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Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Fran

After Jonathan reveals to Erin that he will keep Lily believing that he is the same child-like simple guy he was before this recent change has happened, Erin tells her brother that he can’t do that.  He cannot give up the future he had before he suffered the brain tumor and had surgery.  She reminds him that he planned to go to Princeton and have a career that he could not have up until now.  Jonathan sets his sister straight by telling her that Lily is his life and that is more important than anything.  Outside his room, Lily tells Aidan that she loves Jonathan more than anything.  He is totally ok with hearing her say that.

Babe and JR mull over what has happened and where they will go from there.

In Kendall’s hospital room, Erica and Kendall talk about what it means to both of them to have Bianca so far away in Paris.  Kendall then asks her mother what she plans to do with the recent happenings.  Erica assures her daughter that they will get things straight and she promises not to let any of the people who hurt Kendall get away with it.  Kendall then asks her mother how she feels about Greg Madden.  Erica then realizes she is not ready to reveal her secret about Greg. 

In the hospital lobby, after Dr. Joe has introduced Josh to Jeff Martin (Josh’s biological father), he informs his son that Josh is an awesome young doctor.  He tells Jeff that Josh saved Erica’s life after the explosion at the Mardi Gras ball.

Meanwhile Greg is lying in the ground.  The mysterious voice tells Greg that it is now his choice to either save his life or die.

Kendall tells her mother that Bianca informed her that she overheard Erica going off on Greg Madden and noticed that Erica also has an issue with Josh.  Erica reminds her daughter what her former producer did to her and that Greg wanted Kendall to give Spike up for adoption.  Kendall tells her mother she knows that there is more to it than that and she asks her what this thing is she has with those two.  Erica then tells Kendall that she does not want to dwell on that.  Kendall has a beautiful baby boy and reasons to be happy and let negativity go.

When Greg hears the voice, he assumes that it’s Tad.  He tells him that he and Dixie were unfit to take care of Kate.  Jeff and Erica were too selfish to have a baby.  He saved Josh from them and gave him a life.

Josh asks Jeff Martin what brings him back to Pine Valley.  Jeff answers that he is going to be part of a seminar for doctors.  Joe informs them that he has selected Josh as one of his top interns to attend the seminar.  Jeff asks Josh if he believes that he is qualified.  Josh says he thinks he is.

In Jonathan’s room, he tells Erin that Lily loves him and is complete because she sees him as an equal.  He tells her she does not understand Lily’s world.  Simple things are massive tasks, to her, like going to the store and meeting a stranger.  She tells him she understands.  He tells her she cannot understand Lily’s world but he does.  He lived with it.  He could not open a ketchup container or use a key or talk or think or express his feelings.  He knows what Lily lives with and what it is to be so isolated and be unable to touch.  She tells him that he is now free from living in that world.  He can function to full capacity and he needn’t worry about Lily.  She has people to care for her.  Jonathan explains to his sister that he knows that Lily has had people taking care of her in the way that they believe is right for her but they do not understand her needs the way he does.  He tells her that Lily helped him and took care of him.  He now believes that he knows how to take care of her.  He owes his life to her and wants to be with her for life.

Lily tells Aidan that Jonathan is her destiny.

Babe tells JR that she realizes there is a lot of good in him but he’s promised her that the bad things he’s done will never happen again.  She’s believed him only to find out that nothing has changed.  He tells her that all the times he has hurt her and betrayed her and made her cry are times he cannot undo but now he wants to spend the rest of his life giving her and Little Adam only good memories.  She tells him she’d like to believe him.  He tells her that she has stood by him through his lowest times and now he needs her to stand by him and help him find them again.  Hearing that, she does not respond and goes out the door.  She comes back and gives him back the papers that he gave to her when he thought he was going to prison.  She tells him that if they are going to start fresh, then he needs to take back everything he had before.  All of his stock shares and all of the legal rights he had.  He tells her that he wants her to have them.  She tells him that he must remember all of the times they have had without all of the worries.  She tells him that it was a dream and she wants to make more of those moments with him.  He tells her that he wants to give them to her.  She then tells him she’d like to go for a walk with him.  She says it’s a beautiful night.  There are stars in the sky.  Maybe they can find a concert in the park and maybe they can find a piece of what they had before and start fresh with that.

