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Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Babe types on the computer at Fusion when she gets up, frustrated.  JR comes in and asks her if there is a slow connection.  She tells him that her brain is blocked.  She has to do a presentation.  She actually has to redo it because “the girls of Fusion” have erased it in her system.  He tells her that the Babe he knows does not give up.  She reminds him that Kendall and her friends intend to screw her over and they do not fight fair.  He tells her that Kendall has only won if Babe gives up.  Babe then tells him there is no way she will let Kendal win.

Kendall is sitting up in bed with the phone to her ear.  She is worried.  When Zach appears, she asks him when he was planning to tell her that his court hearing was scheduled for today.

Erica goes to the marina and is looking out at the water.  Jeff appears.  She tells him that she wants him to stay out of her business.  He tells her she can do whatever she wants with her business.  She tells him that she understands that he has suspended Josh from the hospital.  He asks her if that is any of her business.  She tells him that Josh is her business and asks Jeff if he is considering letting Josh go.

Not far away, Josh sits in the sun and Jamie comes up to him and tells him that working at the hospital has been so much more enjoyable for him now that Josh has gotten suspended.  Josh tells Jamie he can laugh all he wants but the joke will be on Jamie’s family.

Aidan comes to see Erin.  She tells him she doesn’t want to talk but he tells her they have to.

Ryan holds baby Spike in the maternity ward and rocks in a rocking chair.  Julia comes by and tells him that she knows that his son will want his daddy to play soccer with him and talks about the future he will have with his son.  He then asks her if she sees ay resemblance between them.  She tells him that this kid is the perfect combo of him and Kendall.  He tells her that he is having a sense that Spike might not look like him.  Se tells him of course he does and she asks jokingly, and not remembering what she knows, just whom, besides Ryan, Spike would look like.  Then she remembers that it’s entirely possible that Spike is not Ryan’s child.  He might be the biological offspring of Greg Madden.

When Kendall notices Zach ready to leave, she is having an anxious moment where she is worried that somebody can take her husband away from her.  He holds her and tells her that nobody is going to take him away.  She tells him that she is worried that he will get in trouble when he goes to court.  He tells her he knows that Livia will get the charges dropped.  She says they need to consider what will happen if the judge does not dismiss the case.  He gets ready to leave and tells her that they should have lunch together and she should go to see Spike.  He leaves and asks her to tell Spike that he loves him.

Ryan tells Julia that he knows that Madden is obsessed with Kendall’s mother.  He goes on to tell her that, given that, he might have wanted to use his own sperm and be the only donor for the conception of many babies.  He asks her if there is a plausible theory that if Greg could not have his own baby, that he’d take Erica’s daughter and inseminate her.  Julia tells Ryan if Greg has done that, he’s a sick, twisted bastard and she will kill him.

Erin asks Aidan why he thinks she has to make time to talk to him.  He tells her that he is concerned about her.  She tells him that he should not be.  She tells him she is sorry but feels as though he is smothering her.  She then tells him that she needs to spell this out for him.  They need more than time and space.  They need to break up and not see each other anymore.

At Fusion, Babe tells JR that she had this idea that she cannot remember and which will not come back.  He tells her if she relaxes, it can come back.  She tells him when Kendall and her friends invaded her computer, they wiped out her brain.  He suggests that she come up with a new idea.  She tells him that maybe he needs to go and play basketball because he cannot help her with any ideas she needs in regard to cosmetics.  He then asks her what the product is.  Is it eye make-up or hair junk?  She tells him that she was marketing some ideas for teen cosmetics.  She tells him that she was thinking of words to use in the advanced cell phone advertising but she can’t think of any more words.  He suggests the word sex.  She tells him that might not be appropriate for teenage girls.  He then tells her words like awesome, unique, slamming, and hot and then he says gorgeous, like her.  Her ideas start to come flooding back to her as they continue to brainstorm. 

Jamie and Josh continue to argue at the marina and they start to get physical.

Erica tells Jeff if he really believes that Josh does not belong at the PVH, then maybe he should just fire him and let him work somewhere else.  He tells her that Josh’s suspension will be over soon and he will be reinstated and staying in town.  She tells him that this is unbelievable.  She is not happy that Jeff intends to keep Josh around where he can find out everything about his true paternity.

