AMC Update Monday 6/5/06

All My Children Update Monday 6/5/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Bianca is in Kendall's hospital room begging for her to wake up. She tells her this has gone on long enough.

Derek goes to Zach's jail cell. Zach says he has to get out of here to get to Kendall. Derek says Livia is on her way with the judge, the court reporter and the assistant district attorney. They are going to arraign him right here.

Tad and Dixie go to Greg Madden's office and find he's gone. They're worried he may be out of the country. JR, Jamie and Di come in and ask if they found anything about Kate. Dixie is surprised JR knows about Kate. Tad asks where Madden is and Di says Del is following him. This worries Tad, who puts no trust in Del at all. Di says Del won't let Madden out of his site. Meanwhile, Del is unconscious on the floor of the cargo area at the airport. Tad tries calling him but Del doesn't hear the ringing phone right next to him. Di says maybe he has turned his phone off.

Greg has an unconscious Erica on his private jet. He tells her it's time to say farewell to Pine Valley. They're now be together.

Jack, who has just burst in on Lily and Jonathan's wedding ceremony, hopes that he's not too late to stop it. But the ceremony has just ended. Jack says it's not too late to undo this. Lily says she's now Mrs. Lavery and it will be like that until death does them part. Jack asks to talk to Lily alone but she doesn't want Jonathan to leave her side. Jack says she has family who loves her. Lily says Jonathan is now her family too. Jack says he knows she has feelings for Jonathan and is trying to accept that. He asks if she'll go home with him and they can take their relationship slowly and go out on dates. They can get this annulled right now. Lily says no, she won't leave without her husband.

JR asks Dixie if it's true that Kate is alive. She says she is alive and it's her fault she's gone. Dixie says she let Dr. Madden talk her into signing Kate away. JR asks how she could do that to her daughter. Dixie says it's complicated but she was wrong. She has spent the last few years searching for Kate. Tad insists he'll find her. JR tells Dixie she should have told him. JR and Jamie leave to go find Madden. Tad gets on Madden's computer to search for information.

Greg is on his plane on the phone because the plane needs mechanical service. A mechanic is to be sent. Greg tells Erica when she wakes up Pine Valley will be far behind them. They'll be on the way to a new life. He kisses her hand.

Bianca talks to Kendall about their mother's strength. She urges Kendall to prove to her they can match her strength. She begs Kendall to open her eyes.

Livia brings some fresh clothes to Zach. The judge arrives for the arraignment. Zach uses Livia's phone to call Julia and ask about Kendall. Julia tells him there's been no change and the baby is holding his own.

Josh goes into his father's office and finds Tad, Dixie and Di sitting there waiting for him. They demand Josh tell him where Greg is, claiming he took Kate. Tad tells Josh his father is a monster who destroys lives. Josh tells them they're trying to blame their troubles on his father and he's not going to turn on his family. Tad tells him he doesn't know anything about family. He owes this family. Josh asks what he's talking about.

Lily tells her father she and Jonathan are staying married. She is an adult and she loves Jonathan. She says they're going to Boston so she can go to MIT. Reggie tells Lily she can't just walk into MIT and get accepted. There's a lot of paperwork. Plus, she doesn't have $30,000 lying around. Lily says she can get loans. Jonathan says he and Lily support and protect each other. Jack tells him he's taking Lily away from the people who love her. Lily tells Jack that he was going to do the same thing when he planned to send her to boarding school.

Julia, who is listening in on Tad, Dixie and Di's ambush of Josh, walks in and adds her two cents. She tells Josh that Greg Madden lied about her ability to have children. He also tried to get Kendall's baby and to have Amanda be a surrogate. Dixie begs Josh to help them. Josh orders them all out of his father's office. Tad turns to reach for a document to give Josh then notices Dixie is gone. Di and Tad walk out.

JR and Jamie are at the marina looking for Madden. JR wonders out loud what Kate looks like and if he'll ever see her. Jamie says Madden will tell them where Kate is. JR tells Jamie to go home. He'll take care of this on his own. He says he doesn't have anything left to lose. Jamie adamantly refuses to let JR go after Madden on his own.

Madden turns on some romantic music and tells Erica they need to finish their dance.

Jack tells Lily the application process for MIT can take time. He tells her that she and Jonathan can come home as husband and wife. Lily says there's one condition. She and Jonathan must have their own place to live.

Bianca tells Kendall she helped her through the roughest time in her life. She wants to return the favor. She lies on the bed and puts her arms around Kendall. She daydreams about her and Miranda and Kendall and Spike being together in the park. After her dream, she again urges Kendall to open her eyes.

Now alone with Josh in Greg Madden's office, Julia asks him if he thinks his father has done anything wrong. Josh is silent. Julia says that for some women, the life they create is the reason for their existence. She says his father exploits that. It's not too late to make amends, she says. Josh questions why he would need to make amends. Who says he's even buying this? Julia pleads with him, saying he could help rectify this if he helps Tad and Dixie find their daughter.

Jack tells Lily that she and Jonathan can live in Greenlee's old apartment. Lily is thrilled, saying that the apartment is very nice. She thanks her dad. Jonathan too thanks Jack, calling him Dad. Jack tells him not to push him. Reggie takes Jack aside and can't believe he's letting this happen. Jack says if they don't comply Lily will leave.

Still at the hospital, Di apologizes to Tad for Del not keeping tabs on Madden. She says she would have told Tad the truth about Kate had she known.

Dixie goes to the jail to see Zach. She tells him Madden is gone and could be anywhere. She asks for his help in locating him. Zach says Madden won't get away. He uses Dixie's phone to first check on Kendall again, then call someone who says can help locate Madden. Zach says the gloves are off.

Tad and Di arrive at the airport, where Tad sweet talks a desk clerk to get her to get Madden off the plane. Tad claims he has some important business news for Madden. The clerk says she can't do that as Madden was a no show on this flight.

Meanwhile, Jamie and JR are talking to a young woman at the marina about Madden. She knows Madden and says he's a great guy, but she says she can't tell them whether Madden had any plans to leave on his boat. After some sweet talking by Jamie, the woman reveals that Madden has a private plane and might be at the airport.

Josh relents to Julia's pleas and tells her that his father has a private jet. He's probably left.

Madden is waiting for a maintenance man to arrive to check his landing gear. When the man arrives, Madden hides Erica from view by putting a blanket over her.

Lily tells Jack that all married couples live together. She says she won't come back unless they have their own apartment. Reggie gets upset and shoves Jonathan. The resulting melee freaks out Lily, who puts her hands over her ears.

Zach too learns that Madden has a private jet and has plans to leave tonight. He leaves the jail with Dixie.

Tad tells Di he knows where Madden is. He tells Di to stay at the airport in case he arrives while he goes looking for him.

The mechanic tells Greg that the last service person did a horrible job on the plane. The line isn't just loose it's sheared off.

Di tries calling Del. After several rings he wakes up and answers it. He tells Di that Madden knocked him out and he's in the cargo section of the airport. Di comes and finds him. Del is shaky but he manages to get up. He tells Di that he helped load a trunk onto Madden's plane. Del tells Di that they'll find this guy.

Greg is impatiently waiting on his plane for it to be fixed. He hears a knock and thinks the work is done. He opens the curtain separating the cabin from the rest of the plane and is promptly knocked out by an unknown person.

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