Kendall asks Erica what the deal is with Greg Madden.  Erica then tells her daughter that that Greg had the mistaken idea that she should give her baby up for adoption and asks Kendal if she would like an “I told you so.”  Kendall tells Erica she may knock herself out with that.  Erica reminds Kendall that she told her that she would fall in love with her baby although Kendall would not listen to her and now Kendall has proven her right.  Kendall informs her mother that it was Zach who enabled her to come around and believe that she should keep Spike.  Erica informs Kendall that Zach put her in danger.  Kendall tells her mother that Zach is the man for her.  Erica doe not want to hear that.

While Greg lies in the box in the ground, he tells Zach that he is trash to believe that he is the man for Kendall.  He is only manipulating her to believe he is right for her and that she should be a mother because of his guilt over losing his own son.  The voice tells Greg that he better reveal where Kate Martin is or he is dead.

Erin reminds Jonathan that he will not just have to keep his “act” up when he’s with Lily.  He will be forced to never let his guard down 24/7 whenever, wherever and with whomever he is.  She tells him he cannot give up on his goal with computers.  He again, tells her that he is willing to take his chances with whether somebody finds him out and all he needs is Lily in his life.

Lily tells Aidan that she knows that Jonathan needs her and they are right for each other.

Babe and JR go the park and listen to classical music.  She tells him that she does not care what anybody thinks of either of them.  She just wants to make sure that they are safe from what they do.  He tells her that his days of caring what people think are all over.  All he cares about now is the two of them and little Adam.  He is silent and she asks him what he is thinking about.  He tells her that he is thinking that he is so fortunate but he’s still wondering about Kate.  She tells him she realizes that he has good reason to have his sister on his mind knowing that she is out there somewhere.  She tells him that they will find her.  He informs her that he and Jamie are working on this to make certain that Madden tells them where Kate is.

The voice who is talking to Greg tells him he better tell them where Kate is.  He tells them that they will have to kill him and send him to hell first.  Kate is safe right where she is, he says.

Kendall tells Erica that she heard Madden talking when she was in the coma.  He was vile and disgusting.  He slammed on her and on Erica.  He told her that Spike had to get away from her.  He said that neither Kendall nor Erica were mommy material.  She had a dream that Erica stood up to Greg.  She tells her mother she knows that she has been there by her side and she loves her mother more than anything.  She put her whole life on hold the entire time that Kendall was in the coma.  She tells Erica she can count on her daughter for anything she needs.  Erica then hugs her daughter and tells her how much she loves her.  She tells her she needs some rest because she’s going to get out of there tomorrow.  Erica departs.

In the hospital hallway, Josh tells Jeff that he really sees a future in saving lives and helping people.  He seems to have no clue that Jeff really is his biological father.  Joe then informs Jeff that Josh has come a long way and has great potential.  Erica walks by and sees the three of them and hears Joe asking, “Do you want to tell him or should I?” and she thinks she knows what they are talking about.  Jeff then turns to see Erica and tells her that she looks as beautiful as ever and he asks Josh if he knew that Erica was his first wife.  Josh tells him he had heard.  Josh then tells them he has work to do and he and Joe go off.  Alone with Jeff, Erica tells him that she’d like to know why he’s there.  He tells her that he knows about his son and he knows that she did not tell him.  She tells Jeff that he cannot be selfish in this.  Josh is no part of either of their lives.  He has his own life and if he were to blurt that out to him, it could shatter his world.  Jeff then tells Erica that Josh may not be part of her life but he could be part of Jeff’s life.

Simone and Danielle come to see Kendall and ask her if Spike is ok.  She tells him that he almost didn’t make it.  They tell her that he is still ok.  She tells them that she still cannot stop thinking that her baby almost died.  Every time she looks at his sweet face and watches as he takes his tiny breaths, she thinks about how Babe and JR are still running free.

