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All My Children Update Thursday 6/8/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

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Kendall awakens in her hospital room and sees JR.  She notices the upset expression on his face and asks him why he is in a bad mood.  She tells him that she is  happy, she has a wonderful son.  She obviously has no clue what he did.  As soon as Zach sees him, he physically removes him from her room.

Babe is alone outside the Fusion building.  Josh comes by and she angrily throws a perfume bottle at him to get him to leave.

Jack and Erica go to his old apartment.  He tells her that he would like to call Derek and put out an APB on Greg Madden.  She tells him that she knows he has something else on his mind.  He tells her that he has managed to do the impossible.  He has managed to not rip Jonathan Lavery out of his daughter’s life.  At least not yet, anyway.  He does not look happy.

In Greenlee’s old apartment, Jonathan and Lily set up furniture.  At that point, he looks like he is ready to pass out.  He falls over.  She is worried, tells him that he does not look good and asks him what has happened.

After Zach has pushed JR out the door and Ryan is ready to help Zach remove him from the premises, Kendall asks the two of them what their problem is with JR.  He’s her friend.  He’s just there to see if she is ok.  Ryan then tells her that is not the case and know that Jr is her worst enemy.  She must trust him.  Jr approaches Kendall and tells Zach and Ryan that he needs to talk to Kendall alone.  Zach guards Kendall and tells JR he knows what happened the last time he was near Kendall.  Kendall demands to know what is going on.  JR then confesses to her that he tried to kill his wife but it was she who accidentally took the hit.

Babe angrily tells Josh that the man she loves is going to prison and there is nothing she can do about it.  She looks very upset.

Erica protests to Jack Jonathan would not hurt Lily.  He found her in New York and protected her from people who could have hurt her.  She tells her husband that if he wants to keep Lily in his life, then he must accept her choices.  Jack tells Erica that Lily is only 18.  She is young and she is autistic.  Erica says she realizes Lily’s limitation.  Jack says it’s very obvious that she is not ready to marry a man, be with him and share a bed with him.  He knows that only a few weeks ago, she was underage.  Erica reminds Jack that Lily loves Jonathan and he loves her.  She tells him they must go home.

Jonathan tells Lily that he saw black in front of his eyes.  She tells him that she has researched that condition and knows what it means.  Erin and Aidan come and offer them some wedding presents.  Lily says that they are their first guests and asks if they want a drink.  Lily and Erin leave Jonathan and Aidan alone to talk.  Jonathan asks Aidan if he is happy for him and Lily.  Aidan says yes` but he would be happier if he could get some answers.  First, he asks Jonathan what happened in New York.  Jonathan replies that he found Lily.  Some bad man was going to hurt her but he saved her.  They are happy and everything is ok now.

Julia and Jamie have dinner together and are placing bets on what will happen with the couples sitting nearby.

Josh tells Babe that he doesn’t want to leave.  He’d like to see if he could just make her laugh or smile.  She tells him that the man she loves is going to get on the witness stand and admit that he tried to kill her and wanted her dead.  She goes on to say that he almost murdered Kendall and her baby.  She asks if Josh know of a way to make a funny out of that.  She tells him in spite of that, she wants JR right there.  She tells Josh that JR is ready to throw himself on the mercy of the court.  The man she met and fell in love with is going to get put away in a cold jail cell.  She has to say good bye to her hopes and dreams and everything she has worked hard to have with her husband.  She asks Dr. Josh if he knows of any type of medial antidote he can give her for that knowing that he cannot.

In Kendall’s room, JR admits to Kendall that he intended to kill Babe because he did not think he could trust her due to the situation with Dixie.  He cut the ropes that held the heavy construction material together at Fusion and asked Babe to meet him there so that she would walk through the door and the avalanche would fall on her and kill her.  Unfortunately, it was Kendall who walked in and almost died.  He tells her that he is terribly sorry.  Ryan and Zach tell JR that they will never forgive him for what he did and they will not be satisfied until JR gets the punishment he deserves.  Kendall then demands that they all shut up.  She tells JR that he has done enough and he has said enough.  She tells him that he plots and rages and hates 24/7 in that little head of his.  All he thinks about is spite and revenge and she and  her son got hurt this time.  He wanted to get Babe and kill her and make her pay.  She tells him that he better get out because she never wants to see his face again.  The guys are ready to push him out the door but he tells them he can get himself out and he leaves.  Kendall cries and tells the guys that she thought she heard something in the coma.

Josh tells Babe that he’d like to help her in some way.  He knows she is not happy and there is not a damn thing he can do about it.  He tells her he really is sorry.  She cries and looks very upset.

Jamie and Julia sit and spy on the couple sitting nearby.  It looks like a younger woman and an older guy.  He says that it is very possible people are watching them and making bets about them.

