AMC Update Wednesday 6/21/06

All My Children Update Wednesday 6/21/06 


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Di goes to the park and finds Tad.  She tells him she did not expect to find him there.  He asks her why she came.  He finds that he cannot answer why is there.  Again, they are not far away from the flower bed where Greg Madden is buried.

Jack appears at the hospital and finds Jeff and Josh.  Jeff asks Jack what he can do for him.  Jack tells Josh that he’d like to talk to him alone.  Jeff asks Jack if it can wait.  Josh asks Jack what he could possibly have to say to him.

Lily is sleeping and having a dream about her encounter with Terry, the predator in New York who asked her to take off her clothes and wanted to touch her.  She awakens and Jonathan knows she’s been having a bad dream.  She tells him that she dreamt that the bad man from New York came and got her.

That same guy goes to Aidan’s office.  Aidan asks what he can do for him.  He informs Aidan that there is a woman in Pine valley for whom he is looking.

Kendall and Zach go up on the roof.  He can sense that she has something on her mind and has some doubts about him.  She denies being upset and tells him she just wants to bring her son home but she blurts out to him that she’d like to know if her husband is sharing his life with another woman.  She tells him she does not doubt that he loves her, honestly.  He tells her he knows that there is a “but” in there somewhere.  She admits to him that she has been trying to figure out why she is upset about his secret friendship with Dixie.  After she poured her whole heart out to him and confessed her love for him, he never once told her about his relationship with Dixie, but rather, she had to hear it from JR of all people, the jerk who almost killed her.  He then asks her what she wants to know and asks her to sit down so that he can tell her everything.  She informs him that Dixie told her about how they met and developed their relationship.  He asks her why she went to Dixie before asking him.

The perv from New York informs Aidan that his wife, Annie left New York taking his child.  He tells Aidan that they have joint custody and he wants to see his daughter.  He tells Aidan that he’s been trying and failing to find her.  He went to pick up his daughter for the weekend, but the house was vacated.  His ex has not given him any notification of where she was going.  He admits that he had an affair and his wife was furious and threw him out but she is taking out her anger with him on an innocent child.  He asks Aidan if he can help him.  Aidan then tells the guy that he needs to get the court order that he has for the divorce and evidence from the authorities that there is nothing suspicious about him.  He tells him that he does not mean to offend him but before he can investigate his ex-wife, he first has to investigate him.

Lily tells Jonathan that she remembered that the guy first appeared nice.  Then he violated her boundaries and did not respect her right not to be touched.  She is puzzled and alarmed to remember that she saw a nice expression on his face and she’s afraid she was fooled.  Jonathon then tells her that everybody is fooled in business and in personal relationships.  It’s not just people with autism spectrum disorder.  She then concludes that maybe she cannot survive in the real world if she cannot even read somebody’s expression.  He tells her no, she mustn’t believe that.  She concludes that if this guy could fool her, then maybe anybody could.

Tad stands right by the flower bed and Di tells him if he wants her to leave him alone, she will.  He tells her he wants her to stay and that although he is upset about his daughter being gone, it’s still no reason to bite her head off.  She tells him that it’s perfectly justifiable to be moody after something like this has happened and he mustn’t worry about her feelings.  She also tells him that Madden is not like most people.  He’s not only twisted, he seems not to have a conscience.  If he was like normal people, then maybe they could reason with him or threaten him or get through to him somehow.  She tells Tad she just doesn’t understand how Madden could have all these secrets and have no intention of telling anybody.

After Jack finds Jeff and Josh at the hospital, Erica finds her husband and tells him they have to go and have lunch.  Jack confronts the “father and son” and tells Jeff that he should be a little concerned about working with Josh.  He drugged Erica on her show and Jack says that the apple does not fall far from the tree.  Jeff then tells Jack that he does not appreciate his insinuations.  Jeff asks Josh to leave him to talk to Jack and Erica alone.  Josh leaves and Jeff confirms with Jack that Erica must have finally told him the big secret.  Jack admits that she did.  Jeff then asks Jack what he now intends to do about it.

Zach tells Kendall that he was not keeping Dixie’s secret from her for his own reasons.  She asks him if he likes Dixie.  He admits that he likes her a lot.  She admits to him that he is not hiding anything and asks why he cannot come up with a lame excuse somewhere.  He tells her he does not need one.  He likes Dixie as a friend but he only loves Kendall as his lover.  Dixie needed a place to stay and he helped her.  Kendall then asks Zach why he didn’t tell her the whole story if he did not do anything wrong.

