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All My Children Update Wednesday 6/7/06 


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Kendall and Ryan observe their tiny preemie in the ICU.  Zach walks in and smiles at his wife.

In Zach’s office, Dixie discovers that the evidence that she and Zach uncovered about Madden is gone.  He must have broken into Zach’s office or done something.  Tad tells Dixie he wants to know more about the plans that she and Zach might have had to find Kate.

Greg seems to be buried behind a park bench, underneath a flower patch.  He awakens and finds that he is lying flat in some box where he cannot get out.  He concludes, appearing horrified, that he is buried alive.

In the maternity ward, Zach and Kendall hold each other and kiss.  Ryan sits nearby not looking as happy that he is excluded from their love fest.  Kendall cries and Zach holds her.  Zach tells her that the baby is real and so is she.  Bianca walks in and Ryan looks happier.  Kendall asks Zach if he is ready.  She tells him she would like to introduce him to the other love of his life.  Ryan stands and observes them almost as if he is jealous that he is not included in their family and is not the love of Kendall’s life.  Kendall then formally introduces Zach to Spike, her son.

Erica tells Josh that she must find his father.  He tells her that she has to leave his father alone.  She tells him that his dad attacked her a few days ago.  He grabbed her by the arm and stuck her with hypodermic needle and he cannot get away Scot free.  Jack shows up and tells Josh that he will not let him (Josh) hurt his (Jack’s) wife again.

Del and Amanda are trying to figure out what to think about Greg Madden.

Tad tells Dixie that this has gone too far.  Whatever it is gong to take to find Kate is going to have to be drastic and it has to be done now.  She reminds him that nobody can get the truth out of Madden if he has gone underground.

Greg calls from inside the place underground where he is buried and says he needs help because he is trapped.  He asks if anybody can hear him.  On the nearby park bench, a guy sits, drinks his coffee and reads the paper.  It looks like he cannot hear Greg nor know that he is there.

Zach tells the tiny baby that he is the center of attention.  He is loved and so he better get stronger.  He better stick by his mother because when he needs Kendall, she will be in his corner.  Bianca tells them that this is true.  He can always count on the Kane women.  Kendall tells her son that she knows how strong he is.  Zach then notices Ryan standing by himself looking depressed and he hugs him and pats him on the back.  He tells him he has a great son.  Ryan says thank you.  Julia then comes in and tells them that Spike will need a little personal time with his nurse and Kendall might also need to get some rest.  Ryan tells Spike he needs to do him a favor and not give Julia a hard time.  She tells him that she and Spike are buddies.  Kendall asks Spike if he can do without her for a while.  She tells him she will hate every second she is without him and asks him to surprise her when she comes back.  She tells him he mustn’t listen to his father.  If he wants to give Nurse Julia a little grief, she is cool with that.  Julia then acknowledges that she heard that.  Kendall tells Julia she was kidding.  She blows a kiss to Spike and tells him she loves him more than she ever dreamed possible.

In the box where Greg is lying, he notices a bottle of water and a snack in his hands.  He also notices that there is probably a surveillance camera.  He concludes that his captors went to a lot of trouble and probably did not want him to die.  He talks to whoever put him there as if they can hear and he asks them what it will take to get him out of there.

After Jack confronts Josh assuming that he has hurt her, Erica informs her husband that he’s got it wrong.  It was not Josh who has done anything wrong.  It’s Greg.  She tells Josh she hopes he will accept her apology for taking out her frustration toward his father upon him.  He tells her he will accept her apology when she is in a padded cell.  He leaves and Jack asks Erica why she is defending that punk.  She tells him that Greg has done something but she avoids telling what has just happened to her by asking Jack if Lily is ok.  He tells her that she’s come back and she’s ok although he has a little problem with the choice she’s made.  She tells him that now that Kendall is ok, Bianca is visiting and Lily is back, they can be happy.  However, he seems to know that she is hiding something and asks her what is up with this secret she has with Greg.

Dixie tells Tad that it may be impossible to find Greg.  He tells her he will not give up.  David appears and tells Dixie that Tad Martin could not find his own behind.  She must know that he will be the one to find Madden and help her find her baby.

Bianca and Ryan watch Spike from the window.  She tells him she was watching him when Kendall and Zach were with Spike.  Everything is ok.  Her sister and his son will both be ok so she concludes that there must be another issue going on with him.  She asks him if he is really going to be ok with the situation or is he going to admit to Kendall that he is in love with her.

Zach goes with Kendall to her room and tells her that she must promise him she won’t do what she did again.  He tells her that he wanted to be here.  He wanted to be the first face she saw when she woke up.  He is here now.  She touches him and acknowledges that he is real and this is real.  She tells him she knows that her baby is fighting for his life and she is lucky to be alive but she’s still not certain about some stuff.  She recalled some sort of wedding.  She asks if they are married.  He shows her that he put the wedding ring on her finger before she woke up.  She tells him she wants to be Mrs. Slater for good this time.  She asks him what is with the face.  He then replies to her that she may not want to stay with him when she finds out what he has done.

