AMC Update Tuesday 6/6/06

All My Children Update Tuesday 6/6/06 


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Babe is in the park with little A and she leaves a message for JR who has not checked in with her all night while he’s been out looking for Greg Madden.  They notice an unidentified person sleeping on a park bench covered with newspapers.  The woman gets up and it’s Erica.

JR and Jamie go to find Josh at the hospital and demand to know where his father is.

Del is at the spa and notices Amanda in a bikini.  She knows that he is looking at her.  He informs her that he is on the look out for something else.  He needs to tail somebody before this person gets out of town.

Julia arrives at work late.  She asks the doctor if there have been any changes in Kendall.  He tells her no. 

Ryan and Bianca are sleeping in Kendall’s room after giving up hope that she will wake up.  They both awaken.  Each believes they have heard the other say something but they both confirm that they have not spoken.  They have been asleep.  Kendall has spoken.  They turn around to see Kendall open her eyes and say Bianca.  Ryan and Bianca rise to see her.  She looks at them and they smile at her.  Ryan tells her she has the most beautiful eyes in the world.  Bianca kisses her and tells her she loves her very much.  Kendall tells Bianca she loves her too.  She then asks why she is there.  Ryan attempts to explain.  He tells her that there was an accident at Fusion.  She asks what happened.  Bianca tells her that construction material fell in the warehouse.  Ryan tells her that everybody was scared but they now know that she is tough and she will be ok.  She then asks what has happened to Spike.  Ryan tells her that he is fine.  He was delivered a little early but he is fine.  Bianca confirms that.  She tells them she wants to see him.  She asks if she really did it.  They tell her yes, she gave birth to Spike.  She asks where her mother is.  Bianca then gets on the phone and leaves a message for Erica.

Erica awakens on the park bench and asks Babe if she did this.  She tells Babe that she has caused enough hardship for her family.  Babe tells her that she (Erica) was sleeping there.  Erica admits that she does not remember anything that has happened since she was in Greg’s office and furious with him.  She remembers Greg injecting her with a needle and realizes that this is why she’s been asleep all this while.

Tad tells Di that he’s been looking all over for Greg but he’s nowhere to be found.  He’s either right under their noses or he’s long gone.  He tells her that this is all Del’s fault.  He has not checked in with them.  Di tells Tad that her brother had an accident.  He passed out right by the cargo section in the airport and he was out cold.  Tad tells her that Del is a total screw up.  She tells him that they can at least give Del some credit.  He was able to sabotage Greg’s plane.  He tells her that he is worried that this could mean that they will never find Kate.

Del tells Amanda that he is a Chandler.  He is legit.  His sister, Dixie was married to Adam.  He also knows the Chandler account number.  She tells him if he is such an insider, then why he doesn’t buy her lunch.  He tells her that he has prevented this jerk from leaving town last night and there is no way he’s getting away.  She then asks him just who this “big bad wolf” is.  He replies that he’s a doctor.  His name is Greg Madden. 

Josh tells JR and Jamie that he does not have to answer to them about where his father has gone.  David then appears and tells Josh that he does have to talk to him.  He knows what Josh’s father did to Dixie.

Bianca tells Kendall that their mother knows the names of all the nurses in this hospital and they are all terrified of her.  She asks if she also mentioned that Erica is very proud of Kendall.  It’s miracle.  Ryan tells Kendall that Spike is totally awesome.  He’s in an incubator right now.  Hearing that, she asks what is wrong.  He tells her nothing is wrong.  It’s standard procedure.  Bianca gives Kendall Spike’s blanket.  Kendall cries and asks how things can be ok.  Isn’t it too early for Spike to be delivered?  Ryan tells her that they did have concerns that it was too early but Spike is going to be fine.  She then asks about Zach.  Ryan tells her Zach informed them that she wanted to save Spike and insisted that they save Spike even if it meant risking her life.  Zach fought for her and took a lot of flack but he never backed down.  She then tells Ryan that she wants to see her husband.  Julia and a doctor enter.  He tells them as much as he hates to break up the party he has to examine his patient.  It won’t be long.  Ryan and Bianca go out the door and Ryan promises Kendall he will find Zach right away.  Outside Kendall’s room, Bianca hugs Ryan and says, “Thank God.”  He asks her if it is a miracle that they have both Kendall and Spike.  She cries and happily says that Zach will be totally blown away.  She can just see him bust out of prison to see Kendall.  Ryan then calls the jail and says he wants to leave a message for Zach Slater but they give him some puzzling information.  He then informs Bianca that Zach got bailed out last night.  They wonder why, then, Zach did not come back to see Kendall.  Ryan leaves a message for Zach but notices it’s very odd that he is not answering any of his calls at any of his numbers.  Erica then rushes in and tells them she needs to see her daughter.  She goes in to see Kendall and smiles at her.  Kendall tells her mother she wants to see Spike.  The doctors tell her to take one step at a time.  They first have to make certain that she is ready for the trip down the hallway.  Erica tells Kendall that they were all afraid but now she is ok.  She must listen to Dr. Solomon and realize she must get her strength back.  Kendall tells her mother that with all these people being nice to her, it must have been very serious.  Erica then tells Kendall that this is behind her now.  She can look ahead to having a life with her beautiful baby boy.  She tells Kendall that Ryan is so excited.  Kendall then loses her smile and tells her mother that the family picture is not just with Ryan, her and Spike.  She and Zach got married again and she loves him.

Babe and Little A come by the hospital and Ryan and Bianca inform them that Kendall and Spike will be ok.  Babe then tells them thank God, realizing that it might save JR from getting into serious trouble.