Erica, Jack and Jeff talk privately.  She asks her husband why he is so suspicious.  Jack tells Jeff that he’s worried about what Josh is capable of.  Jeff then asks if anybody has ever given Josh any guidance or cared about him.  She reminds him that she did not press charges against Josh after he drugged her and caused her to almost murder Zach Slater.  Jeff then tells Jack that he will take his cautions into consideration and asks Jack and Erica if they will excuse him.  He leaves and Erica hugs her husband, assuming that he did this for her.  He pulls away from her and tells her he doesn’t want her to do that.

Jonathan reminds Lily that before his surgery, in fact throughout his entire life, he never trusted anybody because it was safer.  But he was very lonely up until now.  She acknowledges that he makes her very happy and she is no longer lonely when she is with him.  She asks him if he’s ever been tricked.  He admits that he has and it upset him but he remembers that it was not his fault.  It is the fault of the people who tricked him.  It’s only the people who hurt you who are the bad ones.

Aidan tells the mysterious “Terry” guy that he needs to get information from him in order to confirm that he is not just going after “Annie” in order to hurt her.  He tells Aidan that he would never hurt his ex.  He just needs to find his daughter.  Aidan then asks him to give him the name of his employer and all of his information.  Aidan asks him why he assumes that his ex would be in Pine Valley.  He then informs Aidan that his ex has a friend named Di Kirby.

Di asks Tad if he remembers the research paper that he discovered that Madden was writing.  She tells him it’s ok that he did not tell her about it at the time and he still does no have to tell her.  He tells her that he knows that Madden has had some sort of creepy vendetta about the Martins for over 20 years.

Jack tells Erica that he does not want Josh to be part of this family.  He does not want him creating chaos for Lily or for Kendall or for anybody in their family.  Noticing his angry tone toward her, she asks if when he said that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, he was talking about her.  He then tells her that if the designer shoe fits, then she may wear it.

Kendall confirms with Zach that the reason he was in cahoots with Dixie was because Madden took her baby and they went searching for Madden in an attempt to find her.  She tells him that she does not disapprove of that but wishes that he would have told her that.  She tells him that she is concerned that helping Dixie was more important to him than being with her.  She remembers that when she woke up from her coma, he was not there and she asks him if he was with Dixie.  He confirms to her that she is right.  He was with Dixie.  The night before she woke up, he had just gotten out of jail.  Dixie was at the jail and she needed his help.  She then asks why he has to help all these women in distress…Julia, now Dixie.  She asks why he believes that the problems of these women are their problems.  He tells her that her problems are now solved.  She asks him why he does not go after JR.  He admits it is because he is Dixie’s son.

Di asks Tad what he intends to do when he finds Madden.  Tad admits that he is not certain yet.  He tells her that sometimes logic does not get you very far.  Sometimes you have to come up with new tricks.  Right now, he is desperate enough to do just about anything.  She then tells him he sounds like he has something in mind.  He admits that he has some pretty nasty thoughts.  He tells him that he cannot be blamed for his thoughts.  He admits that this whole thing with Kate is eating him up.  He wondered how this is going to affect the rest of his life.  She then asks him to wait there.  She leaves.  He has no idea what she is ready to do.

Aidan asks Terry how his wife met “Di Kirby.”  He says that they went to school together and then they met again when both women were dating Kevin Sturgis.  He used to work for him but then found out that Mr. Sturgis was a bit of a player and now he works for a firm that is a little more legit.  Erin walks in.  Aidan tells the guy that he is currently working on another case but he will be in touch.  The guy tells him that he needs to return to New York but he will be back.

Jonathan assures Lily that the guy is in New York and she won’t see him again.  She’s now safe with him.  She then asks him if it’s normal for somebody to want her to take her clothes off.  She asks him if he does.  He tells her that he only wants her to be comfortable and doesn’t think anybody should make her do anything she doesn’t want to do.  She seems to sense that he might not mind if she took her clothes off but she is comfortable knowing that Jonathan respects her right to be comfortable and they can agree to disagree.  He tells her that he knows that she can help him with her skills with math.  She walks to the computer and notices that Jonathan has been doing something very “uncharacteristic” for what she’s known him to be, in regard to numbers.

