AMC Update Thursday 6/1/06

All My Children Update Thursday 6/1/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Tad sets the little shack on fire after being stranded and Dixie asks him what he is doing.  He tells her he has hopefully gotten them out of there.  She reminds him that he has just burned down the only shelter they had with a roof.  He tells her he knows but has another plan in mind.

Josh stops to see that his “father” and finds out that he is leaving town.  He concludes that Erica must really have something on him.  He asks Greg what he did.

Bianca urges her mother to share the secret about Greg Madden with her and trust her.  Erica admits she is right that their family has too many secrets.  Bianca then concludes that it must be something very serious.

The OR team has performed the C section on Kendall and it looks like she is ok, but it does look like there is a problem with Spike.  He is not crying or making a sound.  Ryan and Zach are both in the OR with her.  Ryan tells Spike he must breathe.

JR and Babe go to the hospital to see Bianca and Erica.  JR asks how Kendall is.  Bianca tells him that he is not welcome there since he is the reason that Kendall is in critical condition.  Erica tells Bianca that JR is Kendall’s friend and they must be courteous to him.  JR then admits to Erica and Bianca that he is about to plead guilty to attempted murder.  Babe realizes that he is serious since he has admitted that he did that to Kendall.  He then confirms that he is guilty.  

After the OR team has worked a bit, they hear Spike cry.  Julia looks happy.  Zach then tells unconscious Kendall that he knows that Spike is a fighter just like his mother.  Unconscious Kendall says, “Thank you, God,” and asks to please keep him safe and keep him alive.  The medical staff then put him into an incubator.  Ryan leans over Kendall and thanks her for their son.  He notices that he is as small as he can be but he will make it.  He tells her that it is now her turn.  She is his mother.  She is going to make it and she must fight.  Zach is nearby.  Unconscious Kendall says as long as her baby is safe, whatever happens now will have been worth it.

Greg tells Josh that he already told him that Erica’s accusations are ridiculous and unfounded.  She is hysterical and absurd.  Josh does not seem to believe him.  He tells him that it is very odd how fast Greg is moving to get out of there and asks him what he is running from. Is he running from the law?  Greg tells Josh that he has done nothing wrong.  Josh then tells him that he must tell him what is going on.  He tells his “father” that he knows he is not just flying off to do some research.  He knows that whatever is going on is not ok and he will not be any part of it.  He tells his “father” he’s not going anywhere with him.  He does not want to leave the hospital.  He mentions that Joe Martin has been really good to him.  Hearing Joe Martin’s name, Greg lashes out in anger that he is tired of everybody thinking how great Joe Martin is.  He again goes into his speech about “all he’s given Josh” and all the gratitude Josh owes him for “something.”  Josh then tells his father to “save” his speech about the miracle he gave to Josh by letting him be born.  He’s sick of hearing it.  Greg reveals to Josh that were it not for him, he would not have been born.  He indicates that Josh has something very secretive which he must be eternally grateful for.  Outside the door, Di overhears their conversation and the revelation about Josh’s conception and birth.  Dell shows up and asks her what is going on.

Tad and Dixie sit outside the burning shack.  She tells him that she thinks he’s really gone too far.  He tells her that he knows that the fire will not spread.  There is wet ground and more importantly, that smoke will get somebody’s attention.  She asks whose attention he wants to get.

JR tries to confess his sins to Bianca and Erica but Erica asks Bianca to please get both JR and Babe out of there.  Bianca escorts them out.  He asks Bianca to please realize that he is accepting responsibility for his actions.  She asks him what he wants her to say.  Does his apology make what he has done to Kendall ok?  Babe acknowledges that what he has done is unacceptable but she wishes Bianca would just listen to what JR is about to say.  Bianca asks Babe why she is still standing by him.

After the surgery, Ryan goes to see Erica and tells her that Kendall did it.  She gave birth to their son.  Erica sounds like she is not so happy, however, to still not know that Kendall will be ok.

