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All My Children Update Thursday 6/29/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Erica is shocked to see Jack return from his all night boating trip that he’d gone on without telling her and that he had taken Brooke with him.  She tells him that she was terribly worried all night about him.  She wondered if he was alright or if he’d been killed or abducted and to see him there, now, with Brooke, she knows she really has something to worry about.  She walks off.  Brooke asks Jack if he thinks that he should have checked in with his wife at some point during the time they were together.  He replies to her that frankly, he does not think he should have had to.

Lily and Jonathan enter a music store.  She has ear muffs over her ears because she cannot take loud noises.  He talks about getting the job at the Chicken shack.  Unbeknownst to them, the perv she met in New York (known to them as Terry, known to Aidan and Di as Thomas McDermott) is lurking outside watching them.

Ryan goes to Aidan’s office and inquires what could have happened between him and Erin.  He tells Aidan that he just does not understand seeing his sister in tears telling him that she and Aidan were through.  Aidan admits that he does not have a clue either.  Ryan tells Aidan that he loves his sister.  Aidan tells Ryan he loves her too.  Right outside the door, Erin enters to overhear their conversation.

Babe catches JR and Jamie together right beside the flower bed where Greg is buried.  She tells her husband that after all they have been through together she believes that he owes her an explanation as to what is up.

In court, the judge makes his rulings on what will be done with Zach.  He tells Zach that he could see him as a hero for doing what he did in order to protect his wife.  However, he believes that Zach’s behavior was reckless and arrogant and he has only one choice on how to rule.  Hearing that, Kendall says please don’t tell her that he’s doing this.  The judge then says that as dangerous as Mr. Slater’s actions were, there is no real evidence or grounds to convict him.  The prosecutor argues.  Kendall concludes that it’s over.  The judge tells the DA that there is no evidence of abduction.  So the kidnapping case is dismissed.

Erin goes into a motel room and tells somebody unseen that she will talk to them later and has some things to do.  She goes outside and meets a guy.   It looks like they have some sort of secret.  He tells her that she should know that motels are “too obvious.”  It remains unknown what is going on.

Aidan explains to Ryan that Erin admitted that she was as crazy about him as he is about her and yet, she makes the decision to never see him again.  Ryan concludes that it’s obvious that his sister has a secret that she is not letting either of them in on.  Aidan gets a call and he tells his contact that he will be right there.  He hangs up and is obviously pleased with the news that he has received.  He asks Ryan to wait there for him.  Ryan asks if the news is about Kate and he reveals that this is a case involving a missing child and his client is the father.  He’s obviously talking about Terry/Thomas McDermott.

Terry/Thomas McDermott is still spying on Lily and Jonathan from outside the window of the record store.

Erica sits alone with Brooke and asks what Brooke intends to do with her husband.  Brooke explains to Erica that they had a mechanical failure and could not land the boat.  Nothing happened between her and Jack.  Erica reminds Brooke that she looks desperate.  She knows that Brooke always takes Erica’s men after Erica is done with them.  Jack appears and indicates that his reason for spending the night with Brooke had nothing to do with the failure to get the boat back to shore.  He tells Erica to tell Brooke what the real issue between them is. 

JR and Jamie tell Babe that she is overreacting but she tells them she knows that they are putting themselves in danger.  It may be none of her business what Jamie does but she needs to know what her child’s father is risking, if nothing else, for their son.  She tells them both that they are playing some sort of Russian roulette.  She tells them that she will go and confront “the situation” herself.  They both tell her that they don’t want her putting herself in danger.  She somehow knows that they’ve done something and tells them it’s good, at least, that they have kept themselves anonymous.

Erica asks Jack how he could have taken “that woman” out on their boat that she gave him as a wedding present.  He tells her that he believes that since it’s his boat, it’s his call.  She asks him how selfish he can be.  He tells her just in case she’d like to know, what is going on between them has nothing to do with Brooke.  She asks him if he really believes that their relationship is in trouble.  He confirms that yes, it is.

Babe goes to a warehouse and opens the door to what looks to be a freezer room.  It’s a meat storage room.  She hears screaming and discovers Josh strung up by a rope, hanging from the ceiling.  She gets inside and attempts to cut him down.  He tells her that he knows her husband and brother-in-law locked him in there and strung him up to meat hook.  He tells her that both JR and Jamie are trash.  After hearing him speak ill of her husband, she looks to be changing her mind about getting him out of there.  He asks her where she is going.  She tells him that she has changed her mind and believes that a meat head like him belongs in a place like this.

Lily and Jonathan meet the store manager.  He asks her what is with the ear muffs since it is 100 degrees outside.  She clarifies the exact numerical Fahrenheit figure.  They introduce themselves to the manager and Lily goes into all of the technical details in her usual “off beat” style of conversation.  He asks them if they plan to buy anything.  She gives him some very technical tips on how to alphabetize his CDs.  He doesn’t seem very interested and just says: “cool”.  Hearing that, she asks him if he is using the word “cool” the way her brother Reggie does.  If he’s saying it that way, then she will say: “Right back at ya.” But if he’s talking about the temperature, she believes it’s neither too cool nor too hot in the store.  Jonathan explains to the store manager that Lily knows all the facts and details.  He looks at them unenthused and asks if they are there to do survey research or what is up.

