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All My Children Update Wednesday 6/14/06 


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Fran

Jeff Martin comes back to town and greets his father in the hospital.  Not far away, Lily and Amanda are outside Jonathan’s hospital room.  Lily tells Amanda that she knows that Jonathan will be o.k. and they will have a great life together.  Jack then appears and is surprised to see Lily.  He tells her he was there to see Kendall and wonders what she is doing there.  Immediately, he assumes that she is there because Jonathan hurt her.  She tells her father that that is an incorrect assumption.

Jonathan talks to Erin and he sounds just like he did before he had the brain surgery.  She remarks that she can see that he sounds just like the old Jonathan.  He tells her that he now knows that he is not impaired.  He is not challenged.  He is back.

At the courtroom, Babe has recanted her story and announced that JR did not intend to kill her and she made it all up. JR pleads not guilty.   Hearing this, the judge declares that JR is acquitted.  Kendall stands up and tells him she must speak her piece.  The judge says that it’s too late to have any surprise witnesses but she says she must say something.  She is the victim.  The only other one is a tiny preemie baby who is in an incubator and cannot defend himself.  She tells JR that he is busted.

Greg is lying in the ground.  He hallucinates that his hands are the bones of a corpse and screams. 

After Kendall stands up and speaks, Adam tells the court that this is ridiculous.  The prosecutor says that he wants to hear what Mrs.  Slater has to say.  JR’s lawyer says that his client was deluded from drinking and let his wife manipulate him into believing that he tried to kill her when he did not.  Kendall says if he wants to believe a line of crap like that, he may, but the courtroom must know that JR intended to kill her and her unborn baby.  She heard every word that he said even before his idiot wife had any chance to say or do or think anything.  She tells JR that she heard every word and it’s a miracle that she did not die.

In Jonathan’s hospital room, he explains to Erin that he remembers having the tumor and trapping Lily and Kendall and Greenlee in the cave.  He tells her that he remembers everything but he is no longer the homicidal, dangerous person that he used to be.  He tells her that everything is faster, sharper and clearer.  She tells him that he married Lily and he was a mentally challenged person when they married but now he is the same Jonathan.  She asks him what will happen to his marriage if he is now his old self.

 Outside Jonathan’s room, Lily tells her father that he is making false accusations of her husband.  Jack then apologizes if he is jumping to conclusions, not knowing what has happened.  Amanda gets up to leave and Lily thanks her for being so helpful.  Alone with his daughter, Jack tells Lily that it must be very complicated for her to deal with what has happened to Jonathan.  He has had a real medical problem and he “suggests” that maybe Lily should come home with him, at least for a while.

After Kendall has spoken, many other people give their two cents.  The judge then says that he would like for Kendall to take the stand and testify under oath.

Lily tells her father that he just wants to keep her away from Jonathan and make her a little girl.  He tells her he realizes she is an adult and will never be a little girl again but he loves her very much no matter how angry she may get with him and how much they disagree.  She then concludes that Jack does not want what is best for her if he wants to keep her away from Jonathan.  Aidan comes out in the hall and tells Lily that Jonathan is asking for her.  She leaves.  Aidan asks Jack how he feels about the fact that Jonathan will be ok.  He can tell that Jack is not happy for his daughter.  Jack admits to Aidan that he’s correct in assuming that.  He’d rather see Jonathan run over by a truck than have him spend one more day with his daughter.

Jonathan tells Erin that now that he is better and much more mentally capable, he can really take care of Lily and be able to give her a lot more than he could before.  Erin questions how he can be with her now that he is the old Jonathan.

Kendall testifies that she happens to know that JR intended to drop the construction material so that Babe would die.  JR’s lawyer then asks her what she did when she found that out.  He asks her if she called the police to report JR.  She tells him that there was not much she could do because by the time she knew what happened, it was too late.  He tells the court that the reason that she didn’t do anything was because she was in a coma and while unconscious, she would not have heard or known anything.  At that point, the lawyer has discredited her statement.  Kendall then demands that JR tell the truth and calls him a son of a bitch.

Lily goes in to see Jonathan and is glad that he is awake.  She’s happy that he is ok and he tells her that he is back to normal.  She seems happy and suspects nothing.