Outside the room, Babe tells Bianca that she does not understand.  Bianca asks her what there is to understand.  Her husband tries to kill her and she sticks by him.  Babe then asks JR to let her talk to Bianca alone.  He leaves.  Bianca asks Babe why she is defending JR.  Has he threatened or blackmailed her?  Has he threatened to take their son?  Babe then tells Bianca that she may not ever get over what JR did but she realizes that he is making real efforts to help himself for the first time.  Bianca asks Babe how many times JR has promised to clean up his act.  Isn’t it obvious that he is dangerous for what he has done to her?  She admits to Babe that she is still not certain if he intentionally pushed her off the balcony last year.  Babe tells Bianca she realizes that, but this time, JR is really serious.  He’s going to get substance abuse treatment.  She also realizes that they took vows and she should at least acknowledge that her husband is in pain and needs help.  Bianca tells Babe she finds that very hard to believe.  Babe tells her that she told herself that she would not stand by a man who does the wrong thing.  She then asks Bianca how she can not stand by him when he is trying to do the right thing.

As JR is walking through the hospital hallway, David Hayward grabs him and spills his coffee on the floor.  David tells JR he knows he tried to kill his (David’s) daughter and he’s going to pay.  He is a miserable son of a bitch.  He asks JR if he thinks he can just walk through there like nothing happened.  JR tells David to leave him alone.  He has enough issues.  David tells JR the only reason he has not killed him is because he has promised JR’s mother he will not.  He asks JR why he is not behind bars.  JR answers that he decided to get treatment for alcohol abuse.

Del tells Di that they need to get Greg in big trouble for taking Kate away from Dixie and Tad.  He had Tad believing she was dead and Dixie was forced to hide and have everybody believe she was dead because Greg stole Kate.  Di tells him that this is Tad and Dixie’s decision and they must respect their wishes and do things their way.

Out in the wilderness, after Tad has set the shack on fire, Tad tells Dixie that they have to find their daughter whatever it takes.  She tells him that she has been trying and failing to find Kate for too long.  Every time she thought she could find Kate, she wanted to come home and put her in Tad’s arms.  Each time, she failed to find Kate and Greg was nowhere to be found.  She tells him that she has done enough.  If anybody should be blamed, it would be she.  At that point, Tad concludes to her that it does not matter who did what.  Greg has spent too much time ruining too many people’s lives and he will not be able to do it again.

Josh tells Greg that he is tired of hearing, throughout his life, that Greg was such a hero who has given him such a great miracle.  He finally tells his “father” that he no longer owes him anything.  He knows that Greg has some sort of secret that he is lying about.  He tells him that he demands the truth right now or else he is walking out that door.  At that point, Greg tells Josh that he will tell him the truth.  His mother never wanted him to be born.

Erica tells Ryan that her daughter could be dying.  He tells her he realizes that she is upset because he changed his mind and sided with Zach.  He asks her if she can understand why he had to do it.  She tells him she no longer knows what to believe or think or feel but now it is too late to undo anything.  She rushes out and finds Bianca to tell her that Kendall is out of surgery.  The baby is in intensive care and will probably be ok.  Bianca asks about Kendall.  Erica tells her that the doctors will give her the medication and hopefully she will be ok.  Babe listens and tells Bianca she knows that Erica will never forgive her.  Bianca acknowledges that mothers never forgive anybody who has hurt their child and maybe Babe’s punishment for what she did is to be with JR.  Babe tells Bianca that she believes that, for now, she should at least stand by JR while he attempts to get help for his problems and that is the sacrifice she is willing to make for her child.  Julia finds Bianca and tells her she may go in and see Kendall.  Bianca rushes to see her sister.  Julia admits that there is not yet any change in Kendall’s condition.  She leaves.  Bianca greets her still unconscious sister and tells her she is so happy to be an aunt.  She wants Miranda to meet her new cousin.  She tells her that it’s amazing that Kendall has brought the first boy into the family to meet all of the Kane women.  At that point, she looks very worried to see that Kendall still has not woken up.  Noticing Zach, Bianca tells her sister how lucky she is to have this great husband who has not left her side and who is ready to take her on her honeymoon.  Erica then turns to see Zach and angrily asks him if he is happy now.  Bianca urges her mother to not do this now.  Kendall will be fine.  Erica walks out the door.  Bianca urges Kendall to hear her and wake up.  Kendall unconsciously tells Bianca she can hardly hear her but asks her how Spike is doing.  She admits that everything is starting to feel so strange.

