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All My Children Update Tuesday 6/20/06 


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita
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At the marina, after seeing Erica in private conversation with Jeff, Jack urges his wife to please tell him what is going on.  He knows that there is some sort of secret that she is not telling him.

 Zach goes to talk to David at the hospital.  He tells him that he needs information about a “patient” of David.  David tells Zach that there are doctor/patient confidentiality laws.  Zach then tells David that what he specifically wants to know is the information that David has about Greg Madden.

Josh asks Jeff to talk to him.  Jeff tells josh that before he assigns him any duties, he’d like to know more about him.  Hearing that, Josh sounds defensive when he tells Jeff that he knows what he’s really asking him is in regard to his whacked out father.

After Jack has asked her about her secret with Jeff, Erica tells Jack that she can assure him that there is nothing “going on” between her and Jeff.  Jack tells her that he knows that there is some sort of secret and he needs her to stop keeping him in the dark.

Kendall goes to find Dixie in the park.  Dixie is surprised to see her and comments that she is out of the hospital so soon.  Kendall tells Dixie that she and her unborn baby almost died because of Dixie’s son and JR cannot get away with what he did to her and to her infant son.

After JR has gone to talk to Babe privately on the rooftop of Fusion, he walks toward the door and heavy material almost falls on him but just misses him.  Babe screams, afraid that JR has been hurt.  He’s not.  Ryan then comes out and tells JR that he must be more careful and that it’s amazing how weird life is sometimes.  You could just be walking to get home to be with your son and then something could change your life or end it.  JR and Babe stare at him knowing that he has some sort of “agenda.”  Ryan tells JR that anything could happen at a moment’s notice that could cause you to be in lying in the hospital in a coma.  Babe asks him what he is talking about.  He tells them that a gas leak could cause an explosion, somebody’s brake lines could be cut…any accident could happen at a moment’s notice.  She asks Ryan if he intended for JR to get injured.  Ryan tells her no.  He is stone cold sober.  He knows that JR was drunk.  He then asks JR if it is true that he’d have to have been drunk to have done what he did.

Dixie tells Kendall that she is not making excuses for JR.  She realizes that what he did was inexcusable but she tells Kendall that maybe now that she is a mother, she can understand how a mother will do anything in order to protect her son.  Kendall tells Dixie that her whole experience of having to hide from her family must have been hell.  She asks Dixie how it was that when she was completely alone and had nobody on her side, she able to get Kendall’s husband to be her best bud.

After Zach has asked David about Madden, David asks Zach why he wants to know.  He tells Zach if he’s looking for a “lead,” David cannot help him.  He tells Zach that Madden is “his” and he will not help Zach or anybody else get him out of hiding.  He has now revealed that he might very well be the person who has hidden Greg.

While Greg lies in the ground he re-hears a conversation he had with Josh when Josh was a little boy telling his father that he wants to be a doctor and save lives and bring babies into the world just like his daddy.

After Jeff asks Josh to tell him more about himself, Josh tells Jeff that he knows he must judge him because of his father.  He realizes that Jeff is probably assuming that he is trash and he wishes that Jeff would just admit that he’d never work with him or respect him and not play little games.  Jeff then tells Josh that he would not judge him because of his father.  He has had problems with his own father that are not unlike that of Josh’s problems with Greg.  Josh tells Jeff he does not know how he could compare Dr. Martin to his whacked out father.  Jeff then assures Josh that he does not intend to judge him because of Greg Madden.  He would like to be able to be Josh’s friend and help him.  He wishes Josh would give him a little credit and not lump him with all the people in town who judge him.

In response to Jack’s question about her secret regarding Jeff, Erica admits to her husband that he is right.  She has been keeping a secret from him.  She has a serious issue with Greg Madden.  She tells Jack she’d like to forget all about the day when she had Greg perform the abortion of the child she had with Jeff.  Jack asks her what Greg did to her.  She then replies that Greg did not abort after all.  He extracted the embryo from her and had his wife carry and deliver a baby.  That embryo is now an adult.  He’s Josh Madden.  Greg’s son is really her son.