Jamie and Josh get intro a brawl when Jamie tells Josh all about his father and how Josh is as crazy as he is.  Erica and Jeff then come and demand that the two of them stop it.  Jeff grabs Josh and asks him if this behavior is productive.  Should he be hanging around the yacht club?  Josh asks Jeff if what he is doing at the yacht club himself.  He tells Jeff that he (Jeff) obviously does not have to worry about his reputation just because he’s a Martin.  Jeff then tells Josh that perhaps he could meet with him and have some seminars and training for him.  Josh instantly assumes that Jeff only wants to offer him charity and he walks away.  Jeff does not know what to do.  Erica then comes by and asks Jeff if he cannot see that it is not benefiting Josh to stay in Pine valley.  It’s just screwing him up worse.

Aidan tells Erin that he does not understand what is going on.  He tells her he loves her and asks where this latest plan she is making is coming from.  She tells him that this is what she needs to do.  It’s the best thing for her.  He tells her he will give her all the time she needs.  She tells him that this whole thing is not right for her anymore.  There is something she cannot help.  He then kisses her.  She tries to fight him but reveals that she is hiding something.  She then tells him that she owes him the truth.

Erica tells Jeff that he yanked Josh’s chain just because he had a problem with a degenerate like JR.  Josh had every right to beat JR to a pulp but Jeff had to step up the plate and play disciplinarian.  Hearing that, Jeff asks Erica if she just heard herself defending Josh and he tells her she sounds just like Josh’s mother.  She then sets Jeff straight that she is nothing to Josh.  She is Kendall and Bianca’s mother.  She does not care about Josh.  It’s just after what JR did to her family, if Josh wants to make JR’s life miserable, then she is all for Josh.  He asks her if she has any maternal feelings about Josh nor any interest in making him part of her family.  She then admits that of course she has had feelings about him.

Erin tells Aidan that she has believed that maybe she is ready for a real relationship or a commitment.  He tells her that he believes she is.  She tells him that this whole thing was way too fast.  It’s not him.  It’s her.  She believes she cannot give him what he deserves.  He tells her that she can.  She tells him that she is only kidding herself.  He has been so wonderful to her.  He’s taught her everything and he deserves better than what she has to offer him.  She tells him that she is not ready for a life time commitments.  She tells him that she does not want her life to be filled with “what ifs.”  He tells her he’s willing to give her all the time and space she needs.  She then tells him she wants him to stop being so nice.  She admits that she feels trapped.  She wants to see other men and see what else is out there.  She feels as though if she does not, then she will resent him and hate him forever.  He tells her he does not buy that and he is not leaving until she tells him the truth.

Babe tells JR that he helped her with a great idea in advertising to teenage girls that they can be hot and have the guys unable to take their eyes off of them.  She then tells him she knows that this is an awesome idea.  She is going to email it to herself and those nasty women can do whatever they want.  This is her idea and she will not be intimidated by them any more.  Jamie enters and does not look happy.  Babe asks him what is wrong.  He tells JR they need to talk… privately.

Ryan tells Julia that Spike is his son.  He holds the baby and tells her that he loves his son no matter what.  He wants to protect him and never let him be disappointed.  He tells her he knows that Spike has changed him and enabled him to look at everything differently, including Kendall.  She then tells him that she can do the test for him if he wants to be certain.

At the court hearing, Derek testifies to the prosecutor that he and the police were called to the hospital to see Mr. Slater brandishing a gun and preventing anybody from entering his wife’s room.  Livia then clarifies with Derek that Zach did not shoot or injure anybody, but rather, he only gave warning shots.  The prosecutor asks Derek if he did hear any death threats from Zach.  Derek admits that he did.  Livia then tells the judge that she’d like to call Kendall Hart Slater to the witness stand.  Kendall appears.  Zach privately asks Livia why Kendall is there when he asked her not to testify.  She tells him that she could no stop Kendall.  She asked her not to but Kendall insisted.  Livia then asks Kendall what she believes Zach’s intentions were when she was in the coma.  The prosecutor tells her that she must realize that Kendal could not think or feel anything while in a coma.  Livia then rephrases and asks Kendall, now that she knows what is going on, does she believe that her husband meant any harm to anybody.  She replies absolutely not and Zach would not have had to take such drastic measures in the first place if some idiot judge had not awarded Ryan power of attorney of her child against her wishes.  The judge reminds her that he was that “idiot” judge.  She then apologizes but tells the court that she knows that Zach only intended to carry out her wishes and asks how many men would do that for their wives.

