want him. He tells her that it’s different. He does not believe that he’s misread Erin. He knows that she was happy with him. He asks her if maybe she could go and talk to Erin. Maybe Erin could use a friend, right now. He assures Di that she must know that this is not about his ego. He just wants what is best for Erin and to know that she is not in some sort of trouble. She tells him she will do what she can. He tells her that he’s sorry about her and Tad.

After noticing David entering Dixie’s room, Tad sarcastically tells him that he’s right on time. He’s obviously upset about this. Dixie tells him he needs to shut up. He tells David that Dixie will just use him and dump him like all the others. She demands he gets out. He tells her she may consider him gone. He leaves and David asks her what that was all about. She asks him why he came. He tells her he wanted to see if that jerk was going to do what he threatened to do. She tells him that she is not going to trust him any more than tad. If he wants to make things up to her, then he may do that by getting her daughter back.

Outside of the maternity ward, where Kendall is out of earshot, Ryan tells Zach that he needs for Kendall to never know that Madden’s name has come up. It sounds like the two men have some sort of secret. They observe Kendall in the rocking chair holding her son and they concludes that they are all committed to Spike

Josh plays basketball alone in the park. Right then, he remembers hearing his father talking to him when he was a child. Greg told young Josh that he should not be out playing basketball and ruining his hands. He should be inside studying. It’s all about destiny, Greg told him. Josh is his miracle child, he tells him . Right then , Josh hears JR telling him that Greg likes to tear families apart. He then hears Ryan telling him what Greg almost did to Kendall’s baby. He then hears Dixie telling him that Greg took her child. Josh viciously throws the basketball and then he screams that he is done with his “father”

Not far away, a young woman runs in the dark alone hearing sirens and squad cars. She seems to have a smirk on her face. Cops surround the park.

Babe takes little A to see his daddy. She brings him a cake and tells them it’s daddy’s day. Jr blows out his candles and tells her they are going to get their wish. He’ believes they already have.

Dixie tells David she does not want water and does not want to calm down. She only needs to find her daughter. He tells her he will not let her give up on Kate or on herself. She asks him if he was merely lying or conning her when he told her he’d do anything for her. Was it just to get her into bed? He tells her absolutely nothing. She then tells him that she really needs him to find a child. It does not matter how he finds the child. He can fake a DNA test or do whatever he wants. All she wants is to be able to give Tad a baby so that he can get over this hell he is living with in regard to her. She tells David that all she has given the people she loves is grief. And if she can just give them a little daughter to love, then it can make things right. She cries. He tells her she has to stop this. He knows she doesn’t want any more lies. She wants the real thing. He tells her he promises he will find Kate for her. She cries and asks him why he doesn’t just give up and go away. He tells her he will never give up on her. She tells him he is a fool.

Downstairs in the bar, Di runs into Tad and tells him she wants to know how he is doing. He reveals to her that he is very upset that he’s ruined everything with the mother of his child.

Dixie asks David why he’d want her. She asks him if he really thinks she’s so great. Tad can see how messed up she is. So why can’t he? Hearing that, David tells her that Martin is a moron. And he’s going to prove it. She tells him that she did it. She gave up her family and friends and her little girl whom she loved more than anything else in the world. It was all her. She cries and asks him if he’ll do just one thing right in his life. Just hate her.

Downstairs in the bar, Tad tells Di that he is all messed up. He tells her that he only knows how to use women. He’s unworthy. She then asks him what happened between him and Dixie. He admits that he ripped her up one side and down the other. But the worst part is he kissed her. Then he ripped her again. She tells him that she wants him to talk to her. He tells her he does not want to cause anybody any more pain. He’s tired of the “gift” that keeps on giving. She tells him she could take him home or back to Aidan’s. He tells her he needs to be left alone in his private hell. He doesn’t want anything from her. It looks like she’s not going to give up on him, however.

David asks Dixie if she wants him to judge her or attack her. He tells her that is not going to happen. He tells her he knows selfish. He knows warped. He lives it. He let her believe that they found Kate so that one night she would see him as her hero. He took her to a motel room and gave her all the assurance so that she’d believe that he’d answered her prayers. She tells him it’s ok that he had her believing that they were close to finding Kate, even if it was only for one night. She tells him that a part of her believes that they will never see her again. And she needs to hang onto hope. He takes her hand and tells her that he hates seeing her suffer. And he asks her what he can do in order to make things better. She then asks him if he can take her back in time and put her back in that hospital room and make her undo what she did with Greg Madden. Can he make her hold her baby in her arms and never let go? She cries.

Kendall looks at her baby with Ryan and Zach standing by his bedside. She talks about how she can see that he looks like her. But he also looks like Ryan. Ryan smiles but reveals that he’s not entirely certain that Spike is his biological son. Right then, Dr. Joe enters and tells them that he has good news. They may take Spike home tomorrow. At first, Kendall says she’s happy. That is amazing. But then she says no. She does not have enough stuffed animals. She does not even have diapers or a bottle. Joe tells her she has what her son needs most; love. But she reminds them of the earthquakes. Joe tells her they have had earthquakes before in Pine valley. She reminds him that she has never been a mother before. And she won’t let Spike leave the hospital until she knows that he is safe.

Babe and JR play with little A. Both Babe and little A give JR some father’s day gifts.

Not far away, the young woman is chasing the ambulance. Josh hears her scream not far away.

Di goes to find Tad and observes him sitting alone, drinking and looking upset.

In Dixie’s room, David tells her that he’s going to get her little girl back. She tells him he has to leave. She lies down on the bed alone and cries.

Kendall tells Dr. Joe that she’d like to stay in the hospital with her son for the night. Ryan wants to also. Joe gives them the ok. Zach comes in and she invites him to join their slumber party. But he tells her he has some casino business to attend to. He leaves her alone with Ryan and the baby.

At the park, where Greg is buried, the young woman screams and the cops find her. Josh runs to find her and the cops demand they both put their hands up where they can see them. She then motions for them to look at what made her scream. She points at a hand that has risen from the ground.

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