Zach tells David that they both want Madden out of business and so David needs to keep him in the loop.  David then tells Zach that he was never in the loop.  Greg hurt Dixie.  And Zach needs to find another damsel in distress and needs to give up on this.  Zach then tells David that now he’s gotten it.  David intends to bring back Dixie’s little girl so that he will become Dixie’s boyfriend.  He tells David he is pathetic because the only way he can get Dixie to give him he time of day is to manipulate her.  He tells David he needs to stay away from Dixie.

Dixie tells Kendall that she will tell her the whole story about how she and Zach met.  They ran into each other at the cemetery.  He was at his son, Ethan’s, grave.  She shared with him that she had abandoned her son JR and had another issue involving her baby daughter who is missing.  Then she accidentally got shot and Zach saved her, let her stay in his hotel and protected her confidentiality.  She tells Kendall that Zach has been a great friend to her and nothing but kind.  She asked him not to tell anybody that she was alive.  That’s why he never told Kendall and she thinks very highly of Zach.  Kendall then tells Dixie that she need not tell her about Zach.  Zach is her husband and she intends to keep it that way.

While Greg is buried, the “voice” tells him that he need not worry about Josh.  He is doing just fine.  He is with his real father, Jeff Martin.  Hearing that, Greg is very startled.  The voice tells him that Jeff has come back to claim his son.  Greg is not ok with that.

After Jeff has assured Josh that he intends to give him a fair shake and be his “friend”, Josh seems receptive.  He still has no clue, however, that this man is his father.

After Erica drops the bombshell on Jack that Josh is her son, he asks her if she is absolutely certain of this.  She says yes.  Tad had a DNA test done.  She says that Greg used her and violated her on so many levels.  She hates this man and has wanted to kill him.  Hearing that, Jack tells her he remembers the time when she had Greg Madden on her show and he had a heart attack.  He asks his wife to please tell him that she did not cause that man’s heart attack.  She does not respond.  Jack then concludes that she not only wanted to kill Greg, she actually tried to do it and almost succeeded.

David finds Josh and tells him that he needs to find Dixie and needs Josh’s help.

Zach goes into the NICU and talks with little preemie Spike.

Kendall tells Dixie that she knows that Zach is kind to a fault and some people might take it to mean something that it is not.  Dixie tells Kendall that she did not do that.  She knew, from the start that Zach was in love with only Kendall.  She then tells Kendall that the two of them have one thing in common.  Greg Madden has messed with both of them.  He almost convinced Kendall to give up her baby.  He actually succeeded in doing that with her (Dixie).  Dixie tells Kendall that the biggest mistake she ever made was to give Kate up to Greg Madden.  Kate is gone now and she still has not found her.  Dixie tells Kendall that she at least has one thing to be grateful for…she has her son.  Kendall tells Dixie she is really sorry and hopes she can find her daughter.  She tells Dixie good luck and walks away.

On the roof of Fusion, Babe protests to Ryan that JR is reforming himself.  He’s stopped drinking and is getting therapy.  Ryan tells her that he was simply telling them that JR should make the most of his life and every chance he has.  Babe tells Ryan that he is making indirect threats to her husband.  JR then tells Babe that it’s ok.  Ryan is merely doing the same thing he’d do in his situation.  He tells Ryan he can stop playing games and go after him if that’s what he wants.  Ryan then gets up to leave and tells them that he just wanted to impress upon the two of them how lucky he is and how luck can change so quickly.  He reminded them of all the surprises that come out of nowhere at a moment’s notice.  He leaves and Babe asks her husband how he could actually encourage Ryan to come after him.  He tells her that he’s amazed that she’d be so concerned about his well-being when he tried to kill her.

Ryan goes downstairs and sees Kendall who asks him what he’s doing there.  He tells her that he is just hoping that JR can have a real problem sleeping tonight.  She tells him that JR informed her that Zach helped to hide Dixie.  She rationalizes to Ryan that she trusts her husband but Ryan tells her that he knows that she really is afraid that Zach will betray her.

Jack tells Erica that he has not seen Greg for a long time and asks where he is.  She admits that Greg has been gone and nobody has heard from him.  He asks her how long she’s known that Josh is her son.  She admits she’s known since the Mardi Gras ball.  He asks her why he has never been told in all that time.

