AMC Update Friday 6/9/06

All My Children Update Friday 6/9/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Julia is treating Josh, who suffered a cut on his back when his father's yacht exploded. Jamie walks into the room and Josh accuses him of blowing up the boat. Josh tells Jamie he blew up the boat after he saw him go there. Josh tells Jamie he hates his father. Jamie says he and everyone else. Josh says he'll tell the cops that Jamie blew up the boat.

Greg is hearing the distorted voice inside his underground tomb. The voice is ordering Greg to turn over the address, phone number and zip code where Kate can be found. Greg will be released once there is DNA proof that it's Kate. Greg orders the voice to shut up, saying he is trying to meditate. The voice asks him how long he will hold out. Greg relents, saying he'll provide what is being asked for.

At the marina, Tad is questioning Derek about the explosion on the yacht. Tad wants to know if it was an accident or sabotage. Derek says he's not ready to make any predictions. Zach approaches and Tad asks him what he knows about Madden's yacht blowing up. Tad says he bets Greg did it to impress Dixie. Zach says he doesn't have to blow anything up to impress Dixie. He has better things to do. Tad rails on Zach for keeping Dixie a secret and not telling anyone Kate is alive. Now Greg Madden is gone and there's nothing to lead him to Kate. Zach tells Tad he lost Kate because he never wanted her in the first place. When Zach reveals he was with Dixie looking for Madden, Tad tells him his help in finding Kate is no longer needed. Zach says he won't give up on Madden because what he did to Kendall, but what JR did to Kendall and her son is much worse. Tad says JR is paying for his mistakes. Zach say Kendall and her son almost died. That's more than a mistake. Di and Del approach the two men and Del confesses to blowing up the yacht. He says he knew Madden wasn't on the boat and blowing it up would take away Madden's escape route.

Dixie goes to Chandler mansion and is found by Adam and Krystal. Dixie says she's there to see JR but Adam tells her to get out. He tells Dixie she's been trying to take his son away and now she has her wish. He tells Dixie she devastated JR and now he could be killed in prison. Dixie tells him not to dare say he could die in prison. Adam tells her she deserted one child and gave the other one away, so she better not give him her devoted parent act. He tells her she chose Kate over JR. Dixie says she has made more mistakes than she cares to count, but one thing she's proud of is that JR is admitting he was wrong and will face the consequences. Adam asks Dixie if JR deserves another sentence on top of the one she has given to him.

Babe is sleeping in her bed when JR walks in, kisses her and tells her this is the day they say goodbye. He says he doesn't want to go and she tells him she doesn't want to go. She kisses him and they fall onto the bed together. Next Babe wakes up. She was dreaming it. There is a knock on the door and it is JR. He says he spoke to the family attorney and accountant and has taken every provision possible. He has signed over his shares of Chandler Enterprises to Babe and he hasn't told his father that, so she should keep her distance for awhile. JR says by giving her this he feels like it's setting him free. JR says he wishes they could rewind things and make it was like when they got married. He says he understands if she doesn't want to continue their marriage and he won't fight her if she wants a divorce. He hands her a document giving her custody of little Adam if they divorce. Babe doesn't want to talk about this, telling JR she needs to get ready. JR says they have to talk about this. He hands her a copy of his will and life insurance policy but Babe doesn't want it. She says she doesn't want him to die. JR says if anything happens she and the baby will be taken care of. Winefred brings little Adam is. JR takes him, sits him on his lap and tells him daddy is going away for awhile. JR says he doesn't know when he'll be back. He says daddy has done something very bad and has to take a long time out. JR shows little Adam a photograph of the two of them and says he can put it by his bed. JR breaks down, hugs little Adam and tells him he loves him.

Jamie tells Josh about all the children Greg Madden has fathered. He says Zach and Dixie found proof that Greg was using his own sperm when he did artificial insemination on women, so Josh isn't an only child. Jamie says if Josh goes to the cops, he'll reveal the proof about Greg. Derek walks in and tells Josh that the yacht explosion was sabotage. He asks Josh if he has any idea who did it.

JR and Babe come downstairs and find Dixie. Dixie tells JR that she had to see him and tell him how sorry she is. She says she's made a lot of mistakes. JR says he doesn't understand how she could walk away from her son but believes she didn't intend to stay away so long. Dixie says she should have told him the truth. JR says he should have put down the booze the moment he started thinking about killing his wife. He says they can make it right. He'll do his time and she can find his little sister. JR says Kate will come home sooner than she thinks. Dixie tells JR he could not have been a better son.

Greg says he knows what's best for that child and all his children. The voice asks if he wants to see Josh again and whether Josh will feel abandoned by him.

Josh tells Derek he doesn't know who blew up the boat. After Derek leaves, Josh tells Jamie he backed off so he owes him. Outside the room, Julia asks Jamie if he sabotaged the boat. Jamie says it wasn't him, what about her? She left early the night Greg disappeared. Julia says she left early because she had been working a lot of hours. She asks him if he wants to get coffee. Jamie says he has to go see his brother before he's sent to prison. After Jamie leaves, David approaches Julia and suggests Jamie is a little young for her. David says she has done a lot better. Julia says if he's talking about the two nights they were together she didn't know what she was doing at the time.

Joe finds Josh at the hospital and asks him what happened. When Josh says it's just some cuts and bruises, Joe says thank God. Joe asks if the police are investigating. Josh says he doesn't trust the police or anyone else. Josh asks Joe if he heard the news that his father is evil. He says he thinks Erica is hiding something and he needs to know. Josh realizes that Joe knows something. He asks him what his father and Erica are hiding. He has a feeling his father has done something horrible and is not coming back. He needs to know who his father is.

Greg says whoever put him in here won't beat or break him. He again hears the voice telling him he'll be released once he reveals the phone number, address and zip code where Kate is. Greg says he's not even talking to a real person. This is a recording. He knocks on the roof of his tomb and says whoever is holding him won't get away with this.

JR tells Dixie he hopes she gets to know Babe better while he's gone. He tells Adam to try to be nicer to his mom. Krystal says Dixie can visit whenever she wants. JR apologizes to Krystal. Tad and Jamie arrive to go to the courthouse with JR. Adam says they can all ride together. Dixie tells them to go ahead. She wants to talk to Babe.

People begin arriving at the courthouse. At Chandler mansion, Babe tells Dixie to hurry and say what she wants to say so she can get to the courthouse. Dixie tells her to save her son. She's the only one who can.

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