Back at the hospital maternity ward, Ryan tells Julia that he does not want or need a DNA test.  He knows that Spike is his son and he does not want to even consider any other possibility.

Erica admits to Jeff that when she first found out that Josh was her son, she asked thought a great deal about what it would mean to Josh and to everybody involved if Josh found out that he was her son.  She knows that it will not benefit anybody if he finds that out.  She reminds him that it’s not just about her and him and Josh.  There are other people involved whom they must consider.  He tells her yes.  His family is also involved.  She tells him that he has this Norman Rockwell fantasy about he perfect family and he must realize that there is no way Josh is going to be the model child at the family gatherings and in the public eye.  He then asks her if she is just worried about public relations.  She tells him that she is very worried about how it would mess Josh up if he found out the truth.  He could be emotionally messed up and have to get therapy for the rest of his life.  She, also, has to consider what it would mean to Kendall and Bianca and Reggie and Lily to know about Josh and she concludes that she still does not believe that it will do anything except create more damage if Josh found out that he is her son.

Kendall tells the judge that she does not mean any disrespect but if the SWAT team had not come and assumed that Zach was dangerous, he would not have fired any shots.  She tells them that they that Zach did nothing wrong.  If the people whom Zach was fighting had their way, then she would have woken from her coma only to find out that her baby had died.  They must take into consideration that Zach saved her and her baby’s life.

Jamie tells JR that he is willing to stop at nothing in order to find their mutual little sister.  JR asks Jamie if he is really ready to see it through.  Jamie tells him yes.  JR tells Jamie that he intends to help him and he’s with him all the way.  He then tells Babe that he and Jamie have some important business to attend to.  He kisses her good-bye.  She thanks him for inspiring her.

Erin admits to Aidan that she has never been in love before and she’s worried that it can never again be as good as it has been.  She tells him that she is going crazy and afraid that she can never be this woman she is pretending to be for him.  She tells him she des not want to see him anymore.  He must not call her or talk to her.  He must stay away from her.  Ryan enters the apartment.  Aidan then goes out the door.  Erin cries.  Ryan asks what the hell he just walked in on.

At the marina, Erica tells Jeff that she is not the same woman he married.  She’s come a long way since then and she knows she is right about Josh.  He tells her that he can help Josh.  She tells him that he cannot get this idea that he can solve the world’s problems.  He cannot just believe that he can just give everybody a shot and fix them.  He tells her that he can always try.  She tells him that he may believe this because he’s been working in third world countries and saving lives.    He reminds her that he is talking about Josh.  She tells him she still believes that it will only ruin Josh if he finds out that they are his parents.  Jeff tells Erica he has some things to do and has to leave.  Right then a guy comes and asks Erica why she wanted to talk to him.  She informs him that she noticed that their boat is gone and Jack had not come home the previous night.  She asks him if he’s seen her husband.  The guy admits that Mr. Montgomery has been out all night.  She is shocked to hear that and knows that Jack did not check in with her.

At the court hearing, the judge announces that he’s made his decision in regard to what to do with Zach.

Erica waits at the marina and Jack returns.  She asks him if he has any idea how worried she has been.  Jack, then casually tells her that “we” got held up.  Hearing him say “we”, she asks whom he is talking about.  Right then, Brooke enters and reveals she was with Jack.

Erin cries on Ryan’s shoulder.  He tells her that he thought that everything was ok and asks if love is not enough.  She tells him she does not understand anything about love.

JR and Jamie go to the park and reveal that they have a deep dark secret.  They stand right by the flower bed where Greg is buried.  Babe enters and asks the two of them what the secret is.  She tells JR that he cannot keep any secrets from her.

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