Jack tells Erica that he is very disappointed by all the secrets she is keeping from him.  She tells him that for such a long time, their lives have been in chaos.  He tells her that even though that happened, he was able to tell her about Lily’s situation.  She tells him that she walked into the hospital and wondered what he was up to confronting Josh.  He asks her if she suspects him and believes that he would have spilled the entire secret to Josh.  He then concludes that Josh is Erica’s son.  He can do what she chooses.  He is out of this.  He heads toward the door but tells her that this time, he does not want her to follow him.  He sounds angry and goes out the door.  Jeff enters and Erica asks him if he can see the damage he has done.

Jonathan tells Lily that he was just doing his taxes on the computer.  She asks him if it isn’t a little late since tax time is over.  He tells her that he was just calculating what their taxes would be for next year, since they are now married.  She notices that he made a mistake in his calculations.  He is thirty-some dollars off.  She asks if she can fix it.  He tells her he would appreciate it if she did and acknowledges that he needs her too.

Jack goes to the marina and runs into Brooke.  She happily greets him and seems happy to see him without Erica.  He appears equally happy that Erica is not there to prevent him from talking to her.  He tells her that he was going to go out on his boat alone but he’d like some company.  At first she tells him she will have to pass but agrees to have a drink with him and talk.

Aidan kisses Erin and is able to tell that her mind is somewhere else.  She tells him she had a killer day at work involving Babe and Kendall and lots of attitudes. She tells him that she worked a full day at Fusion and then went to the Miranda Center about a new case.  She asks him if he has any leads on Tad’s case.  He admits that there are no leads.  He has found no records or anything else that will help with the case.

Di returns to Tad after asking him to wait.  She comes back with corn dogs.  He tells her that this stuff is trash.  She asks him to hush his mouth and eat it.  She tells him that wherever he is going, she’d like to go with him.  He asks her why on earth she would want to be a part of this.  She replies because Kate is her family and she loves him.  No matter how dark this gets, if he’s going to be in hell, she wants to be in hell with him.  He then asks if she would really be willing to be in hell with him.  She tells him she’s been in a lot worse company.  He asks her if that’s true even though he’d be no good to her or anybody else until he finds Kate.  She smiles at him and tells him she can take it any way it has to be.

Zach tells Kendall that he does not want to add to Dixie’s pain.  JR is all she has.  She tells him that that is too bad.  He tells her that he met Dixie right by his son’s grave and he believes that she has been through enough to have lost a child.  He asks Kendall what she would do if Spike did something horrible twenty years from now.  Would she want anybody to hurt him even if he deserved it?  She tells him that she’s sorry but she cannot think that far ahead.  Her child is still in an incubator and she still wants to see JR pay.  He tells her that he always wants to be there for her and for Spike.

Erica asks Jeff if he can see the chaos that he’s caused by coming back to Pine Valley.  He’s disrupted her marriage with Jack.  He’s ready to turn Josh’s life upside down.  He asks her if that is not what marriage is all about.  There is always going to be chaos and he talks about having a whole new life.  She then asks him if he plans to reveal to Josh about his “whole new life.”  He admits he has not decided what he’s going to do.  From outside the door, Josh overhears Erica ask Jeff if he will let her know when he’s about to tell Josh the big secret. 

Jack and Brooke sit and have drinks and talk about his marriage to Erica.  He seems a lot more comfortable with Brooke that he has been with Erica.

Di tells Tad that she would do anything to fix this.  She is capable of doing many things and she will help him find his daughter.  He tells her thank you but no.  She tells him that he does not have to hold anything back from her.  She can handle this.  He tells her he knows but the kind of hell that he lives with is personal and his to live with alone.  She tells him ok but he must know that she is there.

Erin tells Aidan that she can take him to dinner.  He tells her ok but he is obviously lost in thought.  She asks him about the new case that he is working on.  She notices the name Thomas McDermott on the new file.  He tells her that a guy has asked him to find his missing child.  It sounds like she might know the name, Thomas McDermott.

Lily concludes that she can help Jonathan with his taxes just like he can help her.  She smiles and tells him that they are perfect for each other.

Kendall tells Zach she loves him.  He tells her he loves her too.  They kiss.  He then tells her that he wants to take her home and take her to bed.  He carries her and takes her out of Fusion.

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