Outside in the hospital hallway, Jack attempts to urge Aidan to take his side about Jonathan.  He tells Aidan that he remembers him letting Lily believe that he (Aidan) was her boyfriend in order not to hurt her feelings.  He was also very protective of her throughout many things and wanted to protect society from Jonathan Lavery not long ago.  Now he’s defending him.  Jack asks Aidan if the reason he thinks Jonathan is so great is because he’s trying to impress Erin.  Aidan tells Jack that as a father, he has to realize that his daughter is making her own choices and he is misjudging Jonathan.  Jack tells Aidan that he hopes that Aidan is a father some day and has a daughter and will understand how Jack feels about wanting to protect her from a psychotic serial killer.  Aidan reminds Jack that he has Jonathan to thank for saving Lily’s life and taking care of her throughout a long ordeal.

In the court room, after Kendall’s testimony has been discredited, Erica, Bianca and Ryan ask her what she may have heard while unconscious.  She says she knows that she heard JR confess to her that he tried to kill Babe and she accidentally took the hit but she cannot prove anything.  Erica agrees with her daughter that Babe is trash to have let him get away with that and if JR gets acquitted, then it’s all “that skank’s” fault.  Bianca walks out and Babe follows her into a private room.  Ryan tells JR that if he could get away with killing him in a court room, he’d murder him right then and there.

Babe tells Bianca that she has a sick feeling that makes her stomach churn.  She knows she’s done a terrible thing to Bianca’s family and wishes she could make her understand.  Bianca tells her that after all the lies that Babe has told and all she has done, now that she has a chance to make it up to Bianca’s family, she lets the man who almost murdered her sister and her unborn baby get away with his crime.  Babe tells Bianca that she mustn’t worry that JR would ever hurt Kendall or her baby.  He loves Kendall and she is in no danger because of him.  Bianca tells Babe that the person she is worried about it Babe.

In court, JR tells Kendall he wishes he could make this up to her and her son.  She tells him there is a way.  She tells him he can feel helpless and useless and terrified, unable to move or feel or speak or protect himself from the freak who tried to kill him.  He can feel the pure terror of knowing he will never get to be with his child.  He tells her that he is feeling that now.  She cries and tells him he needs to feel it some more for many years in a jail cell.  He tells her that his son needs him.  Ryan tells him that his son needs an incubator and tubes in order to stay alive.  He may think it’s an “accident” that he almost killed Kendall.  He sarcastically tells JR that maybe Janet Dillon will “accidentally” get out of Oak Haven and he will be able to blame her for this.  He tells him he won’t make any more excuses and cannot get away with what he did.  Erica tells JR that he and his wife are guilty as sin for what has happened to Kendall.  David then tells the prosecutor that if he could just put him on the stand, he could get JR put away.  The prosecutor tells Dr. Hayward that he has been on the wrong side of the prosecution stand in court too many times for anybody to listen to him.  He leaves and David concludes that he has to do this himself.

Bianca reminds Babe that JR almost bashed his brother’s skull in.  He probably pushed her off the balcony and caused her to be in a coma a while back.  He drove drunk and almost killed Amanda Dillon and has been hurting Babe for a long time.  Babe tells Bianca that she believes that JR is changing.  Bianca tells Babe that if she thinks that JR is two different people, she is delusional.  He’s the same guy he’s always been.  He apologizes and acts nice temporarily until something happens that sets him off again.  Babe tells Bianca that the reason JR is not going to prison is because she asked him to plead innocent for little Adam and for herself.  Bianca asks if she really wants her son to be around that violence and anger.  Babe tells Bianca that she believes that her husband is a good man.  He can change but if he goes to prison, he will never get the chance to change and may not even survive the experience.  Bianca cannot believe what she is hearing.  Babe tells Bianca that she is incredibly grateful to her for caring about her.

Dixie tells Zach that she believes that he’s a wonderful man and has been a great friend to her.  He tells her that her son is not going to get away with almost murdering his wife.  She asks Zach if he remembers the day they met by Zach’s son‘s grave and he told her that he wishes he could just have another chance to make things right with Ethan before it was too late.  Well, she would just like to have that chance with JR.  He tells her good luck and walks away.  She urges him to please not hurt her son.  Tad then comes and informs them that the judge is back.  They return to the hearing.

