AMC Update Friday 6/23/06

All My Children Update Friday 6/23/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Zach and Ryan are talking outside the nursery about Greg Madden. Ryan says he would like to talk to Madden because he's the only person who knows where Dixie's child is. Ryan also says he knows Zach and Dixie learned that Madden made himself out to be the only donor for women who came to be artificially inseminated. Ryan says he can't help but wonder ... Zach stops him and tells him not to think about it. Ryan asks Zach why he didn't tell Kendall about Greg's files showing he is the only donor. Zach says there's nothing to tell.

Greg is lying in his coffin, shouting "stop it, stop it." He says he won't give any information until he is out of here.

Jonathan and Lily are at the park just above the coffin playing with a Frisbee. Lily tells him that he makes her stop thinking about Terry from New York. Jonathan says she should forget everything about New York. She says not everything. She doesn't want to forget about their wedding. She tells him he teaches her about being happy. He says she teaches him more about love.

Di goes to the PI studio to see Aidan, who says he needs her help to find an old friend. Di sees Terry and recognizes him, referring to him as "T." She is surprised that he and her friend Annie are divorced. Terry asks Di if she has any idea where Annie is. Di says she must have had a good reason to flee. She asks what he did to her.

Babe tells her Fusion co-workers that they will not open a bar in this building. Kendall says it's a done deal. Simone tells Babe she has no vision. Dani says they can hold their launch parties at the bar rather than in their office. Babe asks if they're forgetting the pre-teen and teen audience and those who don't drink. Kendall says this is about having a fun-filled life. Babe says Kendall and Simone need the vote of Ryan and Bianca and they aren't there, so a vote isn't happening. Kendall reveals a document which she says is a proxy giving her the right to vote for Ryan and Bianca. She suggests they vote.

At the hospital, Jeff and Tad break up a fist fight between Josh and JR. Josh tells Joe, Jeff and Tad that JR relieved himself on his shoe. Joe asks JR if he has lost his mind. JR complains about Josh ordering him to produce a urine sample in front of him. JR says he wants Josh fired. Joe says he doesn't take orders from JR. Joe and Jeff take Josh in a room and tells him he is suspended without pay for two weeks for humiliating a patient. He should have called security. Jeff also suspends Josh from his program for two weeks. Joe tells him he has to get a handle on his temper. Josh asks Jeff what the secret he has with Erica. Is this a family secret or can he get in on it too? Jeff says they'll talk about that when he gets back.

Kendall and Simone vote in favor of the bar while Babe votes against it. Kendall warns Babe that this day will be like every other day. She'll be on her own side and everyone else will be against her. Kendall tells Babe she saw her son's eyes for the first time today. She says nothing about his birth was normal or safe and it's JR's fault. She'll never forget that Babe let JR go free. She says if Babe thinks this week is bad, wait till next week.

Aidan tells Di that everything Terry told him has checked out. Di says Annie would not take off without reason. Terry admits he had an affair, but he says Annie is in contempt of court for fleeing with their daughter. Di says she hasn't heard from Annie. Terry asks her if she does hear from her ... Di interrupts and says there's not a chance she would rat her out to Terry. Terry leaves and Di asks Aidan what he is thinking.

It's thundering and Lily wants to stay in the park even though the noise scares her. Jonathan suggests they leave but Lily insists on staying, thinking this will help her get over her fear. She tells Jonathan he helps her not be afraid.

Greg has a flashback while lying in the coffin. He sees himself in a nursery surrounded by newborns. He tells the babies that they will be the miracles of the families he chooses for them.

Zach goes to Fusion and Kendall asks him about Spike. He says he's with his father. Babe starts ranting about Babe but Zach stops her, saying he doesn't want to hear about Babe and JR. He says he was there and he knows what they did. Kendall says except for the time he was off saving Dixie. Zach says he came to tell her he loves her. He asks if she'll simply be his wife for a minute.

JR watches Ryan holding Spike in the nursery.

Josh goes to the Fusion roof, where he finds Babe. He calls her husband a nut case but she refuses to listen to anything negative about JR. Josh starts talking about his father, saying he is hearing that he has done some terrible things. Josh can't believe that his father is evil.

Jeff tells Joe and Tad that his son has officially been suspended from his program. Joe asks him what he plans to do. Is he going to stop Josh from becoming like the father he think he's doomed to be? Joe says Josh is acting out because he thinks he's the son of a monster. Jeff says that's almost exactly what he told Erica. Tad asks if he's going to tell Josh he's his natural father.

Lily counts to 60 and realizes there are 60 seconds between the lightning and the thunder. She asks Jonathan if he noticed she's not afraid. She says he gave her something else to focus on. Jonathan says he'll always be here to help her and make sure she doesn't get hurt.

Di is upset with Aidan for taking Terry's side in this. She says Annie is not a criminal. Aidan says she should have gone through the proper channels. Di says if she didn't she must have thought it was too risky. She tells Aidan to stay out of it and walks out. Erin walks in.

Babe tells Josh she would help him if she could. In the meantime she asks him if he sees his father will he ask him where Kate is. Just then it starts raining. Josh says he'll find out about the little girl. Babe is grateful and puts her head on his shoulder. JR walks onto the roof and sees them.

As Ryan holds Spike in the nursery, he tells him he loves him and will be around for years to come. "You're my son, I know you are," he says.

Aidan tells Erin that he's assigned to find this new client's daughter. Erin says maybe this man did give his wife a reason to leave. Aidan says he wants to forget about work and concentrate on her.

Lily and Jonathan are getting rained on and Lily thinks it feels nice. Terry walks by, trying to cover himself from the rain. He sees Lily and remembers her from New York. He quickly hides behind a wall so she doesn't see him.

Greg notices rain is dripping into his coffin. "Oh my God," he says.

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