Dixie goes to Aidan’s office and walks in on Ryan playing pin ball.  She asks if Tad is there.  He admits he has not seen him.  She says it’s just as well.  It’s gotten to the point where she and Tad cannot stand being in each other’s sight.  She tells him that Tad hates looking at her.  Hearing that, Ryan tells her he does not mind looking at her.  She tells him she has no clue as to why.  He tells her he guesses he is just a sucker for a pretty face.

After the court is adjourned and Kendall and Zach are alone in the empty court room, she jokes about how the judge called him reckless and arrogant.  He tells her that he must have ruled in their favor because he like Zach’s pretty wife.  They go outside to see Derek and Livia outside the court room.  Derek tells them that he knows that the judge must have been bribed to rule in Zach’s favor and he tells them they have been had.  Kendall asks if this judge is known to take bribes.  Livia admits that if a client of hers had done something like that, he would need a different lawyer.  She looks to be indirectly admonishing Zach to tell her whether he did, in fact, bribe the judge.  Derek says that Livia was in the same boat with Kendall because they were both in the dark about the bribe.  She tells her brother he better “go easy” or she will not buy him dinner.  They leave.  Kendall and Zach go inside and she asks him, honestly, if he did bribe the judge.  He admits to her that he made a sizable contribution to the judge’s re-election fund.  She seems to find that hilarious.

Ryan tells Dixie that he needs to help her find her daughter now that he’s a parent also.  She then asks him how his son is.  He tells her that he loves Spike and finally got to hold him.  She tells him it is such a great thing to be able to hold your child.  He tells her that it is especially amazing to him since he almost lost Spike.  He is ready to trash JR for what he did but stops himself realizing that he is talking to JR’s mother.  Dixie tells him that she wishes she could have held her baby.  He tells her that she can count on him to help her find Kate because he admires her.  She tells him that that there is nothing admirable about her nor is there any reason for anybody to be so concerned and ready to help her.

Aidan finds Erin at the motel.  She tells him she knows that he must have known where she is.  She tells him whether he understands or accepts this or not, she wants and needs her space.  She does not owe him anything.  He is not her boyfriend anymore and she can make her own decision.  He then asks her what it is that has gotten her so freaked out.  He knows that she is hiding something.

Lily tells the store manager that she and Jonathan would like a job.  She responds to the job application asking her about her previous work experience by going into the technical history of where and when she might have been “employed.”  She gets to the question about whether someone has been convicted of a felony and informs the store manager that Jonathan was a serial killer in the past.  She tells him that that was when he had a brain tumor but since they got rid of the “bad stuff,” he was acquitted.  Hearing that, the store manager believes they must be pulling his chain, by the way they are talking and tells them if they want to join a comedy club, they need to go elsewhere.  He has a business to run.  She tells him she does not want to join a comedy club.  She does not know how to be funny.  She and Jonathan just need to get jobs.

In response to Aidan’s accusation that she is keeping a secret, Erin invites him into the room and tells him that he can see that there is absolutely nothing there that she is hiding.  He then grabs her and tells her that he wishes she would just open up to him.  He tells her he will give her all the time she needs and he will be there when she decides to come back to him.  He tells her he does not care what she says because he knows that she loves him.  He kisses her and she does not stop him or argue.

After Lily and Jonathan complete their application and she keeps talking in a way that the store manager does not understand, he tells them he will have to pass.  He has enough weird people in his store all ready.  He doesn’t want or need to hire any “mu-tards.”  Jonathan, who is fully functional, demands to know what he just called them and gets in his face.  Lily clarifies to him that there is no such thing as a “mu-tard.”  She has autism spectrum disorder and her husband had a brain tumor.  She tells him that he is just plain rude.  She goes out the door and Jonathan confronts him.  Alone with the guy, Jonathan tells him he’s a jackass.  The guy asks him what he just said.  Jonathan then plays the simpleton again and tells him he has no right to talk that way to Jonathan’s wife.

Jack admits to Erica that he’s been so damn furious.  There have been so many secrets and he does not know how he’s going to get past it.  She tells him he will get past it.  He admits that he does not know whether he can or not but is nowhere near ready to throw in the towel and give up on their marriage.  He asks her if she is willing to keep working on their marriage and she admits to him that she is also nowhere near ready to give up on them.

Aidan and Erin lie on her bed, roll around and kiss passionately.  She pulls away and tells him she meant what she said.  She wants to end it.  He demands that she tell him what is going on.  She tells him that she has told him everything she can possibly tell him and she demands that he leave.  He goes out the door.

Outside the music store, Jonathan concludes to Lily that that guy was a jerk and they need not worry about him.  They can get much better jobs.  Terry/Thomas McDermott goes into the store, unseen by them, takes their crumpled application that the manager threw in the trash and puts it in his pocket.  It would probably have all of Lily’s and Jonathan’s information.

Ryan tells Dixie that by his act of pretending to die, which was his attempt to save people, he ended up hurting all the people he intended to protect.  He tells her that he got past this with time.  She tells him for her, time is an enemy because every moment that passes, she is further away from her little girl.  Ryan then puts his arms around Dixie.

After Babe leaves JR and Jamie alone and goes to find Josh, Jamie tells JR that maybe he should just let Jamie handle this situation.  It might get JR into terrible trouble and cause him to lose Babe.  JR tells his brother there is no way he’s going to lose Babe.

At the frozen meat warehouse, Babe tells Josh that she is really tired of him continually trashing her husband and brother-in-law.  He protests that JR and Jamie have really ticked him off.  She then tells him he needs to get out of there and get out of her face.  He leaves and goes out the door.  She throws a can at the door as the door closes locking her inside the freezer.

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