AMC Update Tuesday 6/27/06

All My Children Update Tuesday 6/27/06 


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

JR and Babe enter the Chandler house and see Krystal attacking Adam.  They are apparently in a conflict.  They rush to break them up.

David kisses Dixie.  She does not stop him.

Greg lies in the ground while the box is leaking.  He looks like he’s ready to go into shock.  He demands and pleads that whoever put him there get him out of there before it’s too late.

Jonathan privately tells Erin (believing they are alone and he need not do the “simpleton” act) that he’d like to help her get back with Aidan.  She tells him that it’s really sweet of him but it’s her decision and she will deal with it.  Jonathan hugs his sister.  She then tells him that she has one more thing to discuss with him and it’s not about her.  He immediately knows what she is about to bring up and tells her that he’s not going to reveal to Lily that he’s gotten his brain capacity back.  She tells him that she wishes he would stop pretending that he is mentally challenged but concludes that she will accept his decision.  Unknown to both of them, Amanda is standing by overhearing their conversation.  Erin departs and Amanda comes out of hiding to confront Jonathan about what she has just witnessed.  Noticing her, he instantly plays the mentally challenged little boy and asks her if they are going to go out and get ice cram.  She reveals that she is very angry at him for playing the “sweet, disabled Jonathan” act.  She tells him that she thinks he is a slime ball.

Krystal admits to her daughter and son-in-law that she did not watch professional wrestling all these years for nothing.  Babe asks her mother and stepfather/father-in-law what is going on.  She notices that they are fighting over a shoe.  JR identifies it as his shoe.  Babe tells her mother that she thinks she is overreacting.  Krystal tells JR that she will never forgive him for what he tried to do to her daughter and she will never forgive his father for making excuses for him.  She does not trust any unrealistic promise he makes.  She then frisks him for booze.  He protests that he doses not have any alcohol on his person or in his system.  She tells Babe that she believes that in order for JR to sign away his chandler shares to Babe and little Adam, he’d have to be drunk.  Hearing that, Adam is shocked to find out that his son would have done that.

Greg pleads that somebody let him out of the leaking box in the ground.

Amanda asks Jonathan what kind of vicious trick he has up his sleeve with Lily.  She tells him that she overheard his conversation with his sister.  Why is he putting on this act with Lily to get her to trust him?  What is he going to do?  Is he going to kidnap her, try to kill her, lock her in a cave?  He protests to her that he would never do that.  He loves Lily and he did not intend for it to turn out this way.  She angrily tells him that she must find Lily and inform her about the truth regarding Jonathan.  Jonathan calls to Amanda to stop her and tells her she cannot do this.

Kendall tells Zach that she does not approve of him rushing to Dixie whenever she needs him.  She informs him that when she was a child, a teacher wrote on her report card that she does not share well with others.  She informs him that nothing has changed.  She tells him she loves him but is not about to share him with anybody.

Dixie pulls away from David and tells him she knows what he is doing.  He tells her that whatever she wants or needs him to do, he will do it.  She concludes that he brought her there to find Kate.  He told her everything she wanted to hear.  He seemed so warm and caring and completely not himself.  She has been so frazzled and yet he’s been right there to scoop her up.  She jokingly asks if he’s just trying to take advantage of her.  Hearing that, he tells her that that would be the real him but he is wondering if she is taking advantage of him.  He tells her that she knows him.  He would do anything for her.  All he has ever wanted was to make her happy no matter the cost.  She could easily manipulate him with tears or anything and he is completely at her mercy.  She laughs and tells him that he’s never been at anybody’s mercy in his life.  Suddenly, they hear a knock on the door and somebody announces room service.  She rushes to open the door and sees Tad.

After finding out that JR has decided to sign over his shares of the company to Babe and little A, Adam urges his son to tell him that he didn’t do anything like that.  JR protests that if he blows everything, he needs to make certain that his wife and son are well taken care of.  Hearing that, Krystal tells her daughter that they should take the money and run and reveals that she does not trust anything like that from JR.  Adam tells JR that there must be a way to cancel the agreement or burn the papers.  JR tells his father that everything is notarized and put in a safe deposit box.

Kendall tells Zach that she realizes that maybe they are not normal people and maybe he is not a normal man.  She knows he has a need to rescue people.  Julia is one example.  She realizes that she is a bitch and cannot accept that.  She tells him that she wants to do terrible things to the women he pays attention to.  She tells him that every fiber in her being is dying to do something and she is trying desperately not to.  He asks her what she is ready to do.  She tells him she is ready to make him swear to never have anything more to do with Dixie or she will divorce him and take her son and never see him again.

Tad enters Dixie’s hotel room where she is staying with David and asks her what is going on.  She informs him that they following a lead that might be able to tell them where Kate is.  Tad tells them they cannot wait.  They need to call the Silverstone’s right away.  David tells Tad he is crazy.  Tad then calls Mr. and Mrs. Silverstone.  They answer and he apologizes for calling so late and asks if he may ask some personal questions.  He asks if they adopted a baby girl from Dr. Greg Madden.  They confirm that they did.  He asks their adopted daughter’s age and it sounds like she is a different age than Kate would be.  They also inform Tad that they have also had this very same conversation with a Dr. David Hayward.  Hearing that, Dixie turns to David and asks him if this is true.  Did he really lie to her about finding Kate when it was a false lead?  David admits that he did talk to Mrs. Silverstone and he believes that they had to investigate every lead that they find.  He thought they should go and see the little girl and find out for themselves whether it was a scam or not.  He tells Tad that it’s entirely possible that Madden paid the Silverstone family to tell them that they do not have Kate.  Tad tells David that he just wanted to play upon Dixie’s vulnerability.  Dixie tells Tad he’s just as much of a player as David is.

