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Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

When Julia is sleeping in a hospital room and having fantasies about Jamie, she notices somebody touching her.  When she opens her eyes, she is startled to see that it is Josh.  He tells her that he had an experiment and the medical community wanted to find out if she was willing to give it up to a guy who is old enough to shave.  Hearing that, she hauls off and slaps him.

JR is sitting alone on the park bench right in front of the flower bed where Greg madden is buried.  He has a basketball in his hand and he’s twirling it on his finger

At Fusion, Babe is on the phone with the others surrounding her and not wanting her to be there.  She discovers that a project she spent a lot of time on is gone.

As JR is twirling the basketball on his finger, Zach comes up and snatches it out of his hand. 

Kendall and Ryan are at the hospital after having attended a class on caring for babies.  They go to the NICU to see Spike.  Kendall is concerned that she won’t remember all that they learned in the class.

JR tells Zach that Ryan already made and indirect threat to him.  So Zach may let it rip if he wants to threaten him also.

When Greg is lying in the box in the ground, he hears trumpets and awakens.

Kendall and Ryan observe their tiny baby in this incubator.  She notices that his eyes are no longer taped shut.  They are in awe of how great that baby is.  She then tells him that it must be a positive sign that they’ve taken him off the tubes and machines.  He tells her of course it’s a good sign.  He’s getting healthy.  They notice that he looks like he’s gained weight.  A doctor comes in and confirms that he’s right at the weight where he should be and it’s time for him to adjust to life right outside of the incubator.  So he asks Ryan and Kendall which one of them wants to hold him first.  Each says that the other should.

Zach tells JR that he needs to stop playing silly games to celebrate his freedom and he better leave Zach’s wife alone.  He tells JR that he would not know the truth about him if it stared him in his face.  JR then tells Zach that he realizes that Zach has justification to want to slam him.  He can get revenge on JR if he wants but JR tells Zach that he needs to stop exploiting his mother.  Zach tells JR that the only reason he is still alive is because of his mother.

Babe hangs up the phone and tells the others that she had a presentation that has disappeared and assumes that the others have taken it.  Simone asks Babe who would want to take a worthless little presentation from a loser like her.  Babe tells her that it might be in order to make her look bad.  Simone asks Babe why she thinks she’d need any help doing that or if maybe she screwed it up herself and blamed them.  Erin comes out and says that hey are making some very serious charges.  Danielle says she does not care about Babe and does not want her there.  Erin says she seconds that.  Simone tells Babe if she cannot keep up with today’s technology, then she cannot blame her mistakes and failures on others.  Babe reminds them all that they have to deal with the fact that she is there.  Simone tells her if she cared at all about Fusion, she’d stay home and not be there.  Babe reminds her that she’d be able to go home if her presentation was complete.  She’s spent a lot of time on marketing cosmetics to teenagers and making many calls and if she has to do it over again, she will and they will have to see her again.  She tells Simone that she has worked hard on this project and if they think they are going to take it away from her, they are going to have to do a lot more than remove it from her computer.

Josh tells Julia that she is wasting her time with the Martin kid.  There are a lot of adults out there.  She asks him when the last time was he had a date.  He asks her if she is interested in his sex life.  She tells him that the thought of him is disgusting.  He tells her that he thinks she has misdirected her real desires on a teenager.  She asks if he thinks that he is adult.  He behaves just like a teenage pervert.  Jamie then comes in and tells Josh that after what he’s just seen Josh do, he has to spoil his morning by writing a harassment report.

Ryan holds baby Spike.  He tells Kendall that holding a baby comes back to him like riding a bike.  He says he remembers when Erin came back from the hospital when he was just a child himself.  He tells her that although it’s been a long time since he’s taken care of a baby, he knows he can do it.  And if he can, she can, too.  He asks Spike if he believes that his mommy is up for the job.  They each talk to Spike about how the other relates to him.  They hear Spike coo and Ryan tells her that Spike is now telling them that it’s time for his mom to hold him.

JR tells Zach that he has to stay away from his mother.  Zach tells JR that Dixie wants to save him and so, she let him get away with almost murdering Zach’s wife and her baby.  He tells JR that his mom has given him this one chance so he better not screw it up.  He tells JR that Dixie loves him so much that not even he can wreck that.  She has two kids that were taken form her.  It’s not fair to her but his compassion for her has limits.  If JR so much as goes near Kendall again, Zach will not hesitate to make him pay.  JR tells Zach he’s got it.  Zach tells JR to repeat to him what he has told him so that Zach is sure that JR understands him.  JR repeats the exchange and Zach then tells him to be human for once and help his mom by finding his sister.

Greg hears marching band music while stuck in the box.  He looks down and sees a framed picture of Josh.

After Jamie catches Josh harassing Julia, Josh asks him what is going to stop him from running off to grand daddy.  Jamie tells Josh that he knows what happened.  A doctor going up to a nurse while sleeping and sticking his tongue in her ear is grounds for a reprimand.  He asks Josh if he has any excuses like he’s on medication or sleep walking.  He asks Josh if he should go straight to his grandfather or to Human Resources.  Josh tells Jamie he may do whatever he wants.  Josh has patients to attend to.  He walks away.  Julia asks him to see if he can keep his lips off of them.  Julia and Jamie laugh.

