AMC Update Monday 6/12/06

All My Children Update Monday 6/12/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Kendall is sleeping in her hospital room. Bianca is there with her. When Ryan comes in, Bianca leaves. Ryan tells Kendall that she is beautiful and he loves her. She then wakes up.

Also at the hospital, Josh demands to know from Joe what his father did. Erica walks in and says she heard he was in an explosion. She's glad he's not hurt. Josh asks if she made the trip to the hospital just for that. She says she's here to visit Kendall. Joe tells Erica that Josh believes she and his father are keeping secrets from him. Josh says he wants to know what his father did to Erica.

Greg, still buried underground, talks about Kate, apparently thinking someone is listening to him or recording his words.

In the courtroom, Jamie sees Tad listening to a radio and asks if he's listening to a ball game. Tad says he's trying to stay current on what's going on with Greg Madden. In another area of the room, Adam tells JR that he doesn't have to plead guilty. He can reverse his plea and he'll call in some big legal guns. JR says he doesn't need this now and walks out of the courtroom. Krystal tells Adam that JR has made his own decision and Adam has to respect it. Outside the room JR runs into David, who tells him in a few hours he'll be thrown into a hole like the worthless person he is deserves. Tad confronts David, telling him if he doesn't leave JR alone he'll break his neck.

Dixie is with Babe at Chandler Mansion urging her to help JR. Dixie asks if Babe knows what kind of men JR would be in prison with. He won't come back the same. Can she live with that? Dixie says she knows JR did something horrible. Babe asks Dixie if she thinks he shouldn't take responsibility for that. Dixie says JR already has taken responsibility. What good will locking him in prison do? Babe asks Dixie what she wants her to do. JR wants to pay for his crime, she says. Dixie says they'll have to figure out how he can take responsibility without going to prison. That will destroy his life. Dixie says JR is only trying to redeem himself to Babe. Babe has to stop him.

Greg says that Kate was gorgeous when she was born. They'll have to take his word for it unless they get him out of here. Greg recites people who could have been the one to put him here, including Tad, Aidan, JR and Del. He says Zach and Ryan could be trying to score points with Kendall. Greg says he only wanted what's best for Kendall's baby. He says Kendall wanted him to have his baby. He says if Kendall didn't love the child from the moment of conception she doesn't deserve the baby.

Kendall asks Ryan what she missed when she was asleep. Ryan tells her that her family is elsewhere, prompting Kendall to tell him that she's all his. She asks Ryan if he was talking when she woke up. Ryan tells her he said she looks beautiful. He calls her mom. Kendall is amazed. Who would have thought she would love to hear that. Kendall says Zach told her Ryan eventually sided with him. She tells Ryan she loves him. Ryan asks her if she wants to see their little boy.

Bianca walks to the room where Erica is with Josh and watches from the window. Inside the room, Joe urges Erica to tell Josh the truth. Josh realizes Joe knows something as well and urges Joe to tell him. Joe says it's not his place. Josh says he deserves to know. Erica asks Joe to talk to Josh privately and Joe leaves. Erica tells Josh that sometimes we're not meant to find out everything. Josh says his father is gone and he needs answers. Erica tells him to let it go. There's nothing else for her to say. Josh angrily leaves.

Dixie asks Babe how it will affect little Adam having his father in prison. Babe tells her if she wants to blame someone for screwing up JR's life to look in the mirror. Dixie says everyone agrees she screwed up her children's lives. She wants to do something now, though, and asks Babe to forgive JR. Give him a chance to make up for his mistakes.

Erica and Bianca find Ryan and Bianca in the nursery. Ryan comes out and gives Bianca a hospital gown to wear and Bianca goes inside to see the baby. Ryan stays out with Erica, who says she can see he's in love with Kendall. Smiling, Erica tells Ryan to win Kendall away from Zach. Ryan tells Erica she's happy with Zach and he can't interfere. Erica says Kendall is happy because of her baby and he's in this for the long haul. Inside Kendall's room, Bianca tells Kendall that she heard their mother threaten Madden and now he's disappeared. She says she's sure their mom is in serious trouble. Kendall tells Bianca that Madden terminated their mother's pregnancy. Bianca says that is a bizarre coincidence. Kendall also tells Bianca how Madden tried to get her to give up Spike for adoption. Kendall says whatever secret their mother is hiding she'll find out what it is.

JR asks Krystal if Babe has called her. Krystal assures JR Babe won't be late for his hearing. She tells JR she's proud of him.

Winefred brings little Adam to Babe, telling her that he woke up crying for his daddy. Babe puts little Adam on her lap and tearfully tells him that his daddy has to go away for awhile.

At the courthouse, Di is greeted by Julia. Julia says she hopes Di has been spending time with Tad. Di says Tad is occupied looking for Kate. Di asks how long Tad will be able to go on not knowing where Kate is.

Greg continues his rant, saying that Kate deserved better parents than Tad and Dixie. Josh goes to the park and sits on the bench right above where Greg is buried. Greg says his son is proof of good upbringing. He says he would have given JR and Jamie to good parents if he had the chance so they would not have turned into the worthless people they are. Amanda arrives at the park and runs into Josh. He questions his father's attempt to get her to be a surrogate mother. Amanda says she wanted to do it to make up for what her mother did, but Dr. Madden changed his mind. A landscaper brings a trimmer to the area and trims grass just above Madden. Madden hears the noise and bangs on the roof of his coffin. Josh gets annoyed at the noise and tells the landscaper to go somewhere else. Greg says that he won't reveal anything about Kate. They will see him in hell first. Josh hears something and asks Amanda if she heard it.

Jamie follows JR from the courtroom into the hallway and asks if he can do anything to help. JR suggests something about flying away and escaping. Jamie tells him to do what he has to do. He's the one who has to live with the consequences. Dixie arrives with Babe and JR tells them he's happy they're there.

Erica, Bianca and Ryan help Kendall back into her bed. She turns on the TV set and finds a news report on JR's hearing. In the courtroom, the judge questions JR's decision about pleading guilty and asks him if he understands the ramifications. JR says he does. The judge asks JR if he's ready to enter his plea. Babe stands up and shouts no. Kendall is watching as the TV report says there's been a commotion in the courtroom. Babe tells JR not to plead guilty as he didn't do it.

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