Out in the hall, Julia finds Ryan and asks him to come with her.  They go somewhere together.

David tells JR that his daughter deserves a lot better than having him running free.  JR asks David what his intentions are with his mother.  David tells JR that his mother will love him more than she ever loved Tad.  He intends to give Dixie a better life than she had before her previous family ran her out of town.  JR then asks David if he has heard the news that Kate is alive.

Del asks Di how she really feels about Tad and Dixie together and alone in Maine.  She tells him that they are following a lead to find their daughter.  She tells him she must root for Tad.  She loves the man and wants him to be happy.  He tells her he knows she does not want to lose him to their sister.  She acknowledges that Tad and Dixie have been without their daughter for years and the most important thing is that they find her now.  He asks her what if they find each other.  She admits that she might not like that and might not want to lose Tad to Dixie.  They notice Erica walking through the hallway looking upset.  Erica then overhears Greg telling Josh that he saved his life.  Josh’s “mother” never wanted him.  Josh asks Greg what he is talking about.  Was his mom nothing more than a sick experiment for Greg?  He gets very angry at his father for what he has done.  As Erica listens in, it sounds to her as if he has found out that she is his real mother and not Greg’s deceased wife.

Ryan goes to the ICU and sees his preemie son.  He looks happy about that but still not entirely ok.

Di tells Del that she attempted to get the man she loved by cheating but that did not work.  He tells her that is old news.  She tells him that Dixie once told her that she had no reason to have Dixie’s life.  He acknowledges to her that Dixie threw it away but she tells him, regardless of that, she needs to find her own life that she has earned for herself.  Yes, she wants Tad back but she knows his first priority is to find his daughter.

A ranger finally comes to “assist” Tad and Dixie with the fire.  He tells them they are under arrest for arson.  He puts Tad in hand cuffs.  They both protest that he cannot do that.  At that point, it looks like Dixie wants to help Tad.

David tells JR that he knows all about Kate and when he finally finds that little girl, JR’s mother will be eternally grateful.  JR tells David that Tad will find her and if anybody gets Dixie back it will be Tad.  David tells JR that he will be in prison when all that happens.  JR tells David he demands to know the name of the bastard is who took Kate.  David tells JR that that is not for him to know.  Babe comes by and tells her father that he better tell both of them who took Kate.

Josh tells Greg that what he has done to Josh’s ”mother” is totally messed up.  He does not give a damn about the truth anymore.  He tells Greg that he can go to hell.  Josh goes out the door while Erica hides and spies on him.  She then goes into Greg’s office, obviously assuming that Josh has found out who his real mother is.  She tells Greg that she knew that it would devastate Josh to learn the truth but she knows that Greg does not care about Josh or anybody.  She tells him now that Josh has found out the truth, he will pay.  Greg grabs hold of Erica and injects her with some needle.

Julia tells Ryan to go ahead and touch his preemie son.  He reaches in and touches him with his gloves and says hi to the little man.  He tells him way to go and that he knows he is stronger than he looks.  He tells him he is his dad and welcomes him to the world.  He asks him if he knows whom to thank for that.  It’s his mom.  Her name is Kendall and she is very beautiful and she is very brave and he loves her very much.  He tells Spike that he will love her too and right now she is fighting like heck to see him.  He tells Spike that he needs to fight like his mom. 

Unconscious Kendall has Zach and Bianca sitting by her.  She tells Zach she can no longer hear him.  Everything is fuzzy and slipping away.  She urges him to please take care of Spike.  Derek comes in the room and asks Zach to talk to him outside.  When they go out in the hall, he arrests Zach for multiple counts of assault, violation of a court order and kidnapping.

After the ranger arrests Tad and Dixie, Tad asks him how much money he wants.  The ranger asks Tad if he intends to bribe him.  Dixie says absolutely not.  She tells him she is just looking for her daughter.

Right after Greg has drugged Erica and she is unconscious in his office, JR runs to confront him.  Babe, David, Di and Del follow him.  He tells them he is going to have a little chat with the bastard who stole his sister.  From inside the office, Greg overhears him and knows he better hide.

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