Kendall sits in the rocking chair and holds her baby.  She cries and says that he is perfect and she is the most grateful woman in the world.  Ryan reminds her how fortunate Spike is to have her.  Ryan tells her that he has someone checking on the credentials and references of applicants for the nanny job.  They talk about whether to hire a nanny when Spike gets out of the hospital.  She asks him if Spike should spend so much time with a nanny and not have his mom.  She tells the baby that she wants to put in as much time as she can.  She will teach him animal sounds and English and French and how to count and walk first.  She tells him that he’s going to be surrounded by loving family and friends.  Ryan tells him that includes a loving dad who will not be at the office all day.  He will be there for him and he talks all about how he will never be far away.  Zach appears and observes them through the window.  Before Kendall sees Zach, she suggests to Ryan that maybe, in order to be close to the baby, he should buy Zach’s condo.  Zach comes in and grimly tells Ryan it’s too late.  He’s already found a buyer.  She tells Zach to tell his new buyer that there are damages.  Ryan then smiles and tells them that unknown to Zach, he is the new resident of Zach’s condo and will now live right across the yard from Kendall.  She smiles and tells Zach that is great but he does not smile.  She asks him if he does not think it’s great for Ryan to live so close by.  Zach’s expression reveals that he does not seem ok with that.

At Fusion, Simone, Danielle, and Erin tell Babe that she must know that if they were to all take a vote on her, she’d lose.  They’d all unanimously boot her out of Fusion and she does not need to wonder what Kendall would do.  Kendall’s not there because she’s in a neo natal ward with her baby who was almost killed by Babe’s husband.  Erin tells Babe that the sleezeball who almost killed Kendall and her baby is a man she cannot tear herself away from.  Babe says the reason she wants JR free is because of her son.  Erin reminds her that JR tried to kill Kendall and her baby.  She supposedly cares about her own baby but Ryan and Kendall’s baby does not matter.  Babe tells her that that is not fair and she is not having this fight again.  She goes away.  Simone makes a comment about what a moron Babe is to use her kids’ birthday as a password.  Hearing that, Erin asks Simone if by knowing Babe’s password, that means that it was she (Simone) who erased Babe’s file.  Simone admits that it was.  Erin tells Simone that she was ready to give Babe a break and forgive her until she let JR walk.

Jamie is with Julia. 

Greg lies in the ground and notices many bottles of water.  He trembles and finds a picture of Josh.  He realizes that someone has replenished his water and food supply.  He asks the voice if he isn’t afraid that he will be caught digging him up and re-burying him.  The voice asks him if he has a hangover and suggests that he drink a lot of fluids to offset the headache.  The voice tells him that this is his wake- up call and asks if he is ready for today since this is the first day of the rest of his life.

Julia tells Jamie that they should talk.  He asks her if she means talk about global warming or rising interest rates.  She tells him they need to get a few things straight.  He tells her that doesn’t sound like too much fun and he has a better idea.  He kisses her more.  Outside in the hallway, JR finds Josh and tells him that he needs to leave a “sample.”  Josh tells him he may fill it up with only Josh to witness him.  He’s the only doctor for JR to see today because they are understaffed.

The voice tells Greg that he plans to take care of him and won’t let him die of dehydration.  He asks him how he feels about being underground for weeks, months, or years.  It could go on that long.  Greg freaks and tells the voice that he/she cannot get away with what they did to him

Julia and Jamie are going at it in the shower while a love song plays.

Kendall gets off the elevator and happily greets her colleagues at Fusion.  She asks them who is the greatest child in the world and who is getting to be very happy, healthy and soon to be very wise.  They all surround her and cheer.  She brings some champagne and tells them that Spike no longer needs tubes.  He saw his daddy and opened his eyes and they are gorgeous!  She tells them that she wants to propose a toast to their new business venture.  She tells them that they can now open their own bar.  She even has a name for the new bar and it will be called “Con-Fusion”.  Simone, Danielle and Erin all say that it would be really cool.  Babe stands far away all by herself them there is not a chance in hell that they can do that.

Josh tells JR if he refuses to give a urine sample, then he’s refusing a court ordered sobriety test and he will be in big trouble.  JR tells Josh that he will go to the john.  Josh informs him that he cannot because the bathroom is flooded.  He tells JR that maybe there is a way to unravel the mystery about what he did to Babe to persuade her to let him get away with trying to kill her.  JR unzips his pants and looks as if he is going to fill the specimen bottle.  Suddenly, Josh looks down in surprise as JR says, “Surf’s up!”  They begin to fight and crash through the doors of the hospital room. 

Ryan tells Zach that he wants him to be ok with the condo idea.  He assures him he does not want to make trouble.  He can tell that Zach has his mind on something.  Zach replies that Spike is an engaging kid.  Ryan tells Zach that maybe Zach has his mind on where Greg Madden is stashed.

While Greg lies in the ground, the voice taunts him and tells him now it’s time for him to speak.  He writhes and cringes and looks like he’s in terrible agony.

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