AMC Update Monday 6/26/06

All My Children Update Monday 6/26/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Greg Madden panics as rain seeps into his coffin. He screams to be let out.

Lily tells Jonathan at the park that she’s not afraid of the thunder anymore because he makes her brave. Terry watches from around the corner. Lily tells Jonathan she sees something. She said somebody else is here. Amanda shows herself and is very happy to see the two of them together. She tells Lily she was right that everything would turn out perfect. A maintenance man arrives to deal with flooding. Amanda says she’s happy for both of them. Lily asks if she wants Jonathan as her boyfriend. Amanda laughs and Jonathan asks her why she would think that. Lily says she saw Amanda kiss Jonathan’s face. Amanda says she’s not interested in Jonathan romantically. He’s her great guy.

Erin and Aidan are kissing at the PI office and she obviously has something on her mind. She tells Aidan they have to stop their relationship. She wants to cool it for awhile. Erin says she’s overwhelmed with her job, with her work at the Miranda center and with Ryan’s baby. She is confused and stressed and she needs time to figure out if she really feels how she thinks she feels. Aidan asks her to tell him what’s really going on. She says she already told him why and asks why he’s making this so dramatic. She says he’s just as busy as she is. He needs to concentrate on Kate, not her. Aidan says he does concentrate on Kate. Then he likes to stop and focus on her. He tells her he loves her. Erin says she can’t do this right now and walks out.

JR interrupts Josh and Babe on the Fusion roof. He tells Josh he wants to talk to his wife. When Josh doesn’t budge, JR says he asked him to leave. Josh says he’ll do whatever Babe wants him to do. Babe tells JR that Josh has promised to help find Kate. Josh says he is doing this for Babe to give her one less thing to worry about while she’s married to him. Josh leaves and Babe asks JR that he must have some reaction to finding her there with a man he hates. JR says he wants to smash Josh’s face in but it’s her heart that matters.

Zach hugs and kisses Kendall at Fusion. Their kiss is interrupted by Tad, who walks in and demands Zach tell him where Dixie is. Kendall asks Tad if something happened. He says he’s on the trail of a woman who was in the clinic when Dixie gave birth and needs to talk to Dixie to follow it. Kendall asks Zach if there’s a reason he’s not telling Tad where Dixie is. Zach says Dixie got a lead and is on her way to Scarsdale to look for Kate. Tad asks why Dixie would go on her own. Kendall says why would Dixie tell Zach but not Tad. That doesn’t make sense. Tad says he and Dixie aren’t real chummy right now and she thinks Zach is being helpful. Josh enters and tells them that Dixie got the lead from David Hayward.

Dixie is with David as they check into a cheap motel. He says it’s not exactly five starts but it will do the trick. Dixie tells David she wants to go to the house and see if Kate is there. David says the family isn’t home now. Dixie says they could wait and watch. If she sees the little girl’s face she’ll know if it’s Kate. He says it’s dark and they need to wait till tomorrow. Dixie says it’s impossible for her to wait till tomorrow. She frets that this is another false lead just like every other one. She asks David if they can leave because she can’t stand this anymore. David tries to comfort her. He says he’s here for her. If she is too tired and too frustrated he can do things for her. He will never give up looking for Kate. Dixie asks what’s gotten into him. Why doesn’t he hate her? David asks why he would hate her. Dixie says she’s given him a thousand reasons. David tells her he loves her. Dixie says she left and every second she stayed away was a lie. She gave away her own child. David says that was Greg Madden’s fault. He says he understands why she stayed away. He is sorry she had to go through that alone. Dixie says she wasn’t alone. She had a relationship.

Babe tells JR she got into it with Kendall today. She says Kendall wants Fusion to open a bar. JR says it’s a smart move to brand the Fusion lifestyle. Babe says it’s a great idea but she is worried about JR being exposed to a bar. He tells her she can’t shelter him. They’ll get through this, he says. He tells her he’s not worried about her sleeping with Josh and trusts her. Babe hugs him and says that means more to her than he’ll know.

Josh tells Tad and Zach that he found a lead about a family that adopted a baby, but he says David knows the Silverstone kid isn’t Kate.

Amanda asks Lily and Jonathan if she can hang out with them and be their best friend. Lily says she cannot because Jonathan is her best friend. Amanda says she could be their second best friend. Erin arrives and asks to talk to Jonathan. Amanda leaves with Lily. Jonathan reverts to his normal adult self as he talks to Erin and asks her what’s wrong. Erin says she doesn’t want to talk about her she wants to know how he is doing. Jonathan says he’s never seen Lily happier. Erin says what about him. Jonathan says Lily’s smile and her joy are all that matters. That’s all he wants. Erin cries and Jonathan asks her what’s going on. She says she and Aidan aren’t a couple anymore. Jonathan asks if he did something. She says no, she just needed some time. She tells him if she acts preoccupied it’s not a big deal. Erin says she’s fine. Jonathan asks her what’s really going on.

Kendall asks Zach what he thinks David is up to. Zach says David wants to cash in. Kendall asks if he’s afraid that means sex and if that bothers him. Zach admits that it does. Kendall asks he cares about Dixie. He says yes, is that a problem? Kendall asks him if it’s a problem.

David tells Dixie that she is being told how to feel. He expresses regret for screwing up their relationship and says he won’t judge her. He says he’ll go to his room. As he leaves he sees Dixie crying. He hugs her and soon she is laughing. He says he’ll be in his room if she needs him. She says she did need him and he was there. David tells her she’s not alone. He kisses her forehead and soon they are kissing on the lips.

Amanda returns to the park and overhears Jonathan and Erin talking. She is dismayed to hear Jonathan sounding like his old self.

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