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All My Children Update Friday 6/2/06


Written By Jen
Pictures by Juanita

Jonathan and Lily are walking through New York, ready to go to court and get married.

In Kendall’s hospital room, Bianca tells her unconscious sister that if she does not wake up soon, she will take it personally. She tells Kendall she cannot take her sweet time. This medicine has to be working. She tells Kendall she must come back to them. Spike needs his mother and Kendall mustn’t think that she (Bianca) can take her place. Auntie Bianca just doesn’t cut it.

Outside in the hospital lobby, Derek and the cops are ready to arrest Zach and put him in jail for multiple counts of assault and endangerment of a patient when he locked the door to Kendall’s room and held a gun upon the people who tried to stop him. Ryan protests to Derek that Zach did not cause any harm and they should forget it.

Right then, Greg has drugged Erica and has her lying, unconscious in a trunk. From outside, JR, Babe, Jamie, Di and Del are ready to confront him. JR informs Di and Del that he just heard that Dr. Madden took Kate from Dixie and she’s been alive the whole while.

In Kendall’s room, Bianca tells her sister that she’s seen Spike and knows he might not be suited to live in Paris, He seems like an all American boy. He’s as stubborn and willful as his mom. The medial staff says he has the strongest lungs and loudest cry of any baby who’s been in the neonatal unit. She tells Kendall that with Miranda being such a little angel, she does not believe that she and Maggie could handle Spike. So Kendall must come back for Spike.

Zach tells the cops that he will not let Kendall die without him.

JR and the others go into Greg’s office. He asks them what they want. JR tells him he’s onto him. Jamie says he believes that Kate is alive and Greg has stolen her from her mom to give her to a surrogate. So they are not leaving until they get some answers from Greg. Right then, Greg packs Erica’s purse into a box and keeps her hidden.

Jack tells Aidan that he must realize that Lily is not ready to get married. Especially to the likes of Jonathan Lavery. Reggie agrees. Aidan tells jack he must realize that Lily is 18. There is nothing illegal about her getting married without her father’s permission. And if Jack does not respect her wishes, he could lose her forever.

When Jonathan and Lily are at the court house, waiting to get married, they hear another couple arguing about the guy’s drunkenness. The loud voices cause Lily to cover her ears. Jonathan tells her that they are just having a misunderstanding and are probably nice people. He explains to her that sometimes people have to talk loudly so that they can be overheard. Lily then removes her hands form her ears and agrees that that makes sense. The drunken guy asks Jonathan and Lily if they are in love. They confirm that they are. The girl tells them it’s easy for them to say. They are not marrying a drun. They leave and Jonathan encourages Lily to go ahead.

Back at Pine Valley, jack tells Aidan that he hired him for his skills in finding Lily. Not for advice in parenting.

When Jonathan and Lily go through the metal detector, he gets a headache and falls to the ground. She asks him if he is ok and tells him she can help him. She grabs his arm and gets him to his feet. She then realizes that she is comfortable touching him. He looks at her and seems to be happy and feeling better.

Greg tells JR that he assumes his mother has told him the “story” about Kate. He tells him it’s “sad”. Very sad. He then finds a death certificate to confirm that Kate died and tells them that this is the proof that Dixie will not accept. He tells them he’s already explained that to Tad. Jamie acknowledges that his father and Dixie are looking for Kate right now. Di says she believes that they must be onto something and she believes that Greg is the one who is lying.

Ryan tells Zach that he must calm down and go with the cops. He does not want them to add resisting arrest to the charges. He assures Zach that he will call Livia and she will get him out on bail. He needs to trust Ryan. But Zach tells Ryan before he goes, he has to go in and say goodbye to his wife. Zach then goes into Kendall’s room and tells her he will have to go away for a while. Some business he cannot avoid. He won’t be long. He tells her that that will give her a chance to work on getting better. She can wake up and get better for him and for Spike. He then puts the engagement ring on her finger. Ryan and Bianca observe and seem to know that Zach is sincere. He kisses her and tells her he loves her. He then gets up to leave with the cops. Kendall is still frozen in a coma.

Lily tells Jonathan that he can see that he looks better. But she believes it’s her fault. If she had not had that problem with “Terry”, he would not have gotten hurt. She tells him that maybe he needs to see a doctor. He asks her if she means in place of getting married. She tells him in addition to it. But he tells her e does not want to postpone it. He knows that her dad and Aidan are looking for her. And if they find her before they get married, it might be too late. She then agrees to get married first and then see the doctor later. They go to the desk and a guy confirms that there might not be anybody to assist them today. They may have to come back the following day in order to get married.

Jack, Reggie and Aidan are downstairs but cannot get through the metal detector. The security officers tell them they have to wait because it has broken down. Jack tells them they have to get upstairs right away. The officers tell them they have to wait or they will be in trouble.

Greg tells JR, Jamie, Babe, Di and Del that he believes that Dixie needs psychiatric help because she still “believes” that Kate is alive. He tells them that Dixie’s child has been cremated in Switzerland when she died four years ago. And although there is a little girl whom Dixie and Tad are looking to find who was born the same time Kate was born, it’s not Kate. And he’s warned the adoptive parents about this crazy woman. Jamie tells Greg that he knows that Greg is capable of some very shady deals. The others leave. Jamie still cannot prove anything. Greg tells him if he will excuse him, he has some things to do. Jamie leaves and Greg observes the trunk where he has Erica hidden.

