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All My Children Update Monday 6/19/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Erica, who is having lunch with Jeff at the marina, sees Jack. She introduces Jeff to Jack. Jeff says he's in Pine Valley on family business. Jack sits down and asks Jeff what his wife wants him to do. Erica turns to Jeff and says she did some things she should not have done. She asks if they can let go of the negative feelings and start fresh, especially since he won't be in town long. Jack leaves to go meet a client. Jeff is appalled to see Erica has not told Jack about Josh. Erica says she has her reasons. Jeff says some things never change.

Josh sees Julia and Jamie in a hospital room kissing. He says to himself, "Miss Kiefer, shame on you." Jamie is unbuttoning Julia's shirt when Josh finds Joe and brings him to the room. Joe walks in and Julia utters a small scream.

Tad finds Zach and Dixie together at the park. Tad asks Zach why he's hunting for Kate when he has a new life and a new wife. He asks if his sense of compassion extends to their other child, JR. Tad says he'll be watching JR to make sure he behaves, and JR is dedicated to changing. He asks Zach if he'll forget his vengeance and give JR a break. He tells Zach if he wants to go after someone he should go after the real bad guy, Greg Madden.

Nearby underground, Greg is still buried alive.

JR tells Kendall at Fusion that Zach was hiding Dixie. Kendall tells him he's full of it. JR says he just saw Zach and Dixie at the park and Dixie thanked him for hiding her. JR tells Kendall she doesn't have to believe him. She can ask Zach. Simone and Dani tell JR to get out and take his wife with him. Kendall tells him he should be in jail for life but he's free because his wife lied for him. JR asks why she can forgive Zach and not Babe. After all, Babe was straight with her.

Zach tells Tad he won't go after JR. He won't need to as JR will destroy himself. Dixie tells Tad she would like Zach to help them find Kate and Tad reluctantly agrees. After Zach leaves, Dixie tells Tad she and Zach are just friends. She says it is possible for a man and woman to be platonic friends. Tad asks whether Ian Wells was a platonic friend. Dixie asks if he's been investigating her. Tad says she shouldn't be surprised. While searching for Kate he had to look into her background as well. Dixie says she doesn't owe him an apology, especially since he was engaged to her sister. Tad says he's not looking for an apology. He realizes they were divorced. He says this isn't about them it's about Kate. Dixie says he is damn right. There is no "us."

Erica tells Jeff he can't make assumptions about her. Jeff says she can't keep this secret forever.

Joe walks into the room and finds Jamie standing on the bed swatting at something. Julia says there was a spider in the room and discreetly buttons her shirt. Joe leaves, followed by Jamie, who tells Josh that the hand is quicker than the eye.

JR tells the Fusion ladies that hating Babe doesn't solve anything. Kendall says it goes beyond hate. She says Babe should leave for good. Erin, Dani and Simone also put in their opinions that Babe should go. JR takes the poster of Babe and tells them to lay off. Kendall tells him to get Babe out of here. As JR leaves with Babe, Kendall angrily throws some papers at them. Simone asks Kendall what happened to her plan to play it cool. She wonders if Kendall believes what JR is saying.

JR and Babe go to the roof of Fusion, where JR says Zach kept his mother's secret and now she's turning to him. He says he doesn't want her near Slater. He has to stop him. Babe says he doesn't have to do anything. JR realizes she's right and says he needs to focus on her and little Adam. JR asks Babe to consider giving up Fusion.

Jamie and Julia are doing their work but continue to eye each other. Josh approaches Jamie and tells him to end it with Nurse Kiefer. He says she doesn't needing him distracting her. Jamie asks if Julia is his secret fantasy. Josh says it's not any close. Jamie asks Josh if he's his fantasy. If so he needs to look elsewhere. Josh tells Jamie to lose the attitude. He outranks him. Joe approaches the two and says he outranks them both.

Erica tells Jeff that Jack's daughter has turned his life upside down and he doesn't need more stress. She tells him about how Josh drugged her, prompting her to almost kill her daughter's husband. She tells him not to see Josh as someone noble. She says God knows what Josh would do if he knew the truth. Jeff says learning the truth may be just what Josh needs. He should know he's not biologically tied to Greg Madden.

Underground, Greg cries out for help. He then passes out.

Kendall tells Simone that JR gets to go home and be with his son while Spike is in a plastic box. Simone says Spike will pull through this. She has a family and husband who love her. She encourages Kendall to ask Zach. Zach, who has just entered, asks what Kendall wants to know.

JR tells Babe she doesn't need to take this abuse. The battle is his. She should let them buy her out and she should start her own company. Babe says she doesn't know enough about starting her own company. She has a lot to learn and she's getting good at it. She loves this company. Why should she try to recreate something she's already a part of?

Zach asks Kendall if she's OK. What's going on?. Kendall says JR was there with Babe, but she didn't need him to come to the rescue. She says Jr was just talking trash. She asks him why he won't go after JR.

Dixie tells Tad that their relationship ended a long time ago. Tad says he always knew her as someone who would keep her promises but now he doesn't know her anymore. Dixie doesn't care that Tad doesn't like her the way she is. She tells him that she knew Ian when she needed money. He supported her while she searched for Kate. She needed someone. Tad says she had someone. She had a family. Dixie says Tad didn't have the money or the power or the connections that Ian had. Tad says she still doesn't have Kate so Ian apparently didn't have enough. Dixie says Ian helped her for a year, but Tad says he'll look for her for the rest of his life.

Josh tells Joe that Jamie's behavior is irresponsible. Joe asks if there's anything specific, but Josh won't answer. Joe says it's vital they respect each other. He tells Jamie he won't tolerate insubordination. He tells Josh if he has a complaint about Jamie he needs to go through the proper channels. After Joe leaves, Josh tells Jamie he's watching him. Jamie says he'll make sure he looks his best.

Erica tells Jeff that Josh's parents loved him. She urges him to let the past stay as it is. Jeff says the truth will come out whether she wants it to or not. He tells Erica she ruined their marriage by lying and covering up. Erica asks if this is payback time. Jeff says this time the decision will be his.

Jr tells Babe that Fusion is not worth it. Babe says that's what people said about him. She says she hopes they can get back what they had.

Zach tells Kendall that Babe is JR's punishment and he is her's. He urges her to leave them alone. Zach asks what JR said. Kendall says nothing worth repeating.

Julia goes to a room in the hospital and puts out a sign that says "quarantine. Do not enter." Jamie pulls her into the room and they begin kissing and undressing. As they press against the wall, the sign falls off.

Jack asks Erica for the real story. He wants to sit down with her and have her tell him all of it.

Dixie asks Tad what he would have done had she called him and told him she gave away their child. Tad says he's going to find Kate and she'll be with him in Pine Valley. He won't let Dixie take her away again. Tad leaves. Dixie turns around and sees Kendall.

JR starts to leave the Fusion rooftop when what sounds like a plane flies by. Something falls and crashes. Babe screams for JR.

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