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Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Fran

While Greg is buried in the ground, screaming and pounding to get out, Josh appears to hear something.  He asks Amanda if she has heard something.  She asks if he means the baseball game nearby or the birds chirping.  He tells her that he can hear someone crying out.  She tells him she does not hear what he hears.  He then tells her that he is not going crazy.  He knows what he has heard.  Greg is still unable, however, to get out or get anybody to know that he is there.

Lily and Jonathan are at the boathouse while he writes a list of all the things they do and do not do together.

At the hospital, Kendall turns on the television in her hospital room.  Erica, Bianca and Ryan are by her side to hear a news report of JR’s trial.  They hear the reporter announce that JR is ready to plead guilty to several counts of attempted murder.  They are shocked when they hear breaking news has occurred.  The reporter announces that Babe Carey Chandler, wife of JR, and accuser of his crime, has recanted her story.  Babe enters and interrupts the court.  The judge tells her that this is a done deal and she must sit down, shut up and not disrupt his courtroom.  She insists to the judge that she must confess that she lied about the accusations of JR.  David and Krystal tell her she has lost her mind.  Adam tells them they must shut up and let Babe say what she has to say in order to exonerate his son.  She tells the judge that she lied about what JR did to her.  She made it all up.

Kendall, Erica, Ryan and Bianca watch the television report and are shocked at what they see.  Erica concludes that Babe lied about JR trying to kill her.  Ryan tells her no.  She told the truth and is now lying in order to save JR’s hide.  Kendall is horrified that JR gets to avoid the consequences for almost murdering her and her unborn baby.  Ryan then goes out the door to get to the court.

After Babe makes her startling revelation in the court room, the judge calls a recess.  She runs over to JR and tells him she has to talk to him.  He tells her that his mind is made up.  He is entering a guilty plea.  She tells him that even if he is not going to do this for himself, he must do it for their son.

Bianca protests that JR must have gotten to Babe somehow.  He must be threatening or blackmailing her or something.  Kendall says very possibly Babe accepted a large wad of money.  Bianca sounds like she wants to defend Babe and sees her as the victim.  Kendall asks her sister if she remembers correctly that Babe took Miranda from her and lied about it.  Erica tells her daughter she mustn’t get overly stressed about this.  Kendall tells her mother and sister that she is not going to sit idly by like the vegetable JR almost made her and do nothing.

Lily and Jonathan talk about the different kinds of jobs then can get.  He realizes that he has to make new plans.  She realizes that she may not be ready to go to MIT quite yet.  She tells him she is considering working at Fusion.  He reminds her that there is lots of red at Fusion.  She tells him she can always wear shades.  He tells her that she is pretty enough without make up.  She tells him she does not need to deal with make up but she can just deal with numbers.

After hearing Josh saying that he knows he heard something, Amanda suggests that maybe he just heard a cat in a tree.  He then agrees that maybe she’s right.  He remarks that he knows that his father would also appreciate the support she is giving him and it seems like she is the only friend he has.  He tells her that he’d like to give him the message that Amanda really thinks well of him but he’s pretty certain he will never see Greg again.  They walk away having no clue that Greg is buried under the ground very near where they were standing and talking.

Greg lies in the ground, talking to Josh about how he meant to give him a quality life.  He could not let Josh know that Erica Kane is his biological mother.  She intended to abort him.  Suddenly, he feels pain and looks like he’s going into shock.

Outside the court room, after hearing that Babe is going to let JR off the hook, David takes Krystal aside and tells her that she must talk some sense into their daughter.  She tells him that she has to let Babe make her own decisions, even if she’s completely out of her mind.

Babe and JR go into an office.  She tells him that she realizes that everybody thinks she’s lost her mind.  He asks her if she has.  She explains to him that she went into the courtroom and saw that he was ready to plead guilty.  She realized that if he did that, he would be thrown in prison and their son would not have a father.  She tells him there will be no more “us.”  Hearing that, he tells her that he’s really surprised to hear her say that she’s even considering that there is a future for them.  She has made it very clear that they are through.  She then tells him that if she lets him plead guilty, then it ruins any chance they may otherwise have.  He tells her that he has to go into the courtroom room and take responsibility for his actions.  This is the first time he’s been able to do that.  He cannot let her lie for him because if he does that, then he will be the same guy he always was.  If he keeps dodging all accountability, how could he face Little A and how can he face her?  Hearing that, she does not respond.

In the empty courtroom, Tad tells Dixie that he knows she is behind this.  She convinced Babe to lie for JR.  She admits that she had to find a way to give JR another chance.  Adam tells Tad that if Dixie is successful in freeing JR, then he will owe her.  She then tells Adam that JR is right that she chose Kate over him and now she needs to be there for her son.  If he goes to prison for the rest of his life, it won’t do anybody any good.  Krystal hears that and tells Dixie that after JR has almost murdered her daughter, the sentence he gets is not enough.  How can Dixie let him get away with that?  Dixie then protests that if this is the only way she can enable JR to turn his life around after what she has done to him, then she will do it no matter what anybody says or thinks.

Amanda tells Josh that this may be none of her business but she thinks he’s very fortunate to have a dad like Greg.  Josh, again, tells her he can hear something and then they notice that it’s just Jonathan and Lily who appear after running around talking and laughing.  They come by and Lily says hi to Josh and Amanda and informs them that she has just married Jonathan.  Amanda is really surprised that they have gotten married.  Lily is ready to talk to her former stepsister about her new husband but right at that moment, Jonathan passes out on the ground.  Lily panics.