Jack tells Erica that not long ago, he never expected to be a father.  He did not know Reggie nor that Greenlee was his daughter.  Lily was Laurel’s responsibility but then she came and lived with him when her mother died.  Erica tells Jack that she knows how profoundly this is affecting him but Lily is a person who is making her own decisions and she chooses to be with Jonathan.  She is determined to let nothing keep her away from the person she loves.  She reminds Jack that they did the same thing themselves for many years.  He tells her that he has had to protect Lily many times and was lucky that no danger has come to her yet but now there is nothing he can do about what has  happened.  He is very frustrated by the fact that everybody thinks that Lily and Jonathan will have a wonderful life together.  He asks why he is the only person who sees that they will not have a wonderful life.

Lily talks to Aidan and Erin about what it means to be married and an adult.  They hear a knock on the door.  Jonathan reveals to Erin and Aidan that he is worried.  He tells them that Jack has told them they can live there but they are still afraid he might change his mind about it.  He asks who is at the door.  Ryan announces that he is there.  Ryan does not look happy and Jonathan asks his brother if he is there to break up his marriage.

Kendall admits to Zach that while she was in a coma she heard JR coming and talking and apologizing for what he had done.  Zach asks her if she remembers anything else.  She admits that she heard a gun shot and she remembers that Zach used a gun for something.  She tells him that she heard a gunshot and banging on the door but that cannot be true.  Zach confirms to her that it is true.  He admits to her that he barricaded the door to prevent Ryan and the doctors from entering her room.  She asks him why.  He tells her that there was a court order to take the baby before he was ready.  She then tells him he is insane but she smiles and tells him she loves him.

Ryan tells Jonathan that he had reservations about his brother’s relationship with Lily but maybe he was wrong.  He has now been convinced that maybe they are good together.  He admits that he did a 180 with Jonathan and Lily just like he did with Kendall and Spike.  Lily then comes in and asks Ryan if he is happy.  He admits that he is and believes the two of them deserve to have a wonderful life together.

Julia confesses to Jamie some of the crazy things she did when she was young.  She went to Michael Bolton concerts and that was before his time.  Josh comes and sticks his nose in their business about how foolish they look together.  Jamie tells Josh that there has been great food and wine and company and now he gets to kick some ass for dessert.  He concludes that this is his lucky day.

Babe is in her room and somebody is at the door.  She asks if it is her mama but it’s JR.  He tells her he came to get his things.  She tells him sure and to take whatever he needs.  She asks him if he is scared about tomorrow.  He tells her it’s like a pit in his stomach.  He is wondering what will happen and when they will read the charges and what he is going to say and what the judge is going to say and how much time he’s going to do. The worst part of it is being away from her and from little A but he realizes that it was his doing that has lost them.  He then asks her if he can hold her again one last time.  She does not respond.  He then tells her he understands and gets up to go out the door.  She turns and tells him he can hold her.

Erica tells Jack that she felt similarly to how he feels when Bianca came out to her.  She tells him that when parents see their children making certain decisions, they want to protect them and keep them sheltered from the world.  She tells him that Bianca really taught her how to be a parent.  She taught her how to stand back and watch her spirit and her strength.  She’s seen Bianca hurt and broken but she’s also seen her come back.  Jack replies that Lily is not Bianca.  Erica says she realizes she is not but he still needs to stand back and give Lily a chance to be who she wants to be.  He tells her that Lily needs him.  She asks if he thinks that Lily needs him to keep her away from Jonathan or to have the marriage annulled.  She knows what he is thinking but there is another choice, she tells him.  You can step back and do nothing and wait to see what has happened.  She asks Jack if he thinks that he is prepared to do that.

Josh makes his crude comments to Jamie and Julia and leaves.  Julia then tells Jamie that maybe Josh is right.  They must admit that she is a lot older than he is.  He tells her that doesn’t matter.  He tells her he knows she has doubts and nobody can talk her into anything.  All he can do is look into her eyes and hold her hand and notice how hot she is and tell her that the rest is up to her.

Zach holds Kendall and she asks him what types of charges he is facing.  He pulls out an envelope that lists kidnapping, reckless endangerment, violation of a court order, assault, and possession and use of a fire arm.  She does not look worried and neither does he.  He also acknowledges to her that Ryan was not on the boat and did not know what she wanted and that was why he was willing to let them take the baby.  She says that is kind of odd since she remembers that Ryan wanted Spike before she decided she wanted him.  She is surprised that Ryan wanted to save her before the baby.

Jonathan tells Lily that their honeymoon is awaiting.

Erica holds out her hand to Jack and they leave his old apartment, realizing that maybe he needs to have faith in Lily’s choices.  They go off together.

Jonathan and Lily talk while they are in bed.  They are not touching but are very happy to be together.  He tells her he loves her and calls her Mrs. Lavery.  She tells him she loves him too.

JR approaches Babe and puts his arms around her.  He then turns away and says thank you.  He gets up to leave and goes out the door.

Kendall smiles and tells Zach that a girl takes a nap and wakes up to a whole new world.  She tells him he is brilliant but asks what he’s going to do about these charges.  He tells her there is nothing anybody could ever do to pull them apart.  He holds her as Ryan stands outside the door looking empty.

Julia then acknowledges to Jamie that this is up to her.  Suddenly, lightening strikes.

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