David reveals to Josh that he let doctors make a decision the way they saw fit and as a result, his baby daughter died.  Hearing that, Josh tells David he is really sorry that that has happened but he wants to know how David believes he can help him and what that has to do with Dr. Madden.  David tells Josh that it’s too late to get his little girl back but he can still get Dixie’s little girl back.  So he needs Josh to tell him whatever he knows about his father and where Greg could have hidden Kate.   He asks Josh if he can remember where his father was four years ago. 

Del meets Dixie in the park.

Not far away, Greg hears the disguised voice that tells him it’s not too late for him to reconcile with Josh.  However, first, he has to give up Dixie’s baby.

Dixie tells Del that she must find her baby but she’s afraid that she might have to give up.  He tells her that he knows there must be an answer.  She asks him how he can be so sure.  He tells her she should just look behind her.  Right behind them there is the flower bed in which Greg is buried.  He tells her that he knows that things will be better.  She will pull through, just like those flowers and it will be amazing when they get Kate back.  She tells him that Madden is the only one who can help them find Kate and he does not look to be ready to give them any leads.  He tells her that he knows that Madden will come through.  She gets a call on her cell phone from David.  She tells David she wants him to leave her alone.  He tells her that he has some very important information about how to find Kate.

The voice tells Greg that he failed with Josh.  He tells her that he saved Josh from Erica.  She was going to throw him away like garbage. 

Jack lets Erica know that he is upset that it has taken her so long to tell him about Josh.  Erica protests that there has been so much going on.  She was overwhelmed.  She also knew that it could turn Josh’s life upside down if anybody knew that he was her son.  He tells her that he believes that she kept the secret from him because she wanted to control other people’s lives.  He looks very frustrated and disappointed in her.  He gets up to leave.

Zach talks to Spike in the NICU.  He tells the little man that he is ready for the ride of his life.  Kendall is not a common type of mom.  She knows how to live life and not be afraid to get her hands dirty and she will be there for him.  He tells Spike that he knows that it won’t be easy from the moment he leaves there until he flies the nest and gets ready to go to college but with Kendall by his side, it will be worth it.

Kendall tells Ryan that Zach completely adores her and she feels the same way about him.  She is not worried that he will betray her.  Ryan says maybe not now.  He tells her that he knows her and can sense when she is having doubts.  She tells him that Zach saved her and Spike’s life and was ready to risk everything for them.  Ryan then tells her that from now on, she needs to not let JR get to her.  She should just concentrate on her son and on Zach and know that he loves her.  He tells her that he thinks that she should talk to Zach and she should leave him (Ryan) out of this.

Babe tells JR that when he was ready to plead guilty and go to prison, she was so scared for him.  She thought that it was behind them but now he’s in danger again.  He tells her that he is fine.  She tells him that he is not and asks him to stop pretending everything is ok.  She tells him she loves him and cannot risk losing him again.  She puts her arms around him and they hold each other.

Zach tells baby Spike a story about Cinderella in her shining ice skates scoring the final goal and defeating evil giants.  Kendall and Ryan walk in, smile and laugh as they hear his story.  They say hi to Spike.  She tells her son that she needs to leave him with his dad and talk to Zach for a while.  She and Zach go outside and hold each other.  She tells him she’s wanted to do that all day.  He asks her if she’s going to tell him what is going on.  He can tell that something is bugging her and he has a feeling that it’s about him.  She then asks him what is going on between him and Dixie.

David comes to meet Dixie in the park and she asks him what he has on Kate.  He smiles and looks like he’s gloating about something.

Josh meets Jeff in the hospital and is ready to go over a plan.  He apologizes for previously jumping to conclusions.  Jeff tells Josh that he does not need to apologize.  Everything is ok.  Not far away, Jack observes them.

Greg lies in the ground, sweating and looking like he’s near death’s door.  He tells the person who put him there that they will never find out where Dixie’s daughter is if they kill him.

Just a few feet away, David tells Dixie that he has a lead that he believes will take them straight to Kate.

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