AMC Update Friday 6/16/06

All My Children Update Friday 6/16/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Babe is being taunted at Fusion by the other women for her defense of JR. Simone, Erin and Dani unveil an advertising poster with Babe's photo that says "Get away with murder. If our lipsticks don't kill you she will." Simone tells Babe this is only the beginning. Babe says this ad goes against the basic Fusion concept and asks them to change it. Simone asks what the Fusion concept is. Babe says Fusion is a tribute to what can happen when women work together and one single person should not be in a promotion. Simone suggests they get Kendall's opinion, reminding Babe that Kendall is the one who JR almost killed.

Tad is on the phone at the PI studio when Erica walks in. She tells him that Jeff is here and is threatening to tell Josh the truth. She wants Tad to do something about it. Tad asks her when the last time was that someone told her no. Tad says he doesn't have time to deal with this and she'll have to talk to Jeff herself. Erica asks her if he's thought this through about Josh learning the truth. Tad says he's the wrong person to talk to considering he has a daughter out there someplace. Tad says if he were Jeff he would tell Josh the whole story and give him a big hug. Erica says she's sorry about what has happened to him but that's no reason to let Jeff destroy her family. Tad says he's no good doing anything until he finds his daughter. He opens the door for her to leave. Erica notes he is throwing her out and says he is as bad as his brother.

At the hospital, Jeff interrupts a personal argument between Josh, Jamie and Julia. Jeff tells him this is a hospital and not a place for dirty stories. He tells them their private lives are off limits to each other.

Kendall is preparing to leave the hospital and is fuming about Babe and JR. She tells Zach that she can take care of Babe and asks him to take care of JR. Zach asks her if she's sure she wants to go backwards. She asks him what the hell he just said to her. Kendall says she can't sit back and wait for her son to come home.

Dixie meets JR in the park just where Greg is buried. She asks him if he understands the gift that his wife gave to him in court. JR says he does and that he intends to prove to Babe and everyone else that he's worthy of another chance. He says he won't trash the gift she gave him.

Erin tells Babe she has watched her brother suffer because he hasn't been able to hold his son. He also had to make a painful decision about Kendall. She says he was put in that position because of Babe's husband. Babe can't expect people to change their reactions to this. Babe says she is deeply sorry. Erin asks how she can defend someone who has hurt so many people. She asks if he is threatening her or has hurt her. Babe asks Erin if she thinks she has been abused.

Kendall says it kills her to see her son lying there. She says he needs protection. JR should feel the same pain and terror. She says she's in a position to handle Babe. Why won't Zach help her give JR what he deserves? Zach says he hated what JR did and wanted him dead. But then what? What result does revenge bring? Kendall says it's not revenge, it's justice. Zach says if she goes on this path of revenge and justice it won't be pretty. He says he'll support her but there is another way. That is to love her son. Kendall says she can't get over this. She has to get rid of Babe before she kills her and he needs to take care of JR.

Julia is talking with another nurse at the hospital. The nurse asks Julia if Jamie is hot. Julia asks how would she know. The nurse says she's been trying to get Jamie to notice her. Jamie, who can hear the conversation, walks over and tells the nurse that she's not his type. He says his boyfriend Jason isn't into sharing. The embarrassed nurse walks away. Julia is upset and walks into a room. Jamie follows to find out what's wrong. Julia asks "what have I done?" Jamie says she's done nothing. What would she like to do?

Tad goes to his PI studio and finds Di waiting for him. He tells her to get out and he doesn't want her help. Di says Kate is her niece and she has some interest in this. She says she's so angry at Dixie for doing this to him. Tad defends Dixie, prompting Di to ask if he has forgiven her. Tad says he didn't say that, but he has some more understanding about why she didn't tell the truth. Tad says he's tried to imagine what Dixie went through. He tells Di that if she wants to help, she could cross reference some files.

Zach finds Dixie and JR talking at the park and wants to talk to Dixie alone. JR resists but Dixie urges him to leave her with Zach. JR walks away but stays close enough so he can eavesdrop. JR hears as Dixie talks about how Zach hid her for several months and gave her help she didn't expect.

Erin says she is training as a domestic abuse counselor and Babe is showing behaviors like abused women. Babe tells her not to imply that JR is a battering husband. Erin says she doesn't understand how Babe can forgive JR. Kendall walks in and asks Babe how she could dismiss her husband trying to kill her. Simone says there are only two sides to this and Babe is on the wrong one. Kendall sees the poster and says the ad campaign is true. Babe is just as guilty as JR. Babe says JR isn't the same person now. Kendall says sarcastically that maybe JR can use some of his miraculous healing on her son.

Erica goes to the marina, where she meets Jeff, who is enjoying a meal. She tells him he should leave immediately and leave her family alone. Jeff says what if he told her this had nothing to do with her. Erica tells him not to get moral and self-righteous with her. She thinks he's going to paint her as a monster. Jeff says he came to Pine Valley to make a decision about his son. He tells Erica he has no desire to fight old fights with her. Jack walks in and sees Erica with Jeff.

Jamie tells Julia he doesn't see what the big deal is. Julia says it's complicated. Jamie says they could continue making a public denial or have fun and not care. He starts to leave but she stops him. She tells him he's right. They shouldn't care. They kiss.

Babe tells Kendall that she is unwilling to forgive JR but did forgive Zach for harming several people while causing the blackout. She accuses Kendall of having different rules for different people. JR walks in as Kendall tells Babe she can't compare Zach and JR. They had different intentions. JR tells Kendall she doesn't know the whole story. He asks if she knows where Zach was the whole time she was in the hospital. JR tells her Zach was hiding his mother for months and didn't tell anyone.

Zach tells Dixie that Madden can't hold out forever on them. He takes her hand. Tad arrives and finds them together.

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