Babe tells JR that he has reason to be happy.  He thought that he’d be going to prison.  He tells her that regardless of that, he wants answers about his sister.  He must get the answers out of Madden.  He notices that she is cold and puts his jacket on her.  He asks her if she wants to go to the boathouse.  She says she’d like that.  They get up to go.  It looks like they have been sitting on the park bench right in front of the flower bed under which Greg is buried.  They leave, and Greg looks terribly sick and unable to talk.  The voice tells him that they have just cut off his air supply so whatever he needs to say, he needs to say it now.  Greg trembles but does not talk.


Jonathan tells Erin that when he was “normal”, he was not a good person.  He beat up on women.  It was not ok and he does not want to go back to the person he used to be.  Lily taught him to love.  That is more important to him than being able to rattle off a computer code.  She tells him that if Lily loves him then she will accept him.  There are a lot worse things than finding out you are back to complete capacity.  She tells him that he must let Ryan know about this breakthrough but he tells her that Ryan must never know.  Lily must never know and he asks his sister to promise him that she will never reveal his secret to anybody.  She then tells him that she understands.  She totally gets it.  She knows how he feels about Lily.  He reminds her that she saved him and kept a secret for him and now she needs to keep this secret for love.  Lily and Aidan enter.  Lily tells them that she is now prepared to handle all of their finances.  Hearing that, Erin asks her brother who is she to tell him how to love.  Erin and Aidan go out the door.  Aidan notices that Erin has something on her mind.  With Lily, Jonathan plays the stuttering little boy again.

Erica tells Jeff that there are lives she must think about that are more important than his ego.  He reminds her that it is he who has been known to have the “bedside manner” and not her.  Josh believes that his father is a fertility nut case and his mother is dead.  Maybe finding out that the two of them are his parents would be the best thing that ever happened to him.  She tells him that she totally agrees with that.  He asks her if she would let him take her out to dinner so that they can discuss this.  She tells him that he needs to go back to his own life and do whatever he needs to do, leave Josh alone and leave her alone.

Greg screams and fights for his life while stuck in the box.  He tells the voice that he cannot breathe.  The voice then tells him to have it his way.  He/she then does something and asks if that is better.  It looks like Greg’s air supply is restored.  The voice tells him they will give him some alone time to think about things.

Erica and Jeff talk about how they both believe that the other is totally selfish.  He tells her that now that he’s found out that he has a son, he cannot just walk away and dismiss this as if nothing has happened.  She tells him that he just wants to torture her.  He tells her that he just wants to get to know his son.  He admits that he is not entirely certain what will happen but it will not be determined by her.  He gets up to leave and tells her that, by the way, she does look spectacular.

JR asks Babe if she would like to go to France with him.  She tells him that when they were there, he was just himself.  He was open and honest and upfront and she felt loved and safe with him, and as though it was possible to feel that way forever.  He tells her that if it is possible, he wants to make it happen.  He wants it more than anything.  Jamie appears and tells JR he has something important to tell him.  JR asks him if he’s found out anything about Madden.  Jamie informs JR that he’s hit a “stubborn wall”.  JR asks Babe if she can give him a minute.  She tells him he can go and talk to Jamie.  JR and Jamie go off.

Kendall tells Simone that she cannot stand to look at Babe’s face at the place where they work and that she created from the ground up.  Danielle suggests that they could relocate Babe up to the roof and out of their sights.  Kendall says she does not just mean at Fusion.  Whenever and wherever she sees or hears Babe’s annoying voice, she will remember what she and JR did to Kendall’s son.  Simone informs Kendall that when she was in the coma, Babe did make an effort in court by informing the judge that she had the conversation with Kendall.  Babe told the judge that Kendall told her she wanted to keep the baby and be with Zach.  Kendall informs her co-workers that she will never forget that Babe took her niece from her sister so she needs them to band with her to run Babe out of Fusion and out of their lives.  She asks them if they are with her.  They then tell her that they are with her to overthrow Babe.

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