JR tells Adam that he wanted Babe to feel safe and know that she could trust him.  Adam asks his son to tell him that there is something not right in that contract.

Krystal tells Babe that JR is very desperate after she prevented him from going to prison and that JR is back to his old self.  He’s gotten away with attempted murder and is only sweet talking her by making her think that she can trust him.  Babe tells her mother that she knows her husband.  Krystal asks Babe how long it’s going to take for her to see things the way they really are.  Is she going to wait until he kills her?

Jonathan protests to Amanda that he is no longer a serial killer or a threat to society.  He may have gotten his brain capacity back but he loves Lily and would never hurt her.  She tells him she does not believe a word he says.  If he loves Lily, then he needs to tell her the truth.  She asks Jonathan why Lily would want him to lie and have her believe that he’s mentally challenged when he is not?  He tells her that he understand what it is like to feel like an outcast to live with the disability that Lily has.  She needs to believe that she is safe with somebody who understands what it is like to be her.  She tells him if he has gotten his capacity back and he loves her, then he needs to use his brain, be honest, and protect her.  He tells her that Lily feels safe with the Jonathan that she knows.  He tells her that Lily was able to help him and she felt comfortable with him the way she was.  It gave her confidence and made her feel loved and if he has to tell her that he is not that guy any more, it will shatter Lily’s world.  He will not let that happen.  Lily enters and calls to Jonathan but Jonathan and Amanda are silent.  Lily remarks to Amanda that she could hear her talking very loudly and asks if they were having a fight.  They do not answer.

Kendall gets up to go to the elevator to leave.  She turns to Zach and tells him that this is the part where he urges her not to leave.  He tells her that he is not going to try to influence her decision.  She tells him that this is all about her.  She wants him all to herself.  She wants all of his attention.  She then tells him that this is pathetic.  She’s behaving just like a high school girl and she tells him that she cannot blame Dixie for reaching out to Zach.  She is desperate to find her child and she cannot blame Zach for helping Dixie.  So, she concludes, that it’s time to grow up.  Zach then asks Kendall to give him her hand.  He puts two wedding rings in her hand.  He starts to put the ring on her finger but she tells him to wait.  She looks at him speechless.  He asks her if there is a problem.  She tells him that it’s weird that he seemed to know that they would be having this conversation and feeling these feelings right in this place.  She asks him how he does that.  He replies that it’s easy.  He loves her.  He takes her ring and says, “With this ring I thee wed.”  She puts his ring on his finger and tells him the same.

Dixie tells Tad that she can tell that he knew the truth about the Silverstones and he had to sneak up on David to make him look bad and make himself look like a hero.  David tells Dixie that he gave her his word to find Kate and even though this lead may not pan out, he won’t give up until they find her little girl.  Tad tells her that this is David’s “lead” to “get lucky.”   Hearing that, Dixie tells Tad to shut up.  He tells her if she wants to trust a dirt bag like David Hayward that is her business but he wants no part of that.  He tells her that he will take her home but she tells him she is not going anywhere with him.

Lily tells Amanda that if she and Jonathan were having an argument, they can still be friends.  They can agree to disagree.  She’s discovered that she can have arguments and disagree with her father but she still loves him.  She and Jonathan can agree to disagree and they still love each other.  She looks at Amanda’s expression, however, and sees that she is not happy.  Jonathan plays the simpleton, reminds her that they have to get going and that she has to help him with a job application at the chicken shack.  Amanda looks at them in disbelief.  Lily explains that she has to help Jonathan with many things he cannot do for himself, like understanding time and directions and appointments but he helps her also.  She tells Amanda that she and Jonathan are meant for each other.  Aidan calls it destiny, she tells her.  Amanda then smiles and tells them that she cannot think of two people more suited for each other.

Greg struggles to get out of the leaking box in the ground.  He finally manages to get out and cries and says thank you.  He yells to the sky that he is finally free and that his captors will never get any information out of him.  However, is this really happening?

Babe tells her mother she understands that she is worried about her.  She appreciates the concern but she wishes that her mother would just realize that she knows what she is doing and trust her decision.  Krystal tells her daughter she just wishes that JR would serve out his sentence.  JR then tells Krystal that she is right.  He hurt Babe.  He drugged her and tried to kill her.  Krystal sarcastically tells her son-in-law that now she has heard everything and Babe needs to pack her bags and leave.  He tells Babe she does not have to leave.  He then tells her that they will make up a will for Babe that gives all of the shares of Chandler stock to Krystal or to a charity and custody of Little A to Krystal if anything should happen to Babe.  He will do whatever it takes for them to both trust him and know that he will do anything for Babe and for their son.

Kendall and Zach have an intimate moment and romantic music plays.  He lights candles.  She gets into bed.

Lily leaves Jonathan and Amanda alone.  He thanks her for protecting his secret.  She tells him she is doing that for now but if he ever does anything to hurt Lily, she will scream his secret from a rooftop and make him pay.  He tells her that he would never hurt Lily. 

Greg is lying in the ground in the leaking box, unable to get out.  He was apparently hallucinating about his release.  He declares that he will never reveal his secrets. 

Dixie tells Tad that he shouldn’t judge David.  He has not done anything wrong.  She tells him that David may have done the wrong thing but he did it for the right reason.  Tad did what he did for the wrong reason.  She then surprises them both by walking out.  She tells them that she is not going to spend the night with either one of them.

At the Chandler house, Krystal tells Babe she suggests she locks her doors and windows until this divorce is finalized.  Babe does not respond to her mother but gets up to walk upstairs with JR.  Krystal then tells Adam that he is going to be sleeping by himself.  He asks her about the part in her vows where she promises to love, honor and obey.

Kendall and Zach are making love.

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