Outside in the lobby, Babe urges JR to talk to her. He asks her what she wants to talk about. His dead sister or his crazy mother? He then admits to her that he screwed up really bad. He does not understand why he wanted to kill her. And now Kendall and her baby are in danger. But he has accepted responsibility. He tells her that he no longer knows what to believe. He first thought his mother died. Now he finds out she’s been alive and hiding all the while He first thought his sister was dead. Then he finds out she’s alive. Then he finds out about a death certificate. She admits to him that she knows it’s difficult to figure out what is real. He tells her that what he knows is real is that he’s going to prison for attempted murder. Jamie then comes out and asks Jr how that has happened. Jr tells Jamie that he has confessed and is ready to turn himself in. Jamie questions whether Jr can get sprung from prison again. Jr tells Jamie that he has pleaded guilty and it is a done deal. Outside Madden’s office, Del and Di brainstorm on how they can get to Greg. When Greg opens his door, Del pretends that he believes Greg and thinks both Di and Dixie are making false accusations of him. Di leaves and Del apologizes to Greg for his two crazy sister. He thanks Greg for being so patient and seems to know that Greg could make it a lot more difficult for both Di and Dixie for breaking into his office and committing theft. He asks Greg if he can “help” him. Greg tells Del that maybe he can help him with a “trunk”. Little does Del know that Erica is inside it. Del attempts to lift it, notices it’s very heavy and asks Greg what he has in it. Greg replies that it’s “precious cargo”.

Bianca and Ryan stand by Kendall and hope that Livia will be able to help Zach beat the charges. Ryan then notices that there is a change in Kendall’s expression. He admits that they are losing her and there is nothing to do. Bianca then tells him that maybe there is something she can do. She gets up to leave and tells him she will be right back. Alone with Kendall, Ryan tells her that he saw there son. He is really focused and determined to live. He tells her that he knows that Spike is a fighter and he gets it from her. So now she has to fight to meet her son. He is waiting for her. Kendall still remains unconscious and nonresponsive.

At the jail cell, Derek tells Zach that also wishes that Zach could be at the hospital for Kendall. He tells him he understands what he did and even admires him for it. But Zach had to go and use a gun. Derek departs and Zach is alone in his jail cell.

Ryan sits with Kendall. Zach is stuck alone in his jail cell.

Lily tells Jonathan that if they could find a walk-in clinic and a doctor, they could come back tomorrow and get married. At that point, a woman enters the station and looks like she is ready to work. Jonathan and Lily then notice that she can probably enable them to get married but as soon as Lily notices her, she sees that she is wearing red.

Downstairs, Aidan tries to get the security officers to let Jack upstairs so that he can talk to his daughter before she gets married. He is just concerned. They tell Aidan if nobody is breaking the law, there is nothing they can do about it. They then conclude that the system is back up and running. Jack then walks through but the detector beeps. He tells them he does not have time for this. They can frisk him or do whatever they want. But he is in a hurry.

After Lily freaks at the sight of the woman’s red dress, Jonathan attempts to explain that Lily has autism spectrum disorder and the things that many people take for granted really traumatize her. She does not have her sunglasses and cannot have red in her sight. At that point, the woman puts on a jacket and seems cooperative and sensitive. And she agrees to get the two of them hitched. Right then, downstairs, Jack is hustling to get through

When Zach is in jail, he sees an image of Kendall. She appears and tells him she loves him and knows he loves her. She knows she loves her son. And will take care of him as if he were his own .He tells her that she must come back to look after Spike. But she tells him that he and Ryan will look after Spike. She then disappears. Zach urges her to come back to him and not do this to him. At that point, he awakens and notices that he has been dreaming.

In Kendall’s room, Bianca returns and tells Kendall that she visited Spike in the neonatal ICU. He really wanted to visit his mom. But the nurses had to say no. She then gives Kendall Spike’s hospital blanket. She puts it up to Kendall’s cheek. Kendall still does not awaken. Ryan then takes it and puts it under Kendall’s hand. He tells her she must hold onto it. Bianca cries as she notice she sister is still not waking up. She tells her she knows how happy she will be when she gets to hold her baby. He needs Kendall. He needs his mommy and won’t accept any imitation. So Kendall must please wake up. But it looks like she still will not.

Jamie tells JR and Babe that he would not trust a word that Madden says. He really believes that Kate is alive. Di then comes out and tells them that Del is going to see if he cannot get the truth out of Greg by acting like he wants to help him. JR then jumps up and tells them that he will go and beat the truth out of Madden himself. But they tell him he can’t go off the deep end now. He tells them that since he’s going to prison anyway, it does not matter. Kate is his sister and he must help find her. Jamie then tells JR that he doesn’t want him risking that. He tells him that he can watch Madden because he works in the hospital.

Del goes with Greg to his jet and helps him carry the trunk with Erica in it. Greg gives Del some bottled water to drink. Little does Del know what he has done to the water. Del leaves and wishes Greg a safe trip. Greg then sits alone upon the trunk waiting for “something” to happen before he leaves.

Di informs JR and Jamie that Del is playing along like he is on Greg’s side. Jr tells her it is a mistake. Del cannot handle this and will blow it for everyone. Right then, Greg attempts to call Di on his cell phone. But before he can, he feels faint and passes out. Knowing that it has happened, Greg comes by and picks up the empty bottle of water that he drugged for Del.

In jail, Zach calls to Derek to let him out. His wife needs him. She cannot leave like this without him and without her son.

In Kendall’s room, Ryan and Bianca cry and hold each other.

On the flight, Greg tells unconscious Erica that he wants her to be “comfortable” on the flight. And he’s sorry that he cannot guarantee that it is first class.

After the woman has authorized for Lily and Jonathan to get married, Jack, Reggie and Aidan asks if she has seen them. She confirms that she has and directs them to the room to find them. They burst through the door to hear the judge pronounce Lily and Jonathan husband and wife.

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