David comes to confront Josh with JR and Jamie.  He informs him that he was with Dixie when she got very sick and ready to have Kate and he knows what Josh’s dad did.  He’s not going to get away with it.  They won’t give up until Greg is behind bars.  Josh then tells them that he does not know how any of the things they are talking about is his father’s fault.  HE tells them that he’s not going to answer to a bunch of vigilante wannabees and he goes out the door.

Del and Amanda sit in the sun.  She tells him that Dr. Madden is her friend.  She really wanted to be a surrogate for him.  Noticing how hot Amanda looks in a bikini, Del tells her that there is something seriously wrong with Greg if he would sacrifice a body like this to have her get pregnant just to give the baby away to some stranger.  He tells her that he knows that Madden is very sick and she should not trust him.

Tad tells Di that he is losing hope of finding Greg.  She tells him he cannot give up.  He protests that he is not giving up.  He just wishes he could know of somebody who keeps the promises that they make.  He wants somebody who he can count on.  Is that too much to ask for?  Is it too outrageously impossible?  She then hugs him.

Kendall tells her mother that she loves Zach.  Erica does not smile at her daughter but does not argue.  Kendall tells her mother that she wishes she could just want her happiness.  Erica replies that all she wants is for her daughter to be happy.  Kendall asks even if that means that Zach will be at Christmas and Thanksgiving, birthday parties and family gatherings.  Erica then smiles and says ok as long as she does not have to sit next to Zach.  Kendall tells her mother that Zach is a great husband and Spike is going to be a great kid.  Erica tells her she knows that Spike will be a wonderful boy.  She then reminds her mother that she knows she was hell on wheels as a child.  Erica tells Kendall that it might be difficult for her to be in the middle between Ryan and Zach as Spike’s father and her husband and not the best of friends with each other.  Kendall tells her she knows that they will reconcile their differences for Spike.  Erica tells her she hopes so.  Bianca and Ryan enter.  She asks then where Zach is.  They admit that they haven’t a clue.

JR and Jamie go and find Tad and Di.  Jamie demands to know where they have been and if they’ve found out any information about Madden.

David asks Josh when he last saw his father.  Josh admits that he had an argument with Greg and told him to go to hell and he really has no clue where he went.  David reminds Josh that Greg has a heart condition and needs constant monitoring so when Josh finds him, he must tell David where he is.  Josh asks if that is so that he can sic the Martin clan on him.  David reminds Josh that his father has a lot more serious problems than to confront than JR Chandler and Jamie Martin.

JR, Jamie, Tad, and Di all brainstorm about where Greg could be but admit they have not found him.  Tad reminds them that Aidan will be able to help them soon now that he’s found Lily and Jonathan.  Jamie reminds them that Josh should have some idea where his father is.  They also realize that Dixie might find him.  Hearing that, Tad tells them that he’s a little worried about what could happen to Dixie if she confronts him, as vulnerable as she is right now.

After hearing what Del knows about Greg, Amanda tells him that there must be some sort of reasonable explanation.  She admits to him that Greg called off the plan for her to be a surrogate and asks what she should do now.  He tells her that maybe she can just work on her tan.  She then asks him just what the Chandler account number is.  He writes a number for her that is really his phone number.  He makes it clear that he is picking her up.  She goes away and he watches her with his binoculars.

Di tells the others that Dixie knows better than to mess with Madden.  She knows how dangerous he is but Tad reminds her that they have not heard form her.  He goes out the door.  David confronts him and tells him that he knows he has failed in his plan to find Madden and he knows that Dixie is also missing.  Inside Tad’s house, Jamie concludes that anybody that gets mixed up with Madden gets into trouble.  He asks Di where she was last night.  She tells them that she was doing what everybody else has been doing.  She was looking for Madden in all the wrong places.  She goes out the door.  Jamie and JR conclude that they must find Kate.  JR tells Jamie that he cannot wait.  He has a prison sentence and his time is coming up.

Bianca, Ryan, and Erica try to assure Kendall that Zach is close by and coming to see her.  She then tells them that she cannot wait any longer to see Spike.

JR and Jamie talk about what it’s going to mean for JR to be in prison.

Babe comes and informs JR that Kendall has regained consciousness and will be ok.  That means that JR’s sentence won’t be so bad.  He’ll be able to spend much more time with Little A.  She also notices that JR and Jamie have been trying and failing to find Dr. Madden.  They admit that they did not come up with anything.

Meanwhile, we see Greg asleep and hidden somewhere.  Who might have caused that?

Ryan takes Kendall into the hallway in her wheelchair.  She is excited that she’s finally going to see her baby boy.  She tells him she must look awful.  He tells her she looks great but he tells her that she must prepare for the fact that Spike is very small.  He is hooked up to an incubator and his tiny eyes are taped shut because he cannot yet make his own tears.  He assures her that he will be ok.  Julia encourages them to come in and see him.  He looks tiny.  Kendall looks worried and asks if they are sure that he is ok.  Julia says that he will be fine.  She tells Kendall she can reach her hands through the window of the incubator.  Ryan and Julia help Kendall to her feet and she goes to see her tiny preemie son.  She cries and looks at Ryan.  She sticks her finger in and touches him.  She smiles and cries.  She says hi to Spike and tells him she is his mom.

Outside, Erica tells Bianca that she cannot wait to see Spike but she will let Kendall and Ryan have time with him first.  In the meantime, she needs to find Greg Madden.  Josh gets off the elevator and Erica demands that he tell her where his father is.

Tad then goes to Dixie’s hotel.  He knocks on her door and calls to her.  He then opens the door and sees something that shocks him.

Babe notices that Jamie ripped his pants and got some dirt on them.  She asks him what he did the previous night.

Greg awakens and find himself buried somewhere.

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