Greg lies down in the box where he has been kept.  He then hears somebody calling to him.  He demands to know who they are and what they want from him.  He has no clue who is talking to him.

After David walks in on Tad and Dixie’s conversation about Greg, Tad tells him if he doesn’t get out of there, he will kick his butt.  David asks Tad how he failed, this time, to find his daughter.  Tad then tells David that whatever he does in order to find his daughter is none of David’s business and David better stay out of his way.

While Greg hears the disguised voice who is confronting him, he protests that it was Dixie’s choice to give Kate up.  The voice then tells him that once they have proof of where Kate is, then Greg can go.  Greg then tells them he can understand where they are coming from but first they must hear his side of this.

Meanwhile, Dixie tells David and Tad they need to calm down.  Fighting is not going to get Kate back.  She tells David that Tad has the right to do things his way because he is Kate’s father.  He protests that he needs to be there for her and she cannot trust Tad.  She tells him he needs to leave now.  David goes out the door but tells them that he will be the one to put Kate back in Dixie’s arms.

Greg tells the person who he believes has kidnapped him that if he dies there, they will never get any answers to their questions.  He has a heart condition but the voice tells him that they want to see him drown in his own filth.

Josh goes to the yacht club and runs into Di and Del.  She tells Josh that they need his help.  He tells them if this has anything to do with his father, they must keep him out of it.

Zach tells Kendall that he risked her life in order to save Spike because that is what she told him she wanted and now he hopes he’s done the right thing.  She acknowledges that he listened to her and he remembered.  He may be the only man who has ever truly listened to her.

Ryan tells Bianca he realizes that Zach makes Kendall happy.  He really gets her and the next time Bianca sees her, she will see that Kendall is in a good place…not only because of Spike.  Bianca then concludes that Ryan must not want Kendall to know how he feels.  He tells her he knows how he feels.  He loves her as the mother of his son.  She tells him she knows that it’s not just about her being the mother of his son.  He tells her that he sat by Kendall when she was in the coma and admitted that he was in love with her.  Bianca reminds him that Kendall probably didn’t hear that while in a coma.  He tells her that there is no point in getting into that with Kendall.  What he wants to do first and foremost is be the best father he can be to that little guy in there.  Bianca then tells Ryan that she has something she’d like to tell him but he may not want to know it.  He then asks her what is on her mind.  She replies that he is in love with her sister when she is married and in love with another man.  She believes that under normal circumstances Ryan might be able to get over it but he won’t be able to stay away from Kendall when they have a child together.  He will be involved in birthday parties and family gatherings.  He tells Bianca that he knows what she is saying.  It will be complicated and he could let it eat him alive or he could realize how outrageously lucky he is to have a little boy who loves him and needs him and whom he loves more than anything.  He realizes that Spike would not be there if it were not for Kendall so he plans to be thankful for the time he has with him.

Kendall tells Zach that she will never forget what he has put himself through in order for her son to come into this world.  She admits that she has never stopped loving him even when she pretended she hated him.

Erica informs Jack what happened to her.  Greg drugged her and the next thing she remembered, she woke up on a park bench.  He then tells her he must call Derek and report Greg.  She tells him that maybe it’s best that everybody wash their hands of Greg Madden forever.

Di and Del tell Josh that their sister’s daughter was taken by his father and he must know something about it.  Josh tells them that he has no clue where his father is or what he has done to Dixie, if he has done anything.  The only thing he knows is that he is over his father and done worrying about him and everything he’s done.  As far as he’s concerned, he does not have a father.

Greg protests to the voice who is talking to him that he cannot take Kate away from the only family that she has ever known who loves her.  It would be cruel and selfish.  He asks them to tell him that they understand that.  He hears nothing in response.

Hearing Ryan say that he will accept his situation, Bianca concludes that he is a bigger person than she would be.  He tells her he doubts that.  He realizes that he has no choice.  He tells her that this little guy is his lucky charm.  They first intended for him to be Greenlee’s gift to him but it’s turned out to be Kendall’s gift to him.  He tells her he’s discovered that Spike is what was meant for his life and it is Kendall who has helped him realize that.  He owes it all to Kendall.  He indicates, without saying it, that he is in love with Kendall

Kendall is with Zach and Ryan is a million miles away from their thoughts.

Jack tells Erica he’s going to go after Greg Madden for what he has done to her.  She does not seem ok with that plan, however.

Tad departs and tells Dixie that he will get the goods on Greg.

Stuck in the box in he ground, Greg pleads for the person to hear him and respond to him.  Above the ground, in the flower garden, there is no sight or sound of Greg.


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