Lily tells Jonathan that he looks better and asks him if this means no more headaches and dizziness.  She informs him that her dad asked her to come home with him but she doesn’t plan to.  She’s going to stay with him.  If he has to stay in the hospital, she can stay in the room with him on a chair or wherever and they can go home together.  She tells him she knows that they are meant for each other because they are so alike.  At that point, Jonathan’s smile fades, knowing that that was not true.

Aidan informs Jack that when Lily escaped to New York because of her father, a bunch of thugs were ready to rob her and a sick-o almost raped her until Jonathan came and saved her.  He almost got himself run over by a truck in order to save her.  Jack must realize that that guy loves his daughter.  Jack’s face reveals his shock at hearing this news about what happened to Lily while she was in New York.

In response to what Lily says about her and Jonathan together, Erin tells her that she knows that changes always happen.  Hearing that, Lily says that she does not want change.  She knows that change is difficult but she can handle it as long as she and Jonathan stay the same.  She then goes over and makes the difficult move to hug Jonathan.  She admits that it felt good.  She notices that he is better.  The creases in his forehead and the strain on his face are gone, she tells him.  He looks rested.  He tells her that he’s better and the CAT scan is perfectly normal.  At that point, he begins to sound like the stuttering little boy.  Erin tells Jonathan that maybe now they should let him get some rest.  Lily looks really happy and suspects nothing.  Jonathan talks and stutters like he did before.  Aidan comes to take Lily down to the cafeteria.  Alone with Erin, Jonathan confesses that he was just faking and he is still “there.”

Dr.  Joe meets with Josh, kind of hoping that Erica has told him the secret that she is his mother.  He’s also ready to introduce him to his real father but Josh informs him that he never got Erica to reveal the secret.  He then tells him that although he’s frustrated by the fact that Erica will not reveal the secret, he has concluded that she might be right that it’s better off not to know.

In court, the prosecutor announces that because of the most recent developments, they can no longer pursue their case against Mr.  Chandler.  The judge then concludes that this court is adjourned but nobody has won today.  Erica and Kendall are outraged.  Only Babe, Dixie and Adam are happy.  Jamie tells JR that he did it.  He escaped prison again.  He does not look happy.  Ryan goes over to JR.  JR tells him that he knows that nobody is cheering and he is not proud of what happened today.  Ryan tells JR that he knows nothing but he will tell JR what he (himself) knows.  JR belongs in prison.  Adam asks Ryan if he is threatening his son.  Ryan tells him that all actions have consequences even for Chandlers and it’s amazing that JR has not learned this by now.  Tad comes and asks JR if he is ok with this and asks if he can make it work.  JR replies that he has to make it work.  He does not look happy.

Opal takes Miranda to visit her aunt and grandmother in Kendall’s room and tells them that she had a chance to meet her cousin Spike.  They are happy until they realize that JR has gotten away with this abominable thing that’s happened to Kendall.  Erica concludes that they will straighten this out.  They are Kane women.

At the Chandler house, Adam acts happy.  He tells JR, Krystal and Babe that they have to have a party, go on a trip and celebrate.  He is the only one who is happy, however.  Krystal asks him to leave JR and Babe alone to talk.  Alone with Babe, JR asks her if she regrets what she just did.  She says no but she has no clue what comes next and asks him if he does.  He admits he does not have a clue.

Lily tells Aidan that Jonathan looks very happy and healthy now.  He tells her that maybe she is his medicine.  She tells him that she is not a medicine.  She is his wife.  She is happy and Aidan seems happy for them.

Erin ask Jonathan how much longer he plans to keep up this front that he is the impaired, stuttering little boy that Lily fell in love with.  She tells him he is going to have to reveal to her, at some point, that he’s not that guy anymore.  He tells her that he does not plan to ever do that.  He loves Lily and if she does not want him to change, he will not change.  He will be the man that Lily wants and needs him to be.

Dr. Joe introduces Jeff Martin to Josh.  They shake hands but have no clue that they are biological father and son.

Greg is in the box in the ground sweating and drifting in and out of consciousness.  The disguised voice asks him what is going on and if he has anything to say.  The voice tells him that now is the time for him to speak his final words.

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