Zach and Ryan tell Dixie that she is insane if she thinks that JR should get away with what he did to Kendall and her baby.  Ryan tells her that she has been in JR’s life for a few days and she cannot stand there and tell them that if JR gets away with that, then he will not hurt somebody else.  He tells her that this will not change.  He may act gracious after being set free, temporarily, and that will last until he has his next drink and somebody ticks him off again.  She then protests that JR is suffering enough having to live with what he has done.  Ryan asks her if she thinks that Greg Madden should get away with taking her child.  She does not answer.  He then tells her that he feel she same way about JR as she feels about Greg.  JR cannot get away with taking his (Ryan’s) child.

Greg lies in the ground in pain and talks about Tad, Dixie and David Hayward and all these jerks who have threatened him and who were ready to stop at nothing to get him to tell them where Kate was.  He then believes that he is going to die soon.  He tells the people that they better be prepared because he intends to have the last laugh.

Jonathan shakes on the ground and looks to be having a seizure.  Josh rushes to help him.  Lily and Amanda call 911.

Babe tells JR that one of the reasons she feels ok to bring him back to her son is because she believes that he has changed and has owned responsibility for his actions.  If she believed for one moment that he would do what he was capable of doing before, then she would testify against him and let him get put away in prison.  He tells her that he knows he’s changed and is taking responsibility for his actions but he cannot get away with what he did.  She asks him why he believes that getting locked up will make him a better man.  He may not even come out of there and if he wants to have another chance with his family, he cannot enter a guilty plea.  He tells her that he is guilty.  He almost killed Kendall and her unborn baby and intended to kill her.  He can’t expect to get away with that.  She then tells him that they must fight together to make this right.  He then walks out the door and back into the courtroom.  Babe follows him.  Kendall enters in a wheelchair with Erica and Bianca.  She asks if she gets a vote in what happens to JR.  She tells Babe that JR needs to own up to what he did.  Babe says she does believe that he needs to own responsibility but she does not think that a prison cell is the solution.  Erica tells Babe that nobody cares what she thinks.  Bianca then approaches Babe and asks her what she is doing.  What is she letting JR do to her?  Does she intend to take him back?  Julia appears and tells Kendall that she is in no condition to be in the courtroom.  They have to get her back to the hospital.  She tells Julia she is not going anywhere until there is justice for what JR did.

Amanda takes Lily to the hospital and assures her that Josh can make Jonathan better.  Lily is panicking and freaked out.  Amanda then asks Lily to tell her about the wedding.  She asks if it was in a church or Central Park in New York.  Lily admits that it was at City Hall.  She did not have her father to walk her down the aisle, and, in fact, he tried to prevent their wedding.  A nurse comes and asks Lily to sign some papers.  Lily freaks because she thinks that it is an authorization to have Jonathan’s organs donated if something happens to him and Lily has legal power of attorney for that because she is his wife.  Lily tells her she does not want to sign away Jonathan’s organs.  Amanda then tells Lily that she can help her sign the papers and explains that it’s just a formality and nothing to worry about.

Greg lies under the ground and tells the Martins that they will never know the love of Josh and Josh will be spared having to know them and Erica as his family.  He also says that Tad and Dixie will never be able to ruin Kate’s life in a similar way.  He tells them that this is his final will and testament and he says amen.

The DA asks Babe why, if JR lied about being guilty, he signed an agreement.  Adam then jumps up and answers that it was because JR was drunk.  Ryan and Zach stand up and say that this is ridiculous.  He attempted to kill Babe and almost killed Kendall and her unborn baby.  The DA seems to still believe that JR is guilty.  Court then reconvenes and the judge asks JR if he is now ready to enter his plea after having had time to think.  He then announces that he is changing his plea to not guilty.  The judge then tells him that this is his last chance to change his mind.  Babe then stands up and reminds them that because he is her husband, the judge cannot make her testify against him.  The judge is ready to dismiss all charges against him, but at that point, Kendall stands up and tells the judge that there is another witness.

Greg gasps for air in the box and tells all the people who want to get him in trouble that even if they end his life, he knows how to end theirs.

Kendall tells the judge that even if JR’s wife wants to lie for him, what has happened is real and she can prove it.

Amanda makes some calls for Lily and promises not to call her dad.  Lily thanks her and tells her that whenever she is in trouble, most people assume that they need to call her dad.  She tells Amanda that she and Jonathan are completely alike.  Amanda tells her that she believes that they are good for each other.  Lily tells Amanda that before she met Jonathan everybody always saw her as broken, like porcelain.  Jonathon told her that after his surgery, he felt broken so she has concluded that they are like two broken pieces that fit together.  She knows that she and Jonathan are meant to be together because she knows she is not normal and neither is her husband.

Jonathan then awakens and asks Josh where he is.  Josh informs him that he is at PVH and has had a seizure.  He then acknowledges that he feels normal.  Josh realizes that the CAT scan is completely normal.  Jonathan then looks like the same egotistical jerk he used to be and demands to know what has gone on.  Erin and Aidan run in.  Erin hugs her brother as though he is the innocent little boy he’s been ever since his tumor.  When she looks at him, she sees something in his expression and asks him what is going on.  He tells her that this is him.  The way he has always been before.  He asks her where Lily is.

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