AMC Update Friday 6/30/06

All My Children Update Friday 6/30/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

In the park, Jamie apologizes to JR for getting him involved in this mess with Josh Madden. He says he hopes it doesn't cause him any problems. JR indicates no harm is done. Jamie wonders what's keeping Babe. It's now dark. Babe is locked in the meat locker and pounds on the door to be let out. JR tells Jamie he doesn't have to hang around waiting for Babe and Jamie leaves. Josh confronts JR, saying he knows he locked him in the meat locker. JR taunts him, telling him he looks cold.

Zach and Kendall arrive at the casino lounge for an evening out. They find Dixie, who is glumly having a drink. Kendall tries to cheer Dixie up by asking her what's new. Dixie says there's nothing new. She'll go to her grave not knowing where Kate is and Madden would rather rot in his grave than tell her.

Greg Madden is still in the coffin as water seps in. He demands that his captor stop this lunacy. He cries out.

Josh and JR argue, with Josh asking when he's going to solve his own problems. Instead he sent Babe to the meat locker. Josh tells JR he doesn't deserve Babe. JR tells him he's not getting anywhere with his wife. He asks if he lays awake at night counting the times that Babe has shoot him down. JR tells Josh she's out of his league. JR asks Josh if he's noticed his father is gone. He tells Josh he could be next.

Greg asks why this is happening to him. He tells his captor he needs him -- or does he? He wonders if maybe he's not needed anymore and will be left here to die.

Babe hears JR calling for her and she yells out to him as he opens the door and frees her. She embraces him and explains she locked herself in here. Josh didn't even know she was in here.

Zach tells Dixie that wherever Madden is he'll talk someday. It's just a matter of time. Dixie says time will not bring Kate back to her. Kendall tells Dixie she's truly sorry about her daughter. Kendall says she owes Dixie for warning Zach about Greg. Kendall says she was lucky because of Dixie. She offers her help in anyway she can and tells her not to lose hope. Tad arrives and asks Dixie what the hell she is doing. He asks if she's dealing with trouble by getting sloshed. Dixie tells him to go away. Zach tells Tad to lay off Dixie and get out. Tad says Dixie has one kidney and should not be drinking. Di arrives and watches in the background. Tad and Dixie begin to argue. Tad asks her how would JR feel if he saw her drowning her sorrows this way. Dixie calls Di over to the confrontation as Tad reminds Dixie she needs to be a mother to her son. Dixie tells Tad that this isn't about her drinking. She says he might as well tell everyone how stupid she is for ending up in a hotel room with David and falling for his story.

JR brings Babe home and tries to warm her up. He denfends putting Josh in the meat locker, saying they need to find his sister. As Babe gets into bed, JR sits with her. He says he'll have to figure out another way to find Kate. Babe admits she was scared in the meat locker. JR admits that what he did was stupid. He kisses Babe but stops and apologizes. He says he knows she's not ready. Babe says she wants to, but she's afraid. She can't forget what happened.

Julia goes to the beach and runs into a naked Jamie. She tells him the view at the beach is nice. Jamie tells her he hung Josh on a meat locker. Julia hopes he took a picture so she can blow it up and put it in the nurse's lounge. Jamie says it was wrong of him to do that. He just lost it. He speaks sorrowful about his sister Kate. He says JR is not the only one with a dark side. Until now he had no idea what he was capable of. Julia tells Jamie he's not the only one with a dark side. She tells him how she killed a man who killed her husband. Jamie tells her that man deserved it.

Greg gives in, telling his captor he will do what he wants. He asks the captor to speak to him. He'll reveal where Kate is. He says he'll reveal anything, but the captor needs to speak to him. He won't reveal it on tape because he may be left to die.

Tad starts to remove Dixie from the bar and they run into Josh, who storms in. Tad and Dixie leave. Zach tries to intervene but Kendall tells him this is between them. Tad and Dixie go into Dixie's room, where she tells him she is not drunk. She says she left her glass on the table and tells him to get out. Tad starts dumping all the liquor bottles in the room. Dixie asks him if he thinks she's a drunk after finding her with one drink. Tad tells her she's a mother again. She says she barely had one glass of champagne. She sarcastically asks if he's going to protect her from herself. Tad says he couldn't be any worse than the way she protected their daughter.

Aidan goes to the casino bar and runs into Di. Di tells him if he's there to talk about Annie McDermott she hasn't seen her in years. Aidan says he's just there to get a drink. Di apologizes to Aidan and asks him where Erin is. Aidan says he doesn't know. Erin broke up with him. Di says that doesn't make sense. She says the house needs to buy him a drink. Josh, who is nearby, slams down a drink on the bar and leaves, startling Aidan and Di.

Julia tells Jamie she hates Greg Madden and has dreams about punishing him. She wonders if it's terrible for wanting Madden to suffer. She tells Jamie not to be too hard on himself. They kiss.

Kendall tells Zach that Tad won't hurt Dixie so he can relax. She says Tad has a right to be mad. There's not much difference between what Madden did to Dixie and what Dixie did to Tad,she says. She asks Zach how he felt when his father kept his son from him.

Tad asks Dixie when she will stop making decisions for him. Dixie says he didn't want their baby. He made that perfectly clear. Tad says sometimes it's like Dixie never knew him at all. Tad says he wanted their baby, but it was a choice and he chose Dixie. All he wanted was to protect her. It was not about not wanting Kate, it was about loving her. He grabs her and kisses her.

JR tells Babe he never wanted to hurt her. He knows he can't make it right but will try to make things better every day. Tears stream down his face. Babe kisses him and they begin to make love.

Kendall notices a drink on the table begins to shake. Babe tells JR the earth is moving -- literally. In his coffin, Greg feels something stirring.

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